Featured Attraction of the Week: Grouse Mountain Resort – The Peak of Christmas (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

photo: Grouse Mountain

Back by popular demand, Inside Vancouver has relaunched the “Featured Attraction of the Week” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction and will be giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment.

The Peak of Christmas returns to Grouse Mountain November 24th.
The Peak of Christmas is the ultimate celebration of the holiday season. This annual tradition is fun for all ages – and is sure to bring out the holiday spirit in your brood. From sleigh rides to mountaintop skating to visits with Santa to cozy Christmas movies in the Chalet, winter magic awaits you atop Grouse Mountain. And reindeer? Yes, real reindeer – with lots of reindeer games including antler making, a dramatic sketch, a tattoo station, photo opportunities and more!

Daily activities include:

  • ‘Picture’ Yourself as a Reindeer (9am-10pm): See what you would look like as a reindeer before jumping on the Skyride.
  • Santa’s Workshop (12-8pm): Meet Santa in person to share those holiday wishes.
  • Antler Making (11am-8pm): Make your own antlers and get a reindeer tattoo in the Canadiana Room.
  • Visit Dancer and Vixen (9am-10pm): Meet two of Santa’s reindeer in the Wildlife Refuge.
  • Outdoor Ice Skating (9am-10pm): Enjoy the crisp mountain air as you glide atop our magical 8,000 square foot skating pond.
  • Holly the Jolly Reindeer Show (Fridays, 3pm, 4:30pm, 6pm; Weekends, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm, 5pm, 7pm): Learn about what it takes to become one of Santa’s reindeer.
  • Mountaintop Sleigh Rides (9am-9pm, weather permitting): Embark on a magical ride through our Winter Wonderland.
  • Reindeer Christmas Favourites (9:30am-9pm, every hour on the half hour): Watch fun family Christmas movies on the big screen in our mountaintop theatre.

Contact Information:
Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd.
6400 Nancy Greene Way
North Vancouver, BC   V7R 4K9
website: www.grousemountain.com
email: info@grousemountain.com

Hours of Operation: Open daily from 9:00am – 10:00pm, 365 days a year

Getting There: Please click here for additional information on how to get to Grouse Mountain, as well as specifics on hours of operation for the Skyride, restaurants, retail outlets and more.

We’re giving away a Family Pass to the Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain so that you and your wee ones can all join in the reindeer games (prize worth $79.95).  All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select a winner at noon on Friday, November 23rd and notify the winner by email.

Updated Friday, November 23rd: Congratulations Babz! You are the lucky recipient of a Family P ass to the Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your festive prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment this past week. Please check back next Monday for a new Featured Attraction of the Week.

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183 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: Grouse Mountain Resort – The Peak of Christmas (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Shauna

    This would be so fun!!!

    • Eleanor

      My kids would love this!

    • Rachel

      Sounds amazing!

    • Diane

      My nose is getting red just thinking about this! Rudolph will we get a chance to meet!

    • Mikaela gainer

      I would love to win this for myself and my family. Thanks for the opportunity <3

  2. Ine

    I’ve been living in Vancouver for 4 years now, but have never visited Grouse for the Peak of Christmas. Would love to go!

  3. Robert K.

    I’m excited to see real reindeer!

  4. LC

    Love to go!

  5. Jan

    Pick me! look so much fun there!!

  6. LC

    I have lived in Vancouver almost 2 years and I have never been. Would love the chance to start the holidays off right…:)

  7. Collette bohach

    We have never been but have heard it is magical would love to take my daughter this winter.

  8. Alia

    I have lived in Vancouver 3 years and never been to Grouse! This would be an amazing first time!

  9. Nikki

    I love this season and would love to see
    Grouse Mountain during this time of year!!!!

  10. Idy leung

    Sounds so good!

  11. Maria Y

    We’ve always wanted to do this!

  12. May

    Our very first reindeer encounter – this would be a great Christmas present for our family!

  13. RD

    This would be something my niece and nephew would definitely enjoy and a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit!

  14. Sandy

    I love all the Christmas festivities!

