Parade of Lost Souls DANCE PARTY: Beyond the Edge of 2012! (FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY!)

The epic annual DANCE PARTY of the century is back and the lost souls will be
dancing the night away to the sounds of DJ Oker and DJ Tango and beyond the
edge of time. Come in costume and celebrate the end of the world and the
dawning of a new age at the Rickshaw Theatre on October 27th! Doors open at
9pm and the shindig will shake until 2am. This bash sold out last year! Tickets
are just $25! Need we say more?

Parade of Lost Souls DANCE PARTY
Date: October 27th, 2012
Time: Doors at 9pm, party until 2:00am
Location: The Rickshaw Theatre, 254 East Hastings St., Vancouver
Tickets: $25
Buy your tickets online at by clicking on DANCE
PARTY! Must bring printed receipt for entry.

We have a pair of tickets to give away for the Parade of Lost Souls Dance Party. To be eligible just post a comment below. We’ll pick a winner next Wednesday and notify by email. Good luck!

Updated Wednesday, October 24th: Congratulations Anna! You are the lucky recipient of a pair of tickets to the Parade of Lost Souls Dance Party: Beyond the Edge of 2012. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment!

Presented since 1995, the Parade of Lost Souls Festival is a cherished East
Vancouver Halloween tradition. With beginnings as a small community
gathering, the event soon grew into a massive celebration, attracting more than
60,000 and requiring parts of Commercial Drive to be shut down. In 2010, the
event returned to its community roots in the revitalized form of “Secret Souls
Walk”, a mysterious, guided walk throughout decorated streets, alleyways, and
open spaces of East Vancouver neighbourhoods. The route changes every year
and is only disclosed on the day of the event. A selection of advance workshops
and the ever-popular dance party round out the 10-day Festival.

Public Dreams Society is a charitable organization that strengthens
communities, neighbourhoods, and cities by inspiring creativity in everyday life.
Most known for our large-scale events, Illuminares Lantern Festival and Parade
of Lost Souls, for over 25 years we have been creating magical experiences that
connect and replenish our communities. By investing in, supporting, and
disseminating the work of emerging and established interdisciplinary artists,
Public Dreams creates opportunities for people of all ages to immerse in artistic
and cultural expression, to understand themselves as creative beings, to turn
passive consumption into active participation and to experience belonging as an
individual within a community. Find out more at:


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67 Responses to Parade of Lost Souls DANCE PARTY: Beyond the Edge of 2012! (FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY!)

  1. Maggie

    I’d like tickets! Can’t wait to go.

    • lia

      I would love to get 2 tickets for the party.
      I always look forward to this event on commercial drive area. I come out every year with my friends and have great times at the parade of lost souls

  2. Jade

    I went to the parade two years ago! Everyone has always got such great costumes!

  3. Cassandra

    First Halloween in Vancity, would be a sweet time!

  4. Sveta

    pick me! please:)

  5. CMD

    So wonderful to see events and organizations like Public Dreams flourishing in our city. Looking forward to attending once again this year.

  6. Pany

    Dance Party! Woohoo!

  7. Jenn

    I want to win! =)

  8. Olivia

    We wanna go !! Dance party, oh ya !!

  9. caro

    OOOHHH I LOVE halloween dance parties! Will love to win the tickets…

  10. chantellec

    yay dancing!!

  11. G______

    Lost Souls! Count me in….

  12. Matt Ward

    Yes please! Would absolutely love that!

  13. Allie


  14. Owen

    I’d like a pair of tickets!

  15. Kelsey

    I’d really appreciate being able to go.

  16. ZoΓ«

    I love lost souls and dancing!

  17. Jen Sanders

    I went to the parade a few years back, and have been to the walks every year since. They are so much fun!! I also went to the dance party last year and have been quoted saying it was hands down the best dance party I’ve ever been to. Fantastic DJ’s, good beer for cheap and great consumes!! I hope to go again this year :)

  18. Robyn

    Went to one of their events once – it was amazing! Would love to go again :D

  19. Chris

    Dancing! Yes please.

  20. Venus Soberanes

    I love the parade!

  21. Anna Cathenka

    Would love to go to this. Free tickets would be wonderful!

  22. Kailey

    Yes please

  23. Anthony

    I sold my soul for a Japadog last week, please give me tickets so I can dance with the fellow soulless.

