Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate for Il Giardino Restaurant

Welcome to the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaways!

Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $100 Gift Certificate for Il Giardino Restaurant.

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow and notify by email.

Good luck everyone!

Updated January 24th: Congratulations Jeff! You are the lucky recipient of a $100 Gift Certificate to Il Giardino Restaurant. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Stay tuned for more giveaways on Inside Vancouver.


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352 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate for Il Giardino Restaurant

  1. Van

    Oh yum! Delicious. I love Dine Out!!

    • OHM

      Would love to win this!

    • Kelvin


    • Kimberley

      Loved Dine out at Salmon n Bannock Bistro this year. Now to figure out where to this weekend. Love my Dine Out Adventures :)

  2. :D love dineout!

  3. Richard

    Il Giardino is great! I love Dineout!

  4. Kate


  5. ming

    Pick me! Pick me!

  6. Sandra

    i’d love to win!

  7. Karla J

    mmm…would love to try them out!

  8. ashley

    What a treat! Love Il Giardino, although haven’t been in years.

  9. Sam

    ohhh…i wanna go!

  10. Awesome! Love Dine Out!

  11. Will S

    Would love to give this a try!

  12. Liz

    Yes please!!

  13. Donna L

    thanks for all the chances to win. YUM

  14. Aimee W

    I would love to win!!!

  15. Kyle

    Dine out is one of the best events in Vancouver

  16. Megan

    I love Il Giardino!

  17. Elaine

    Hope I win!

  18. Brenda

    Looks like a great menu!

  19. Kelly

    I’ve never been, dying to try Il Giardino

  20. Il Giardino is soooo good.

  21. Amy

    I’ve always wanted to try Il Giardino! Pick me! Please?

  22. Kelli

    Me Me Me! Please :)

  23. Katie


  24. Gabriella Schmidt

    Yummy! Thanks for the contest.

  25. marina

    sounds delicious ;)

  26. Alice

    The menu looks amazing!

  27. Anne

    This is one of my favourites!

  28. Chantell

    Such a great restaurant! I would love to go again!

  29. Shelley S.

    Awesome! Would love to win!

  30. Wanda

    Yumm! What a fabulous giveaway!! Thanks for the oppriitunity! Can’t wait to see who wins and what other giveaways you have in store for us!

  31. JC

    I checked out the website for Il Giardino Restaurant.
    The menu looks fabulous! I would love to try it.
    Thanks :)

  32. Corey

    heard of it but never been

  33. Chris

    Help me have some good eats!

  34. Sarah N

    I would love to go back!

  35. Sunshine G

    Haven’t been there but would love to!

  36. Yvonne

    Please pick me!! Love, love Dine Out Vancouver :)

  37. Jax

    Love Il Giardino and Dine Out!

  38. Thanks Tourism Vancouver for all you do to promote our beautiful City – you really rock! Il Giardino is a local gem!

  39. Rita

    I would love to try this place! I pass by it on my way to work every morning!

  40. Essendo italiano, mi piace il cibo italiano molto, ed è regolarmente parte della mia dieta. :)

    Being Italian, I love Italian food a lot and it is a regular part of my diet. :)

  41. ashlee


  42. Lisa

    I would love to win this one. Please choose me :)

  43. Linda

    Hope I have the chance to try this restaurant! :)

  44. Jax

    Would love to go to Il Giardino…one of Vancouver’s best!

  45. Karen

    Woohoo! Food!

  46. Chelsea

    Yes please!!

  47. heather

    Pick me!!! pick me!!!

  48. Loretta

    I love this restaurant!

  49. I would love to come here one more time before they closed down.

  50. Christie M

    Yum, would love to go!!

  51. Marianne

    I’d love to win!

  52. Joyce

    I want to go!!!~~~~

  53. Amanda Lam

    I love to eat, give me…

  54. K Chowne

    one of the last chances to go … what a treat!

  55. Mark

    Hungry just looking! I’d love to go!

  56. Nicole

    Would love to try this place as I have never been before thanks!!

  57. Amanda

    please choose me! =)

  58. Derrick F

    I can’t believe Il Gardino is shutting down. I’d love to get a meal there before it’s gone.

  59. Lee

    Would love to go! :)

  60. Jenny


  61. Jacqueline

    Il Giardino is the best!!


  63. Liam

    Would love to go!

