Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate for West Restaurant + Bar

Welcome to the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaways!

Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $100 Gift Certificate for West Restaurant + Bar.

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner next week and notify by email.

Good luck everyone!

Updated Monday, January 21st: Congratulations Kim! You are the lucky recipient of a $100 Gift Certificate to West Restaurant + Bar. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Stay tuned for more giveaways on Inside Vancouver.


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321 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate for West Restaurant + Bar

  1. Ryan

    Woohoo dine out vancouver :D

    • Meena


    • Nadine

      Dine Out Vancouver is the best way to beat the January blues!

  2. colleen

    I love West! <3

  3. Julia


  4. Kevin L.

    west West WEST!

  5. Sarah

    One of the first restaurants I ate at when I moved to Vancouver. Amazing!

  6. S. Ma


  7. AlbertC

    Awesome contest

  8. Alice

    Go WEST! (sung like the Village People)

  9. Christine

    Fantastic time at the Market last night!

  10. Stephen

    Thank you West and Inside Vanc!

  11. Suzanne

    I LOVE West!

  12. Joseph

    Love West Restaurant!!!

  13. Rick K

    West is a fantastic restaurant. Exceptional food, great decor and attentive service.

  14. Brian

    I would love to try West!

  15. This is just around the corner from my daughter’s apartment, and I would love to surprise her with a meal here!

  16. Angela

    Would love to try west!

  17. Jared

    Woohoo awesome. Would love to try it.

  18. Lori

    Dine out Vancouver is the best!

  19. Melissa

    I live on the east side it would be great to go west ;)

  20. Mark


  21. Maenard

    So cool!

  22. Jocelyn

    Never been but would love to go. Thanks!

  23. allison


  24. Mary

    want to win!!!

  25. Jess

    yes please!!!!

  26. Paulina N

    Dine Out Vancouver just keeps getting better! I <3 DOV

  27. Rafika S.

    Yes please! Thanks, Inside Vancouver!

  28. Dara Fontein

    Would love to go! :)

  29. Katie

    Can’t wait to hit up Dunn’s tomorry!

  30. ming chin

    Pick me! Pick me!

  31. Casey

    Would love to try West out! Heard many good things about it!

  32. Henry

    This would be awesome!

  33. Nicole

    looking forward to DOV2013!

  34. Salima H.

    This would be awesome! Would love to try West

  35. shirley young

    Love DOV… West is one of the best restaurant that I have been!!! Nice to have this giveaways! :)

  36. Amanda

    sure! sounds yummy

  37. Crac


  38. Maria

    trying to see if I can do a record number of dine outs this year! West is surely one! Love!

  39. Billy Cheung

    Heard great things about this restaurant! Would love to go try it out!

  40. Marina

    I love West! Now that I’m a student, I have to watch my budget.

  41. Catherine

    Ouest is West is MMMMMMM!

  42. Alisa

    Never tried this place. :)

  43. Tara

    This would be awesome!!!

  44. Lucy

    Definitely would not mind me some West food!

  45. Vicki Cunningham

    Oh, please – pick me. This would be a great way to celebrate my daughter’s 17th.

  46. I would like to win please :)

  47. zoe

    I love food and wine! I love Dine Out Vancouver!!

  48. Adam

    Gimme gimme!

  49. Queenie

    One of the best restaurants in Vancouver!

  50. Suvina

    Mmm tasty food.

  51. Linda W

    I would love to give this place a try!

  52. Michelle

    :) Thank you

  53. Teresa K

    I’d love to win.

  54. Roanne

    Dine Out is the best time of the year!

  55. Paige McNamee

    yes please!

  56. Christine

    I would love a chance to experience West!

  57. Callyn


  58. Alissa Palmer-Still

    Yes please, such a great prize

  59. Alexandra

    Yummy yummy, would love to get this gift card, so please pick me

  60. Lina

    I’d like to take out my mom and dad for a dine out night :)

  61. Craig

    I want to win.

  62. Nate

    We have always wanted to check West out!

  63. Johan

    This Gift Certificate calls my name!

  64. Nan

    I’ve never been to West but I’d love to give it a try.

  65. Jason Lin

    Love the Vancouver Dine Out Festival!! I hope I can win it and try it out for the first time ^_^ I want to share it to all my friends!!

  66. Have to win before I leave Vancouver. :)

  67. Carol

    I’ve always wanted to eat at West – pick me! :)

  68. Priscilla

    Never been here, would love to try their dineout menu!!

  69. Edison

    Love food, please pick me!!

  70. Anne

    I love the Dine-out festival – and this contest!

  71. What a lovely treat this dinner out would be! :)

  72. Dana

    This would be sweet!

