Attend a Secret Pop-Up Soda Shoppe, August 30

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Looking for a sweet end of summer bash? Swallow Tail Culinary Circus is setting up a Pop-Up Soda Shoppe this Thursday, August 30. The 1950s malt-shop-style restaurant is open for one night only, serving grown up (boozy) ice cream and botanical sodas, fancy doughnuts, artisan chocs and macarons.

As with all Swallow Tail signature pop-up events, the location is a secret and will be disclosed to ticket holders after purchase.  Secrets are no fun…unless there are tickets left. And there are. The Pop-Up Soda Shoppe still has room for guests during the 9-11pm slot. Tix are $15.

Pop-ups offer diners a surreal, one-of-a-kind experience. The secret location is a turn on if you’re used to queuing outside your favourite Vancouver restaurants, even with a reservation. The concept is half food and half art – resulting in weird and wild creativity. The scene is sociable; expect to make friends.

Plus guests get to try a variety of treats by a line up of local star chefs/bartenders including:

Cartems Donuterie. Photo credit: Taraneh Ghajar Jerven


The renegade donuterie that lifted Vancouver’s breakfast pastry scene into a higher realm of gourmand comfort food. Think robust Maker’s Mark Bourbon-Bacon doughnuts and delicate Earl Grey Tea infused cake O’s.

Earnest Ice Cream

The Van Farmers’ Market favourite doesn’t “make” ice cream; they craft ice cream in small batches using local, seasonal ingredients. Earnest will work with Sean Soole, nominated for bartender of the year by Tales Of The Cocktail, to mix ice cream cocktails.

Beta 5 Chocolates

Named after the form-5 beta crystal structure, the most stable form of cocoa butter crystallization, Beta 5 uses ethically-sourced cocoa from France’s Michel Cluizel to make pretty, hand-painted cofnections. It’s the offspring of Vancouverites Adam Chandler and Jess Rosinski.

Che Baba Cantina

This East Van yoga studio and cantina has a well-deserved reputation for their macarons.

Secret Guest Chef

There will also be one secret guest chef in attendance. That’s all we can say.

Swallow Tail’s Pop-up Soda Shoppe takes place August 30, from 9-11pm. Find tickets here

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5 Responses to Attend a Secret Pop-Up Soda Shoppe, August 30

  1. I’m confused — does the ticket price cover the cost of the food and drinks, or is it just to enter the event? I’ve read descriptions that mention how vendors will be selling items they don’t make available elsewhere, so will these be available to purchase on the side, or will all the food and drinks all have to be purchased

  2. Ellison

    Turns out that no, $15 got you in the door but not any of the $5 ice creams or $12 drinks, and I’m not sure that a good 75% of the adjectives used in this article were accurate. Maybe… next time?

    • Hmm I’m glad I didn’t go. It sounded like it had the potential to end up being very pricey. Was the food at least really good?

  3. L.J.

    I was very disappointed when my friend and I walked into the Ridge Theatre. We had long line ups to wait in and by the time we got inside, every food and drink item had a price tag on it. I was very confused since the invite indicated samples of desserts and if we wanted to purchase the desserts to take home, it was cash only. Everyone around us pulled out their phones to check the invite trying to figure out where it said that they had to pay for their desserts. We left after 10 minutes since we were not paying for anything. We didn’t even get the free dessert which was a palette cleanser. I would think twice about going to any events from this host.

    • Hi LJ.

      Apologies for the miscommunication.

      Here’s a direct quote from the email that caused the confusion:

      “All the vendors will be selling bite-sized versions of some of their famous desserts! They’ll also be selling versions you can buy and take home with you. A free dessert taster (think of it as a palate cleanser) is included with your ticket.”

      We did clearly state that food and drink was for sale, not for free. The line “A free dessert taster (think of it as a palate cleanser)” meant that Swallow Tail was offering each guest a palate cleanser because we knew there was so many sweet things going around.

      This was not originally advertised to you when you bought your ticket. It was a free bonus that we threw in later because we sold out and wanted to create an extra added value feature.

      Our events normally run for $100+. This one was only $15 for entrance because we outsourced the food to restaurants who charged generally between $1-5 for their treats, and then we only had to hire staff, equipment, venue rental and advertising costs. So with lower costs we were able to offer a more accessible event for only $15.

      We threw in some complimentary gift boxes too, including free drink vouchers, fancy sodas, and “no-strings attached” gift vouchers to foodie stores in Vancouver. It was worth over $40.

      I can see though that you were not satisfied with this event though. Please contact me directly at so we can make it right with you.

      Matt Guterres
      Swallow Tail