Featured Attraction of the Week: The Vancouver Art Gallery (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

photo: Vancouver Art Gallery

Back by popular demand, Inside Vancouver has relaunched the “Featured Attraction of the Week” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction and will be giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment.

Join the thousands who have come to see the Vancouver Art Gallery’s latest exhibit, Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters: The Cone Sisters of Baltimore. On view for only a few more weeks until September 30, 2012!

At the turn of the twentieth century, sisters Etta and Claribel Cone began to amass a collection of 3,000 objects, forming one of the world’s greatest holdings of early European Modernism. This exhibition provides a rare opportunity to view nearly 50 exceptional works from their stunning collection, including artists as Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, all of which was donated to The Baltimore Museum of Art in 1949. The highlight of the Cone Collection is a group of works by Henri Matisse, making The Baltimore Museum of Art’s Matisse collection the largest and most comprehensive in the world.

“an extraordinary collection…” The Globe and Mail

“generous and gratifying” Georgia Straight

“a fascinating story about two women and the artists they meet” The Vancouver Sun

“much more than a look at works from a who’s who of early European modern artists…it’s a look at how a pair of passionate women brought some of the most interesting and important art to America”. The Province

This exhibition is organized by The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum, New York, and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

About the Vancouver Art Gallery:

  • Address: 750 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7
  • Phone: 604.662.4719
  • Website: www.vancouverartgallery.bc.ca
  • Hours: 10:00am – 5:00pm Daily, 10:00am – 9:00pm Tuesdays, 10:00am – 9:00pm Sundays (May 27 – September 30)
We have a pair of Express Entry Passes to view this exhibit, including two dining vouchers for lunch in the locally-loved Gallery Cafe. All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select a winner at  noon on Friday, September 14th and notify the winner by email.

Updated Friday, September 14th: Congratulations Sophie! You are the lucky winner of a pair of Express Entry Passes to view Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters: The Cone Sisters of Baltimore at the Vancouver Art Gallery, including two dining vouchers for lunch in the locally-loved Gallery Cafe. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment!

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155 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: The Vancouver Art Gallery (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. MatthewV

    Love the Gallery Cafe, and love the Cone Sisters’ exhibit! What would the world be like if such noble and insight people had not pursued and were aided in their love of art and culture?!

  2. Alice

    I’d love to have an excuse to go to the Art Gallery! =)

  3. Lucy

    Would love to go! This place is amazing.

  4. Karen

    I can’t wait to see the exhibition! I have a guest from out of town coming this weekend and we are planning on going. It would be wonderful to win the free admission. It would be a prize well-used by two art lovers!

  5. Wendy T

    Would love to see the Matisse collection at the VAG.

  6. cam bullis

    yes yes!

  7. tatiana

    Love our Art Gallery. Would be great to visit it again.

  8. Fabiola Hernandez

    I´ll go today :)

  9. Rita

    A great Birthday Present “it’s my birthday today” love the Vancouver Art Gallery.

  10. Amanda

    Love the Gallery!

  11. Carmen

    Yes, please!

  12. Karen

    Would love to spent a day at the VAG!

  13. Helena Mitchell

    <3 The Vancouver Art Gallery

  14. sophie

    I would love to win this, thanks!

  15. Dinah

    I love the Art Gallery!

  16. Mark R

    I have lived in Vancouver for a year now and have yet to visit the art gallery. This would be the perfect excuse!

  17. alyssa

    I would love tickets to the art gallery. I’ve always wanted to go, but it’s pricey!

  18. Marcus Wild

    Would love to go.
    Art rocks !

  19. bev

    I haven’t been in a while! I would love to see the matisse exhibition!

  20. Shawn

    Would love to go. would be my first time

  21. Alison

    I love art galleries. Haven’t been to this one in a couple of years. It’s on the list of the many things I want to see since I moved down here a little over a year ago.

  22. Marissa

    Going to the art gallery? Good.
    Going to the art gallery for free? Awesome.

  23. Houston

    I love the VAG. Haven’t been there in a couple years and would love to return.

  24. Samantha C

    So excited for this exhibition!

  25. Jan

    It would be nice to take my Belgian visitors to this wonderful museum.

  26. vishi

    Excited to see piccasso and other artists work

  27. Anna

    I’ve been meaning to see this exhibit all summer

  28. mary

    I always enjoy going to the VAG! These passes would be great to use as a ‘date night’ with the Hubby.

  29. Erin

    I Would love to take my 6 month old! She hasn’t been yet!

  30. Maureen Prentice

    I would love to go to the Art Gallery. I’ve read so many great reviews on the current exhibit!

  31. alan w

    Thanks for promoting the Arts & Culture in Vancouver.

  32. Jeanette

    Thanks for promoting the Arts & Culture in Vancouver.

  33. Janice

    Vancouver Art Gallery, my sanctuary

  34. jennifer

    great article! i’d love a chance to visit the Art Gallery!

  35. Silvia

    I spent plenty of time outside of VAG this summer. What a great opportunity to spend some time inside at the exhibit!