  15. MARIA

    I would love to go, with my family to do this.
    We have never been, and always wanted to do this.

  16. Christie M


  17. Keeley

    This is my favorite time of year!!! Cant wait to sleigh ride and ice skate above the city!…I’m a big kid at Christmas! :) Happy Holidays!

  18. For the kid in everyone, this would be so fun!

  19. Marissa

    I’ve been to Peak of Christmas at Grouse, would be awesome to check it out!

  20. Tara

    This sounds so delightful :) especially to celebrate being done final exams for the semester! I love Christmas!

  21. Grace

    Love it up there!

  22. Belinda Z

    I didn’t know Grouse mountain had these activities. Thanks for featuring this.

  23. Rachel M.

    So glad I’ll be back home in Vancouver for the holidays. This sounds like a magical time!

  24. Amber

    I didnt even know that this existed on Grouse. It looks like a lot of North Pole-Like fun.

  25. Lyn

    One of my new favorite Vancouver holiday traditions!

  26. Arnold J

    It would be nice for my kids to experience this!

  27. What a great way to get in the Christmas spirit

  28. Sveta


  29. sandra bowie

    I have lived in BC almost my whole life and I have never been to Grouse in the wintertime .. I think I will be making a trip there this year

  30. Jayme

    I haven’t been the Grouse Mountain.
    I’d like to experience the fantastic resort!

  31. cheri

    would be a great adventure.

  32. B

    Sounds amazing and a perfect way to kick of the Holiday season! Every year we plan on going but with all the Christmas hustle and bustle, we never make it. With family visiting from Ontario, this year is a MUST!!

  33. Babz

    Im so looking forward to Christmas this year and this sounds like an amzing way to kick off the season! Thanks!

  34. Robin

    Would love to embrace the season with my family enjoying THIS !! This is fantastic!!!

  35. Liz

    What a great give away! We’ve been living in Squamish for 3 years but have yet to have experienced Grouse mountain at Christmas!

  36. Wendy T

    Would love to check this out for the holidays!

  37. Jarek

    Would love to experience this!

  38. Nicolette

    Last time I went, it was later in the day and they were already close , didnt get to see anything :( Would love to go again.

  39. Ron

    Snowboarding season hs finally come!

  40. Bert

    Would love to go :)

  41. vance soucy

    my family never been there on winter. i love to take my family there as a treat to them.

  42. Steph

    I hope i get it

  43. Denny Z

    This sounds like a great experience.

  44. cintia rodriguez

    Im from Mexico i would love to see snow for the first time =)

  45. Carmen

    Yay! How do I look like as a reindeer?? It’s gonna be fun! :D

  46. April

    Always say I’m going to go this year and never seem to get there…maybe this is the year I actually do!

  47. margaret

    I had a dream not too long ago that I was working at the base of Grouse. I used to live close by in Dundarave, so it was all very vivid, I remember if very well. Although I can’t really remember what I was doing for work, hmmm, guess I wasn’t working very hard which is exactly what I intend to be doing when I am in Vancouver visiting my brother’s family for two weeks at Christmas. Have an awesome day, it’s pouring cats and dogs here in Victoria, which means it’s snowing Reindeer? for you guys : )

  48. Cheryl Hirtzel

    Sounds amazing! Would be a special xmas treat!

  49. I’ve never been to Grouse Mountain in winter… I really want to go there!!

  50. Kyle

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to g there but never had. Now that we have a new baby we’d love to show her some real reindeer! Would be lots of fun!

  51. Sjorsca

    wow, winter wonder land!

  52. Sunshine G

    I’ve never been up there for Christmas – I bet it’s beautiful!

  53. Ka Yan

    This would be a super awesome event for my bf and I who will be staying in Vancouver this year!!!! :)

  54. Megan

    I would love to go The Peak of Christmas! I have never been!

  55. Colin L

    So excited for Xmas this year! With a two year old that will finally enjoy the season!!!

  56. Josie

    Experienced New Year’s Eve on Grouse Mountain many years ago, but havn’t experienced Xmas season there. Would be so magical!