  64. Moira Aikenhead

    I’ve got a reso there for Valentine’s Day and would love to be able to splurge!

  65. Camille

    Would love to win!

  66. Jennifer Chin


  67. Derek

    Walking, Jacket & Umbrella. Destination, delicious warm comfort. Dine Out, taste the art.

  68. Teri

    Thank you for a chance to dine @ Il Giardino before it’s gone

  69. Steph


  70. Kaja

    Dine out is better than Christmas!

  71. Sarah

    Yes please!

  72. Nick

    here’s hoping!

  73. jessica

    LOVE Il Giardino !!! Best Italian in town

  74. Yum! Pick me!

  75. Lucille

    Would love to try this!

  76. nancy

    yes, pls!!

  77. Leo

    Haven’t been there in ages!

  78. Andy

    Would love to win this gift certificate.

  79. Melissa


  80. tatiana


  81. Teone

    This sounds great! Cheers guys!

  82. Jayne

    I would love to try this for dineout

  83. Alice Wang

    Yay! =) Sounds awesome

  84. Saj


  85. Liza

    i’d like to dineout here!

  86. Liza

    I went to Il Giardino over 2o years ago, I’d love to go again before they close down. It’s been a Vancouver institution.

  87. Would be so nice to have a lovely dinner!! :)

  88. Kat

    I love Il Giardino! Please pick me!

  89. Elisa

    Would love to visit Il Giardino before it closes this spring!

  90. Jeff MacLeod

    Would love to win this too

  91. Wesley

    Would love to take my girlfriend there!

  92. Courtney

    The menu looks awesome. I’d love to try! Grazie :D

  93. Ditha

    I LOVE love loveeee Italian food.

  94. Lara

    Super idea! Haven’t been to Il Giardino in a while, and my hubbie has never been – pick me!

  95. bradley

    I’ll gladly take that off your hands:)

  96. Gillian

    Dine Out Vancouver is my favorite time of the year!

  97. Teresa K

    I’d love to win.

  98. Dana

    Sounds great!

  99. Love love love dine out! and experiencing new jems around the city! I have never been to Il Giardino, would love to dine there!

  100. Iris

    Would love some Italian food!

  101. Paulina N

    I <3 DOV

  102. Chantelle

    Would love to try Il Giardino. I have hear great things about them

  103. Danielle

    Daily Dine Out, Daily Dine Out, Does whatever A Daily Dine Out Does (sung to the theme of Spiderman).

  104. Joyce


  105. LC


  106. Jan

    Would love to have some great Italian food .thanks Dine Out

  107. Pat G

    Thanks Dine Out. I count the days every year until I can go eat good food

  108. Kate

    Would love to try this restaurant!

  109. Name Lianne Cohen

    Remarks. Going to miss Il Giardino..would love to Dine out one last time

  110. Linda W

    Nice to place to go Dine out at!!! :)

  111. joanne

    Dine out is my fav time of the year!! :D

  112. Barbara

    Please pick me, its my birthday today!

  113. Gordon Kwong

    Dine out Vancouver rocks! Great way to enjoy other restaurants

  114. Yasmin Hall

    I love this restaurant!

  115. We’d love to go! :)

  116. Linda

    Nice place

  117. Andrew

    Never been to this restaurant – want to try!

  118. Allison

    try try again

  119. Angel

    woot! Would like to try Il Giardino!

  120. Melissa Q.

    This would be a great place for my husband and I to double date with my parents!

  121. Fredd Jav

    Wow I am currently on Vacation here in Vancouver, and would love to try Il Giardino restaurant been hearing great reviews!

  122. Melissa G.


  123. Nicole L

    Would love to win, could really use a date night with my hubby

  124. Viv

    That would ROCK!

  125. Jill

    Yes, please :)

  126. SPH

    Yumm :)

  127. Geoff Langford

    would love a night out at Il Giardino!

  128. Rachel

    I love Dine out Vancouver!

  129. Amandine

    Best Italian restaurant in town!

  130. Linda

    Best Italian in town? I want to go!

  131. Mabel

    Oh, please be me! :)

  132. Michelle

    Pick me!

  133. Jenny Chan

    I love dineout Vancouver, wish it could have been longer so I can try more restaurants

  134. Chiu Sing Chan

    entered, pick me please:)

  135. Manjeet

    Would love to try Il Giardino!

  136. Joe


  137. Jenni Jones

    Me please! I’d love to try this restaurant!

