After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, September 20 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

photo: Vancouver Aquarium | “Come for the fishes. Leave the fry at home.”

See the animals at the Aquarium without the squealing kidlets!

Join  the Vancouver Aquarium for the next After Hours, their adults-only evening, and experience one of nature’s most amazing events in 4D. Plus, explore their galleries and exhibits without kids underfoot.

The September After Hours event will feature the world premiere of BBC Earth’s The Great Salmon Run 4-D Experience. This captivating show follows one of B.C‘s most iconic species as it makes the epic journey swimming upstream along the beautiful west coast. There will be multiple screenings throughout the evening and be warned – this show features an array of exciting sensory 4D effects!

The evening will include:

    • BBC Earth’s The Great Salmon Run 4-D Experience
    • Salmon CSI – An interactive live salmon dissection that examines the inner workings of a salmon and highlights the challenges they face to survive
    • Hands-on learning sessions in the Wet lab (an opportunity to touch B.C invertebrates like sea stars and urchins)
    • Swimming Against the Stream: the sustainability of salmon in B.C., a presentation by Mike McDermid from the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program
    • Dolphin show
We have a pair of tickets to After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium up for grabs! All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select a winner on Wednesday, September 12th and notify the winner by email.

Updated Wednesday, September 12th: Congratulations Lindsay! You are the lucky recipient of a pair of tickets to After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you all for posting a comment and checking out Inside Vancouver.

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316 Responses to After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, September 20 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Brittia Thompson

    I would love these tickets!

    • Pam

      Havent been to the aquarium in ages; would love to go to this event!!!

  2. Kathryn

    We keep saying how we’d love to go to the aquarium. Please please please

  3. beddy

    After hours at the Aquarium is much fun! Thanks for the contest =)

  4. Nicole

    I would to check this event out!

  5. Nicole

    I’d love to go to the Vancouver Aquarium! Haven’t been there for ages!!! I’d take my dad (a total animal life loving fanatic). :)

  6. Kim G

    This would be an incredible evening. Pick me!

  7. Amanda

    Love the aquarium, never been to an after hours event before but it sounds fantastic!

  8. ruslan

    I like tickets.

  9. Lindsay Simmons

    I “borrow” my nephew on a regular basis so I have an excuse to go to the aquarium. I would love to check out this event!

  10. Sarah

    I would love if my boyfriend and I could go! We’ve been talking about going to the aquarium since we moved here (only a week ago). We don’t have this type of facility where we’re from. What a cool opportunity!

  11. Mel

    I’d LOVE to visit the Aquarium @ night…see the new PENGUINS and be entranced by the jellyfish!

  12. Aliana Slot

    How fun would this be? So fun! Love the Vancouver Aquarium.

  13. Anne

    Me me! Pick me!

  14. The aquarium is on my list of awesome Vancouver things I’ll do when I’m not on a grad student budget. But perhaps I’ll get lucky and get these free tickets :)

  15. Nicole

    Event sounds like fun, haven’t been to the Aquarium in ages, would love to go!

  16. Melissa

    Great contest! Great prize!

  17. Todd

    Woudl love to check out the aquarium watching salmon in 4D, then eat some salmon after!

  18. Véronique

    As future mummy-to-be (37 weeks), it would be great to have a look at the Vancouver Aquarium with our little one later in the year. Thanks for the great opportunity !

  19. Lucy Cui

    Would definitely love to bring an incoming exchange student there for a visit. There’s no better way to experience the awesome Vancouver then visiting the Vancouver Aquarium and attending the cool 4-D experience.

  20. Daniel Parker

    Would love these tickets!

  21. Sarah

    Sounds fun! I’d love to do this!

  22. Suzanne Lau


  23. Sherie

    Love the aquarium!

  24. w

    i would love to go to the special evening event!


    Awesome!! Love the aquarium.

  26. Susannah

    Sounds great!