  36. Bonnie

    Hoping to see the latest VAG exhibit before it leaves.

  37. Robert

    I went to see the current exhibit three months ago, I loved it and would like to see it again!

  38. Stephanie

    Would love to see the gallery. We’re new here and just getting started on our adventures. Also, love the site–it’s been wonderfully helpful!

  39. Heidi

    Sounds like a perfect afternoon at the VAG!

  40. Marlene Romero

    Winning would make my upcoming birthday a real treat and another chance to visit VAG! I’ll bring along my 76 year old mother. She has not seen this exhibit yet, and I know from past VAG visits, she won’t be disappointed.

  41. Michelle W

    Would love to go see this exhibit. Haven’t been to the VAG in such a long time! :D

  42. Jules

    Would love to win these tickets. period.

  43. Anne

    I have been meaning to get to this exhibit and would love the tickets!

  44. Camille

    I love the art gallery patio, and tickets to the choir would make a great date!

  45. Sherry

    I would love to see the Matisse exhibit at VAG!

  46. Tim

    I haven’t been to the VAG since the Olympics and would love to visit again!

  47. Marilyn

    Would love to see our Vancouver Art Gallery.

  48. Joanne

    I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life and have never been to the Vancouver Art Gallery. I think it’s about time I went, am I right? :P

  49. Kate

    The exhibit sounds interesting, and how great are the names Etta and Claribel Cone?

  50. Shannon

    Heading to Vancouver this weekend for a mini-vacation. Love the city, and planned on visiting the art gallery, would love to win a chance to see the exhibit for free!

  51. This would be amazing! I love the Gallery Cafe and this exhibit is on my list!

  52. Sandra

    Would love to attend, haven’t been there yet. Love the location. thankyou.

  53. j. mowat

    Would love to win these fir our nrct trip to vancouver

  54. j. mowat

    Would love to win these for our next trip to vancouver

  55. Jessie

    I love Vancouver Art Gallery~~

  56. Tina

    Lived in Canada for over 16 years, but never had a chance to visit the Art Gallery. I hope this is my chance :)

  57. I’d love a ticket please!

  58. Vanessa

    Would love to visit the gallery!

  59. Lavinia

    I’ve been living in Vancouver for 2 years. I think it’s time to go visit the VAG even if won’t win :).

  60. Michael


  61. I’m international student in Vancouver! I have been in Canada for one year and a half! I didn’t have a chance to the Art gallery but i’d love too!!!!

  62. T

    Would definitely wanna check it out.

  63. It’s been a while since I’ve visited the art gallery – I’d love win the tickets!

  64. That would be great!

  65. Connie

    I try to make it to Vancouver several times a year so this would give me a reason to go over in September :)

  66. laura

    Would love to go! What a great date night!

  67. Got my attention….

  68. Hana

    Haven’t been to the VAG yet, would love to go!

  69. I enjoy the Art Gallery as it is every changing. I also recommend the Art Gallery to any visitor that comes through the Hotel where I do my day job.

    It is a great location and central to many of the wonderful downtown experience.

  70. Chris

    I’d love to go to the Art Gallery even more than all the other people commenting :)

  71. Helen

    I love Matisse and would love to see the exhibit.

  72. Marzena

    I am so excited about this exhibition. Pick me, please :-)

  73. Andree

    I’m here on exchange from New Zealand! (Poor Student haha) But I would absolutely love to go and see the art gallery! Sounds amazing :)

  74. Dora

    Would love to see the Matisse collection at the VAG!!

  75. Lydia

    oh that would be great to experience this with my husband :)

  76. Raunak

    Never been to VAG and would really love to visit the exhibitions !!!!

  77. Linda

    One of the best places to visit in Vancouver. I would love to see the exhibit.

  78. Eileen

    Would love to see this exhibit!

  79. linda

    a night of culture in the city sounds good.

  80. LC

    def on my wish list!

  81. Jocelyn

    Haven’t seen the exhibit yet and would love to. Thanks!

  82. Michelle K

    Never been but would love to make it my 1st time.

  83. Julie

    This looks fantastic, never been! Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Amanda

    We are moving to Vancouver in week’s time and looking forward to visit the VAG and see thee exhibition, just on time before it finishes. I also love the Gallery Cafe.

  85. Tracey

    Love the VAG and would love to go and see this fantastic exhibit! The Gallery Cafe is also a wonderful space to sit and enjoy a coffee and afterwards a little time in their fantastic gift shop….such treasures in there!

  86. Deb

    Looking forward to paying a visit on my trip to Vancouver later this month!

  87. Steven Snyder

    I love art and lunching :)

  88. Elaine

    Thanks for the chance to win an inspirational afternoon!

  89. Lawrence

    I’ve been wanting to make it to the gallery for awhile now. A ticket giveaway would be a great help!

  90. Marcello

    I love the VAG!

  91. Jamilla

    I would love to visit the art gallery!

  92. Dennis L.

    I haven’t been to the VAG in years. Would love an opportunity to visit again.

  93. Eugenia

    Would love to come to VAG :)

  94. Ron

    Gallery Cafe!

