Looking for participants for Canadian version of U.K. series ‘The Audience’

Vancouver-based Force Four Entertainment is developing the Canadian version of the groundbreaking UK series, The Audience. The series is set to air nationally on Corus Entertainment’s W Network. Force Four Entertainment is looking for participants and will begin filming around the Lower Mainland beginning late November.

The inspiration for The Audience is the modern trend of crowd sourcing. Every day, millions of users on Twitter and Facebook consult their followers for advice. Many of our major decisions are played out online. The Audience brings the concept of social networking to television and explores the question: Can the “wisdom of the crowd” change a person’s life for the better?

The Audience employs a clever and surprising format. For an entire week, a 50-strong audience follows around a person facing a life-changing decision. The “person with a dilemma” opens their lives to the audience. At the end of the week, the audience will offer advice that should help the individual move forward and make a decision regarding the dilemma.

The audience is made up of a group of ordinary people from diverse ages and backgrounds. They draw on their collective life experience to help a person in need and provide thoughtful and valuable advice.

In each episode, viewers will meet someone at a crossroads who is facing a life-changing decision. The dilemmas can run the gamut from career to family, travel, and finances. The Audience will explore questions like: “Should I leave my successful job?” “Should my adult son move back in with me?” “Should I give my sister my reproductive eggs?”

Inquiries can be directed to theaudience@forcefour.com or the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theaudiencecanada



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