Attend the Taping of Michael Bublé’s Holiday Special

How would you like to be in the audience at a taping of Michael Bublé’s 2012 Holiday special for NBC?

Just post a comment below by 11:59pm Wednesday, October 3, and you could win one of two prizes to attend (with a guest) the filming in Vancouver this Friday evening, October 5.

Winners will be notified by email on Thursday morning and given all the details. They should be prepared to provide their names along with the name of their guest, when notified.

Good luck!

Oct 4 – Congrats Melissa H and Emma F! your names were randomly chosen to attend the taping of Michael Bublé’s Holiday Special. Check your email.


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828 Responses to Attend the Taping of Michael Bublé’s Holiday Special

  1. I can’t get enough of this crooner! Love his music and style~

    • Teresa C

      Oh that would be wonderful, the best way I could imagine to start off the Holiday season is listening to Michael Buble

      • Emma F.

        I would absolutely LOVE to be able to attend this! I have loved everything Michael Buble has done and this would definitely brighten my spirits after a rough couple of weeks.

        Thank you for the chance to win!

        • Wendy

          I would definitely appreciate the chance to go see Canada’s greatest artist! Having lived in Vancouver my whole life, I have never had the chance to see Michael Buble live yet! It would be the greatest Christmas present ever!!!

    • Margaret

      I would be honored!

    • Christine

      I just haven’t met you yet….but I’d like to this Friday especially!!!

    • Haven’t met her yet, maybe I will here.

    • Brigitte

      Call me irresponsible, but it’s time for me to tell Michael he’s mine, and that the taping of his Christmas special is on my Grown-up Christmas list. So, that’s how it goes with “Totally Brigitte “. Try a little tenderness, and I’ll be home to receive my invitation :))

    • Jenny

      Last year’s Xmas album was great. Looking forward to this year’s!!!

    • Karen McMillan-Jones

      Hi Micheal, would love to be there on Friday but fly home to the UK on Thursday:( . The highlight of my 21 night vacation to Canada and the USA was seeing you tonight in the Fairmount Vancouver, I was the the star stuck lady that waved to you while you were filming in the Fairmount Hotel window. Thank you for making my vacation complete x

    • Carol

      Enjoyed your previous holiday special! It would be great to get a preview of this year

    • Claudia

      I love Michael ! He’s an amazing singer I listen, sing and dance along to his music everyday. :)

    • Claudia

      I love Michael he is lovely and an awesome singer I listen / sing/ dance to his music everyday !!! :)

    • Tamara

      What a wonderful way to start the new season.

    • Al

      Pick me!!!

    • Mandy C

      I’m a huge fan! Would totally love this!

  2. squon

    ooh sounds fun!

  3. stephanie p

    Michael Buble is the best thing to come from Canada!

  4. Elaine

    Favourite song: Home

  5. Densie

    I <3 Michael Buble!!!

  6. Louella Q

    I know the guests . . . I would love to go!!!

  7. RAechel Tupman

    would LOVE to attend….seriously. :)

  8. Oooh LOVE Michael Buble! Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  9. Wendy T

    That would be a great way to kick-off the Thanksgiving long weekend!

  10. Raj

    This would be amazing!

  11. Jackie H

    Count me in please!

  12. Anne

    I’m free Friday night, and I have a gorgeous Xmas outfit I’m dying to wear!!!

  13. Would love to see Michael, he came to see my see my 5 year old son at BC Childrens hospital when he was going through chemo.

  14. Victor Wong

    got to watch his concert when he came here couple years ago. would love to see this live!

    • Doug

      Great artist and would love to attend the taping of his Christmas Special.

  15. Kristy

    Sounds like fun!

  16. I have never been to a taping of anything in my life so this would be a first and very exciting. It is amazing that we have such a talented singer here in our great town of Vancouver. It sounds like a great time and a wonderful experience – can’t wait!

    Please pick me :)

  17. Brent Lau

    I love Michael Buble! When his last holiday album came out, I rushed to the store as soon as I could to buy it!

  18. Marjorie Q

    Would like to win the passes!!

  19. Kimberly

    Love him (!!!)

  20. yay buble!!! :)

  21. It’s never to early for Christmas!

  22. Eve


  23. Ken Collard

    This would be a blast!!

  24. Oh Christmas and Michael Buble go together like Snowmen and Candy canes!! This would be so fun to go to!

  25. Linda

    Still my favourite crooner and this would be a great 5 year anniversary date with my boyfriend!

  26. Kriti Dixit

    I would love to take my BFF to this! We would have such a blast!

  27. I would die!!!

  28. AJ

    This sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

  29. This would be awesome!

  30. G Gee

    Michael style is sweet. I’d love to go to the taping.

  31. Loni

    YES please!!

  32. Lana Collins

    Pretty please pick me. What a wonderful way to start the fast and up and coming holiday season!

  33. Diane

    I know ALL his songs! (OK, not all but it would be amazing to be able to go.)

  34. Michelle

    I”m proud of our fellow Canuck! Down to earth and a great sense of humour and of course, an amazing voice!

  35. Tanya Kozak

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  36. Heather


  37. Dani

    Michael Buble is the best thing Burnaby has to offer. :) Love his music and would be absolutely thrilled if I could see the taping of the video!!

  38. Monique Fontaine

    Would be a fantastic evening!

  39. Jenna

    Michael Buble is a true BC boy! Proud to call him a Canadian artist. I have wanted to see him for so long!

  40. Phil Law

    Love Micky Buble

  41. MBFAN


  42. Katie L

    OH MY GOD. I would absolutely love to win this!! He’s my all-time favourite singer! It would be a great early Christmas present!!

  43. Jan

    Sounds like a nice experience!

  44. Brittany

    Ahh! What an amazing opportunity! My last few weeks have been so full of loss… I could use a pick-me-up night out!

  45. Julie

    Would love to hear that voice up close and personal! And wouldn’t you know it, no plans for Friday night. #meanttobe

  46. Triona

    This would be the ultimate gift to give to my Mom! Fingers crossed!

  47. Amo

    Fingers crossed

  48. Laryn

    would love to go!!!

  49. cintia

    Por favor i love him !!! Take me !! Muchas gracias

  50. Cory

    A spectacular night I’m sure!!

  51. Phoebe Simmons

    So ready for a whole, shiny show of his classic stylings.

  52. Wow, this would be amazing!

  53. On behalf of Dusty Bones and his family from Dinotown we want to wish Michael Buble, his family and his talented creative team a Merry Christmas. Hoping to join you Friday night in the celebration of Christmas.

    Rob Ell
    Mayor of Dinotown

  54. Kate


  55. Ivy

    I would LOVE to win!

  56. Lisa

    OH mememememememememememememememememe ME ME ME, Please!! This would be fantastic. I became a fan of his after watching his Christmas show a couple of years ago. I need some serious pushing to even start thinking of Christmas this early, and this would do it. :-)

  57. A perfect start to this year’s holiday magic. What a superb opportunity!

  58. Lindsay

    I love Michael Buble! He has a beautiful voice and a big heart.

  59. Warren

    Bublé is the best!

    A night watching him perform and experiencing the behind the scenes of a filming will certainly make up for a week of empty job hunting.

  60. Jenny yen

    Yes pleaseeee!

  61. Jenna Pape

    ohhh so cool! would love to go!

  62. Grace

    Seriously?!?! <3

  63. For real?!? I would die! I love this charming devil!

  64. Shira

    I would absolutely love to go to the taping. Michael is amazing :)

  65. Shelley

    CHRISTMAS!!!!!! AND MICHAEL BUBLE !!!!!! What could be better. I would love to see the taping of this show.

  66. Andrea

    Love Him!! Would take my best friend as she is a single mom and has been a fan for years and would die if she has that chance :)

  67. Gene

    Be awesome to kickstart the holiday season early!

  68. Shantel

    He’s got such a dreamy voice. Plus he’s hilarious!

  69. I LOVE Michael Buble!!!! Went to his last concert here in Vancouver and LOVED him more!!!!

  70. Kay


  71. Win. A

    Would be awesome to win the passes, thank you

  72. Kris Fulton

    I would love to be there – and I’m a guy. I figure there should be a few of us in the crowd.

  73. Christina

    I have never seen him perform live. It would be amazing!

  74. Keeley Hodge

    In would be honoured to be in the presence of an amazing entertainer!
    Winning tickets for his Holiday Special would be the greatest Christmas present of all time!

  75. SY

    Count me in!!!

  76. Tracy G

    Would take my 79 year old Mom, she loves him !! :)

  77. Stephanie

    Would love to be a part of this.

  78. julie

    please please please pick me!!! I would LOVE to go!!

  79. Connie

    Would love to see him live!

  80. Asif

    This would be the ultimate Xmas gift for my daughter…Can’t get her to remove posters even to paint her room… Oh! wait thats my room lol

  81. angie

    Please please I would love to see Michael!!!!!!!

  82. Lisa

    Would love to attend the taping!! Very excited to see Michael on The Voice starting next week. Glad he is doing so well :)

  83. Christine

    Would love to take my 80 year old Mom, we are both fans and have attended all of Michael Buble’s Vancouver concerts together. Michael Buble’s Christmas CD/DVD was part of her Christmas present last year (and I bought one for myself too!) And we are from Burnaby like Michael!

  84. Michelle Hiebert

    Pick me, please! It would be the perfect way to cap off my crazy week!!

  85. Janelle

    Oh I would LOVE to be there for this! :)

  86. Ashley Wong

    It’d be great if I can go with my bestfriend ! =D Great early Christmas gift !

  87. Jasmina

    Count me in!

  88. James I

    Don’t see it myself, but my wife loves him and she’d be over the moon to be able to see him.

  89. Michael

    Would love to go to his concert with my wife. Been years since my wife and I have been to any concert.

  90. Samantha Taekema

    My dream is to sing a duet with him! Getting to see him life is a close second :) I’m looking forward to the holidays just to put his Christmas album on again!

  91. Joseph Tam

    Michael Bublé is awesome!
    I don’t really know who I would bring if I won.

  92. Isiah

    This would be A great way to start my holiday spirit

  93. Michelle

    This would be a great opportunity!

  94. Melanie

    Yes please please please! I love him!! Dream come true.

  95. Megan W

    Please :)

  96. Fatima

    I’d love the opportunity!

  97. Allison

    Omg! That would be incredible to go!!!