  95. addie

    love the gallery cafe

  96. Kim

    I’ve never had a chance to go to the museum or art gallery–only had enough time to pop in the museum shop for a few minutes. I can’t even begin to imagine seeing the real artwork versus the prints on the cups and postcards!

  97. Chantelle

    Would LOVE to go!

  98. mauro

    This would be great to attend

  99. Anselmo

    It would a delight to take my daughter too.

  100. Mar Quispe Gutierrez

    I would love to go

  101. This week my art history class is focusing on Matisse, Gauguin, Picasso, and other modernist artists. It would be an amazing experience to actually witness the impressiveness of Matisse’s work!

  102. Zoe

    Sounds like a great show, can’t wait to see it!

  103. Jonathan

    I’d love to checkout the Matisse, Picasso, et. al collection, and I’ve never been to the Art Gallery, so doing both at the same time would be great!

  104. Gem

    I finally have time off work and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it! YAY ART!

  105. christina

    Would love to check this out!

  106. Yoon

    Sounds good!!

  107. Sonia

    I’ve been meaning to go to this exhibit all summer so free tickets would be amazing!

  108. Roberta

    I would love to see this exhibit

  109. janette

    Would love to go to the art gallery with my husband – we both have never been!

  110. Will

    After moving here, I’m realizing the gallery is the events magnet of downtown. Would love to see what the attraction is.

  111. Roberto Carlos

    I would love to see this exhibit.

  112. Kelly

    Gosh I haven’t been to the Art Gallery in a long time, I would absolutely love to see this exhibit!!

  113. Pat Campbell

    I would love to win this pass so I can take my daughter to the exhibit and lunch. We rarely get to spend one on one time together as she has a very busy life working full time, taking care of her husband, 2 boys and her lovely home. Hope we win. :)

  114. Jennifer

    It has been much too long since I last took in all that is the Vancouver Art Gallery and would welcome the opportunity to take a break from a very hectic and intense Masters schedule.

  115. It’s been quite a while since I checked out the gallery, this would be a great excuse!

  116. Rick B

    pick me. hey, over here.

  117. Louise

    I just arrived in Vancouver yesterday! A couple of free passes to explore the gallery would be a great way to start my trip :)

  118. natalie

    I love Vancouver and would love to go to the art gallery!

  119. Nina Horvath

    Haven’t had a chance to see the exhibit yet. Would be great to go!

  120. Connie

    New to Vancouver! Would love to fo see this!

  121. Shawna

    Love the Gallery and Gallery Cafe!

  122. Sammy G

    I would love to able to go see this exhibit! I missed it last year but I’m very happy to see that’s it’s here once more :) As an aspiring new hobby artist, this would provide me with so much inspiration!

  123. Gillian

    I haven’t been to the Art Gallery since I was in elementary school!

  124. Destyni

    Sounds fun!

  125. cassies

    Fantastic! :-)

  126. Minori

    Love to experience the current exhibition. The gallery cafe is one of my favorite places to be.

  127. Melanie

    This is a great offer! Would love to win this!

  128. Tracey Easton

    Would love to take my 13 year old

  129. Annie

    Art Feeds my Soul!

  130. erika

    I would love to take my mom to the art gallery :)

  131. ian

    Would love to go!

  132. Dimitry

    Matisse is a must, and Inside Vancouver rocks:)

  133. Kasia

    I would love to win! I haven’t been there for awhile…

  134. Karen

    I have never been and would love to take my daughter!

  135. sharlene

    Would love the chance to go!

  136. stacey

    Have never been! It is on my Vancouver to-do list!

  137. Richard Woo

    LOVE to take my girlfriend!

  138. jennifer

    Awesome date place! Love the VAG <3

  139. Paul Giles

    Art and food…the perfect combination. Please pick me!

  140. Bessie

    Please select me! I love the art gallery! :)

  141. Pick me! o/

  142. rachel

    Saw matisse. whats next? Would love to see

  143. Olivia B


  144. Lillian

    Would love to go

  145. Anne

    Yes please!

  146. Antoinette

    I <3 the gallery. I haven't been in years & my birthday is next week ;) I could really use a bit of art immersion to indulge myself :)

  147. Lisa

    Would love to take my husband there for the first time since he moved to Vancouver.

  148. Dianne

    I have always wanted to go to the VAG, just never got the chance. Would love to go!

  149. Kyle davidson

    Would love to take my wife there, we haven’t been in a long time!

  150. Moneesh

    Interesting … I would love to go :)

  151. Ian Gallagher

    Love the Vancouver Art Gallery one the best things to do in Vancouver.

  152. margaret mccormack

    I live in Victoria now (used to live in Vancouver) and quite frankly I’m dying a slow death of culture shock-more aptly put, lack of culture….

    And it’s my birthday next week, would be a fun way to spend the day…

  153. Alexis Ham

    I would love this package, we have time off work, and are super short on cash. Thanks! – I love the V.A.G!

  154. Mary

    Me please! I love any excuse to go to the VAG.

  155. Karen

    Would love to see this exhibit!