Inside Vancouver’s Arts and Entertainment: The Vancouver Opera

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Ahoy!  The Pirates of Penzance will be at the Vancouver Opera this Saturday!  Packed with typical pirate tomfoolery, scheming of all sorts and plenty of wenches, this comedic show is sure to make your first (or tenth) opera experience one to remember.

For first-timers, the opera could be a little daunting.  You might be intimidated by certain opera etiquette, but the Vancouver Opera assures that their productions have something for everyone.  They do all they can to prepare each patron for the show.

Think the opera looks interesting but don’t know what the story is about?  VO provides a synopsis for you to read ahead of time to get up to speed.  Don’t know the director or any of the performers?  VO has several videos that will give you some background on the production and behind the scenes footage.

Really want to get into the heart of the production?   The Vancouver Public Library and VO have teamed up for Opera Speaks, a free public forum to talk about the issues in the operas’ stories and how they relate to our everyday lives.  If a public forum isn’t for you, VO offers free preview talks half an hour before the show where you can learn a little bit about the history of the production.

While you’re enjoying the beautiful voices of the performers you might want to know what exactly they’re singing about.  VO has you covered with English translations projected directly above the stage in case your Italian isn’t very good.

Seems like you’re ready to head to the opera, but if you’re still wondering about directions, parking, food or attire, the VO has prepared a handy guide that will help you know what to expect.  Now you’re officially set!

All performances show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.  The Pirates of Penzance starts on Dec. 1st and runs until Dec. 9th.  Purchase tickets online.  Like the VO Facebook page to access promotional codes for discounted tickets and up-to-date information on the VO.




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2 Responses to Inside Vancouver’s Arts and Entertainment: The Vancouver Opera

  1. OperaLover

    It’s delightful to have coverage of opera in Vancouver with a tight summary of links to information. Thank you, and please excuse the perhaps being obnoxiously pedantic forthcoming statement.

    Pirates of Penzance–and indeed, the other works of the eternal masters of wit, Arthur Sullivan and W.S Gilbert–isn’t an opera, but an operetta, and there are differences, just as differences exist between opera, operetta and musical theater.

    Does it matter? Maybe not in everyday conversation and not to the audience’s enjoyment and appreciation of a fantastic show. But in a widely-read publication, accuracy does count.

    • Not an obnoxiously pedantic statement at all. Thanks for your feedback!