  73. Bonnie

    I have never been to West, but have heard good things about it.

  74. Renn

    I’ve always wanted to try West!

  75. Nice! Me and my hubby loooove to spend time together dining. :)

  76. Janice Williamson

    I love West! I would love to take a friend as she REALLY deserves a night out!

  77. Patty

    Go Go Go DOV 2013!! Love to try West :)

  78. Gerard

    I have tried West DOV last year. I would love to try it again!

  79. Barb

    a night out at West ……. yes please!

  80. Pam Karasz

    please pick me!!! :D

  81. tracy

    would love to give this place a try!

  82. Am

    I love DineOutVancouver! I love free dinner at West even more!! I hope I win:)

  83. Emily

    West is one of my favorite restaurants! This would be lovely! Thank you.

  84. will


  85. Rebeka

    I’ve always wanted to check out West!

  86. Pat

    Yes please and thanks!

  87. Brent

    We’ve tried the rest, let us go West to decide the best.

  88. Pam

    Would love to try West.

  89. Michelle W

    Would love to try out West! :D

  90. Yena

    Hi I would love to go to this restaurant!! :D

  91. Alice

    I’ve never been to West and would love to go!

  92. Samantha

    love this!

  93. Charmaine

    Wow West Restaurant! Never been and would love to go :)

  94. Lisa

    my first dine out would be great!

  95. darren

    had my 40th there. awesome place

  96. Amanda

    I’ve always wanted to try West!

  97. Iris

    Would love to try West!

  98. Jennifer Chin

    West!! can’t wait to go this week!!

  99. Arthur

    I want to go to there!

  100. Ebru

    I have never won something like that before, I hope this would be my first one!!Fingers cross, Cheers :)

  101. Sarah

    I would love to try West! I walk by all the time and it looks beautiful :-)

  102. Hannah

    I’d love to try West!

  103. Tina

    Would love to try out West!

  104. karen

    I <3 dine out Vancouver!

  105. Patrick

    My wife and I would love a date night!!

  106. Josephine

    Loved my Dine Out dinner last night. Can’t wait for the next!

  107. Would love to give West a try!

  108. The WEST RESTAURANT + BAR Dine Out menu looks scrumptious!

  109. Laura

    Dine Out Vancouver is a great way to try new places and experience great food!

  110. Jess L

    Never tried West, this is a great chance! Thanks!

  111. ceci

    I would love to try out West!

  112. Ursula

    Please pick me!

  113. Sam

    oohhhh…pick me picke me pick me (fingers crossed)!

  114. Liz

    Would love to finally try West!!

  115. Soo H

    One of my favourite restaurant! Pick me!!!

  116. Kim Pham

    Pick me :)

  117. Grace

    Me me me

  118. Steph Albert

    Dine Out Vancouver is Awesome! So is West. Love love love it! :)

  119. Julia

    crossing my fingers!

  120. Never been there, would love to try it.

  121. Teri

    Thank you for a chance to try dining @ West

  122. ben

    DINE OUT for the win!

  123. Anna

    Please pick me

  124. Jen

    I would love to take my parents out – they never ever spend money on themselves :(

  125. Soleina

    West is the best :)

  126. Bernard

    I haven’t been to West Restaurant before!
    Pick me!

  127. Juliana lima

    I believe one day I will win! 0/

  128. Charlene

    A very generous offer for a one of Vancouver’s finest restaurants. Good luck to all who’ve entered the contest.

  129. Joyce


  130. Linda

    Amazing dine out menu! Sounds delicious.

  131. Tracy

    I’ve always wanted to try west!

  132. helen

    I’ll take it!

  133. Krysta

    Looks delicious, count me in Dine Out!!

  134. West never disappoints!

  135. Kyla Kieltyka

    West is awesome!

  136. Joanne Cho

    Dine Out Vancouver, I Love You!

  137. Angel C

    Made reservations to West!!! TWICE!

  138. FY Wong

    Dine Dine Dine out @ Vancouver! I am coming.

  139. Joanna

    I’m so hungry right now.

  140. Marilyn

    nom nom nom

  141. One word: excited!

  142. Christine

    Pick me please!

  143. Renee Cormier

    We’ve never been there, and frankly don’t get out much (parents of little kids). This would be an awesome break from flu-ey children. Thanks for the chance! :-)

  144. Won’t get you much at West, but what you do get with $100 will be amazing!

  145. Marianne

    Hope I win!! :-)

  146. Chantel


  147. Joyce

    love Vancouver dine out! love west !~~

  148. Elisa

    I would love to try West!

  149. Gordon

    I’d love to go! :)

  150. Stephanie

    Looks like fun!

  151. Lisa N

    My fave event of the year! I luv Dine Out!