  57. Andrea

    Love your Christmas contests!

  58. Neena

    I’ve wanted to take my kids for years. Would love the chance to go.

  59. Laura

    I would love to take my newborn baby up for the Peak of Christmas! It’s my favourite time of year and to be there with my family will be so special:)

  60. Carol

    There is no better way to get in the Christmas spirit than the Peak of Christmas!

  61. Melisa

    This is a family favorite for us.!

  62. chris Mcleod

    I have been a Vancouver resident my whole life and grew up not 2 blocks from the base of the tram and have never seen The peak of Christmas, Now a father of three I would love to take my childen to see this attraction , I feel it would be an amazing experience for them.

  63. Lana

    Love to see my young boys see Santa and some real reindeers! It would be a highlight of the year

  64. Russ

    A great way to get into the Christmas season in Vancouver – thanks Grouse Mountain!

  65. Maryann

    Sounds AWESOME. We would love to join you for this holiday treat!!!!!

  66. Teresa Jeang

    I would love to go. Never been to grouse in the winter.

  67. Ted

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!!

  68. Bethany

    Sounds fun

  69. Gillian

    I didn’t realize Grouse Mtn offered this! I definitely want to try it!

  70. <3 Grouse!!

  71. Sharon

    This sounds awesome!

  72. Anne Hermary

    We look forward to it every year!!! A Christmas tradition

  73. Amazing! My son loves to pretend he’s a Grouse Mountain Super Skyride operator, he would go crazy if that was combined with Christmas fun!

  74. Tracey Flattes

    Love the Peak of Christmas – so much fun!

  75. Melissa

    This sounds like a must-do activity for the holiday season!

  76. Edward

    I would love to go!

  77. Never done this before and would LOVE to take my boys to go to Peak of Christmas!

  78. Pamela

    My family would love to go to this.

  79. Alice

    I think I’d have more fun than the kids!

  80. Sin

    love to be there! hohoho!

  81. Vanessa Wilson

    Would make a great outing to celebrate Christmas :)

  82. Margo

    This is so exciting!! :)

  83. Michelle Deering

    This would be a fantastic outing to get us all in the Christmas Spirit!

  84. Cristina L

    I would love to win this, we’ve never been up to Grouse Mountain and what a treat it would be for my kids to experience the magic of Christmas up on the mountain! :)

  85. Ashley

    I’ve always wanted to go to The Peak of Christmas at Grouse!

  86. Jesa

    I would love to win this prize. I have been wanting to take my kids there , last time I went to grouse I was a kid.

  87. Jennifer

    Would be the perfect family trip for us, kids are crazy for Grouse!

  88. Laura

    What a way to get into the holiday spirit!

  89. KY

    great prize!

  90. Robert

    I’m afraid of heights, so I be even entering this contest?

  91. Tessa

    This would be an amazing way to celebrate pre-Christmas with my boyfriend as I have to leave him behind for the Holidays..

  92. Yonglan Spissinger

    pick me please.

  93. Kat

    I love Grouse! This would be a fun activity to start off the holiday season!

  94. Jax

    Real reindeer?! OK, I really wanna go!

  95. Laura

    I would love to win this! Sounds fantastic

  96. Gen

    I would love to go!

  97. Shawna C

    I would love love love to take my new hubby as we have never been before!! :) Sounds fun.

  98. Sarah Crosby

    Please please please please I’ve never been skiing in my life and I’m 30

  99. Alisha

    Wanted to take our boys last year but the event was quickly sold out! Would love to take them this year!!!

  100. Megan

    A trip up the mountain would be great.

  101. Jessie

    Grouse Mountain is my favorite place in Vancouver:)

  102. Mabel

    I’ve never seen reindeers! I thought that’s just fairy tales! Show me!

  103. Jenni

    Winter Wonderland on Grouse Mountain!! I have always wanted to go up for that!! <3

  104. Michelle K

    My daughter would love to see real life reindeers. Awesome opportunity!!

  105. Ryoko

    Please please please please please!