  27. Shaun


  28. Kat

    I would love to visit the aquarium after dark. I love seeing all the sea creatures and I imagine it would be even more magical with everything being illuminated even more.

  29. Rachel Xi

    I’d love to go to the Vancouver Aquarium with my bf! Pick me! Pick me!

  30. Harmony Poisson

    That sounds like a wonderful evening out. A great way to see the Aquarium in the peace & quiet;)

  31. Jessica

    You could pick the person that begs and pleads, or the people that want to learn about fish (liars); or those who think it will make the best date, blah blah blah.. But I think it should go to the one who posts the longest post about nothing.

    I’ll be expecting your email :P

  32. Meline

    I love Aquarium! it sounds like FUN!

  33. Sara

    Would love to see the exhibits at the aquarium!

  34. Marissa

    Oh, please! The 20th is our anniversary…what a fun thing to do!

  35. Samantha

    Oh wow! Would love to win tickets to this event… thank you for the opportunity! *fingers crossed*

  36. Ema

    Woot woot aquarium!! :D

  37. Jeff Cai

    I’d love to see the penguin and 4D!!!!

  38. Seila

    I fell in love with the Aquarium when I visited last summer, I’d love to check the after hours event!

  39. Vanna

    Would love to go!

  40. Kevin

    The Aquarium+night time-children=good times!

  41. Hayden

    WOOOOOAAHHH Fishies!! glub glub glub! ooOo OOo ooO :D

  42. Claire MacLeod

    My husband and I have not had the chance to visit the Aquarium and would absolutely love the chance to visit. X

  43. Pakka

    I would LOVE to go!

  44. Alexis Ham

    I would love these tickets, we love the aquarium, and have always wanted to go to an evening event.

  45. Gabriella Schmidt

    I would love to hang with the fishes!

  46. mitchel

    yaaaah fish!

  47. Anna

    I would love to go with my hubby!

  48. May


  49. This would be awesome to go to! It’s been ages since I’ve been to the aquarium.

  50. Mark R

    I have yet to make it to the Vancouver Aquarium. This would be a great way to see it. Would also be great to see the BBC’s Great Salmon Run premiere!

  51. Chelsea

    YES PLEASE!!!!!!! :)

  52. christine

    Lived here for 2 years now and have never gone. Keep saying I will so I think it’s time.

  53. Richard L

    Love it!

  54. Curt

    My wife and I just moved to the lower mainland from Calgary and are immersing ourselves in this awesome paradise. Would be great to take her before our first little one is born early next year!

  55. Karen

    I would love these tickets!

  56. Destyni

    Sounds like fun!!

  57. Celine

    I would love to win a pair of tickets! Sounds like a very fun evening :)

  58. Heather Simpson

    I would like to pet a dolphin please!

  59. It would be wonderful if i have a chance to go!

  60. wendy

    how do you randomly pick a winner?

    I hope I win!

  61. tatiana

    I love the fishes. Would love to see them without the screaming monsters around.

  62. Kristine

    I love the Aquarium – sounds like fun!

  63. Mitzi

    This is a great event! I wish I could go!! :)

  64. Portia

    I would LOVE to attend this event, my boyfriend and I are big fans of the aquarium and would be ecstatic to go!

  65. lisa

    Would love to spend a good evening at the aquarium! floating like the jellyfish.

  66. POST!

  67. erika

    Salmon are amazing! Would love to go.

  68. My husband and I need the refreshment, Please pick us!

  69. Gail

    Was already thinking of going! Tickets would be amazing!

  70. K

    Pick me!

  71. mo

    first of all , i havent been to Vancouver Aquarium before and you guys will select a winner on sep 12 which is my birthday !! so what are you guys waiting for ? :)

  72. James roberts

    I would love to be a big kid in the aquarium!!!!!!!! Promise no screaming!

