Vancouver in a Day – Family Friendly Activities

Vancouver has a well-earned reputation as Canada’s year-round playground, which means there are tons of hands-on activities you can share with kids of all ages.

The best kind of family fun is often spontaneous, but most parents know the value of a good travel plan. This video guide to Vancouver’s family-friendly attractions will help get your trip itinerary started.

Here’s a list of the attractions we visited – don’t forget to let your own inner child have some fun:

The Vancouver Aquarium (
Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours (
Science World (
Maplewood Farm (
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (
HR MacMillan Space Centre (
Burnaby Village Museum (
Sky Train & Sea Bus (

And here’s a few more of our favourites:

Grouse Mountain (
Granville Island Kids Market (
Kitsilano Outdoor Pool (
Vancouver’s parks and beaches (
Aquabus/False Creek Ferries ( or

Thanks for watching! Leave a comment and tell us about your favourite family-friendly spots in Vancouver.

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10 Responses to Vancouver in a Day – Family Friendly Activities

  1. I’ve been in Vancouver about 6 months, and half of these I didn’t even know about, and the ones I did know, it was great to have a quick peek at them before I go anyway!
    Thanks for making this.

  2. When its clear, riding around the park gives the most beautiful views of the snow tipped North Shore mountains and coast!

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