Christmas in Michael Bublé’s Vancouver (win a signed CD)

Hometown hero Michael’s Bublé’s Holiday special aired last night on NBC, and it was shot right here in Vancouver this year. While he was here, we were able to get some fantastic footage to share with you, as he shot various scenes in and around his home town. In honor of Michael’s recent visit, we are posting the video so you too can enjoy the laughs from behind the scenes, and the perspective from behind the camera as Michael celebrates his home city, province and country.

Michael Bublé – “Home For The Holidays” Behind The Scenes

Michael was also kind enough to share with us his Top Five Things to Do when he comes home to Vancouver. In his own words:

  1. Stay home and RELAX. I rarely get to do this, but when I arrive, and breathe in the fresh Vancouver air, I know I am home and rest cannot be far behind..
  2. Go to a hockey game. The Vancouver Giants, or the Vancouver Canucks…always great to root for my team on home turf.
  3. Grocery shopping at the public market on Granville Island.
  4. Hit the Children’s Festival with my nieces and nephews.
  5. Sleigh Rides at Grouse Mountain with my wife Luisana. Just a quick drive from downtown and you’re in a winter wonderland!

Just in time for the holidays, you can Enter to Win your own signed Michael Bublé’s Christmas CD! Just post a comment below before noon on Friday, December 14, and you are automatically eligible to win one of 5 available prize CDs. Winners will be notified by email. Good Luck!

Updated Friday, December 14th: Congratulations to Murray, Ryan, Brittany, Jer and Ravi! You are each the lucky recipient of a signed Michael Bublé Christmas CD. Please check your inboxes for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Happy Holidays!


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162 Responses to Christmas in Michael Bublé’s Vancouver (win a signed CD)

  1. mark

    Enjoyed the Christmas special. Would love a signed CD!

    • Valerie

      Michael is an all time favorite at our house. I have four beautiful daughters and an 11 year old grandaughter that foll0w him on twitter, we are linked to the Buble insider page and play his music year round. Three generations of Buble lovers!! This cd would be awesome to win and it would get plenty of playing time around our house <3

    • Annabelle Leclerc

      Michael Bublé is a wonderful singer. I have listen to his songs through so many difficult, happy and lonely moments. He’s a mentor for many people and I love his music. With all my heart, Annabelle

    • Marnie


      I enjoyed your singing greatly. However, the 2012 special seemed very plastic–too rehearsed and artificial.
      Your voice is amazing–perhaps you are trying too hard–just be you–we love you.

    • Suzie Q

      Truly enjoy listening to your music , however I LOVE what you do for your hometown VANCOUVER & what you do for the Children! It is wonderful that you don’t forget who you are and where you are from. I am grateful for who you are and what you do…Thank you Michael! xo

  2. Hercy

    Me please! Such a fan!!!!!!!!!! Love him :)

  3. Megan

    I would love one :)

  4. brandon

    I do like the Bubles

  5. Teri

    Always enjoy his music and especially love his Christmas music

    • sandra

      Awesome Christmas Special Michael Buble! Thank you for filming here in Vancouver. Love your music!

  6. hillary

    i play his christmas cd all year round hahhaha

  7. CHUCK


  8. Rick

    I always enjoy seeing our Home Boy perform, i knew he would be a great success the very first time I saw him perform at Hotel Dakota, Babalu’s aka Comfort Inn, years ago, Had the privieldge of seeing him perform in Vancouver as my Birthday gift from family.. Saw his Christmas Performance last night , as always what a great way to bring in Christmas,,

  9. Amanda

    Could use some new Christmas music!

  10. Michael’s Christmas special was brilliant. Got Michael Bublé – Christmas as my wife’s birthday gift. A signed CD would be amazing !

  11. Jeannie

    Would love a copy of his CD. Huge fan of his!

  12. Dawn

    Fan of Michael Buble and Vancouver, it would be my christmas gift! :)

  13. Heather

    My mom’s Bday is in January. She will be 81 and LOVES Michael. To give her a signed CD would be very special…thank you.