  138. Josephine


  139. Cecile

    I’d love to go!

  140. Dana

    Never been! Would love to try Il Giardino!!

  141. Olivia

    I’ve always wanted to go there!

  142. Dana

    Never been! Me please!

  143. Mmm! Would love to eat there!

  144. rubai

    Dine Out Vancouver seems to get better each year!

  145. Dee

    I would absolutely love to go to Il Giardino!

  146. Laura

    Yum! Yes please!

  147. Liz

    I would love to try this place! thanks as always Tourism Van for fun contests :)

  148. Areta

    Love this!

  149. Anne

    YUM!! would love to try, pick me!!

  150. Pam Karasz

    Pick me! Pick me! :D

  151. Darwin

    Would love to try this restaurant!

  152. Sam

    I love il giardino

  153. Sam

    I love this place!

  154. Kestas

    Want it! :)

  155. Haley

    Would love for a chance to visit Il Giardino! yum!

  156. Bons

    A great restaurant – love to go!

  157. bertha

    Dine out is awesome

  158. Lina

    can I be the lucky one this time?

  159. sandeep

    Pick me please!

  160. Jonathan P

    Il Giardino is awesome! And winning the $100 gift certificate would make it more awesome! :D

  161. My husband and I worked in Yaletown some 30+ years ago, our first date was at Il Gardino. He promised to take me there if I did some emergency typesetting for him. Yaletown was all printers, production and grapic designers back then. We’ve just recently moved back to Yaletown and I would love to go to Il Gardino once again.

  162. Suzanne

    I would LOVE to try this restaurant!

  163. Anthony Doyle

    Loving your work. Great giveaways. Please pick me :)

  164. colleen

    Wonderful! Yes please! <3

  165. Kayla

    would love to win this!

  166. Tracy

    I’ve always wanted to try this place!

  167. randy

    Pick me please!

  168. Erin

    Would love to win!

  169. Victoria

    menu looks great! would love to win

  170. Dawn

    Would love to win!

  171. Sherie

    Would love to try this restaurant!

  172. pinky

    I want to try this restaurant!

  173. Jocelyn

    Awesome that you guys are having so many giveaways. Thanks!

  174. Katherine

    These giveaways are great. I hope I win.

  175. I would love to try it!

  176. Fiona

    Would love to win this. i love italian cuisine.

  177. Emily

    I would be so happy if I could try Il Giardino before they close down. Thank you for hosting this!

  178. Celine

    This restaurant looks great!

  179. Felice

    Would like to taste more awesome food !

  180. pola

    always a treat to dine out in this heritage site, not to mention the great food!

  181. Leslie R

    would be yummy!

  182. Sharon

    Love to try Il Giardino. Pick me!!!

  183. Bryan

    Help me treat my gf!

  184. deneen baker

    Would appreciate so much since my home was flooded Monday night.and have to move.. Need a break

  185. Elyse

    Il Giardino is one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver! Hoping to take my boyfriend there when we come to visit!

  186. Jane

    This is definitely one of the restaurants on my visit list

  187. Adam

    Yes please!

  188. Jenmi

    yes please!

  189. Sarah

    I have always wanted to go to Il Giardino…now more than ever, before it closes. Would love to treat my Mom, if I win. Cheers.

  190. Wendy

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  191. Samantha

    Dinner would be lovely. Yes please!

  192. Kamilla Farrel


  193. Terry

    Pick me please!

  194. Tara

    Yeah $100 gift certificate

  195. Lisa

    Would love to try this restaurant!

  196. Landon LR

    Nice with good food on a super restaurant.

  197. Lauren

    i neeeeeeeeed it!

  198. Crystal

    Food! Keeps my life interesting!

  199. Jørgen P

    Would love to try this restaurant.
    Can’t wait:)

  200. Alison

    would love to win!!

  201. Lulu

    There is so much AMORE in Italian food! This is what makes it so great :-)

  202. Stephanie S

    Yes please!

  203. David

    Awesome, Valentines gift for me and my fiancee?

  204. Alexandra

    That would be such a great warm up for our trip to Italy later this year

  205. Johan

    Would really like to win this

  206. Julia

    sounds good!

  207. Awesome!

  208. Shirley

    I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant

  209. Alisa

    Crossing my fingers again

  210. Laura J

    I always wanted to go there!