  24. Whitney

    ooou YES tickets please! :D PICK ME

  25. lost single souls

    My girlfriend and I are so excited about the Halloween Dance and would love to win tickets to the dance and meet other lost souls!

  26. Santiago

    It’s been almost 2 weeks since I can here this amazing city of Vancouver! It would be awesome if I get a free ticket!! I want to go with my friends!!!

  27. Tomy

    This would be my last Halloween in Canada.

  28. Jessie

    I really want to go~~

  29. Robert

    Parade of Lost Souls used to be free, not the ask for donations. It would be nice to balance the donation with a free ticket to something fun! Not complaining here…

  30. Julie


  31. Laura

    Public Dreams is the best arts organization in Vancouver! I’m volunteering as my contribution and would love to get free tickets

  32. Ben

    I was at the parade last year, it was awesome! I’d love some tix to the dance party. What kind of music?

  33. Kate

    Have already been planning the best costume for this event !

  34. Mark

    This is awesome!

  35. avashikaran

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  36. Veronica

    I really will love to get those tickets!
    I think that Public Dreams has created a tradition by organizing the lost souls parade! Kids love it, adults become kids by being part of it! Now, it is more than buying a custom and going to a party, now its like a ritual; get a meaning custom, be creative, get the family and friends involved!! And participate !! I love it, my family love it! Thank you do much for maintain this tradition alive!!

    Feliz dia de muertos!

  37. Mai

    Tickets would be great!

  38. Alise

    This would be too fun!

  39. kristina

    i wish to go there

  40. Dana

    Sounds fun!

  41. Steve

    these events are the soul of vancouver. the parade of lost souls is a halloween tradition and one of the best events in the city. and dancing is fun too!

  42. Rita

    This will be a crazy party to go to!! Would love to get some tickets =D

  43. Jonathan

    This would be my first Halloween spent in Vancouver, and I’d love to win these tickets (or even just 1) so I can checkout this Parade of Lost Souls and the dance party!

  44. Janet

    It’s my birthday that day – for reals! Love to spend it dancing the night away!! Love PD by the way – your work in the community is amazeballs!!

  45. Ronald

    sound fun

  46. Veronica

    Parade of Lost Souls is my favorite event. Loving the dance party addition!

  47. Chelsey

    I’d love to win a couple free tickets to the dance party – It sounds like a blast an I haven’t had the chance to attend in the past. I can’t wait to bust a move and show off my costume!

  48. Kristin

    Would love to win tickets!

  49. Stephanie

    this sounds awesome!

  50. Would love to win some tickets!

  51. Linnea Pearson

    ***Last time I was able to attend was 11 years ago.. so happy to be living in the lower mainland now and to have another opportunity to attend this awesome event !! Thanks to all the hard work from the volunteers, event coordinators & participants who have kept this fun festive tradition alive after all this time!! no easy task, way to go!***

  52. marisa

    Please and thank-you!

  53. flo

    i’ll be in vancouver this weekend for the parade (my first time in Canada), i can’t wait! also the tickets the dance party would be a great addition to our trip =D

  54. liz

    Thanks :) love this site

  55. Alana

    What a fantastic event. Get in costume and dance dance dance – !!!

    I would love two tickets and promise to add tremendous joie to the party if chosen.

    Luck and love to all.

  56. Tee

    Dream! Dance! Laugh! Live! How does it get better than this?

  57. Robin

    I’ve never been to this, but it sounds like it would be a blast! For a guest Ringwraith in attendance at the dance party, send me the tickets! :D

  58. Amy Cameron

    pick me! please :)

  59. Pick me please! :)

  60. Evi

    I would love tickest to this event. I have heard so many wonderful things about the event and would be really happy to be a part of it. Cant wait to parade with the lost souls on the dancefloor. :)

  61. Amanda

    Love the parade!

  62. Kas

    I’d love to go… :)

  63. Davidson

    I’ve heard this is veryyyyyy cool….monster mash baby!

  64. Richard Woo

    Love to take my girlfriend!

  65. Alexandra

    Yes please!

  66. Jasmine

    So last weekend got all dressed up for the Work Less Halloween party and got turned away at the door becuase they sold out :( Very sad night indeed… would love to put my costume to use and go to a swell party this weekend – free tickets would be most appreciated!