Need Lunch Plans? Head Over to Street Food City II

Margherita pizza, $8. From PazzaRella Pizza Food Truck. Photo credit: T. Jerven

It was rainy yesterday. You may have noticed. But that didn’t stop me and many, many other hungry Vancouverites from making our way to the bustling, temporary food cart pod – Street Food City II – situated in the north plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery, January 23-27.

It’s unclear how many people planned to attend and how many just followed their noses. You could smell the bacon sizzling at Pig on the Street from a block away. Not to mention the smokey-sweet aroma of wood-fired Neapolitan pizza at PazzaRella, (Yes! There’s a flaming pizza oven in a food truck!) Spicy chicken karaage from Mogu Japanese Street Eats. Butter chicken naan kebab from Soho Road. There will be food porn after the jump.

Street Food City II is part of the Dine Out Vancouver smorgasbord. Street Food City I was such a popular Dine Out event in 2012, that they went ahead and made it bigger. There are more food carts this year – 13 in total. The event lasts longer, running through the upcoming weekend. You can drop by the pod 11am to 3pm weekdays. On weekends, Street Food City is open from 11am to 5pm. Tented, heated seating and live music make it that much better.

What are you having for lunch today? I’ve posted photos some of the best things I got to try yesterday, below.

Heated and tented seating. Plus live music. Photo credit: T. Jerven

Photo credit: T. Jerven

Photo credit: T. Jerven

Photo credit: T. Jerven

Pork Miso Katsu Sandwich: Breaded deep fried pork cutlet, house made red miso sauce, Asian hot mustard coleslaw. Photo credit: T. Jerven

PazzaRella with a sneaky peek at the Nepolitan pizza oven. Photo credit: T. Jerven

$8 Margherita with Caputo flour and locally-sourced toppings. Photo credit: T. Jerven

Photo credit: T. Jerven

Note: Despite the event popularity, lines move fast. That’s the beauty of street eats.

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