  73. Mary Anne

    I would love to win these

  74. Pierre


  75. Jenny

    This would be an awesome experience! I haven’t seen the penguins yet! Please pick me! =)

  76. Veronica Hoffmann

    Hi, I never been in the Aquarium and I really want to go and learn more about the beautiful species that you have in there. Please!!

  77. Kay

    Yes, please!

  78. Cynthia

    The Great Salmon Run 4-D Experience, Salmon CSI,
    Ocean Wise Program: Swimming Against the Stream,
    Wet Lab and the Dolphin Show…WOULD LOVE ALL OF THESE!!!

  79. Marina

    I would love to take my friend for her birthday to see this ;)

  80. Kevin

    Sounds fun & love to try the event. Hope I’ll win!

  81. James Smith

    PLEASE PICK ME!! Im allergic to kids and really want to see the fishies!

    This is a medical reason!

  82. Lily

    I want to see the penguins!!!

  83. lindsay

    I love the aquarium! Such a magical place :-)

  84. Alex Hui

    To view the Salmon Run, after dark, in 4-D, AND NO KIDS….this ought to be fun..!!! ;-)

    BTW, can this event be after midnight? In view of prior commitments (kids@home)…..LOL

  85. Tammy

    I’d love to go. Some of my best memories were made there!

  86. Gordon

    I would love to win these tickets! :)

  87. Diane

    Just moved here a couple months ago from the states – would love to go to the Vancouver Aquarium!

  88. Ashley

    I’ve never been to the Aquarium’s After Hours!

  89. Kirsten

    I love the Aquarium! And animals! =)

  90. Priscilla

    The whole night sounds like such a fun experience !! I’d love to win :)

  91. Megan

    I’ve had a whale of a time at my daytime Vancouver Aquarium visits and would love to try an after-hours experience.

    Wait, cheesy puns disqualify you from the contest?! Oh no!

    Anyway, thanks, Tourism Vancouver, and thank you Vancouver Aquarium!

  92. Kirk

    Great event!

  93. Colleen

    I want to see the new penguins!

  94. Sounds like a perfect date night for me and my hubby!

  95. This would be the BEST!

  96. Louise Mah

    It would be a fun evening… just leave the fishing rod and boots behind… as well as the kids. :)

  97. Genevieve

    As a marine conversationist and nature buff, I’d love to experience this!

  98. Felicity

    Can’t wait to see The Great Salmon Run 4-D Experience!!!

    Pick me, pick me!

  99. Jennifer Smith

    So excited for this event!! I cant wait to see the new Penguins!

    Thank you Inside Vancouver for being Awesome, and highlighting great Vancouver events!

  100. Sue

    Would love to visit the Aquarium after hours!

  101. TH

    would love to go!

  102. Angela Akerman

    I have only been to the Aquarium twice and would love to attend, I would bring my mom, I think this would be a lovely treat and a learning experience at the same time, thank you for considering my entry.

  103. Chelle

    We love the aquarium!

  104. Colby Wilson

    Gimme gimme!

  105. Kyle Davidson

    This sounds like a great event! Would love to take my wife to it….

  106. Ruth

    I visit aquariums wherever I travel but these days my toddler never lets me stay still long enough to look at anything properly. Pick me, pick me!!! ;-)

  107. Beverly

    Count me in!

  108. Geoff

    Would love these tix – it’d make an excellent date night!

  109. Tara

    That would be such an amazing evening!

  110. Sven

    Love the aquarium!

  111. Tina

    Sounds like a PERFECT evening out!!!!

  112. oti

    I won!

  113. Jin

    I am up for free ticket!

  114. Kate

    Sounds smashing seeing the salmon on the dark, love it!

  115. Sarah

    I love the aquarium! It would be great to experience it without being pushed around by kids :) Love to go for a date night with my fiance!

  116. Leah Gamache

    Such a perfect exhibit for the Vancouver aquarium

  117. Mimi

    We would love to win tickets to go !!!