  106. kristen

    I have lived in Vancouver my whole life, and now that I have a step-family, I would love to take them to the Grouse Mountain Christmas!

  107. hey there!

  108. Beth E.

    Sounds wonderful!! Can’ t wait to see how excited our god son will be to have a sleigh ride & meet Santa. Good luck to everyone!

  109. Shaun

    This sounds like an awesome event to experience!

  110. Michael


  111. Amanda

    I want to go see real reindeers! Thanks!!

  112. Pat Muckle

    I remember my childhood going to see Santa at Oakridge Shopping Centre in Vancouver. They had real reighndeer and our mother would take all 9 of us there for pictures. what a gift this would be to take my granddaughters. Thanks.

  113. Ursula

    My kids would have a blast!

  114. Craig

    Sounds great

  115. Brie

    I have always wanted to meet Dancer!

  116. Hannah

    Would love to go with my family!

  117. Rose

    Just returned back to Vancouver and my family and I would love to attend this event!

  118. Sarah Dinwoodie

    Would love to go. On mat. leave and money is tight! This sounds like just what we need!! I have two children and 2 step daughters. I love Grouse Mtn!!

  119. Mark

    This would be a dream to win!

  120. RS

    This looks like a nice place to take a special someone :)

  121. Tony

    View should be beautiful!

  122. MrsF

    I’ve been dying to go – having family in for the holidays, so this would be great!

  123. dj

    Would! Be! Awesome!!!

  124. Ivy

    I was born in Vancouver and lived here for 20 year and never been up to Grouse for Xmas celebrations. It would be great to have a chance to experience it!!!

  125. Harpreet

    This looks great! I haven’t been up to Grouse in nearly ten years! The kids would love it.

  126. Karlene

    real reindeer? My family would LOVE and be so grateful for this opportunity!

  127. linda

    Have never done the The Peak of Christmas. Sounds like fun!

  128. Kasia

    Sounds like fun! My kids would love it!!!

  129. Ann Badjura

    I’d love to experience Grouse Mountain with all the winter activities in full swing. Our little girl would love this too. What a great opportunity to win a family pass!

  130. Helen

    Would love to experience this!

  131. Krista

    Thanks for the giveaway! My daughter is just learning to skate, and it would be so fun to skate with her on a mountaintop!

  132. Nancy N

    I would love to experience the winter wonderland at Grouse Mountain!

  133. Annmarie

    Wow, wow, wow, sounds wonderful. Pretty please.. :-)

  134. Richard Woo

    LOVe to take my girlfriend!

  135. Isabelle

    Ha! It would be fantastic to see the look on my 5 yr old twins’s faces when I tell them we are going to see Santa, his workshop & 2 of his reindeer- real reindeer!
    Best of the holidays to everyone!

  136. katie borrett

    i’ve alway wanted to take my family here:) fingers crossed!

  137. Olivia

    We’ve never been! Sounds like fun :)

  138. Amber

    Never been, would love to take the kids this year!

  139. Lily

    my friends are visiting vancouver this Xmas. I will definitely take them there!

  140. KW

    Oh, I would LOVE to win tickets for Grouse Mountain! Please, please!!!

  141. Sonja S

    I’m almost embarassed to say that after living in Vancouver for over 6 years I still have never been to Grouse Mountain! This would be fantastic :)

  142. PM

    My family would love to spend a day at grouse mtn. celebrating the holidays at a magical winter wonderland.

  143. kenneth

    I’ve never been Grouse Mountain with my lovely kids since we moved to Canada, I heard about the great place though. I hope to make and enjoy wonderful and unforgettable Christmas Eve with my sweeties at Grouse Mountain Resort.

  144. Eugene

    I would love to visit Grouse during Christmas!

  145. Julia Ng

    Excellent place for my kid to snowboard , east to get to and safe environment.

  146. Dani

    Sounds like a magical way to bring in the holiday season!

  147. Denise

    It would be fabulous to take the family. The kids were toddlers the last time we went. Now they are teens.

