Candlelight Conservation Dinner 2012 – Win a Restaurant Gift Certificate!

There are many reasons to dim the lights during dinner. Perhaps you’re looking for some romance. Or the pot roast you just plated is a bit overdone, and you’re trying to hide the evidence.

On Thursday, October 25th, you can dine by candlelight as a way of demonstrating how simple actions, like turning off unnecessary lights, can make a big difference when it comes to saving electricity.

Nearly 45 restaurants and eateries in and around Vancouver are participating in the annual Candlelight Conservation Dinner in an effort to raise awareness about energy conservation.

In addition to providing the mood lighting for your dinner out, the establishments are each providing a special offer for the night, from free appies and desserts, to two-for-one offers and other appealing discounts.

You can view the complete list of participants here.

We have one $50 Gift Certificate to C Restaurant and one $50 Gift Certificate to Bacchus Restaurant and Lounge to give away! All you have to do is post a comment below telling us what you’re doing to conserve energy and we’ll randomly select the winners at noon on Friday, October 19th and notify the winners by email.

Updated Friday, October 19th: Congratulations to Lena who has won a $50 gift certificate to C Restaurant and congratulations to Cougan who  has won a $50 gift certificate to Bacchus Restaurant and Lounge! Thank you to everyone who posted their energy-saving comments – we loved hearing about your green tips.

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80 Responses to Candlelight Conservation Dinner 2012 – Win a Restaurant Gift Certificate!

  1. I will read a book via candlelight.

  2. Roanne

    Unplugging my electronic device chargers.

  3. connie

    I used to leave my computer and game console on stanby when not using it but now i don’t. And i’m changing some of my lightbulbs to LED

  4. Christina

    I hang clothes up to dry instead of using the dryer.

  5. Vera

    I changed all my bulbs to low-energy ones and I unplug appliances and chargers when not in use.

  6. Christie M

    I turn off my heat during the day when Im not home

  7. cal

    Most of my lightblubs are compact fluorescent and/or LED. The other day, my partner and I cooked with candle lights on only and enjoyed the night without electronics around. It was actually quite enjoyable, but reminded me I needed more candles around :)

  8. nick

    leaving the blinds open so i don`t need to use interior lights

  9. Diana lewis

    To conserve energy : Well I rarely ever use the dryer, I hang all my clothes to dry. Keep lights off and use candles in the evening and Always unplug appliances when not in use and turn tv off when I leave the room!

  10. sonya

    My heat is turned off during the day, as well as all lights in the house.

  11. Barb

    we use minimal lights, and almost never even have the heat on.
    we re-use towels several times before washing.
    all computers, etc are powered off at night.
    candles at dinner are awesome!

  12. Serena

    We unplug all our appliances when we go out of town and make sure that our lights are on timers to save energy.

  13. Karen

    I’ve started unplugging appliances when I’m not using them, turn off lights when we’re not in the room, keeping the heat lower.

  14. foodie

    As a conscious foodie, I have an 80% organic food diet, which helps to conserve energy in many ways. All electric items are unplugged apart from the ones I use all the time.

  15. Sarah

    Turning off the heat at night and when we go out. And unplugging devices when we’re not using them!

  16. Vinnie

    I take showers instead of baths, unplug appliances not in use and wear a sweater to sleep instead of keeping the portable heater on all night!

  17. Van

    I unplug anything I am not using, such as a phone charger or a toaster.

  18. Celine

    I try to limit the amount of lights I have on in the home. Also, I turn off the TV when I am not watching (rather than leave it on in the background).

  19. K

    I turn off the lights whenever I can

  20. Jewels

    Unplug everything except for the fridge, oven, washer & dryer, dishwasher but everything else gets unplugged, read, eat and play games by candlelight and my favourite…use our body and blankets to keep warm with my husband. :)

  21. Mianda

    I wash dishes by hand! Take baths with candle lights around and usually use candels in my room instead of the lighting bulb. But the most effective way of saving energy is when I’m not sleeping at home and I sleep over at someone’s special place! hihi! That’s the moment when we turn the light doooown low and we don’t spend energy but we create some. We prefer using the moonlight as our energy source!

  22. alyssa t

    We have the heat down as low as we can bear, and use natural light whenever possible. I always wash dishes by hand and we have very quick showers.

  23. lucy kabatoff

    I try to turn the lights out whenever I can.

  24. Tyler

    I try to layer as much as possible, even at home instead of using heaters in my home

  25. Iris

    Turning off the lights when I leave the room.

  26. Jen Butler

    I spend every night by candlelight rather than turning the lights on.

  27. Mark

    Instead of turning up the heater in my home, I put on a sweater!

  28. Jessie

    I try to save money by air-drying my clothes instead of machine dry. It’s better for your wallet & clothes as well!

  29. Tina

    I unplug appliance if not in use, take short showers, hang clothes to dry, turn down the heater, turn off the light when I’m not in the room,…

  30. Brenda

    I turn off lights in rooms that I’m not using and constantly adjust the thermostats so that rooms aren’t being unnecessarily heated or cooled.