  118. ellen

    my mother-in-law has been granted a tourist visa finally after 6 years..would love to show her the whole vancouver, and the aquarium is our first pick

  119. Kate

    Yes. I want.

  120. Ann-Marie

    I grew up in the Shuswap area, and we as kids would have field trips to the Adams River for the salmon spawning. I can still remember vividly an incredibly large ‘4-year run’ … the splashing, dying brilliant salmon, and running along the bank discovering the eggs nestled against the flow of the river. The 4D will be a great opportunity for everyone to see the salmon’s journey.

  121. cal

    yay! never seen this.

  122. sang sik park

    I really like to go!!!!!!

  123. Love me some free tickets!

  124. Jessie

    I would love to go~~~

  125. Bianca

    I bet 4D salmon tastes goooooooood !!!

  126. Sonya

    I would love to take my sister with me to this!
    Thank you.

  127. Irene

    Would love to spend some 4D quality time.

  128. Matt


  129. Jessica

    cool! I’ve always wanted to attend one of these!

  130. bev

    an after hours event at the aquarium?! Yes please!

  131. itapita

    I’d really love to win these tickets!

  132. Shar

    I’d loooove to take my boyfriend who has never been but has always wanted to go to the Vancouver aquarium! I also wanna see the penguins :)

  133. This would be fantastic to see!

  134. Leticia Melo

    yeahhhh Vancouver Aquarium at night! :p :p

    OoooO Ooo ooOOO OooO ooooo0OOO

  135. Angela

    It’s been a while since I’ve visited the aquarium and I would really appreciate the free tickets! :)

  136. Alice

    Yes! I love going to the aquarium =) Penguins!!!

  137. Tracy

    This sounds like such a fun event!

  138. matthewlim

    I haven’t had a chance to see the new penguin exhibit yet. I would love to go after hours.

  139. Jennifer Lee

    A date night with the boyfriend would be amazing!

  140. Marianne

    I would love these tickets, it would make a great birthday treat!!!

  141. Laura

    Sounds amazing!

  142. Lydia

    Iwoud love to go to the aquarium :)

  143. Carmen

    Thank you for having the giveaway. It would really make my day if I won the tickets. Thanks again!

  144. Jamilla

    That sounds cool!

  145. Ryan

    Wish I could go to this!

  146. Monica

    Yes I want Pleas :)

  147. katie

    I would love to take my mom for her bday on sept 14:)

  148. Dianne

    I’ve never been to an after hours event at the aquarium. It would be amazing!

  149. Have taken all my friends visiting Vancouver – everyone loved the experience!! And now my mommy is visiting untill Sep 22nd – all the way from Russia – hope to show her our Aquarium..!!!

  150. Nattawot Juttiwattananon

    Pick me!, Pick me!, Pick me!…. Please.. :)

  151. Lena

    It’s my birthday week so it be nice to go for my birthday with my boyfriend for a fun night :) !

  152. John M.

    would love these tickets!

  153. Matthew

    I would like to go!

  154. Jesse

    Would love to go

  155. Kim

    Can’t remember the last time I made it to the aquarium , would be awesome to win a pair of tickets!!!!!!!!
    How exciting!

  156. Hidemasa Hiraishi

    I would love these tickets!

  157. Mike

    Cool opportunity, The only thing that would make a night like that better, would possibly be a cash bar…

  158. Tazim

    I love the aquarium and would love it even more without kids around!

  159. Amy

    I’d love to take my mom to check out this event!

  160. cris

    great give-away!

  161. sabrina

    Would love to go. :)

  162. Would love to get this for a date with my hubby…

  163. Nobue

    I love to see fishes!!!

  164. Lisa

    I love the aquarium! :)

  165. Jose miguel diaz

    I’d love to take my wife!! Hope I can get those tickets

  166. jennifer

    pick me!! :)

  167. LC

    want to go!

  168. Cam

    I like tickets.

  169. Jeanette

    sustainability & oceanwise= amazing!