  211. stacey

    My husband has always wanted to try this restaurant, if I win I could suprise him with a fantastic night out to it!

  212. kim

    pick me please!

  213. Allison

    Goody goody!!

  214. SU

    Dine Out!

  215. Ada

    looks like a great place!

  216. Brenda

    Would love to go there again, have not been in years!

  217. Ivy

    I’d love to win this!

  218. Would love to have one last meal there before they close their doors forever….

  219. Tim Ansley

    top 10 restaurant. No question

  220. Natasha Rana

    Dying to go to Il Giardino!! :)

  221. Natalie


  222. alexa mitchell

    Dine out is such a special event for vancouver!

  223. M. Soleil

    I’ve never been

  224. Jenny

    me me!

  225. Monica

    I would love this treat before they close forever…to take my daughter and try to explain the cachet of real tiramisu, first time I ever tried it was there…so many memories.

  226. Charles

    count me in!

  227. why not?

  228. Mike

    We enjoy this event and promotion to sample the great restaurants in Vancouver…keep the tradition going, there are many more restaurants and culinary delights ahead

  229. tracy

    great contest!

  230. Dena

    Please, oh please!

  231. Margaret

    great contest

  232. lisa

    count me in!

  233. Phoebe

    Please pick me!!

  234. crossing my fingers

  235. Never been before, but I’d love to try it!

  236. frances

    awesome to win and try this resturant!!!

  237. Sonia

    Would love to win this!

  238. Mary


  239. serena

    make me winnnnnn… love this festival

  240. Surabhi S

    Love Il Giardino! Would love to win this! :-)

  241. Tina

    Fingers crossed!!!

  242. Jess L

    Would love to try!

  243. ST

    I haven’t had a chance to do anything Dine Out-Esque yet!

  244. Kate

    I’ve never been, and I hear it will now be closing soon…

  245. Grace Lewis

    Would love to treat my bestfriend to dinner before she leaves to the okanagan. And it would be a birthday celebration too!

  246. Kevin Low

    Winning this would be eccellente! . . especially since I heard the restaurant is retiring in the spring. Would love to eat there before it goes! I missed El Bulli, don’t wanna miss this, too!

  247. Lana

    Would to share with a great mate of mine!

  248. Arjun Rudra

    Fingers crossed.

  249. Sylvia P

    Hope I win!

  250. Kirsten I’Anson

    Sounds fantastic can’t beat beautiful Italian food :-)

  251. Lee Siu Yui

    awesome contest :) pick me please !!!

  252. Gordon

    I’d love to win! :)

  253. Jenny

    ~hope I can win this :D

  254. Joannee

    Hope I win wooo!!

  255. Anthony

    Never been, would like to check it out

  256. Luz Govela

    Excellent way to let tourists know whats going on in Van!

  257. Marco

    Crossing my fingers!

  258. dan

    Hope to win!
    Sad to see Il Giardino closing soon.

  259. Sarah

    Yes, please! I would love to try this place!

  260. Michelle

    I could so enjoy this one!!!

  261. Daniel Chowne

    It matters not when one last ate il Giardino, it matters when one is looking forward to eating there again

  262. Ursula


  263. Alice


  264. Alice

    Would LOVE to go here!

  265. Nancy

    I’d love to go!

  266. Karbo

    Would love to go there! My fingers are crossed!

  267. Pamela

    Vancouver is such a great city! Where else would you get events like this?

  268. Jennel

    My hubby took me on the most wonderful date night; to Il Giardino ~ such a fabulous memory!

  269. Courtney

    I would love to win this for my birthday dinner!!!

  270. Wendy

    I would love to dine there if I win!

  271. Helen

    Love dine out, love to eat!

  272. linda

    Need me some Italian food!

  273. Shyla

    I’d love to win!

  274. Alexandra

    Il Giardino is my favourite restaurant – in fact we have Dine Out reservations for Saturday!

  275. Stephanie

    Would definitely love to try this restaurant out!! :)

  276. Elena

    A Gif Certificate is a great idea)))

  277. Djorge

    Never been, would love to try!

  278. Kim

    Love this!

  279. Ann

    Live Italian food! I hope I get the opportunity to dine in Italian heaven!

  280. Linda

    Please pick me! I’ve been entering contests on this website for years and haven’t won anything yet.

  281. Doris

    Would love to go! Could SO use a night out!

  282. Tina

    I would love to try this.