  148. Jay

    I’m Swiss, so mountains are “home” for me. I love Grouse, in summer and winter, and the Christmas program you guys have is very exciting.
    As the Swiss are more familiar with cows than reindeers, it would be very exciting for me, but also for my boyfriend’s sons (6 and 8), to actually see them with your free give-away family pass.
    Dear Santa, this Christmas my list is quite small.
    In fact, I need practically nothing at all.
    My list is so short and so easy to read
    because there’s just one thing I actually need.

    A reindeer for Christmas is all I require;
    a reindeer, of course, who’s an excellent flier.
    I really don’t care if it’s Dasher or Dancer.
    I’m okay with Cupid or Comet or Prancer.

    Please don’t think I’m greedy; I only want one.
    You won’t even miss him, and I’ll have such fun.
    I promise I’ll feed him and treat him just right,
    and take him out flying around every night.

    You see, I’m not selfish. So, for my surprise
    this Christmas, please bring me a reindeer that flies.
    But if my request is a bit much for you,
    I guess that a family pass from Grouse will just have to do.

  149. Winnie

    This would really make someone’s holiday!

  150. Franzi

    I’ve never been to Groose Mountain and here’s my chance! :)

  151. Denise

    I would love to win this for my family. Last time I went there, I was 9. I don’t remember it anymore!

  152. Anne

    I’ve always wanted to go!

  153. Deb

    This so awesome! An oppertunity for a real winter adventure, I would love to win! I taught my kids to ski in the Kootenays and we just moved to Vancouver so they are missing the snow.
    Skiing with you kids is so fun and challenging!
    Grouse looks pritty cool!

  154. Bernadette

    I went to Grouse Mountain once and now that I have two so curious young children, I want to bring them there this Christmas break. My older one asked me several time what’s in Grouse Mountain. He started researching for it and now he want us to go there next month. I feel so bad because I usually work on the weekend because of the babysitting situation. I worked when my husband or one of my friends are off and it usually on the weekend. But now I promised to myself that I will bring them there since both are now full time in school and we make weekend a family time. Cheers. Hope we can get free ticket to go there. Its a big help.

  155. Tracy

    Everything sounds so festive.

  156. Krystele

    Hi little brother would squeal with joy if we went to this!!!

  157. Krystele

    My little brother would squeal with joy if we went to this!!!

  158. sammy

    Will be worth a drive from seattle!

  159. Stephanie

    yes please!

  160. Rhona

    This would be an awesome way to kick off the Christmas season!

  161. lucy

    this would be a very nice christmas tradition.

  162. I would love to attend a christmas event on Grouse Mountain

  163. Grouse at Christmas would be awesone!!

  164. Amy

    Would love to spend a day up on Grouse!

  165. Marion Dar

    Been wanting to go to Grouse my whole life. My family would love this.

  166. LC

    Rockin’ around Grouse Mountain with A Family Pass Prize to The Peak of Christmas is just way way better than rockin’ around the Christmas Tree at the Christmas party hop ………… !!

  167. amyten

    Love Love Love grouse mountain, reindeers, ice skating kids, views, snow! I love to bring my out of town friends up there it’s breathtaking!♥

  168. beddy

    sounds so festive!

  169. Oh what fun it is to run… up to Grouse Mountain for a Winter Wonderland experience! I actually got married on the deck of Grouse Mountain… beautiful!!!

  170. Michelle Tadege

    What a wonderful way to spend quality time with kids over Christmas. Thank you for encouraging “family time”.

  171. veit h

    Real Reindeer?? Chance of life time for the family to meet Dancer and Vixon!!! Yes, pls, pretty please!

  172. Michelle

    Weeeeeee……I love VAN!

  173. maryam

    It will be awesome to participate in such a great events.

  174. Andrea

    Pick me! Pick me!

  175. Marieke

    I know a family that would LOVE to go and meet the Dancer & Vixen.

  176. Jenny


  177. Mikaela gainer

    Would love to win!!!!

  178. Shelley

    I have never been and would love the chance to go.

  179. Anita

    Would love to take my kids up to see the snow!