  98. Christine Fraser

    One of Vancouver’s favourite sons comes home. Would love to go please!!! ;)

  99. CD

    Such a fan of this musical talent & familly man from ‘canada’:) I’d be honored to attend his perfomance here in VANCOUVER:))) What a gift to whomever gets to go and I confess I hope I’m one of the lucky ones selected:)) xxoo

  100. Amanda

    You are an amazing artist. I saw you once years ago in Vancouver. Would love to see you again!!

  101. Candice

    Oh yeah … Buble shops at the the same grocery store as I do … It’s like we’re old friends

  102. Sharon D.

    How cool this would be to win!!!

  103. Rosie

    He is the reason I moved to Vancouver <3

  104. Melody W.

    You know, I almost feel like it just wasn’t meant to be with him. I never seem to catch him around town. I’m always missing him but by a sliver of a margin. Maybe this time I won’t miss him?

  105. Christie M

    Sounds awesome! I loved his last Christmas album :)

  106. Jen

    What a great opportunity! Would love to attend.

  107. Sajeda

    Would love to attend! Love his music, especially his Christmas album!

  108. Paty

    Michael Bublé’s concert would be my Christmas present

  109. Agnes T

    I’d love the opportunity! It’ll be a great relaxing Friday night before my month of midterms and papers begin.

  110. Tina

    Pick me! Pick me!

  111. melissa w

    LOVE Buble!! :D

  112. I didn’t even know he was from Canada! Now all the karaoke most played songs make sense to me :)
    It would be just amazing if I could experience this while I am living in Canada this year.

  113. Michael Buble has some awesome christmas beats. It totally brings in the Christmas cheer. My girlfriend might be a little sick of the cd, but Christmas is rolling around so she better be ready for hours of Buble and his melodic voice!


  114. Kev

    I’d be man of the year in my wife’s eyes if I made this possible !!

  115. Pam

    Would love to finally see him perform live!

  116. Meredith

    What a great opportunity! I’d love to be there!

  117. Nori

    Pick me!

  118. Lara

    I would love to attend this as I have never seen him Buble live before, plus my partner is a hugh fan! Thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Sherina

    Hi – Many years ago before Michael was world famous and was just locally famous i had the opportunity to see him in Concert at a hotel in Surrey on New Years Eve. Just as he started the show my date for the night had a medical emergency and we had to leave suddenly! I never got to see Michael live after that so I would love the opportunity to attend this taping with my hubby it would be amazing!

  120. karen

    Yay!!!!! Mr. Buble!!!!
    Who can resist him :)

  121. i don’t mean to sound self absorbed, but please please please pick me ;-) haha. I didn’t even know he was coming – Oh my goodness, me and my mom would die happy women IF you chose us. Whew!! Sooooooo excited. Ok, I breathe again now. haha. xxooooxxxoxoxo

  122. Helen

    Would love to go!

  123. Joe

    This would be fantastic. Please pick me :)

  124. jennifer

    Christmas in October is the best <3

  125. Shari

    Never get tired of Buble! What a fun night that would be!!

  126. William Tam


  127. I would love to go!

  128. Lucinda Cheung

    I adore Michael’s music! I own a copy of his Christmas album “Christmas”. I love his rendition of ‘Santa baby’. He asked for Canucks tix!!!

  129. Roberta Neilson

    That would be so cool! What a great way to get in the Christmas spirit early :)

  130. Corrinne

    I would be honored if I could attend!

  131. Jenn

    This would be so fantastic!

  132. Jean

    Would so love to see Michael Buble, and his Christmas special!.. Hometown proud for sure.. ! Grew up in Burnaby,and have many memories …. love his music..

  133. Stephanie C

    Perfect way to spend a Friday evening…

  134. Minnie

    Would love to go!

  135. Leonie


  136. Dana

    Yes please!! *fingers crossed*

  137. Karen C

    Ah, I’m so excited to even have him in Van!

  138. kylieC

    It would be a dream come true!

  139. Jennifer

    Best concert I’ve been too!!! Would love to be part of the audience!!!! :))))

  140. Trevor

    That would be a fun date with special girl ;)

  141. Ileana

    wait for my
    e mail invitation
    to see

    :D ~Ileana~

  142. Veronica Canale

    This would be SO great! Pick me? :)

  143. Meghan

    Michael Bublé + Christmas songs = best combination ever

  144. Miranda

    I’d love yo see him live, love his music and Christmas music to boot. Thanks and Good Luck Everyone.

  145. BH

    Bublé + Holiday Special= Yes Please :-)

  146. Kristy


  147. OMG!!!
    My mom LOVES LOVES LOVES Michael Buble and it would be amazing if I could take her to this Holiday Special Concert.

    *crossing my fingers*

    Thanks for having this giveaway :)

  148. Brittin

    Nothing says happy holidays like Buble’s ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’. Thanks!!

  149. Anne Docherty

    Dear Michael Buble,
    I know you’d love to have me in your audience, you just haven’t met me yet!
    With great regards,
    Anne Docherty

  150. Diana

    gonna be the best Christmas gift ever! thanks a bunch!

  151. Patricia

    “All I want for Christmas… Is you! You! And you!!!!” oh please make my dream come true.. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. I’d do nearly everything (legal) for this opportunity to share this show with my good friend!

  152. What a fantastic opportunity for everyone that gets to be there. I would love to attend!

  153. Terry

    Sounds amazing

  154. marika

    MEEEEEE! Pick ME Please!!!!!

  155. Tessa Kenning

    Michael Bublé and Christmas! Can’t get any beter :)

  156. Marta Mikolajczyk

    Deck the halls with boughs of holly!

  157. M. Evers

    To see Michael all grown up instead of the high school boy I knew from Cariboo Hill would be fantastic! Love his music and very proud of this hometown boy.

  158. helena

    That would be absolutely amazing!

  159. tam

    I adore his music!

  160. Shaunna P

    All I can say is that would be incredible

  161. Barb

    Love Michael Buble and would love to be part of the audience!

  162. Daphne

    Hands down…the best Christmas present ever…and I can wear a pretty dress:)

  163. Kenneth Chan

    I love his music! Also love how many of his music videos are also filmed in his hometown.

  164. Lesya Williams

    What a great contest…. Fingers crossed

  165. Serena

    would be amazing!

  166. Lisa

    This will be amazing!!!!!!

  167. It would be a great honor to be part of this :)

  168. tamara

    I love his music, and i would love to go. :)

  169. Teresa

    I’d love to go.

  170. Sandy

    OMGOMG, i would love to get a chance to see Michael Buble! :D

  171. Kasandra

    Would love to see him live!

  172. Fred

    nothing better than buble in concert!

  173. Kelvin

    This would be pretty cool to see Buble close up!

  174. Julia



    to be there!

  175. Zita Kovacs

    I would love to go!! :-)

  176. Rylee

    Santa might not be coming to town just yet but it sounds like another holiday treat is! I would love the opportunity to be there to welcome him home! Also sounds like an incredible start to the Christmas season.

  177. Julia

    My mum loves him! I hear his music non stop around our house.

  178. Julia

    My husband and I would love to attend a taping to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! We love the Bublé!

  179. Heather

    This would be the best early christmas present ever!

  180. D

    Yeah, I guess I’ll go.
    Waiting for the email…….

  181. Rajbir


  182. Sarah

    Would love to go!

  183. Elisa Joe

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  184. JM

    Would love to go!

  185. Trudy

    I can’t wait to see a taping of Michael singing his amazing songs!

  186. Melissa

    It’s my parents 39th anniversary this Saturday! What an amazing gift this would be :)

  187. Laura

    Pick me

  188. Emin

    Mr. Buble, how you swoon me. What better way to celebrate christmas! If we can’t watch hockey, we mind as well the time together ;)

  189. Melissa

    Pick me! It’s my parents 39th anniversary this Saturday! What an amazing gift this would be :)

  190. Theresa

    I foresee a fabulous date night with my honey and Michael. Woohoo I’m in!

  191. Alison

    Please sign me up! I’d love to go.

  192. Sarah

    How much fun would that be?!

  193. Karen


  194. pindie

    when you smile at me, you know exactly what you do

  195. Al

    Would be a great way to spend a date night with my wife that only happens once every few months!

  196. Yvette

    My mother would simply explode in happiness.

  197. Kristjan Aug

    This guy is such an awesome person. He’s the kind of person I aspire to be. He does Burnaby proud!

  198. shu

    Yay, amazing opportunity!!~ Thank you!!

  199. Gemma

    this sounds like the perfect way to start my FIRST EVER THANKSGIVING!!!

  200. Miko

    Would be an early Christmas wish come true if I could attend!!!

  201. Kathy

    How can you not want to hear him sing?? His voice is creamier than a DQ blizzard on a hot summers day!!! And a Christmas special?? Um yes, please.

  202. Melissa

    Christmas and Michael buble – there is no better combination in the world.

  203. Vince

    Pick me! It would be amazing to attend the filming! I would love this early Chritmas gift!

  204. Shauna

    Can we have 3 tickets PLEASE! My father in law is in town from the Yukon and would LOVE this! Mahsi Cho!

  205. Allison Neumann

    I’m bubbling with excitement at the possibility of seeing Michael Buble!

  206. janet price

    ohhh, not only does my husband and my need date night badly… we love michaels muisc.. this would be amazing

  207. Laura Kobe

    My mom and I love listening and singing together to Michael bubles music! He is amazing! This would be the best opportunity:)

  208. Michelle

    On wow, that would be awesome!

  209. Pearl Doyle

    Amazing opportunity!! Love the Michael!!

  210. Natalia McGonigal

    I loooooooooove ! Michael Buble !! I loove his music and it would be a dream come true to see him. I have so many memories with every song and I get so exited even when I see him on tv or hear him on the radio !!! Please Please PLease Please pick me !!!!!!!!!!

  211. Jo-Anne

    Love to celebrate Canadian success stories. Thank you Michael for making us proud!

  212. cb

    Here comes Michael, here comes Michael, right down Cathy’s lane….please please please!!!

  213. Shiori

    PLEASE PICK ME!! I love love love love him and have been dying to see him perform, especially in his hometown Vancouver :)

  214. Julie Aubrey

    I love Buble!