  283. Love Italian Latin everything! Coming DT for dine out this sat. 4 ladies who love to eat, drink wine and good tequila! All nite long. They would love it if we won!

  284. Craig


  285. beclim

    Never been there. Would love to go!!

  286. Bonnie

    Since it will be closing soon, better try this restaurant sooner rather than later.

  287. Jen

    Amazing!! I’d love to celebrate my birthday there :)

  288. Jeremy

    I’d love to win!

  289. Chantel

    I like cake

  290. Jeanie


  291. Richard

    I’ve dying to try the dine out menu!

  292. Sherry

    I love Vancouver & Italian. I’d make a special trip for the opportunity to experience Il Giardino

  293. Cy


  294. maria

    Would love to try this place!

  295. Kevin

    Luongo traded to Black Hawks!

  296. Charles A

    Awesome restaurant! Would love to go again!

  297. betty walthers

    i always enjoy dinning out ,and italian restaurants are my first choice

  298. Whitney

    Please pick me! Heard nothing but good reviews on this restaurant. Would love to go before it closes down :(

  299. Monique

    Yes please – before it closes its doors :(

  300. Wendy

    Yay! C: Omnomnomnom ~
    Would LOVE to go here with my boyfriend and our families ^__^

  301. Derek Ripel

    Pretty please!!! Would love to celebrate with my beautiful wife

  302. Sharon Yong

    Love Dine Out . Always want to try this restaurant!

  303. LucieB

    Never been- so many tasty places to try!

  304. Vienna

    Would love to win it!

  305. Arthur

    I’d love to try this place out!

  306. Jamilla

    Please pick me !

  307. amie

    me please! :)

  308. DH

    Would love to try a new restaurant!

  309. Dora

    Would love to win it!

  310. Scott

    Food goes in here!!

  311. melissa

    mmm sounds absolutely delicious

  312. Natalie

    i want to go!!! :'( pick me!

  313. sandy

    would love to try this

  314. Desiree

    Trying to plan a last minute birthday dinner for my boyfriend, but everyone is booked the times that I would like. This would really help me out.

  315. Ryoko

    Please, pretty please pick me1

  316. Michelle W

    yes please! :D

  317. winnie

    Visited Bistro Pastis for my first dine out last night. My 3 course dinner was delicious as I had the terrine, chicken, and clafoutis. My husbands’ steak on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. It was too rare and hard to cut into. I don’t recommend the steak.
    Hopefully I can win this certificate and take my hubby to try another good dine out restaurant.

  318. Chantelle

    Yummy food!!

  319. Mauro

    Sound like great food!

  320. Sarah

    If I win this….it would be a great incentive to stay in Vancouver!!

  321. Denise

    I’d love to win!

  322. KY


  323. Billy Cheung

    Would love to try it out!

  324. Laura

    I would love to try this restaurant!

  325. Vanessa

    last chance to eat there!!! Please pick me!!

  326. Susan

    This place is a classic — fabulous ambiance – it’s been years. Hope I win!

  327. Jean

    Pickkkkkkk meeeeee

  328. Tintin

    Pick me so I can go with my family!

  329. FOOD!!!

  330. Jenifer

    I would love to try this!

  331. Florence


  332. siumag

    would like to try!

  333. Jessica

    Yummy! I love dine out!

  334. Sherry

    I’d love to try Il Giardino!!!!

  335. Nicole

    Il Guardino is one of my list for dine out 2013. I cross my fingers to be picked!!

    • Nicole

      Sorry i misspelled it.. Il Giardino! :)

  336. alter idem

    Awesome! Hoping to win!

  337. alter idem

    mmmm food! Gotta win!

  338. Colleen B

    Yum, yum!

  339. Yvonne

    Delicioso. Il Giardino is my favourite restaurant, I’m so sad it is closing!

  340. Nilos

    I love this place, keep my fingers crossed!!

  341. Cecilia

    I will sorely miss Il Giardino. It was the restaurant that made me feel like a real Vancouverite. The history, the welcome, the room, the food, the delightful afternoon light…

  342. Carrie

    Just went to my 2nd dine out restaurant last night. :)

  343. Christy M

    I’d love to try!

  344. Alissa Palmer-Still

    Yes please!

  345. Isaac


  346. Il Giardino is a Vancouver Icon which we would love to try before it closes! Dineout supports and develops TASTE in Vancouver bravo!


  347. Mark


  348. Maenard