  14. Nancy

    I would love a copy of Michael Buble’s new Christmas CD to add to my collection:)

  15. Sveta


  16. L. wilson

    Our family loves Buble. Hometown hero.

  17. Loved the Christmas special. So many great and magical moments. Bing Crosby, Rod Stewart, Blake Shelton and Carly Rae Jepsen duets. And the shots of Vancouver (and the shout out to the Giants). Bublé at home, what more can a fan ask for :)

  18. Marcy

    World Juniors and a Bubs CD, Life could not be finer….whistle, hum, sing, dance…..

  19. Michael

    Merry Chrustmas!

  20. I saw him 2 years ago, around Christmas time, just walking around Coquitlam Centre mall with what looked to be his sister, brother in law and a niece or nephew on his shoulders. Nobody was bugging him for photos or anything, just funny to see peoples’ faces light up as they recognize him when he walks by. =D

  21. Christie M

    That would make an awesome Chrisitmas gift!

  22. Helen

    Thoroughly enjoy Mr. Buble’s renditions of some classics!

  23. Angie

    The Christmas special was great and a signed CD would make the most amazing present for a special friend. She would FREAK out (in a good way)!!


  24. Luisa Carpio

    I will love to have Michael Buble cd to make my holiday more enjoyable and relaxing with his awesome voice!

  25. Trina

    Merry Christmas to Michael Buble & his family, friends & fans!! It’s great to have Michael as a poster boy for the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD!!

  26. Mimmi P.

    I’m a huge fan of his and would love to bring a signed CD back home, to Finland with me when I leave on the weekend. That would be an awesome Christmas gift for my whole family.
    Hyvaa Joulua so Merry Christmas!

  27. Wendy T

    A signed Michael Buble CD would be a great Christmas gift.

  28. Lana

    Watched the show last night, and it was wonderful. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places to live♥

  29. Loredana

    I heard him speak last week in a radio show here in Italy: I think Michael is a nice guy and a gorgeous performer. Listening to him made me look forward to visiting Canada and Vancouver !! Happy Holidays everybody :)

  30. Lori

    Love his music!

  31. KY

    I love MB!

  32. Mike

    Michael Bublé,
    You’re so smooth… I like how you roll bro!

  33. I enjoyed the Christmas special last night and would love to have the CD.

  34. Hanson

    As sad as this seems, I knew where he went to high school before his wikipedia page was updated. I would love a signed CD, and my sister the diehard fan would commence operation “Repeat”, where the house is filled with non-stop Bublé! :)

  35. Megan Harris

    Count me in!!

  36. Dorothy

    I would love a signed copy of his cd! My boyfriend is a huge fan too!

  37. KH

    I tried so hard to get tickets to his Christmas Special…it didn’t happen! A CD would be a great consolation prize ;) He’s awesome!! and Canadian! #MerryChristmas!

  38. Murray A

    Loved the TV Special last night! So nice to see someone as big a star is Michael being so proud of Vancouver!

  39. Patricia F

    Happy Holidays! Love the Christmas Special and love Michael Buble! Awesome that he shot in his hometown, home is where the heart belongs :) Love to win the CD!

  40. Megan

    Wow, they still make CDs? I wouldn’t mind a piece of that!

  41. Maristel

    loved to have a signed Christmas CD from Michael Buble!! a great Christmas gift for me and my family!!! plssssssss….

  42. Sarah

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  43. Mikaela gainer

    Love the holiday special. Would love a CD

  44. Iris

    Would love a signed CD, his voice is great for Christmas!

  45. Shane

    A glass of Bubbly, and Buble make a nice way to enjoy the holiday season.
    Cheers To you and your family Michael!
    All the best in 2013 :-)

  46. Juliana

    Congrats on the new music video! I’d very much like a signed CD :)

  47. Sherie

    Been a fan for a long, long time, saw him many times at the Arts Club Theatre! Loved the Christmas special!

  48. Carola

    My seven year old princess and I love Michael Bublé’s music. Would love, love, love to have a signed CD :-)

    Happy Holidays!