  215. Kimberly Sebastian

    Eeeee! My husband and I are in Vancouver until Oct 6th. This might be totally meant to be!! Count us in :)

  216. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  217. Rm

    Love his music…he is an old soul

  218. Umm….. yes, please!

  219. Aimée

    Christmas always makes me think of snowflakes getting caught up in my eyelashes, peppermint kisses, and crooners like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and of course MICHAEL BUBLE! How magical would it be to attend a taping of his Christmas show and be a part of the magic that he brings to countless people around the globe!

  220. Amelia

    I hope I win! :)

  221. Melanie

    I love Michael Buble and this would be an awesome gift for my mom!

  222. OH EM GEE!!! My Mom and I would PEE our pants if we could go!!!!

  223. Jen

    Thanks for the chance to win! Michael and Christmas are 2o of my favourite things!

  224. Debra Lummas

    Ok – I like Sinatra, I grew up with Dean Martin but Michael makes me proud to live in BC.

  225. Tsogtbaatar

    Lemme inn!!!!!!
    We will be waiting for your positive email.

  226. Oh how I’d love to attend!!!!! I saw him when he was at Deer Lake… can’t get enough!

  227. Yasuko

    I really love to join the Taping session!
    This is amazing opportunity and I would like to be one of them.!! Love Micheal!

  228. Sharon

    Sounds like fun!

  229. Winnie

    would love to go!

  230. sanjiv

    That would be awesome
    Great singer

  231. Rayda

    O.M.G. drolllllll it mr. buble <3

    im so glad i live in vancouver so i could have a chance to see Michael! OMG i just LOVE his songs!

    I hope i win!! :D

    PICK ME! PICK ME! I love the holiday specials!!!

  232. glynis cameron

    This would be a great early Christmas Pressy :)

  233. emily

    WOW WOW WOW! yes please! x

  234. Tara

    Wow! This would be the most amazing experience! I just spent the past 11 hours listening to Michael Buble…this would be the best early Christmas present EVER!!!

  235. Alana

    I would love this!

  236. Lindsey

    would love to go to this!!!!

  237. Megan

    ME! ME! ME! I would love this!

  238. Colleen

    Michael Buble – my favorite!

  239. Mike Maitland

    Proud of how u retain your Canadian heritage – specially the CANUCKS – but understand the need to be “global” . BIG FAN HERE. Need those tickets.

  240. Lauren

    My heart is pounding with excitement at the thought of this! It would be a dream come true!

  241. Ian

    very nice!

  242. Jessica

    Home in Vancouver for a couple days and couldn’t think of a better way to spend Friday night :)

  243. I would LLLLUUUUVVVV to go!!! Hope you accept 14 yrs

  244. Tiffany Haziza

    Yes Please!!!!

  245. Darlene

    Yay! Pick me please!

  246. Angelyne

    I love his voice and it would be amazing to get the chance to listen to him live!

  247. Catharine Simpson

    Now there’s a great way to get started in the holiday mood! Next, Christmas baking!

  248. David

    What I wouldn’t give for an evening with MB. After the year I have had, would be a welcome treat.

  249. nick

    So in!

  250. Holly amber

    Would love to attend… Would make my holiday season complete!

  251. Jay Bockhodt

    I love listening to your music on the radio, and/or CD, but would love even more to be able to listen LIVE! would be a dream!

  252. Sandra

    Yes please!

  253. Katie F

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! He’s THE BEST.

  254. This would be great

  255. Connor

    Bublé is a Canadian treasure!

  256. Irene

    Love Michael Buble and I love Christmas!

  257. Benita

    I would LOVE to be there for this awesome show!

  258. Lee Anne

    Christmas in October?? Yes please! We are big fans of Michael Bublé and would be so excited to be a part of the special!

  259. Melissa

    This would be a wonderful event to attend. I love his personality! Thanks for the chance to win tickets!

  260. Leanne

    This is definitely all I want for Christmas.

  261. Nathalie D.

    I have never seen him perform live. This would be the perfect time…

  262. Ronda

    What better way to spend my birthday! I love that he’s doing it his way!

  263. Vida Lau

    Sounds like fun!

  264. Christy

    Oh, yes please! That would be so much fun! I am even kidlet free that day!

  265. Dilara

    Omg I love him!! Yes please!

  266. Doreen

    I would like to be in the audience at a taping of Michael Bublé’s 2012 Holiday special for NBC!

  267. Jessie

    ooo~~~ yes please! :D I love him!

  268. OMG please pick me!

  269. jjung

    nothing like getting into the holiday spirit like a little bublé!

  270. Angela

    I would love to attend!!! :)

  271. Brad

    What a voice! Would be an honour to attend.

  272. Meghan Pritchard

    This sounds amazing! Would love to win!

  273. Jessica

    This would be the most amazing experience EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  274. Elvis

    he is my idol. It would be such an HONOUR to attend this.

  275. Agnes

    Would be in absolute heaven! No Christmas without a bit of bubbles and Buble!

  276. Claire D

    Melting… Christmas with Michael Buble… Could there be anything more dreamy??

  277. Kevin

    Who needs to buy a Christmas present if you can take your significant other to the Buble!

  278. Kali

    Oooooooh, exciting. Good luck everyone :D

  279. Juwayriya

    would love to attend!

  280. Bev

    Please pick me!!!! Would love to go – will even wear red if that will help.

  281. Brenda

    Date night with Michael Buble……Hell yes!!

  282. Masie


  283. Todd Brehm

    I love Michael and his music!!!

  284. Anthea

    sounds interesting!

  285. Jeff Appleby

    I think my fiancée would do my laundry for life (hasn’t happened much yet) if I were to take her to this. Luckily for me, I think I’d enjoy it just about as much!

  286. Debbie

    What a great way to celebrate xmas in september

  287. Ashley

    This taping should be a concert every year!

  288. LC

    so cool!

  289. Phyllis

    Omg pick me!!

  290. Ann-Marie

    Not very often does a musician come along, that enthralls throughout the generations.. my 20 year-old daughter, me and my 65 year-old mother all love Michael Buble.. he’s a fantastic performer!

  291. Art B.

    I would love to go to this with my wife!

  292. Hercy

    Please pick me! I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be there…

  293. CP

    Christmas early

  294. Jorge

    I want to be there!!! :-)

  295. Gjoa Andrichuk

    “Call me Irresponsible”, but I’d miss work to attend!!!

  296. Kevin


  297. Vicky

    Woot I’d love to be a part of it!!

  298. sylvie

    would love this…..

  299. Tra H

    I love Michael Buble!!! Please let me be the winner!!

  300. L Croll

    Would LOVE too. Listen to him alll the time. Besides it would be nice to win something too :)

  301. Paul

    This would have to be the best “Christmas Date Night” EVER,
    my girlfriend,myself and the ultimate crooner Mr Michael Steven Bublé himself

  302. Erin

    What an amazing girls night out!!! Love Mr Buble ;)

  303. Carm

    It would be an honour to see such a great talent do what he does best, perform in front of a live audience. I am one of his biggest fans, it would be such an amazing experience to attend.

  304. I love Christmas and I love Michael Buble! I would love to be there!

  305. Shannon

    wow this would just be the best!!! best christmas surprise ever.

  306. Lynda G.

    I have nothing to do on Friday night… Hold on, did I just type that out for all to see? … Hey, if I had tickets, I would have something AWESOME to do! YAY! :D

  307. Arlene C

    I already have decided on the outfit that I would wear if I WIN! This is the biggest festive event in history in Vancouver and I WANT to attend this party! I am ready to step it up to show the world how we Vancouverites love Michael!

  308. Nessa

    What a thrill it would be to see this taping! Two of my favourite things: Christmas and Bublė! I hope your beautiful wife is there too.

  309. Jacquie M

    Vancouver is the perfect place to tape a Christmas Special because we know how to do Christmas here!
    We have snow on the North Shore Mountains, a Christmas Market, Gingerbread and Decorated Christmas Tree displays and you can even find roasted chesnuts!
    I can’t wait to get into the Christmas season and start playing my MB CD!

  310. Ann

    Bring on the Christmas early! We fell in love his music back when he played at Babalu’s. It would mean EVERYTHING to be there.

  311. Serena N

    I heart Michael Buble. Would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to see this. Please oh please pick me. My fingers, toes and even eyes are crossed for tickets!

  312. Rosalind

    This would be such a perfect way to kick off fall and start the countdown for Christmas- Michael sounds great in recordings but even better live!

  313. Nadia

    Oh Buble!! What a dream it would be to see him live!! I am such a fan, would that ever be amazing. Pleeeeeeeeeease :)

  314. Fel

    I would love to go

  315. Darlene

    So nice to see him bring his Xmas special to Vancouver. I would love to be in the audience to be swooned by Michael. He is a great entertainer and I would be honoured to be an audience member.

  316. Carrie Tang

    Wow, would love to be there! I love Michael Buble!

  317. Danielle D

    I’ll cancel my plans to go! :)

  318. Holly Compton

    My 21 yr. old daughter was just showing me a youtube of him singing a song that is very special to her yesterday, imagine if I could surprise her with actually listening to him in person, she would be super excited and Vancouver is one of the best towns on earth!

  319. Oh michael I have been trying since last week to enter contest with. Qmfm I have had no luck to be caller 35 today I thougjht I try. One. Moretime so there I am driving and hitting the redail botton on my phone for the million time not knwning I am being followed by a police car with sirens going. Well as soon as I noticed the blaring lights behind me I pull over Mr policeman not so nice informed I did not stop at stoP sign as. I seeedm distracted. Well I was I wanted to get on your s show o badly so end up with at 167 dollar fine my first ticket in 35 yrs of driving oh I could cry Right now. I went home hid the ticket. I will deal with later too distaught now I feel like a comitted some major crime when I all wanted. Was to be on your show

  320. Jeanie

    I would love to attend with my mother.

  321. Deanne

    Count me in! Without question my mother would be my plus one! :)

  322. Annie

    This would be the perfect opportunity to attend for my birthday!! I love Michael’s songs!!

  323. Mildred Huerta

    I <3 LOVE <3 Michael Buble!!!

  324. mb

    His gentle soft voice is so beautiful and calming.
    “When The Music Starts To Play Dance With Me Make Me Sway” – I can listen to this song and dance cha cha (alone in my room) over and over and over again…………….

  325. Jasmine

    Love Michael Buble! I would love to see his taping.

  326. Alexis

    Christmas crooning at its best!

  327. John Wilson

    this sounds amazing!!!

