We be jammin’

Photo courtesy of Sticky Spoon

While we wait for the inevitable rainy season to get started, it’s best to focus on all the good that comes with it. Soon, we get to make use of our sweaters and hoodies that have been neglected for months, spend more time indoors at the gym and yoga studios and  start preparing for cozy times in the kitchen.

To help with the latter, two groups of community minded and local food loving experts have come together to teach you how to make food that’ll last you through the chillier months.

On Sunday, October 21, from 1- 2:30 pm, Victory Gardens and Sticky Spoon are holding a workshop on how to grow, can and preserve food.

A bit of background: Victory Gardens is a team of “urban famers” whose mission is to empower people to grow their own food. Sticky Spoon is pair of ladies who make locally sourced jams and preserves that can be found at farmers markets and fine food shops. Their combined forces ignite a passion for community and food that will undoubtedly leave you with a warm feeling in your heart – and a full feeling in your belly.

For this event, Victory Gardens will teach participants how to grow the food that will be preserved, while Sticky Spoon will demonstrate how to cook specific jam recipes as well as instruct how to complete the process of preserving jams – jar types, preservation methods and safety tips. In other words, useful skills that will last a lifetime

You’ll also walk away with some reading materials as well as a jar of ready-made jam. You can never have enough, especially in the months to come. Your cupboards will be pleased.

The workshop is $20 and takes place at the Homestead Emporium, 649 East Hastings.

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