Ping Pong Club Night at the Biltmore – Saturday, January 26

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A few years ago, ping pong suddenly became really popular outside of the rec room. It was the considered to be the next big ping, if you will. A young, hip demographic of people in New York, Toronto and LA started flocking to ping pong socials in the basement of bars and clubs. Actress Susan Sarandon became an outspoken advocate of the sport, saying it “cuts across gender and age and body type, and you can play it until you die, unlike other sports that you have to abandon at a certain point.” Here in Vancouver, the Biltmore is getting in on the fun with their monthly Ping Pong Club Night.

This Saturday, party-goers will crowd around two of the club’s ping pong tables for a large around-the-world style dance floor elimination tournament. All skills levels are encouraged to participate, so if you’ve never handled a racquet before, don’t fret. Unlike conventional one-on-one or games or pairs, this tournament will squeeze as many people as possible around each table, while players simply aim to get the lightweight ball over the net. Each time a player misses the net, they’re disqualified.  The last people standing get some great prizes, including gift certificates to the Wallflower and the Cobalt.

The event is hosted by Michael “The Hunger” Unger, a local actor and improviser who also is an enthusiastic employee of the Planetarium. He says bars are becoming places to do things aside from drink, dance and flirt, with more venues offering board games and trivia nights. Ping Pong Club Night is just an extention of that.

“It’s a really fun time to come, drink, hang out and play some ping pong,” he says.

Unger says so far, he’s the only person who’s shown up at the Ping Pong Club Night in proper attire – tiny sports shorts – but encourages others to do so.

DJ Dustin Bromley will provide the music and all participants, who must be 19 and older, are encouraged to stay for the weekly Glory Days club night.

Ping Pong Club Night
Saturday, January 26, 2013
Biltmore Cabaret – 2755 Prince Edward
Doors open at 8:00 p.m.
Admission is $3.00 

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