  328. gordana auman

    Thank you for singing and meeting a young aspiring singer called Steven Scaccia. Very honorable and classy act from a guy with class
    …..i am not a relative of Steven…just someone who knows him as a child..!

  329. Dana Robb

    What a great way to kick off the holiday season! Iwould love to atttend! Love love love Michael Buble!

  330. Jennifer

    OOoooooo Christmas in December….yes please :)

    • Jenn

      Doh! Meant to say Christmas in October!! (am sleep deprived at the moment) Would be lovely.

  331. Melissa Q

    Usually I like to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving before Christmas, but I’ll skip those for Buble!

  332. Paola

    Me and my fiancee will do our first dance to his song ‘Everything’ at our wedding in February….. Would love to see him live!

  333. Jessica

    I’ve been a fan of Michael Buble for almost 10 years, and yet, I have never seen him live. I would LOVE this opportunity!

  334. Melissa

    Yes please!! Seeing Buble would make my entire year – best Christmas pressie ever!! :)

  335. Sam

    Would love to!

    • Kiran

      I’m a 24 year old male and a huge Bublé fan… uh, I mean… My Mom would love this!

  336. Melissa M

    Tickets to see my idol? Yes please!! Absolutely love him. This would make my year!!

  337. Holly Keon

    Would love to hear him again and get in to the Christmas spirit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  338. Kelli Lundie

    Would love to be there! I have great memories of the good old days at Bubaloos. This would be amazing.

  339. Gisella

    Sounds like a fun way to spend a Friday night!

  340. eka

    please let it be me and my sister. her birthday is coming up and she is an absolute fan of michael!!

  341. Peggy Shum & Cathy Phung

    That would be so awesome!!! Choose me!!!

  342. I have a flight out from Vancouver to Calgary that night to see my brother that I have not seen in 5 years, BUT I will postpone until a Saturday morning flight if you choose me!

  343. Amy

    I love buble!!!

  344. Kim

    some christmas bublé? Yes.

  345. J-C Roy

    I’d love the chance to see Hamm and Buble live!

  346. Michelle

    I would love to be there!!!

  347. Sarah Haffey

    Woot. Woot! This would be fantastic! Pick me :)

  348. Alice

    Buble! The perfect Christmas present!!

  349. regina

    I love you Michael!!!

  350. May

    I’m from Michael Buble’s “Home” town of Burnaby. “Call Me Irresponsible”, but it’s “Crazy Love”. I want to say “Come Fly With Me” because “I like the way you look tonight”. Oh Mr. Buble, “Will You Save The Last Dance For Me”? “That’s All” ;)

  351. Michelle

    This Christmas baby would love nothing more than seeing MB get in to festive fettle!! <3

  352. K Ali

    With all these people, would be lucky to win and would enjoy the show that much more!

  353. Fabienne

    I would love to be there, that sounds very excited!
    Christmas & you = MAGIC

  354. Sabrina

    That would be so much fun! Just in time for my birthday :)

  355. colleen

    <3 <3 Micheal is YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! <3 <3

  356. Steve Truong

    This would be awesome!

    Micheal Buble went to my high school :p

  357. Michelle K

    That would be a great opportunity one would normally never get. Would love to be there!

  358. Julia

    I would love to win the 2 tickets and give them to my parents. I like Michael too, but they deserve a special date night with the crooner they love too :)

  359. Josh F

    Hey! MB is the man.

  360. Amy

    Fingers crossed!

  361. Wayne

    Everything was the the first dance my wife and I shared at our wedding, and we would love to see him live. Our son gets excited every time he hears that song because he knows that it’s “Mommy and Daddy’s” song.

  362. Suki

    I’d love to go!!

  363. Raj

    great gift for my wife

  364. Mei

    I’m a big fan of Buble and would love the opportunity to see him in person!

  365. Kate

    This would mean Everything to me, and keep me Feeling Good right through the Holidays! Pick me!

  366. Stephanie

    With 12 weeks to Christmas, this would be a wonderful way to kick start the season!

  367. Jan Chobaniuk

    This would be so great I hope I win. I just love Christmas and think Micahel Buble is a great guy and an awesome talent.

  368. Peter Kho

    WoW! What an opportunity!

  369. Melissa

    Christmas is now no longer the same without Michael! :)

  370. Gail Chiu

    I <3 MB! What a voice!!

  371. Kasia

    I wish…

  372. Chantelle

    OMG This is amazing!!!!!

  373. mauro

    would like to go to this!

  374. Kelli

    I look more American than Canadian, but more Swedish than American. such a cool opportunity

  375. Kelli

    I look more American than Canadian, but more Swedish than American. sweet opportunity

  376. Donna

    This would be the most amazing experience to be a part of Michael’s Christmas Special….could not think of anything better to be doing on a Friday night!

  377. Carlos

    Yes please! Fingers crossed for this!

  378. Asha

    All I want for Christmas…

  379. Gene Emerson

    Yes please! This would be absolutely the most amazing christmas present ever! Loooove Michael Bublé <3

  380. Taylor

    Call me irresponsible, but I’ll call in sick to work to see Michael, because I haven’t met him yet, but I’d sure like to! After all, I have a crazy love for Mr. Buble <3

  381. Love Buble – what an amazing opportunity this would be!

  382. Ryan

    Would love to surprise my wife — we’ll be visiting Vancouver this week from Oklahoma!

  383. Juliet

    wow, to part of the audience for this would be an amazing experience

  384. Heidi Henderson

    I love Michael’s music. He’s a big inspiration to both me and my son. It would make our year to see him live.
    Thanks for putting it out there. Our fingers are crossed!

  385. Juliet

    wow, to part of the audience for this would be an amazing experience!

  386. That would be fun! We went to the same high school-Cariboo Hill.

  387. Kathryn

    This would be the best early Christmas present ever!!

  388. Susan

    This would be the best Christmas gift EVER!

  389. Megan

    Count me in!

  390. pick me, pick me!!!

  391. Love this man’s music! :)

  392. Rachel

    It would be amazing!

  393. Brandy

    Christmas would come early!

  394. Michelle


  395. Marline

    Would be the BEST Christmas gift ever – for ME and my mom!

  396. Kathy

    Yes please!

  397. Laura

    I would love to attend this event!

  398. Jeff

    Whoa, my wife would love me even more! Maybe I could catch up with Buble after the show and take about the NHL lockout.

  399. Nathan Ip

    Been a fan ever since my sister made me listen to you at the age of 6! 10 years later and I’m still in love with your music!

  400. Bev

    It would be a dream come true. What a voice.

  401. Khai Lam

    It would be wonderful to meet Michael during the holiday season.

  402. Carrie

    Wow! A dream opportunity to hear that voice again!

  403. Shannon white

    I would die to be there. Would make staying up 48 hours during the Olympics so j can see him at Grouse mnt on opening day worth it that much more!!!!

  404. Cindy

    Love, love, love Mr. Buble!

    I think you can sing quite a tune and I would just adore to see you live …. *ahem, to sing for me of course!

  405. Sandra

    I could use a kick start for my Christmas spirit – I can’t think of a better way than an evening listening to Michael!

  406. Angela

    Took my mother in law to the concert last year. Would love to take my husband to this.

  407. Hannah Sung

    Would love to be there!

  408. Adrienne

    If wishes came true. Fingers are crossed.

  409. Scott

    This would be a great event to attend.

  410. My girlfriend would absolutely love to be at this. Seems a little odd to be filming in October. But I guess that’s show business.

  411. Sandra

    I could use a kick start for my Christmas spirit – I can’t think of a better way than an evening listening to Michael! Please pick me.

  412. Jamillia

    Wow! That would be such an amazing experience!

  413. Byron

    This would make my girlfriends year…. She has already started decorating for Christmas and listening to his Christmas music no joke

  414. Bob

    This would be an experience not to miss

  415. Amandine

    Would love to go!

  416. Whitney

    What a fantastic opportunity this would be! Would love to be part of the audience :)

  417. Patricia

    All I want for Christmas is to attend this! Please, please, please, please, please!!!

  418. veronica

    Been loving this boy since he was 16!

  419. Melinda

    This would be the perfect date night for my me and my husband!

  420. Cathy C

    This would be a great opportunity – he is priceless.

  421. One of Michael’s biggest fans. Would absolutely love to attend this taping.

  422. Santa baby, make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is you.

    Id love to be there!

  423. Heidi

    Visons of sugar plums…no visions of Buble …what a dream come true.

  424. Mike

    It would be awesome…

  425. jacinta

    gone are the days of seeing him on west broadway, now we have to beg for tickets!

  426. Karen

    I would love to take my Mom to the taping as she is a huge Micheal Buble fan. She saw him when he was starting out singing at the PNE and has followed him ever since.

  427. Joey

    I’ve never been to a taping of anything, and I love Christmas and I love Michael Buble… so this would be amazing. Please, pick me!!

  428. Alice

    Buble for the holidays awesome combination!

  429. stephen

    score some points with the wife

  430. Nicole Poitras

    What a great opportunity! I hope I am lucky enough to win!

  431. Sara

    Yes please!

  432. Franco Peta

    I have never met Michael Buble but I am from East Vancouver and know some of Michael’s Cousins that I went to high school with. As well as a good friend of his Mom’s named Ellen Bick who used to bring his CD’s to play at my Salon and invite me to some of his performances at Massey Theater in New Westminster which I could never attend because of having a young family at the time. Maybe it would be the right time this time.

  433. Gem

    Okay how many of us can say we have a picture of Michael and his Mom in their wallet? Oh wait….I can. It was a great shot of a mom and her boy. She’s squishing his face, it’s so cute. Goes to show that now matter how old you are you’re still Momma’s little boy.

  434. Terry

    Lov u Michael!!!! Pls pls pick me!! Pretty pretty pls?!?
    Xoxoxo xoxox

  435. kelvin

    love to be a part of tht taping. love his music,,

  436. Paul Mei

    Be really great to have the opportunity to enjoy and share such musical cheers with an inspiring singer like Michael himself.

    Lets celebrate in advance ~!

    Cheers everyone, take care~

  437. Count me in!

  438. Pany

    me :D

  439. Carly

    I love buble! He is a wonderful singer and we are lucky to say that he is from this great country. I really enjoyed the Christmas special last year, have and love the Christmas album and the cherry on the top would be, to be apart of the taping. It’s my favorite time of year:)

  440. Christina

    pick me pick me!