  49. Angelika

    Michael, wishing you a Merry Christmas together with your family !!
    Love your voice so much and I was so happy I could listen to you in april at your concert tour in Cologne/Germany. It was an incredible night. Thanks!!
    Hope to see you back in Europe in 2013!! But please not in May, because then I’ll be on vacation in your beautiful Vancouver/Vancouver Island ;-).
    Lots of love from the Netherlands,

  50. Gen

    would love to have a signed copy of the CD!

  51. Jen

    This would be an amazing gift to give my mother in law! Her boys played hockey with Michael.

  52. Norene

    Classiest act going. Love Michael! Would love the CD!

  53. Jamilla

    Awesome gift for my friend!

  54. Eliza

    I’m so excited to be home in Vancouver for the holidays. I would love a cd!

  55. Jessie

    I LOVE Michael’s Bublé

  56. Katrina

    I would love to win a signed CD! Happy Holidays everyone!

  57. Jen

    I’d love one – merry Christmas!

  58. Caroline

    Love Bublé, love Vancouver, and loved the Christmas special! Would really be grateful for his signed CD! Thanks!

  59. loved the special. Cannot wait until the 2013 special. this needs to become an annual christmas special. He is very entertaining very funny and loves what he does. you can truly see it in his face and hear it in his voice.I am proud to be a Canadian and so is Michael. Glad to see it was filmed in Vancouver Canada.He is proud of his heritage his family and loves his fans. Would love to see all the bloopers because a true buble fan knows there are bloopers probably a few swear words hehe

  60. Tina Rogers

    I LOVE Michael Bublé!!!! I LOVED his Christmas Special!!!! And I’d LOVE to win a CD… I stomped on mine last year and broke it into pieces!!!! I promise I won’t be a klutz with the one I’d win!!!! LOL!!!!

  61. Ashlei

    Michael is an all time favorite t our house !! We have seen him in concert twice. My mom and my sisters and I can’t wait for him to do a USA tour! Happy Holidays to you and yours Michael,and may your days be merry and bright :)

  62. Lisa

    I already have the Christmas CD, but a signed copy would be better :). I’ll pass along the one I have to someone special so they can enjoy it as much I do! Happy Holidays!!!

  63. I visited beautiful Vanceuver for the first time so that I could attend the tapings of Michael’s show. What a magical trip for me and Home For the Holidays was fantastic.

  64. Yeon

    What a great Christmas gift

  65. Rita

    so happy to see this special this year. Had a big dose of MB, watched his special on CTV from last year, watched Russell Peters Christmas from last year, saw him on other specials. this 2012 christmas special is the best so far
    I want the CD…ooooh oooh pick me pick me :)

  66. Viola McCaffrey

    Was such a joy to watch his special! What an amazing way to bring the family together every year ! Another job well done! Thank you Michael! Happy Holidays!

  67. Ivette hernandez

    Me. I love Michael Buble music. He is such a great singer

  68. Jen

    I love Michael Buble’s music and loved the Christmas special!!!

  69. Jeremy

    Great music, a CD would be perfect :)

  70. Michael Angel

    Michael Buble is a GEM! I would looooove to win an autographed CD from him! He is amazing <3

  71. Mabel Kwok

    Waiting for you to come “Home for the Holidays!”

  72. Kobie

    Michael Buble + Vancouver + Christmas = What’s not to like!!! Hopefully though, I’m the only person who had to watch the show on a tiny swing arm TV while lying in an ER bed, hooked up to IV’s due to a severe intestinal virus. Can’t wait to watch it again when it airs!
    Now if only Santa would drop a signed CD down my chimney!!
    Merry Christmas!

  73. Bjoern

    Buble CD would be awesome! D

  74. Melissa Cumbee

    My husband & I watched your Christmas show last night & enjoyed it so much!! Merry Christmas to you & your family!!

  75. BridgetM

    Loved the Christmas special, hope it becomes an annual event.

  76. Jeff MacLeod

    This would make a wonderful gift

  77. Judy W

    Michael Bublé is a favourite all year round! An autographed CD that was shot around Vancouver would be a perfect Christmas gift and would be cherished all-year round!! No one else does it better than Bublé!