  152. Giuliana

    Dine out – wish I could try every restaurant!

  153. Joyce

    Dineout!! Still want to try!

  154. Tina

    Love Dine Out and West is awesome!

  155. Jaida

    Me Please!

  156. Vince


  157. T

    <3 West!!!

  158. Benny Etienne

    Dine Out! Such a great Vancouver event!!

  159. Kyle

    Dine out rocks more than rock and roll!!!

  160. Nancy

    I would love to try please and thank you!:)

  161. Tintin

    Have never been to West before. Love the chance to try it out!

  162. Shawna

    Love everything about West!!!

  163. Laura Sanders

    Sounds delicious!

  164. Cherie

    I love dining out in Vancouver! I hope I win!!!!!

  165. Darwin

    Would love to try out West.

  166. Jerry


  167. Candy

    Love dine out

  168. Art

    Went to WEST last year for DOV, it was excellent.

  169. hina

    Would like to try, heard lots of great things about this place!

  170. Phoebe

    Pick me please!!

  171. Darran

    Went to West last year for Dine Out and it was great!

  172. Kate

    I like food.

  173. Rosalie


  174. Cynthia

    Always wanted to try West.

  175. LucieB

    I’ve never tried West, but would love to!

  176. Sharon K

    This would be great to take my best friend out for her birthday dinner!

  177. Winnie

    It’s such a lovely restaurant!!!

  178. Yasmin Hall

    We have lots of reservations made to participate in Dining out Vancouver, but we have never been to West restaurant. We have heard that it’s great!

  179. LC

    yum pick me

  180. bertha

    this is on my list!

  181. Robert

    you know I want this.

  182. Jeanie

    Dine Out Vancouver !

  183. Susan

    Pick me! Pick me!

  184. Teresa

    This would be a fantastic place to celebrate Dine Out!

  185. Jeannine

    I’d love to win this!

  186. Ruby

    Please and thank you!

  187. Katrina Tu

    Quang Dang is a master of cuisine. I would love to experience his new menu.

  188. John

    Pick meeeee

  189. Jenny Chan

    would love to try this place :) enter enter!!

  190. Cal

    Would love to try this place! Please :)

  191. HH

    Vancouver is so YUMMY.

  192. Phil

    Love to dine out :)

  193. Kim

    Yes please!

  194. Cathy Davidson

    Just did Dine out at The Observatory at Grouse Mountain
    It was fabulous!!

  195. Jim

    Love this place. Dine out makes it even better

  196. Shawn

    So exciting to kick off my #DOVF experience tonight!!!

  197. Brenda

    Let the eating begin!

  198. Donna L

    can’t wait to eat!

  199. I love this place!

  200. maria

    Ive never been and would love to try it!

  201. Liam

    I’d love to try West!

  202. Sarah

    Yes please!

  203. matt


  204. Luvly

    Yes I’d love to try out the rstaurant

  205. Joyce L

    Would love to try!

  206. Andrew

    Great to try this place for dine out!

  207. Erica

    I’ve heard lots of great things about West and would love to give it a try. Thanks!

  208. Ed

    Let’s add a scroll to the bottom button thx!

  209. Amy

    WOHOOO!!!! i love to eat :D

  210. Sonja


  211. Angie

    o Dine Out Vancouver brightens up my day!

  212. Chiu Sing Chan

    hope I win :)

  213. helen

    dov is always a blast =)

  214. angel chan


  215. stanley

    Love this place~ :)

  216. Jeno F. Gau

    I love West ~

  217. Jessica

    would love to try West

  218. Lily

    Hope I win this :)

  219. Jennifer

    I would love to try West!

  220. Keleigh

    New to the city and would love the chance to try a new restaurant.

  221. irene

    woohoooo :D

  222. alex


  223. Manuel

    This would be great!

  224. Christine

    Love food, love this contest…hope to win!

  225. Norma B

    The great WEST! Delicious!

  226. Derek

    Would love to visit WEST for dinner!

  227. clint

    This would be awesome!

  228. KY

    West is best!

  229. Van

    Cannot wait to try this restaurant! I am standing by. Thank you! <3

  230. RR

    Yes please to West please!

  231. Diane

    I would sooooo like to try West!

  232. tim z

    so exciting!

  233. C

    I keep hearing amazing things about West. What a wonderful idea!

  234. Sophia

    Thanks for the contest!

  235. Cristina L


  236. Jenny

    I love Dine Out! ^^

  237. Darlene C

    Love Dine Out!

  238. Arlene C

    The West, yes please.

  239. Alice

    Dine Out Vancouver is the best!

  240. Helen

    Dine out a great festival for food lovers. Love West, food is delist.

  241. Gabriel Yeung

    Would love to try it!