  441. Alexandra

    Wow, would be amazing to go. I’ll cross my fingers

  442. Joe

    Pick me please. I “less than 3” Michael Buble!!!

  443. Johan

    This would be a great early Christmas gift

  444. Suzanne

    He’s travelled far and wide since his days at BuBalu’s where I last saw him on stage. Way to go! Would love to be able to take my mum who’s a big fan. We both grew up in good ole Bby. Same elementary school, same high school. Hope that brings me luck :-)

  445. Jordan

    Loved him in concert and it’d be incredible to see him again!

  446. Karen DW

    what a great idea! This could be such fun…

  447. Audrey

    Im a HUGE fan!! This would be such an exciting opportunity!

  448. Rafika

    Amazing event! Yes to tickets, please! This would be the best (not to mention the earliest!) holiday greatness of the year for me and my friend. Cheers and good luck everyone! :)

  449. Lara

    It’s never too early for Christmas. This Friday would give me the chance to spend Christmas with my best friend who is visiting from the UK!

  450. I’ve always wanted to see him live omg… this would be amazing!

  451. S


  452. Ken

    I’d love to see him live!
    *fingers crossed*

  453. Sandy gibson

    I saw Michael Buble walking on Robson yesterday and boy would I like to see him at the taping !

  454. pola ley

    This would be the best surprise to take my husband Steven. He sings and Michael Buble has always inspired him. What a treat for him plus we are long overdue for a date night out. Just so happens we are free this Friday.

  455. Sara

    I would love to win! What a great Thanksgiving/birthday present for me that would be.

  456. Connie

    Me! Me! Me!

  457. deecee

    i would love to go to michael buble! :)

  458. Melissa W

    Loveeee Michael Buble!! Would love to see the taping of this Christmas special since it was so amazing last year!!! ^^

  459. Edmond

    Wish. Come. True.

  460. Britt Miracle

    I’d love to be there and visit Vancouver this weekend!

  461. Alicia

    I fell in love with his holiday album last year- it will definitely be a staple in my cd player this season too. I would love to see him sing these songs live!!

  462. Angela

    Pick MEEEEE!!! Pretty please, and thank YOU!!

  463. Renata

    I would love to attend this event. Please pick me! :)

  464. Eve

    This would be fantastic! Would bring my 20 yr old daughter who’s also been a fan for years. We’d be very appreciative
    : – )

  465. Alicia

    I would love nothing more than to attend the taping on his show. :)

  466. James

    Used to see him at Bubbaloo’s. Old school! It’s been a while, would love to take my mom……..cheers!

  467. Elaine Tarnavsky

    I would very much like to see Michael, and I would bring my friend who has had a string of bad luck lately – culminating in her getting hit by a car! She would enjoy all the fun and good feeling of a Christmas special!

  468. This would be a dream come true… please :)

  469. Nadia

    I’m a girl from Ha Noi, I studied in Buenos Aires, I live in Prague, and now I’m in Vancouver to meet you, Michael… Let me go home :).

  470. Noreen Jamal

    I love listening to Michael Buble!! Hes an amazing singer and performer. Really would llooovveee to attend this!! :)

  471. Melissa Harding

    Another Autumn day, has come and gone away, at Stanley Park, but I want to attend.. Michael’s Holiday show.
    Maybe surrounded by a million viewers I, wont feel alone.. cause I will be home.. at Michael’s holiday show.
    Ive been buying all the albums since the very start. Each one a bigger hit, they arent fine Michael, but the best of you.. I would sing them but I know that is just not enough.. I want to sing to you.. because I would like that..
    Another airplane, another rainy place, you are back on the coast.. Welcome home! You arent that far, from where i could be.. at Michael’s holiday show

  472. Greg

    Crossing my fingers.

  473. Alvin

    Let Christmas come early, and have Buble croon to make it perfect!

  474. I love him! This would be a great present for my sister as her birthday is today and she loves her some Buble too :)

  475. Vanessa Shakespeare

    Wow this would be amazing. I love Michael Buble!!!

  476. Adam Mckinnon

    This would be the best Christmas ever!!!

  477. Pamela Clarke

    It will be amazing to hear you sing live especially if my sister and can be there with me and we can enjoy the voice of Christmas together.

  478. Annica Jansson

    Oh – what timing! I just flew in to Vancouver from Finland. It’s way early in the morning, I’m jetlagged, and I’m looking for fun things to fill my 14 Vancouver days with. Would be prefect if me and my friend could join this, what a Vancouver memory!!

  479. Jason Smith

    My wife and I would love to drive up from Vancouver Washington to see Mr. Buble. I would probably get a few traffic tickets along the why because we would be so excited with joy but he would be worth it.

  480. Richard Dorst

    This would be awesome! I haven’t seen him live since he was performing at Babalu’s.

  481. Rocky

    Buble i truly one of the most amazing talents to have Coombe out of Vancouver or Canada. Saw him live at deer lake park several years ago, best live show ever. Great songs mixed with a great personality (humor). The show was very Rat Pack-esque.

  482. Mark

    Merry Christmas

  483. Kelli

    My husband and I could really use a date night (without baby) and I can’t think of a better way, than with Michael Buble! I would love to surprise him with this so fingers are crossed!

  484. Courteney

    My parents ARE his biggest fans. They would flip out!! :)

  485. Gail Whiteley

    NOBODY does Christmas music like Michael Buble. Would be so great to hear him live.

  486. Kristyn

    What a wonderful opportunity to spend the evening with great people and a wonderful artist. Would love to join in as the holidays are the best part of the year : ) and Michael knows how to celebrate them.

    • Cindylou

      I totally agree …. 100 %

  487. Carly

    Early Christmas? Yes please!

  488. Manuel

    I’d love to go!

  489. Denise

    It would be an absolute delight to attend this event.

  490. Ashley

    Save the last dance for me … On Friday.

    How much fun would this be?

  491. Gina

    This is Bublelicious! I’d give up all my christmas presents this year (and I’ve been a very good girl) to get to go to MB’s special! I’ll also wear my best Christmas sweater. It has balls. And glitter. And reindeer.

  492. Alex

    I actually listen to last years Christmas album occasionally during the year ! Michael Buble is a class act and soooo derserving of all his success ! It would be a honor to attend the taping with my beautiful wife Linda.

  493. Simon Edwards

    Michael Buble is amazing. I loved his christmas special last year. The music was awesome but what was more it was funny and had lots of charm. Cant wait for this years special and him to do another concert in Vancouver.

  494. Louise M

    Would enjoy an opportunity to watch a taping of Michael Buble’s Christmas special and be in the mood for the season. This would help in a small way to make up a missed Christmas last year with my dad having cancer and passing away a few days after while mom was in another hospital with her own health issues and has since left the family a few months later. Last Christmas Day was heartbreaking especially for dad when he requested to see mom at the hospital. I drove him with my sister to see her. Mom did not recognize him when he held her hand. She was on medication and his appearance had changed mainly from chemotherapy during the month she was away. I believe this incident may have helped him feel that it was his time to say goodbye sooner. This month the family has just closed the sale of our parents’ home. I am the last of six siblings to still be living in it. It will be a big change. Seeing Michael Buble in person for this special taping would be a nice start to celebrate Christmas.

  495. jennifer belarmino

    I love him! it would be such a great honour to hear him live.

  496. Lisa Nykoluk

    I LOVE Mr.Buble’s music. When I was a wee sprout and just old enough to get in clubs, I remember watching and dancing to him when he used to play at the Big Bam Boo. I haven’t had the opportunity to see him since but would love to!!!

  497. Samantha

    I love that he’s filming an NBC special at home! What a magical night that would be

  498. Tracey

    What a lovely treat it would be to attend!

  499. Ying

    It will be fun! Would love to win! :)

  500. Jeff Rose

    Wow! What a great chance to see him perform!

  501. Anastasia

    I can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday season, than to watch Michael Buble croon. It would be an honor!

  502. Melanie

    I was so sad that I could not go to the taping on the Thursday, the 4th, offered in a contest by QMFM. The Friday offering is my only hope of being part of the audience. I will bring my husband, as it was our 29th wedding anniversary recently. I am also one of Michael’s Facebook Friends, and we should be invited first.

  503. Tiff

    That would be amazing! He is brilliant!

  504. Brian P

    Should put his great touch on the good ole Christmas Standards.

  505. Anne Hermary

    What an amazing time this would be!!! LOVE Buble!!!!

  506. Michelle

    This would be the icing on my christmas cookies!

  507. Carol Custer

    I love Michael Buble’ . . .

  508. Haley S

    Would love to be a part of the fun with such an amazing Canadian and wonderful talent!

  509. Colleen B

    Wow…what an opportunity, would sure love to be part of it!

  510. Asia Redmond

    Hi Micheal I would love to be apart of your AMAZING show, even if I’m in the very back row. I have dreamed of seeing one of your concerts but i have never gotten enough money for it. My dream is to sing a Christmas song with you and i am very happy that you are a fellow Canadian and you are from Vancouver. I would love to take my friend Gillian. I hope to see you at your show. Go Canucks go! Merry Christmas Mr. Buble!

  511. Ewa

    Love to see him in person.

  512. Julia

    He is amazing.

  513. Gabriella Schmidt

    What a fun experience it would be to help Michael Buble tape his Christmas special.

  514. Amanda

    I’d love to see him live – thanks for the opportunity!

  515. Amanda W

    Wow, this would be amazing to attend – fingers crossed :)

  516. Chelsey

    I love Mike Bubbles! aka Michael Buble.

  517. I would love to take my husband for his birthday, he’s a huge fan of Michael Buble! PLEASE :-)

  518. Xochitl Alcantar


  519. Christina Minton

    This would just make my year to be able to go to this. My significant other and I love listening to Michael Buble (especially since he’s such a Vancouverite)!Thanks!!!

  520. Paul Giles

    Would love these!

  521. Andy

    I would go to that!

  522. Michael Hamfelt

    This would be an amazing gift for my girlfriend. :)

  523. WOW – what an amazing opportunity, to see Michael Buble in person, while he’s taping! I truly LOVE his sense of humour and how down-to-earth he is…..not to mention his great love of hockey!

  524. Vanessa

    Wow I’d love to win. My fingers are crossed! :)

  525. Maureen S

    Michael Buble is amazing. I would love to attend!