  78. Mary M

    I thought the special this year was wonderful! Love the thought that Michael will do this annually. Can’t get enough of the Christmas CD either!!!

  79. Eugene

    Love to listen to this CD!

  80. Diane Dykstra

    It was a great Christmas special. Even better than last year!

  81. Sue

    Yes please!

  82. Heidi

    Yes, please and thank you.


    Please pick me. This would be the best gift FOR MY MOM! She is Michael’s #1 fan, goes to all his shows, has had many great meetings with him, and most of all deserves it for loving him. She just had an amazing time in Vancouver for his Christmas special. This would top off her priceless experience!!

  84. Gabriella Schmidt

    Michael is awesome and I would love to have a signed cd. Thanks.

  85. Ryan

    The Christmas special was great! I’d love to win a CD!

  86. Amy

    Love his music!

  87. Moon

    in time for christmas

  88. jennifer

    Love Michael!! But my sister loves him more, it would be the perfect gift for me to give to her :)

  89. Mark

    This is awesome!!

  90. Maenard


  91. Gordon

    His music’s amazing!

  92. Ashley


  93. Cristina L.

    I love Michael Buble and I love Vancouver!

  94. Julianne M

    love love love. Michael is the one thing that’s kept me sane in the absolute darkest of times. proud to share the same town with him. would really love a signed cd. <3 love you Michael, and thank you, so so much.

  95. Cindy

    Would make a nice Christmas gift.

  96. Renita

    I’m such a huge fan of Michael! So happy to see him reppin’ our beautiful city. Said hi to him once during the Olympic Torch Relay, but a signed CD would be an absolute highlight :)

  97. Love all of Michael Buble’s music…can’t wait to get the Christmas CD…to have one signed would be priceless…I

  98. I have a hard time finding the right gift for my wife…this CD would do it though:)

  99. Roberta

    My Christmas would be complete with a signed version of Michael Bublé’s Christmas album!

  100. Darryl

    It makes me feel proud to see a local boy doing so well.

  101. Hanka

    This would be a wonderful Christmas present!

  102. Pawel

    This would make my girlfriend very happy.

  103. Brenda

    What a wonderful prize, I would love to win

  104. Lydia

    Sounds like a great gift!

  105. Meg McRae

    My sister and I are both big fans of Michael Buble, especially his Christmas music. He’s a modern classic!

  106. Tammy

    Love, love, love MB and his Christmas album! Best Christmas album…EVAHHHH! (Love this pic, too!)

  107. Teresa

    Proud to have grown up in the same home town (Burnaby) as Michael! Great special … loved the segment with Bing Crosby and all the great coverage of Vancouver!! Would love a copy of the new CD!

  108. Courtney

    Such a great ambassador for Vancouver, BC! I’d love a cd!

  109. jer

    i look forward to his christmas specil every year…michael buble was amazing.. and his christmas cd is the best yet…

  110. Rafika S.

    One CD this way, please! Thank you :)

  111. Michelle

    Much love for Buble. :)

  112. Amanda

    I love his album! It always brings holiday cheer!

  113. What a great time we had in Vancouver. Got to see all of the public taping. So much Christmas overload. Buble is Mr.Christmas.

  114. LC


  115. merisa

    one of my fave Canadians!

  116. Wei-Ting

    I was reminded to go check out Granville Island and look into Grouse Mountain for Christmas! :)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I’ll be enjoying it doing some of my favourite things:
    – Stanley Park train ride (yeah, it’s kind of childish and rather short.. but it’s okay, I get to have fun at this time of year!)
    – Capilano Suspension Bridge, for their beautiful Christmas lights display!
    – Enjoying Christmas dinner with my family and friends :)
    – Unwrapping presents on Christmas Day, and awaiting a full day of shopping after that for Boxing Day!!

    I would absolutely love a Michael Buble CD! If not for myself, I would give it to my sister, who loves him as much as I do!

  117. Karen Bryant

    Hello Michael … the best TV show ever!!

    Nice to see how relaxed you were in your hometown!!

    You are one gifted handsome man with just the most amazing voice I have ever heard!! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
    BLessings Always
    Karen Bryant

  118. Jen

    A new Christmas cd would be so lovely!!