  170. Saki Serizawa

    Ohhh I wonder if the BBC 4D experience is narrated by David Attenborough. I hope so^^

    Fingers crossed because this looks great!

  171. Amy

    A night at the Aquarium sounds magical

  172. shelby

    love love love sea animals
    Love love love to go see them!!!

  173. Mina

    I love the aquarium!!! Sea animals are awesome!!

  174. Diane

    I would love, love, love to be able to see the Aquarium after hours. The last time I went (ages ago) I almost got run over by a group young kids on a tour.

    PS I think they even scared the fish!

  175. paulina siu

    sounds like this would make a great night out!

    • KL

      awesome : ) pick me!

  176. Stacey

    The Aquarium is one of my favourite places in the city and a must-see for any vacationing friends. Visiting this Vancouver treasure after hours, especially the jellyfish, would be an incredible experience!

  177. Sophia

    Please pick me!

  178. K

    I would like to see a real life Spongebob and Patrick

  179. Kevin G.

    I would love to experience the Vancouver Aquarium. I have never been to this place since I moved here to Canada in 1998.

  180. Linda

    Pick me!!! I love the aquarium and haven’t been back in a while…

  181. Would like to win this…it’s been years since I’ve been.

  182. Darcy

    Can’t wait to see the Penguins and jelly fish!

  183. Asquared

    I like free stuff!

  184. Natalie

    After hours aquarium sounds so cool! I’d love to go! pick meee

  185. I am so ashamed…. I live in Vancouver and have never been to the Aquarium. Please help me overcome this guilt!

  186. lindsay

    would love to attend! tickets please!

  187. Will Tam

    me me me me meeeeeee please!

  188. Daniela

    This looks like it’ll be a great night!

  189. Justin

    Love Science World After Dark, really looking forward to the Aquarium After Hours!

  190. Jerry

    Got the tickets, lets go guys.

  191. Sybil

    After Hours @ the VanAqua would be awesome!

  192. Wynne

    Looks like fun!

  193. Liz

    What a cool prize! Whoever gets it, have fun:)

  194. Melissa

    sounds like an awesome time!!

  195. Andrew

    This would be a lot of fun. Haven’t been to the aquarium in a while.

  196. Jocelyn

    I haven’t seen the new penguin exhibit yet and seems like it would be tons of fun to go to one of the after dark events!

  197. Raunak

    Really excited for the event ….!!!

  198. very interesting! I hope we both get the tickets Wynne.

  199. Steph :)

    I love Schoona!

  200. Mary

    Oh how I would love to go to the Aquarium, especially when it’s kid-free! I haven’t seen the penguins yet.

  201. Steven Snyder

    Mmmmm SALMON!

  202. Janet

    I wanna find Nemo! :P

  203. Kevin

    I love turtles

  204. Mae

    Sounds like a fun & informative evening out. And to boot, I’d get to see the sea otters.

  205. Robert

    I like the Aquarium especially when it is kids free.

  206. Sam

    I’d love to be able to bring my girlfriend to this event on her birthday! I would love some tickets if you have any available!

  207. hailey

    My sister came here from Korea and i’d like to go with her :-D

  208. Victoria

    This sounds like a lovely time, would love to experience the aquarium after hours !

  209. Nicole Lewis

    Would love to win!

  210. Deja


  211. Derek

    This sounds like a great time. Would love to check it out!!!

  212. Alicia

    Would love to see the penguins!!

  213. Joshua

    I will swim with the dolphins!!

  214. Aman

    I am so curious of Sea and Water. I always wonder how animals live inside it. wowwwww

  215. donna

    I love to go with my little niece, she would love to go.

  216. Rod

    Sounds like a fun event…never been there before :) Can I go? :)

  217. Caitlin Enright

    I love, love, LOVE the Aquarium! The adults-only idea is so fantastic.

  218. What an incredible night this is going to be.

  219. Cecilian

    aquarium!!! yay!

  220. Vanessa L

    love the aquarium!