  526. jlam

    i’d love me some buble ;)

  527. Wendy

    Michael Buble!!! OMG, I would be so honored to be
    in the audience for Michaels Christmas Special!

  528. Carley Pilcher

    You don’t realize how much I would love to see Michael live, that would be such an amazing gift. xx

  529. Trevor

    I would love to be able to take my wife to see Michael. We both love him, he is an incredible singer with incredible talent. We appreciate how he gives back to Vancouver so much! We love and appreciate his music so much we made our first dance at our Wedding his song “Everything”. Please choose us we would love to be able to go to this event! It would mean the world to the love of my life!

  530. Tania F

    I just moved to Vancouver and I won’t be spending the holidays with my family this year :(
    So I would love to spend the holidays (in advance) with a group of people and meet new people! What a great welcoming to this beautiful city!!

  531. Marcie Ponak

    it would be the best gift i could give my daughters for they adore michael buble. He has an audience that attracts all ages and these are 2 of his biggest fans

  532. Adam

    When I first arrived in Vancouver, I came here with the clothing I had on my back and my Michael Buble CD’s. Although I didn’t have much, the soulful music of Michael Buble kept me company at night. Nothing would make me happier than the chance to see Michael Buble live.

  533. Susan

    Possibly one of the best pieces of news today!

  534. Mark

    This would be an amazing intimate concert. Would love to get into the holiday spirit early!

  535. Heather W

    Already digging out my “christmas sweater” to wear!

  536. Amanda

    My mom leaves on Saturday to go home and wont be back for christmas this year. What a great chance to enjoy the holidays a little early!

  537. Stephanie

    Christmas is here early! I love Michael Buble!

  538. Roselyn

    I love Michael Bublé! One of the best artists and the world and from Vancouver!

  539. Pamela

    I’m entering this for my mom and my cousin who are both so deserving because they are the biggest Michael Buble fans I know! My mom PVR’d his last year’s Christmas Special and watches it all the time!

  540. Kyle Stewart

    This would be so cool!

  541. Kelsey

    My mom and I are both such big Michael Buble fans but have not gotten the chance to see him live before! This would be such a great christmas gift and surprise to give to my well deserving mom!

  542. James Mitchell

    I am a huuuuuge fan. I have been playing sax for 26 yrs and have finally decided to make a go of it with solo gigs. I play a Lot of michaels songs as he was a huge inspiration to me in taking the leap into performing live at gigs. Thank you Michael your music has changed my life:)

  543. Danielle

    Michael Bublé? Christmas? Sounds like my kind of ideal!

  544. Nick

    Oh yes please. Always up for some early Xmas cheer…and even if it pains me to admit it – it would make my g/f extremely happy to see the man Buble perform in the flesh.


    Good things comes in threes they say :)

    I’m just going to cut to the chase here!!! I’m an avid fan & I want to go. It would be a dream to take my mom – also an avid fan. Everyone replying here wants to go, but I have my fingers and toes crossed you’ll pick ME.

  546. Christine Nelson

    Pretty pretty please! My Mom and I would LOVE to go!

  547. Amanda

    I adore him! Hope to win :)

  548. Brandon

    Sign me up! I’ve always watched the DVD specials and would love to attend a taping!

  549. Kyara McKay

    I would LOVE to go!!! LOVE love L.O.V.E to be there… cause…
    L – is for the way you *will* look at me
    O- is for the only one I see *only you :P*
    V – is VERY very…. extraordinary *yes you are*
    E – is even more than anyone that you adore *yep that’s me*

    Hope to see you friday!!!!!!! sending L.O.V.E

  550. Luz

    Michael Buble is my favourite singer, i love him so much!

  551. Shelley

    Just checked my dance card and I’m free on Friday night. I look forward to your email! :-)

  552. Kathy

    I would loooooove to be dancing in the audience this Friday night watching you perform. :)

  553. Kate

    Would love to be at Buble’s taping! His voice is magical!

  554. Michelle

    I would LOVE to attend the taping! I LOVE all his songs! :)

  555. Ruth

    I’d love to go:)

  556. Isabel

    Me!…Me!!……Pick me!!!!

  557. Best way I know to get into the Christmas spirit. You would make a great Christmas present for the one I choose to bring with me! xo

  558. Michelle

    Christmas is my favorite holiday and i would looove to go! This would the best way to start the holiday season!

  559. Tracy T

    Count me in!!

  560. Mila

    It’s my son’s birthday this coming Saturday October 06 .
    This will be his greatest birthday gift ever, he’s turning 19th. Can he go with his sister Mariel too… pick them please and thank you.

    My son’s name is Carlo and my daughter is Mariel

  561. Chris

    Michael Buble is the best!

  562. Jen Jarvis

    Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to attend.

  563. Pinky

    This will be a very nice birthday present for myself! : )

  564. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be Friday night!!!

  565. Guillaume

    My girlfriend will go insane if we were able to attend this event. Please, please :)

  566. Cynthea

    OMG, I watched Bubles’ Christmas special on TV last year! It would be sooo exciting to be in the audience on Friday, it would make and my year (and my Mums)!

  567. Elisabeth

    This would be the perfect Friday night date for my boyfriend and I!! I usually work Friday nights, so opportunities to hang out with him for events like these are few and far between. We love Christmas so this would be ideal! :)

  568. Bonnie Taylor

    My friend Mila has just emailed you regarding sending her son and daughter to the special concert because it is her son’s 19th birthday. I would like to also request that Mila and her husband would also get tickets as their whole family are taking their Canadian citizen oath on Wednesday and I think this would be a wonderful way for their family to celebrate their fabulous accomplishments.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  569. Mila

    When I and my husband came home from a short walk.
    I told my son and my daughter that I saw Michael Buble going back to his car in the parking lot at Silver City, Coquitlam.
    They believed me and thrilled.. : ) I saw Michael with his black hat, white shirt , black vest and black pants. : )

  570. Vanessa Becker

    That would be so great! Love buble!!

  571. Lindsay

    Sounds exciting!!!!! I know exactly who I would take with me.

  572. Josh Becker

    My wife would love this!

  573. Elizabeth Monaghan

    This is awesome! Pick me!

  574. Maggy Arnold

    Sounds like fun!

  575. Dar

    “How Sweet it is” to “Dream “of meeting you with a “Backstage Pass” since. “I Haven’t Met You Ye”t and “At This Moment” I “Hold on” to seeing you.
    “I hope I’ll Be Seeing You” in your “Home” town this Friday ‘cuz your ” Comin’ Home Baby”!!!!

    “It had better be tonight” that I get the call because “Everything” is on hold to attend to the Friday recording

    “I’m Feeling Good” about winning tickets,

  576. Kiran

    This would be a wonderful start to the best holiday season.

  577. Paige Mackintosh

    That would be so awesome!

  578. Elaina

    MB is one of my all time favorite artists. He’s my modern Sinatra and the voice of happiness. From a teenager to a young adult I’ve always related to his music best. Anyone that knows me expects to hear a lot of MB if they’re in the car with me, at my house or where ever we may be. After a few cocktails you can be assured MB is on repeat and full blast as I twirl around in complete joy. MB’s music has been a huge part in coping during hard times and been the push to get the party started at other times. Michael’s Christmas song’s have been a tradition and are always playing while the house is getting set up for the Holidays. His rendition of “santa baby’ asking for Canucks tickets and a Tolex is probably one of my new favorite Christmas songs. To say the least I’m a huge fan of Mb’s music.

    Michael has shown all his fans and home town that throughout all his success you can be a normal and down to earth person. Which has been refreshing for a lot of his fans. You never hear anything but positive comments about Michael. Vancouver is proud to say MB is from our hometown !! Throughout Michael’s career and triumphs he has consistently remembered his roots and stayed true to them by involving the city of Vancouver in his songs,his music videos and many of his interviews. MB has used his achievements towards helping others in his community in many different ways and they haven’t gone unnoticed It would be a dream come true and honor to be a guest attending Michael’s “Holiday Special” Taping !!!!!

    Many Thanks,

  579. Vanessa Monaghan

    Wow, that would be so fun!

  580. Tracey

    Christmas comes early!!

  581. Mimmi P.

    Olen suomalainen fani, joka olisi yli-innoissaan mahdollisuudesta nahda Michael Buble livena! So I’m a fan all the way from Finland and I’d be over excited to see Michael Buble live! That would really make some amazing memories that I could cherish when I go back to Finland in December.

  582. You might not want to pick me as I was a singer for a blues band so I might not be able to control myself and might try to do a duet with Michael Buble! This is a definite bucketlist item!

  583. Bugle

    This would be worth finding a babysitter for!

  584. Craig

    Would love to go to this… we were trying to get tickets to a different event that night which was sadly sold out, so this would be a wonderful (even more so) treat!

  585. Megan V

    What fun! I’m ready for Christmas to start already!!

  586. Micah Chobaniuk

    Would love to go to this!

  587. Joy

    She doesn’t know about this. Can she and her husband attend? Please and thank you so much.. This is an advance Christmas gift for both of them. They both love Michael.

  588. Sareena

    Tickets to this would be the best Christmas gift ever!

  589. Malou

    We are 5 in the family.. please please can we all attend? Never been in this kind of event before..

  590. plunko

    What a great way to welcome my wife home from a week away at a gruelling conference! We’d love to attend.

  591. Noreen Wensley / Michael Trew

    Michael, your music touches our souls, and as musicians, you inspire us. We’d love to see you live and in person!!!

  592. Jackie

    Who doesn’t love M. Bubs?! I’d LOVE to attend and swoon over our local crooner! Best.Friday.Night.Ever.

  593. Vikki

    Yes please!!!! <3

  594. Martin & Carol

    This would be fantastic to attend. Michael is our absolute favourite. We are in it to win it!!

  595. Pattie

    This would be a wonderful gift for my Mom.
    She’s a HUGE fan of Michael!

  596. I would love to go!

  597. Joanne

    It would be fabulous to start the enjoyment of the season with my favorite entertainer!!!! Cheers for taping in yours and my home town!

  598. Cecile

    Yes, I love to be there!

  599. Carol

    Christmas is…listening to Michael Bublé, gingerbread, family and friends….we love Christmas! :)

  600. Nicole

    Would love to attend this!!

  601. Trevor

    This would be an amazing experience to have to have with the love my life, my wife! Her and I are huge fans and would love this to be able to experience this. Please pick us!!