  119. Ravi

    Amazing city makes amazing singers… Michael Bublé is awesome!

  120. nancy

    just in time for christmas!

  121. Jocey

    This would be music to my ears, just lovely ;)

  122. Areta

    Love Michael’s Christmas songs!

  123. Zile Max

    Great singer. I am 9250 km far away and his music always giving me sound of Vancovuer.

  124. J. Martinson

    Loved this year’s Christmas special! He get’s better and better all the time! Happy Holidays to Michael & his family.

  125. Teresa

    Would love to have myself a Michael Buble cd:)

  126. colleen

    Michael is YUMMY! Yes please.

  127. Sheila

    Oh goodness……..i would LOVE to win this CD…..LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael!!

  128. Denise P.

    The best is Bublé !

  129. Urvi Thakkar

    Michael’s Christmas special was brilliant. I got the Christmas from my future husband on our first date. A signed CD would be a perfect gift.

  130. kath heyworth

    I miss Vancouver…

  131. Tina Stewart

    Would love to have one of those CD’s.

  132. Sandra

    EEEEEEEEEEE!!! Yes Please!

  133. Stella

    I LOVE Buble! Pick me! :-)

  134. Calvina

    It is not Christmas in the house without Christmas music from Michael Buble! Love the aerial shots of Vancouver in his holiday special! Can’t get enough of it! Come to Vancouver for another special! Pllleeease?

  135. Murray A

    Gotta love his 5 things to do in Vancouver!

  136. Lynne Moores

    We love to visit Vancouver & Grouse mountain is awesome. Prospect Point in Stanley Park is our favourite sunset point.

    We love you Michael, you are unforgettable ‘live’ and memories stay with us when we listen at home, so we’d love to have a signed CD to listen to. It would make a nice Wedding present to us :o)

  137. Richard

    I want one badly!

  138. MatthewV

    Michael Bublé is a dude, no question!! He was awesome on the Russell Peters’ Christmas show.

  139. Alexandra

    What would be better than a man with a velvet voice in our home for Christmas? -Nothing! So please let me win!

  140. Jill A

    Would very much enjoy Michael’s CD for Christmas!

  141. Rachelle

    I’m sure my dad would love this!

  142. Joanne

    Love Michael…could listen to him all day long!

  143. Dana

    Mom would love this!!

  144. Irene A.

    Would Love to have a signed CD! I have ALL his CD’s! I remember watching News clips of Michael way back when in Vancouver on CBC etc…before he was “discovered” and thought WoW! this guy is Terriffic! what a voice…and there ya’ go…. Now look at our Michael Buble! lol I love how he talks about our Wonderful Vancouver… Loved Both his Christmas Shows… Been to Two Concerts! Seems like a genuine Nice Person even with all his Fame now. I worked in a Hospital Lab where I’d met his grandmother, she was always so proud talking of him <3 …and I was suppose to get an Autograph then!!! ?? haha… Would LOVE this …thankyou <3

  145. johan

    Nothing would be better for the christmas spirit!

  146. Juliana Lima

    Me me me!!!!!!!

  147. Crystal

    Lets have a Buble Christmas!! =) It will be lovely if I win that CD! I’m going to share the songs with everyone in my family!

  148. Xing

    My wife would love this!

  149. Beth Laton

    Love that Michael is a Canadian. Love his songs and enjoy the festive season. Would love a CD and or tickets. Thanks so much.

  150. Billy Cheung

    Loved the special. Would love a copy of his CD!

  151. Amber H

    Every year Michael is the only Christmas Music I play.. well except Bing Crosby but they go together!

  152. Alivia

    Beautiful voice from a beautiful city. :)

  153. William

    Love his music!!!

  154. Becky

    Michael Buble is amazing! Perfect choice for the winter season :)

  155. Stephen Ngo

    All I want for Christmas is…. this signed album!! One of mu favourites.

  156. Arminder

    Pure Joy! Buble’s CD adds more magic to this special season!

  157. katie

    Love his xmas album – need a new xmas album to play – mine are getting old! lol.