  242. Fingers crossed!

  243. Bo

    west is awesome!

  244. Joanne

    Looks delicious!

  245. Hen

    me please

  246. Monique

    I would love to dine at West!

  247. Christine

    My belly is ready.

  248. Crystal

    i wannnnt it <3

  249. Helen

    I love West! Pick me please…. :)

  250. Jenny

    I would like!

  251. P.

    I would love to go to West! It has been on my list to try for a long time.

  252. Hanson

    I recall West being a $38 restaurant, so I would love to try it out with some drinks with my Dine Out crew! :)

  253. Nannan

    Want to have a surprise!

  254. Sherry

    I would love to try West! :)

  255. Jamilla

    Dine out rocks!

  256. T Belton

    Would love to try this place!

  257. Sean

    Something special!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you

  258. Felice

    I hope I win this time XD Fooood !!!

  259. Catherine

    I want to go!

  260. Larissa


  261. Winnie

    Love to try West!

  262. Reza

    Dine out gift card draw again! yeeey!

  263. FOOD!!!

  264. sabrina

    Get in my belly!!!

  265. Melody

    I’m in!

  266. Alyssa

    Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. Thanks Inside Vancouver!

  268. Djorge

    Never been to Ouest, but West’s food is delicious.

  269. Vincent

    Yay, Dine Out Vancouver!

  270. New to the City and planning on Enjoying every bit of the Dine Out experience for the first time. Hoping to goto the Wine

  271. Tracey

    We’ve been wanting to go and try West…heard it is great!

  272. Trina

    Inside Vancouver & Dine Out Vancouver…..my favourite combination!!

  273. Doug

    We just had our first Dine Out Vancouver last night at the Boathouse. It was great and would like to go to West Reastaurant + Bar
    We always go to a few restaurants every year for DOV and will continue to go to this fab event again, and again!!!

  274. Alice

    Yes please! Another restaurant I haven’t tried yet

  275. Ryoko

    Please please please!

  276. Celine

    Always wanted to try this restaurant!

  277. Barbara

    Sounds like the perfect spot for a special celebration

  278. LC

    Oh….has been on my foodie list of places to try forever!!! Please? :)

  279. Peter Kho

    $100 is $100 :)

  280. Dena

    Would love to win this one!

  281. Jen

    Hubby and I are way overdue for a date night – this would be a great place to go!!

  282. Pat

    100 $ of yummy food :)

  283. Corrine LaPlante

    fingers crossed :)

  284. Winnie L

    Can’t wait to try this restaurant!

  285. Michael T

    I love dine out!

  286. Erin

    West is amazing! I’d love to win!!!

  287. stinky

    Is it the best bar in Vancouver? Could well be. Recommended: barrel-aged cocktails. Bring a big bag o’ money with you, though.

  288. Kay

    I would love to try the dine out menu at West Restaurant + Bar.

  289. Kevin Low

    Was just researching a ton of Vancouver restaurants, and West came out in the Top 5 of hundreds! Would love to see (and taste) the awesomeness at West that I’ve been reading everywhere about!

  290. Tara Chee

    Yes please :) I’ve ordered a la carte at West 2 years ago on the date that my boyfriend and I officially got together, and I would love to be able to try their tasting menu this time around~

  291. Anna

    I haven’t been here, but I would love to try it.

  292. Aviva

    Thanks for all the awesome eating opportunities!

  293. Sandra

    I’ve heard great things about this place. It would be great to try them out!

  294. Raj

    Wooohooo Dine Out!!

  295. Sylvester

    Mmmm. Delishes food

  296. Micky


  297. I have never been to West and would love to check it out!

  298. Jen

    Always wanted to try it!

  299. linda

    I have their recipe book but have never eaten here before.

  300. Jonathan P

    I heard wonderful things about West, and it would be such an awesome opportunity to try them out with this giveaway!

  301. mark c

    love West

  302. David S.


    I want to go to there!

  303. LAMNA

    yay for dine out vancouver!

  304. Jenifer

    I would love to try West out!

  305. Mei

    A great place that I’d like to try!

  306. JW

    I would looove to try this place!

  307. Cy


  308. Areta

    Love to win this!

  309. Sharon

    Would love to eat here!

  310. Elio

    Love to try this place.

  311. Winnie

    Oh my gosh, yes!

  312. Julia

    Thank you!

  313. Johanna P

    Go West [Restaurant + Bar], young man.

  314. M. Soleil

    Is it too late to enter?

  315. GL


  316. Rachel

    Wow, I’d love to go with my bf!

  317. Joanne

    Never got to try it when it was Ouest… would love to go even more as West…

  318. Deb

    Can’t wait to dine out at West.

  319. Ker

    Yes, please!