Cozy Catastrophe

Cozy Catastrophe press photo

Cozy Catastrophe runs at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre Oct 22-Nov 4. Photo credit: Rumble Productions

Just in time for Halloween, Theatre Melee and Rumble Productions team up to bring back an original apocalyptic production. Entitled Cozy Catasrophe, the play follows five strangers with just a few hours left to live as the humanity comes to an end.

A recipe for insightful comedy? Perhaps. Cozy Catastrophe explores the motivations, decisions and survival skills (or lack thereof) as these characters take shelter while chaos rages around them. But as they soon find, there’s no escaping the outside world.

But lest you think Cozy Catastrophe is jumping on the whole Walking Dead/Zombie Survival Handbook/end-of-humanity craze currently running rampant in the culture, the six-member Theatre Melee troupe have been honing the play as far back as 2008, when the end of the world was still (at least, by Mayan calendar standards) four years away . The play even had a brief run as part of the 2010 Tremors Festival. But, like the living dead, it had to be brought back, according to Cultch Executive Director Heather Redfern.

“We are delighted to be bringing it back so that even more audiences can experience the suspenseful, hilarious company of these bizarre and brazen figures,” Redfern says.

Cozy Catastrophe press photo

Characters face the apocalypse! Photo courtesy Rumble Productions.

If you need more plot: the safety of the group’s hideout and their integrity are  compromised by the arrival of a mysterious, severely injured fifth person. From there, Cozy Catastrophe develops into a blend of gross-out humour and subtle, sophisticated satire.

Cozy Catastrophe is co-directed by Courtenay Dobbie and Craig Hall. Andrew McNee, Erin Mathews, Tanya Podlozniuk, Michael Rinaldi, and Juno Ruddell star. Cast member and Vancouver sound designer and Rinaldi also contributes an original soundscape and Kevin Kruchkywich provides (spoiler!) fight choreography.

Cozy Catastrophe runs at The Cultch (Vancouver East Cultural Centre, 1895 Venables) Oct 22 – Nov 4. For tickets visit the Cultch’s website or box office or call 604-251-1363.


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