Featured Attraction of the Week: UBC Botanical Garden (Free Ticket Giveaway!)


Back by popular demand, Inside Vancouver has relaunched the “Featured Attraction of the Week” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction and will be giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment.

Explore Canada’s oldest continuously operating university botanical garden and immerse yourself in the world of wild-collected plants. UBC Botanical Garden stewards a living and growing repository of wild-collected germplasm representing the plant biodiversity of selected native and international biomes. The total collection of approximately 120,000 accessioned plants represents some 6,000 taxa and includes major international collections of Magnolia, Acer (maples), Sorbus (mountain ash), Styracaceae (storax family) and Rhododendron. Garden highlights include an Asian garden with over 400 kinds of rhododendrons, thousands of alpine and montane plants from around the world, a traditional physic garden full of herbs, and a demonstration food garden.

Apple Festival
October 13-14, 2012 | 11am-4pm
$4 entry – cash only (Children under 12 free)

A family event for all ages, the UBC Apple Festival celebrates one of BC’s favourite fruits. From children learning about the diversity of apples to those who remember tasting heritage apples in their youth, the Apple Festival is a great opportunity to not only discover more about this delicious fruit, but have a whole lot fun doing it!

Every year, around 44,000 lbs (20,000 kilos) of apples are sold to thousands of hungry attendees. More than 70 varieties of heritage, new and “tried and true” varieties are available, grown both conventionally and organically. Also for sale will be many varieties of apple trees grafted onto dwarfing root stock, perfect for the home garden or patio. One of the most popular activities at the Apple Festival is our apple tasting tent, where for a nominal fee, curious event goers can taste up to 60 varieties of new and heritage BC-grown apples.

About the UBC Botanical Garden:
Address: 6804 S.W. Marine Drive Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
Hours: 9:30am-5pm (March 1 – October 31)
Website: www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca
Phone: 604.822.4208

We have a Yearly Family Membership for UBC Botanical Garden and Nitobe Memorial Garden to give away. All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select a winner at noon on Friday, October 12th and notify the winner by email.

Updated Friday, October 12th: Congratulations Johnny! You are the lucky winner of an Annual Family Membership for UBC Botanical Garden and Nitobe Memorial Garden. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment, and stay tuned for next week’s featured attraction that will be posted on Monday morning.

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42 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: UBC Botanical Garden (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. alyssa trobacher

    Winning tickets would be the perfect excuse to visit the gardens. Hopefully I win!

    • Jennifer Brule

      I live at UBC, I hope I win!

  2. Eva

    Wow, I didn’t even know you could grow apples in here, but 20,000 kg is crazy! This is worth a visit, hopefully with a free ticket? :)

  3. Karoline

    Nice place to go for a family friendly afternoon.

  4. Jada

    I hope the weather this weekend is nice for the Apple Festival! I haven’t been to UBC in ages.

  5. Robert

    I love the UBC Botanical Gardens :)

  6. Jessie

    I’d really love to go~

  7. Lena

    Nice to place to relax in!

  8. Victoria

    looks great, would love to go !!

  9. Nancy

    I’ve never been to the Botanical Garden!

  10. Linda

    I’d love to take my mum to this garden.

  11. Todd

    UBC here I come!

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  13. Sara

    I’m new to Vancouver, this sounds like a great place for an aspiring gardener to visit.

  14. Linda

    This looks like fun

  15. Alfred Shum

    I’ve never been there!

  16. susieh

    The Apple Festival is pretty awesome :)

  17. Lou

    I would some free tickets! I never win anything!

  18. Robyn

    Wow, that’s a lot of apples! Seems so fun!

  19. Albert

    Lived in Vancouver for 10+ years, I think its time for me to take a look in there!

  20. Christie M

    I have never been, would love to win this!

  21. Megan

    me please.

  22. Matt Ward

    Yes please!

  23. Ashley

    Sounds cool!

  24. Carmen

    I’m actually heading to Vancouver with a friend this weekend (we’re from Toronto). And this would be amazing to have.. and a great excuse to return soon if we end up falling in love with Vancouver! :)

  25. Ruth

    I’m hoping to take my daughter to the apple festival this weekend. Fun!

  26. tatiana

    Haven’t been there for years and would love to go again.

  27. Emily

    I’ve never been here before! Great to know about it

  28. Renee

    I’ve never been there, I hope I can win the ticket!!

  29. Michael


  30. K

    Pick me!

  31. Andrew

    What a great spot to enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having.

  32. Eugene

    I would love to visit!

  33. johnny vanderputten

    Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins!

  34. Jenny

    I LOVE the apple festival, best excuse in the world to eat candy apples till you puke!

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  36. Gillian

    Great place to take the family!

  37. M. Soleil

    Would love to visit the garden!

  38. George

    Love the Apple Festival and botanical garden : )

  39. A great way tO learn and bond

  40. Lindsay

    I meant to go last year but didn’t :( def want to go this year!

  41. Jonathan

    I’ve never been to the UBC Botanical Garden, so it’d be fantastic if I get the giveaway free ticket and take the opportunity to visit!