Featured Vancouverite: Elizabeth C George

Hometown: I call Vancouver, British Columbia home — nowhere else I would rather be!

How long have you been a Vancouverite? 5 years and counting.

I’m co-founder and VP of Marketing for ChattBack. ChattBack provides digital comment cards for businesses. It lets you text your feedback, comments, and suggestions anonymously to the business. Whether you want to give kudos to a specific yoga instructor, or critique a restaurant, it’s as simple as texting. Check out ChattBack at www.chattback.com.

Best way to spend $50 in Vancouver:
Vancouver is all about balance. I think the best way to spend $50 would be a drop-in class at Bikram Yoga, then grab a friend and indulge at one of the amazing gelato and dessert shops downtown.

Favourite Vancouver technology event:
The best resource for anyone with a start-up or a tech-based company is MeetUp.com. It offers a variety of networking groups for any interest.

Do you know someone who would be a great featured Vancouverite? Let us know in the comment box below!

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2 Responses to Featured Vancouverite: Elizabeth C George

  1. Elizabeth’s business idea is smart, easy and taking advantage of the digital era.

    I’d like to recommend Lacey Kondi. I’ve known Lacey for a few years now. She’s the creator and co-founder of Kondi Callanetics. It’s a hybrid exercise of pilates and callanetics. She does classes in Vancouver and offers videos on her website http://kondicallanetics.com

    I’m a golfer and have been doing Kondi Callanetics for some time now. I’ve never felt better on and off the course!

    • Thank you for the suggestion, Jordan! I’ll reach out to Lacey this week to see if she’s interested in being featured.