  602. Hilary

    I want to start Christmas off super early this year :)

  603. kaylyn b

    I would be so happy to attend this event. Been a fan long before he released his first album. My son’s adore his music. It would bring such joy to my families Christmas season to attend this event. Thank you for offering to give away two tickets to this.

  604. Jane

    This would be the best Christmas present EVAH! After I bought the cd last holiday season it was on repeat until January!

  605. Marco

    Would love to treat my wife to a special night out to see her favourite guy other than me!

  606. Barry

    Wow, this would be fantastic! I would take my daughter who loves Michael Buble.

  607. Wendy M

    I would love to go & see Michael for the 1st time IN PERSON!

  608. Tintin

    This is such a great prize – thanks for the opportunity. Would be wonderful to win it!

  609. Cindylou

    I can only wish : )

  610. Sara

    I’m obsessed more than any other of you guys!!! :'(
    I literally started crying when I heard he was shooting in VannnnVannn. <3

  611. Sara


  612. Sara


  613. Sara

    MAY I GO NOW? :)

  614. Sara

    It’d be so very dear to me if I was chosen to go! I’ve been in love with Michael Bublé for so long now, and if I had the chance to pay for the tickets, I would pay anything.

  615. Sara

    I am so determined to win this contest… I really really really REALLY want to go see him.

  616. Sara

    Please pick me!! I’d do anything to see Michael. He’s my FAAAAVOURITEl! :(

  617. Naoko

    Would be awesome to meet this local legend!!

  618. Maria C

    This would seriously be a dream come true!!

  619. jane

    would love to attend the taping-a thrill!!!

  620. Joan

    I love Michael Buble. As a matter of fact, I have his CD from Christmas last year and this year, On October 6th will be attending a “Sounds Like Buble” show in West Vancouver!

    Thanks for everything Michael! You are Awesome!

  621. Teri

    PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!! I couldn’t think of a better combination! Michael Buble & Christmas??!?! DREAM COME TRUE!

  622. Kathryn

    This would be amazing! Christmas is the best time of year and he has an amazing voice and great Christmas album, who could ask for a better combination. This would be a great Christmas Wish! I’m so excited just thinking about it!!!

  623. Julia Conwright

    I would give my left leg for those tickets!! I love Michael Buble soooooo much!!!!!!

  624. Janice

    I have always been a fan and would love the chance to meet him, especially the taping of his christmas special

  625. Corey Ouellet

    What an intimate opportunity to warm our hearts and to dive into the spirit of the holidays! I would surely embrace such an opportunity!

    Thank you for your consideration!

  626. Negar A

    After watching his Christmas special last year, I thought wouldn’t it be cool if he had a Christmas concert in Vancouver? IT’S HAPPENING!!!!

  627. Michael…I just havent met you YET. Maybe this Friday (:

  628. Michael…I just havent met you yet! Maybe this Friday! (:

  629. Kirsten

    I would love to attend the taping of Micheal Buble Christmas special my favorite artist and favorite time of year conbined!

  630. Sara

    Oooh. Christmas music in October. Fun.

  631. Lynn Krasovec

    I would love to attend. This would be the best Christmas present ever.

  632. Emma F.

    I would absolutely LOVE to be able to visit the greatest thing to ever come out of my hometown of Burnaby! This would definitely lift my spirits after a rough couple of weeks…

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  633. chantellec

    This would be a fantastic way to end the week!

  634. Claudine

    I loved his last holiday special and would love to see him! Would be a lovely birthday present as well:)

  635. Lisa

    I would love to be able to attend the taping! Michael is an AMAZING entertainer!!


  636. Keran

    I would love to attend. I have seen Michael in concert and he is absolutely fabulous! So proud to see a local guy achieve the level of success that he has.

  637. cal

    LOVE TO ATTEND! never been to any thing like this, esp if it was MICHEAL BUBLE! :D

  638. Della Lowe

    This would be the ultimate christmas gift to my mom…she LOVES him =)

  639. Gwen M

    I love his music and would be the happiest woman in the world if I got to attend!!

  640. Diandra L

    My mother would be the happiest woman alive if I got to take her to this!!

  641. Yes! This would make all of my holiday dreams come true. :-)

  642. Françoise

    Wow! This would be SO awesome…

  643. Belinda

    I would love the chance to attend the taping and be able to hear Michael Buble’s amazing voice live!

  644. Carla Kelly

    I have been trying for this all week through QMFM but no luck so far. :( I would just love so very much to be in attendance at this special tv event. Michael Buble and Christmas – what better combination could there be? His Christmas special last year was just terrific. Please please please choose me???!!! <3

  645. Betty Wong

    I too have been calling into QMFM all week. I REALLY want to go to the taping of Michael’s Christmas special.

    Winning tickets to this event will be the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  646. Sonia

    I absolutely love Christmas, and to see a taping of Michael Buble’s Christmas special would be absolutely incredible! I went to the last concert he had in Vancouver and was touched that the proceeds were given to BC’s Children’s Hospital, ever since then I’m a fan for life!

  647. Anita

    Love to see his live.

  648. Gayani

    Three things I love: Christmas, Buble, Vancouver Canucks <3

  649. Neena

    Can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening.

  650. Would absolutely love to see this! He is on my bucket list!

  651. Simar Garcha

    I absolultly love Bublé’s charm! He’s amazing on stage! I would love to see him in person!! His last Christmas album was awesome! Made the perfect Christmas present!

  652. Linda

    I was lucky enough to see Michael Buble interviewing people on Robson Street for his upcoming TV special and absolutely was blown away by what a funny and charming person he is. Not only does he have an amazing voice but he’s got an award winning personality as well. I would love to see the taping of his show and if I don’t get lucky enough to be there, I will make sure to watch it on NBC. Michael – you make me proud to be a Burnaby girl! Keep on singing and laughing. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.

  653. Warren

    the Bubs!

  654. M usical
    I rresistible
    C anucklover
    H ip
    A mazing
    E ntertainerextraordinaire
    L ikeable

    Would love to share in the magic of music making history!

  655. Laura


    I’m just a big fan of Michael Bubble and I would love to be in the audience.

    I have never been to live taping.

    Thanks in advance,

  656. Yasmin

    LOVE Michael Bubble!
    His music is so amazing!
    But honestly, getting to be in the audience would make this week of exams so much better!

    Good luck to everyone else as well! :)

    -Yasmin <3

  657. Jennifer

    I’ve never been to a live taping before! And to see Michael Buble would be AMAZING!

  658. Elaine Crossley

    I would be thrilled to be able to attend the taping of Michael’s Christmas special. I performer whose melody and words I can understand – in other words, true music the way it was supposed to be.

  659. Larisse A

    This would be the absolute best gift to give my mother. She adores him and it would make her Christmas!

  660. Jacqueline H

    This would be a perfect start to the holiday season! Pick me, please!!!

  661. Barbara Williams

    Welcome home, Michael. How lovely it would be to attend the taping of your Christmas special… but I am not lucky at winning things. I am so pleased to see Canadians succeed and bring home their honours. Thank you for believing in your talent and sharing your amazing voice with the world.

  662. Jordan

    This would be a fantastic was to spend a Friday night. I would love these tickets.

  663. JDC

    Ooooooh….please pick me and I can take my lady on a date!

  664. Shelley Barnes

    Please pick me. I want to go really badly!

  665. Shelley Barnes

    Yeh! I want to go please!

  666. Wes DePourcq

    My wife would love to go!

  667. Justen DePourcq

    My mom really wants to go

  668. Janice

    I would love to go

  669. Linda Luu

    Hi! Omg I’m a huge huge huge fan of Michael’s it would be a dream come to be part of this taping. I just recently acquired his limited edition ‘Totally Blonde’ soundtrack in vinyl. Please pick me I’ll do vancouver proud :D

  670. Alan

    Thank you for bringing this contest to us InsideVancouver.Ca ! I love celebrating Christmas in October!!

  671. andrew

    Buble’s music is awesome and I’d like to go!

  672. Gina

    I loooove Michael Buble!! Pls pic me!!

  673. Kristy

    I would love to go to this and I know my housemate would too…best early Christmas present! :)

  674. joe gordon

    ooh yess please

  675. Ann-Marie

    I’v been trying for the pass three days to win the tickets on QMFM, it would be great to get picked to go.. A friday night out at a taping with buble and no kids what could be better

  676. Mila

    I am not sure if my email this morning was accepted.
    Please can we have a ticket to see Michael? For my son’s birthday this saturday. We love Michael Buble.

    Thank you so much

  677. Aliza

    I LOVE Michael Buble!! :)

  678. Jon Conlin

    Pick me!

  679. Ada Young

    I’d love to be there! I’ll even skip class :)!… seriously! Seeing Michael Buble live is eons better than microscopic anatomy!

  680. Diane Bosley

    I would love to take my daughter to the holiday special taping. Thank for considering me!!

  681. Meggan

    For me, Christmas starts with the music and who better to kick off the season early than Michael Buble! He always puts on an amazing show. Thanks for the chance to attend!

  682. Diane Moti

    Enjoyed his Christmas show so much last year…..would love to attend this year’s, specially because it is in his hometown Vancouver.
    Loved to win this…..fingers crossed xxxxx

  683. We are SO looking forward to the new album and would LOVE to attend the taping! All the best to you and the family!

  684. Sandy

    I would love to attend this. It would be the perfect thing to do on my birthday!

  685. S Taylor

    This would be wonderful!

  686. Valarie

    This would be an amazing night!

  687. A Stuart

    We would love to attend the Christmas special taping. Even the 2 yr old last year was asking to listen to Mr.Buble’s Christmas music every night at bed!

  688. Barb Peterson

    This would be a most wonderful way to start the holidays early! I could listen to Christmas music and Michael all year long!!

  689. This would be the best thing to ever happen to us.. Here vacationing all the way from Newfoundland, with my roommate! HUGE Buble fans! Chance of a lifetime.

    Are tickets available for purchase? Must go do some research… In any case, PLEASE enter us into the draw! Wish us luck!

  690. I love Buble! Hope we get to see him on Friday night!

  691. Mark

    MB represents all that is good about Canada. He’s humble, sincere and loves hockey! Would be a huge thrill to show enthusiastic support for him and his talent at his Christmas show taping.