  31. Kate

    Avoid Phantom Power like the plague!

  32. Beddie

    Once a month my hubby and I turn out all the lights and use candles instead for light and it’s an evening of board games, wine and fondue! Everything’s unplugged and turned off.

  33. tatiana

    Turn down the heat when we’re not home and eat local.

  34. stacey

    We keeps the lights off as much as possible and have many candlelight evenings in. Also when going away on vacation we unplug all electronics.

  35. kim

    I take quick showers – less than 5 min and turn off the lights in any room not being used.

  36. Paulina

    I plug items that are not frequently used into power bars so they can all be switched off when not in use.

  37. Wendy

    All electronic devices are turned off when I’m not home.

  38. Jason

    I make sure I turn off all the lights before I go out :)

  39. Matt

    I turn off the lights when the room is not being used. I unplug and turn off any electronics in between use.

  40. Destyni

    Unplug my laptop

  41. Sara

    I air-dry my clothes and only leave needed lights on.

  42. I unplug cellphone chargers to cut down on phantom energy

  43. Lana

    I love candles. So i light most of the house in candles! Unplug all unnecessary stuff when not in use.

  44. LC

    unplug before i sleep!

  45. Jane

    Turn off the light during the day when its sunny outside and open my blinds instead

  46. Jessie

    I keeps the lights off as much as possible.

  47. Amy

    Turn off the lighs in the house that I don’t need

  48. Moon

    I turn off my computer when I don’t use it

  49. Amy

    I use energy saving bulbs.

  50. Nicole Binning

    Turning off the lights and hanging laundry to dry rather than use the dryer. In addition, eating foods that have a smaller carbon footprint is important as well!

  51. Yeo

    We replaced our windows with energy star windows.

  52. Amie

    I’m hanging my clothes instead of using the dryer, and letting my hair air dry instead of blowdrying.

  53. Lena

    We dont use a lot of heat in the house and turn all the lights off when not needed or being used.

  54. Elissa

    i bike to work!

  55. Michelle K

    I use energy saving light bulbs and turn off lights and hear when leaving.

  56. Chantelle

    We will be turning off the lights and using candles. Not only ambiance but a great reminder of the energy use and reliance we have.

  57. Mauro


  58. M. Soleil

    I always use cold water for laundry. And ride my bike to work!

  59. Tracy

    I limit my shower time to 5 minutes.

  60. Sonia

    Let clothes air dry and unplug appliances and electronics when not using them!

  61. Tish

    We got a call a few weeks ago from asking if we wanted to have an energy audit done on our home. That prompted us to think of ways that we could easily, without spending a lot of money, reduce our energy use. We would measure it by comparing our utility bills for the next 3 cycles. We decided to:
    1. change our light bulbs to compact fluorescent (check your local utility company. ours had a great deal on them as an effort to get consumers to switch);

    2. use a programmable thermostat for the furnace and set the temperature to a low but comfortable temp. (check with your utility company for potential deals);

    3. having comfy slippers and robes to keep warm in and keeping throw blankets in almost every room;

    4. putting appliances on timers or power strips and turning them off until they are needed. We were told that 75% of electricity is used while electronics are turned off but plugged in- “Phantom Loads”

    5. changing the shower head (again, check with your local utility company. They may have some great deals!)

    We’ll see if it makes a noticeable difference in the utility bill.

  62. Naomi

    I hang my clothes to dry instead of using the dryer, as well as use a laptop instead of a desktop :)

  63. Laura

    unplug all the chargers when not in use, turn off the lights when leaving a room, and wear an extra sweater to keep the heat down a degree or two!

  64. Ronald

    Turn down the thermostat

  65. Linda

    I hang my clothes to dry and wear a sweater instead of turning up the thermostat.

  66. Andrew

    I unplug any chargers and turn off power bars when not using my gadgets to prevent the loss of vampire energy.

  67. Linda

    I dry my laundry outside.

  68. Cougan

    I always make sure the lights are turned off when I don’t need them on and I hang dry my laundry.

  69. Melanie

    I unplug electronic devices when I’m not using them, and never use my heater. Windows and sweaters regulate my heat!

  70. Kim

    I turn off the lights when leaving a room (even the public bathroom at work…so long as nobody else is still in there!)

  71. Minna

    I dry my clothes in the sun rather than in the dryer on a fine day!

  72. Jamilla

    Turn off all lights when not in use. Power off electronics!

  73. Heidi

    Hang dry clothes whenever possible.

  74. Bons

    I wash clothes in cold water (not hot water).

  75. Angela

    Unplug appliances when not in use!

  76. Michelle

    We turn down the thermostat when we’re not at home.

  77. Sandy

    To conserve energy, I turn off lights when not in the room, and turn off TV, electronics and computers when not in use.

  78. Nik

    I fill the electric kettle for only as many cups of hot water I need (ie. 1-2 cups) rather than fill it all the way.

  79. Tintin

    I turn off any of the electroics and lights that are not in use. Using a power bar is great because you can turn off all of the electronics etc plugged into it at once!

  80. Andrew

    I take the transit, no cars for me!