  221. Diana

    I love the aquarium! :)

  222. Christine Lasalle

    I would like to know if fish sleep at night!

  223. Paul Giles

    I know I’m fishing for tickets here, but I’m hooked on the aquarium and if I won these tickets i’d have a whale of a time!

  224. Patrycja Burns

    Would love these tickets!
    I hear there is a penguin there we could hang out with!

  225. Anna

    I will gladly sacrifice sleep for this opportunity!!!!!

  226. Vincent

    omg this is awesome! I LOVE FISH!

  227. Larisse

    It would be my birthday and what a lovely way to spend it, than with my partner having some fun on a date night out!

  228. Barbara

    I’d love to win these. Love the aquarium!!

  229. Garrick

    Sounds really FUN!

  230. Kelly dong

    Instead of randomly picking anyone who leaves a comment, I say the winner should be the one who leaves the best comment… That of course would be me.

  231. wenxiao

    WOW 4D film and hands on activities!

  232. Samita

    This sounds pretty fun ! I would love to go !

  233. Chantelle

    We have never been to the Vancouver Aquarium. This sounds fantastic!

  234. Mauro

    I would like to take my wife to this

  235. Ravikanth Rai

    I’ve never won any of these contests before. Maybe today is my lucky day ;)

  236. Melida

    I would love these tickets. I haven’t been to the aquarium in sooo long…I have yet to see the penguins (fyi my faveourite animal). This would also be a great date night :) sooo pick me pick me pick me! please and thank you

  237. mark

    this would quite the experience. i love the aquarium

  238. James K

    I haven’t been to the Aquarium since May….this would be a blast.

  239. sharon

    this is the best blog! lots of love for this site!

  240. calvin

    No kids, aquarium? best date ever.

  241. Silvana Fuentes

    I think I was there once when I came to Vancouver for the first time and that was 19 years ago, it’s been a long time would love to go again.

  242. Kevin

    I’ll give up my first child for these tickets!!!

  243. Alison

    Cool beans!

  244. The aquarium here is great! Our family would love these tickets!

  245. Kat Lana

    Sounds too good to be true!!

  246. Hana

    Would love to win these tickets!

  247. Alice

    I would love to win those tickets!! Really enjoyed my time at the aquarium when I went 2 years ago. Would definitely want to go again! :)

  248. Linton

    Pick me pick me!

  249. Linda

    I’d be so grateful if I got the chance to go!

  250. Julie

    Heard so many great things about the aquarium but never been there before!

  251. Max

    Hi!! As I’m new in Vancouver, and I have not been at the Aquarium (yet), it would be great to take my lady there!!

    It looks awesome….

  252. Lawrence

    I love the aquarium. This would be a great evening out.

  253. Erico

    i love visiting the aquarium too!

  254. Ron

    Salmon CSI?!

  255. KW

    That would sure be nice!

  256. bobby cheung

    whoa, just made it!
    1 day before the contest ends :)

  257. Amanda

    I would love to win these tickets and have an evening at the aquarium.
    Thank you :)

  258. Cass

    Yay Salmon! Would love the chance to attend an After Hours event! Thank you!

  259. Emily

    The aquarium is my happy place!

  260. Michaela Klassen

    Would love the tickets :)

  261. Karen

    My son and I would love to do this!

  262. Sheila

    Oh yes please……I LOVE the aquarium and would love to try it after hours!! Should I mention that my birthday is a mere 4 days a way and this would make an AWESOME gift!!! ;)

  263. Theresa

    Otters and Whales and Salmon – oh my! Here’s my hope for winning some tickets to this beautiful showcase of biodiversity!

  264. Wesley

    Seems like an awesome night!

  265. K


  266. David Theduy Nguyen

    The aquarium is amazing. Would love to take my girlfriend there.

  267. Robert

    Aquarium time only for adults? What a great idea!

  268. sharon w.