  692. Michelle Conway

    Nothing gets me into the spirit of Christmas like listening to Michael Buble’s christmas album, and it would be so special to attend this holiday taping. He is such a gentleman and his style is truly unique

  693. Lise Bilodeau

    Hi, It’s my birthday in December 31 and It would be a good way to celebrate this special day in advance. I would be very happy because I lovvvvvvve Michael Bublé and his Christmas album is fabulus,magic,wonderful…Thank you

  694. Lina

    I’m a big fan of his music! would love to see this hometown sweetheart! <3

  695. Brian Chase

    I’m sure it will be an awesome show. Would love to go

  696. Jennifer

    This would be the most amazing thing to happen this year.

  697. Martine L

    I would be so pleased to go!! Huge fan!

  698. Samantha

    This would be one of the most experiences ever! Biggest Fan!

  699. Ryan

    Wow! That would be so much fun. I’d love to go!

  700. Tina D.

    What an awesome experience this would be. Would love to go!!! So excited just thinking about it.

  701. maria

    would be so much fun to be there!

  702. Moneesh

    yes please sign me up :)

  703. Samantha Luong

    Pick me please :D

  704. Jennifer Law

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  705. Yvonne Law

    Would love to win!

  706. Kirstyn

    I have gone to see him in concert 5 times and have loved it every time! I just cannot go when he is around! Would love to be able to mix two of my favourite things, Michael and Christmas, in one evening!

  707. Sarah Collins

    I love Michael Buble. I have seen him in concert on every tour, including his first hometown show at Deer Lake, as well as in Manchester, England. I would love to attend this taping!

  708. Sherry

    This would be a wonderful experience!

  709. Charlotte

    I would love to go. And my mother would love it even more – would make an excellent early Christmas present for her.

  710. David Lopez

    Would love to go! Michael is the man!

  711. Tammy

    I would love to attend the taping of the Christmas special!

  712. Anna

    Sounds like a blast! Would love to be there!!

  713. Christopher Co

    this would be an awesome birthday present!

  714. Rachel

    That would definitely be an AMAZING start to my winter season!

  715. Matt

    Michael Booblay

  716. christine c

    I can’t wait…..give me those tickets now :)

  717. Maria

    I remember fondly seeing Michael perform at the old Babalu’s. It would be an honour to see him up close and personal again.

  718. Nidine

    I can’t wait for Christmas and love LOVE loove Michael’s music especially at Christmastime. Only thing that would make it better is snow, a roaring fire, and a couple tickets to be a part of this great event!

    82 days until the most wonderful time of the year!

  719. Ashling

    I love Michael Buble fell in love after seeing him on British x-factor .great voice great face.. What else could a girl want:)

  720. Tracy

    I would love to see this! It sounds super fun.

  721. Stephanie

    Love Michael Buble and how he brings back classic music and makes it popular again! Proud to say I come from the same city as him!

  722. Heather Johnson

    Me and my BFF will be in Vancouver this weekend from San Diego and we both LOVE Mr Buble! We would love any opportunity to meet him!!

  723. dezmen

    Trying to win tickets for my amazing co-worker!!!!

  724. dezmen

    Trying to win tickets for my amazing co-worker!!!!
    Shes a huge fan! wish me luck guys :D

  725. Alisha

    I would love to go!!!

  726. Jerrison Oracion

    I can’t wait for this T.V. special. I like Michael Bublé. It’s my birthday tomorrow.

  727. Yoyo Cheung

    I’m a HUGE fan and would love to be able to attend this! He has such a wonderful voice and is such a great entertainer. I love how he shows his talents through some great classics. So exciting!

  728. Faran Sperling

    I would love to see Michael Buble again – fingers crossed :)

  729. Stefanie C.

    I’m ready to dance, clap, high five, sw0on, laugh and cry to Michael Bublé!
    <3 him and his sweet, sweet Christmas crooning!

  730. Shawna

    Can’t even begin to imagine how amazing an experience this would be!!

  731. Chris

    I’d love to take the Mrs to this! Fingers crossed…

  732. Dana W

    Visiting Vancouver with my mom, would love to take her to see Michael B!!

  733. beverly

    I would love to go!

  734. jasmine

    Wish me luck guys! would mean the world to me to be able to attend!!!!!!!!!!!

  735. Albert C

    Awesome contest. totally would make it

  736. Betty Chioccarello

    Would love to go!

  737. Faith

    Love his music!

  738. Shannon

    Would love to go!!

  739. gurveen

    Trying to win tickets for my friend! she would be in tears !!!!!!

  740. manveer

    My friend jasmine would love to be able to go. Shes a HUGEEEEEEEE fan!

  741. Maria

    No harm in trying…
    We were at the 2010 torch relay when my daughter, who was 6 at the time met Michael. Among the many spectators, he approached her. Now she’s 2 years older and wishing of really having a conversation with Mr. Buble. It will be an honor and a privilege to meet him. I know our chances are slim but I believe that dreams do come true….
    Thank you Inside Vancouver for this opportunity. Whatever will be, will be…..

  742. Melissa

    this would definitely be the best christmas present!

  743. JAG

    Crossing my fingers for this one! would be honored to go !!

  744. sukh

    hope to win these tickets !!!! love michael buble SO MUCH!


    Wissh me luck everyone! my friend jasmine would LOVE these tickets

  746. Connie

    <3 please pick me!

  747. jimmyk


  748. MANNY

    My friend is dying to win these tickets!

  749. jasmin

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! want to win so bad! it would make my life

  750. jasmindhaliwal

    What a privlage this would be! PLEASEEEE pick me

  751. Rothsoukhon Aranyaphong

    I hope I get notified in the morning! New mom and I need a date night with the hubby to listen to some sweets MB tunes. Thanks.

  752. manisha

    Such a huge fan! this would be an amazing surprise!
    reallly hoping to win

  753. jasmine

    Been a huge fan for yeaars! hoping to win :(

  754. John Paul Clinging

    This one is for the wifey. Hope I get lucky ;) with the tickets.

  755. Mandy C

    I would love this!! Huge fan!

  756. gurdeep

    Praying to win these tickets!!!!!!!!!!

  757. gurdeep

    allll i want for christmas is you

  758. Sean C

    this would be so so much fun! i want to go!

  759. jasondhaliwal

    My friends jasmine and jasmin would love to go!!!!!!!!! pick me please

  760. Sarah

    omg I need a dose of Michael Buble AND Christmas!! =D

  761. Tara

    This would be the most incredible experience ever! It would make me soooo happy!

  762. jasminetoor

    I would be absolutely thrilled to go! love michael buble so much :D

  763. jas


  764. Pam

    This would be the best thing ever! Love love love Michael Buble.

  765. Lauren

    Words can’t even describe how much I would love this! I would be speechless!

  766. Sara

    I would love to go this! Please pick me :)

  767. jasmine

    pick me please. ive been a fan for years!:(

  768. Amrit

    Dear Tourism Vancouver, I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to be in the audience for Michael Buble’s NBC taping on Friday! I would take my best friend, we’re HUGE fans of Buble and were upset that we missed seeing him on Robson the other day. Ahhh I was just listening to his Christmas album yesterday! PICK ME please :D

  769. jasmeentoor

    WOWWW!! this would be awessomeeee!
    fingers crosseddddd

  770. jasmin

    OMG! HOPE TO WINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

  771. Melis

    I’ve shaken his hand twice
    1)at a concert
    2) when he was carrying the Olympic torch
    3) …. at the Christmas holiday special??
    I sure hope so :D

  772. sukh

    This would make my year!!!!!!! hope i win

  773. i have been to every single one of your concerts! even back in the day when you were playing at Babalu!!! . i absolutely love you! please pick me!

  774. Scott

    Christmas and Michael Buble…NOTHING could be better!

  775. Terri-Lynn

    This would be EPIC!!! :D

    I will smile like I’m on crack the entire time!!! :D

    Please pick me :D

  776. jasmeen

    Inside Vancouver,

    I would love to be able to attend this event!
    I’ve been a fan of Michael for years and have tried every single contest to win these tickets.

    Back in 2009 i missed meeting michael within a few hours at BC childern’s when he visited. luckily my cousin + grandma got to meet him! Although i was extremely disappointed that i didn’t, seeing my little cousin sit in michael’s lap warmed by heart. My cousin still remembers the whole experience to this day.

    It would be an unforgetable exeriance to be able to attend.

    Best of luck to all!

  777. jimmyk

    pick me !

  778. JAG

    Hoping to win these tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  779. gurveen

    Pick meeeeeeeeeeeee!
    would be in tears if i won

  780. manisha

    expecting an email tomoro! i can feel it

  781. jasmine

    oh god, please let this be me!!!!!!!!

  782. Gayatri Thakor

    I absolutely LOVE Michael Buble! He’s one of my all -time favourite artists!! It would be a dream come true to actually see him with my best friend who loves him as much as I do! Christmas with Michael Buble will be unforgettable and priceless :)

  783. gurdeep

    Hope to get an email tomro!!!!!!!

  784. jasmine

    pleaseeeee let me win!

  785. jasmeen

    Hope to win! this would be the BEST

  786. jasmeentoor

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    want these tickets so bad

  787. MANNY

    fingers crossed

  788. would love to attend this!! can’t believe the holidays are just around the corner!! <3

  789. jasminetoor

    love this contest!
    would do anything for these tickets!
    Is there anywhere to purchase them???

  790. gagan

    One last try! hope to win!
    this would be epic

  791. Manreet

    Would LOVE to attend! This would be the highlight of my LIFE :)

  792. gagan


  793. jasmine

    wont be able to sleeep tonight

  794. Lukius K

    Hi, I can’t wait for this year’s Christmas Special !!! So excited and can’t wait to see it happening! would definitely come!

  795. jt

    how cool would this be?
    goodluck everyone!!!!!!

    hope to get an email tomoro ;)

  796. toor

    dream come true!
    hope i win

  797. Mel

    It would be the best Christmas gift ever if I won these tickets!!

  798. sukh

    hope to win! this would make my life

  799. jasminetoor

    This would make my life!
    fingers crosssedddd

  800. bsidhu

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    They’d cry !!!!!!

  801. sarb

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  802. jt


  803. jasmine

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  804. toor

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  805. jt

    yay!!!!! hope i win

  806. jassi

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  807. oliver

    It’s nigh eleven fifty-nine, why not pause and write a line.

  808. manveer