    Sounds like a great time without the kids

  269. Irina Trushkina

    Being fairly new to Vancouver and learning more about nature, animals and ocean wise program with Vancouver Aquatium is a great life opportunity!

  270. Chantelle hope

    LOoking forward to many more years of enjoying the Vancouver Aquarium! Dont make it out as much as we would like, but always make a point yearly of going!
    You guys do a great job with all the animals!
    Keep it up!

  271. Catherine riches

    We are travelling all the way from London, UK (post Olympics fever!) and would love the opportunity to view the Vancouver Aquarium at night -what a wonderful experience to see all the creatures in their natural night-time environment when I imagine everything really comes to life in the stillness of the dark?
    We look forward to visiting in September and hope we can win these special to tickets! Thankyou! x

  272. sandy

    I would love to go to the aquarium and experience the after-hours for the first time!

  273. amber

    i would love these

  274. Inny meenie miny moe. I would love those free tickets. Good luck everyone.

  275. looks like fun!

  276. Bev Tyler

    This sounds amazing! I haven’t been in ages & would love to win this opportunity!

  277. SANDY TA

    I LOVVVEEE THE VANCOUVER AQUARIUM! This would be the chance to see the penguins <3

  278. Rosalie

    Looks wonderful! Would love to do this with my daughter.

  279. desmon

    would love to have a chance at this opportunity!!

  280. Mike

    Hope I get picked!!

  281. Nancy

    Would love to have these tickets

  282. Edmond

    Looks exciting!

  283. Brenda

    By offering these tickets you are paying it forward! It is a practice that our family uses as our mantra. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated by whoever is the lucky winner. Thank you for your good heart!

  284. Nick

    I would live to win these for my girlfriend and her sister.

  285. Chelsea

    This is awesome :)

  286. I love the aquarium! I hope you choose me! :)

  287. Grace

    I’ve never been! :)

  288. Dora

    I love my visits to the Aquarium!

  289. Cecile Peyret

    What a lovely idea!

  290. Meredith

    This is such a cool prize! The aquarium has my heart and a quiet visit would be phenomenal!

  291. Rochelle

    What? Time at the aquarium WITHOUT kids dragging me in opposite directions? Can someone say HEAVEN!?

  292. Katherine

    I’ve been looking forward to visiting the penguins.

  293. Peter

    I never win anything but I’ll give this a try. Would be great to surprise the wife

  294. Stephanie

    Would love to peak around after hours!

  295. Jenny Chi

    I’d love to go

  296. Laura

    This sounds awesome!

  297. Diana Wright

    We want to swim with the fishes!
    …er… ;-)

  298. Katy A

    I’ve been wanting to go to the aquarium since we moved here, but it’s beyond our budget. My dream is to be a marine biologist. I love nudibranchs!

  299. Amy

    I want to go to the aquarium!

  300. Aimee W

    I want to go to the aquarium!

  301. Karen

    Love the aquarium!

  302. Jee

    I love the aquarium!

  303. Annie

    Whooot! Salmon!

  304. Kyle

    Would love to go with my wife!

  305. Becky

    The aquarium after hours sounds like SO much fun!! Here’s hoping for the chance to meet those invertebrate sea urchins and sea stars :)

  306. Serah

    Went to this before and would love to go again!

  307. Kelsey

    *fingers crossed*

  308. We would love to win this prize… Jeremy has never been to the Vancouver Aquarium before.

  309. Brenda Lui

    Wow!! This is so exciting !!!

  310. Martin and Nicky

    We have been to the aquarium once since moving here from the UK in Jan but it was with work with a group of young people, didn’t get to appreciate it properly! Would be lovely to win the tickets to come in the evening!

  311. Pinky

    I would like to go to the aquarium! : )

  312. Eileen

    I’d love to see the penguins!

  313. Louisa Thompson

    We’d love to visit the Aquarium!!

  314. Cat

    I’d love to go to the Aquarium and see the otters play!