Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaway: $75 Gift Certificate for forage

Welcome to the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaways!

Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $75 Gift Certificate for forage.

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow and notify by email.

Good luck everyone!

Updated January 28th: Congratulations Lorraine! You are the lucky recipient of a $75 Gift Certificate to Forage. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Stay tuned for more giveaways on Inside Vancouver.


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350 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaway: $75 Gift Certificate for forage

  1. Soleil

    I’d love to try this place!

    • Rebecca Li

      I am a dine-out fans. This year, we already planned 10 dine-out.

    • Lyn

      I would love to experience your seafood chowder and salmon with my husband. We have been married for 39 years and love experiencing new restaurants. We would love to have a dining experience at Forage!

    • charlene

      Love Forage!

    • Monica

      I cant wait to get to Vancouver and experience true north Canada

    • Lorraine Kelly

      So would I! A friend loves this restaurant!

    • John

      Would like to try this restaurant!

  2. Helga

    What a great giveaway! Would love a nice dinner with my boyfriend at this place!!

  3. Pick me! Pick me! I’d love to try forage!

  4. Naomi

    pick me! :D

  5. Christie M

    Would love to try this restaurant

  6. Emilia

    Would love a night out here

  7. colleen

    Yes please! <3

  8. M

    win win win!!!

  9. Maria

    It would be great to win this!!

  10. Jenn

    I’ve never been to Forage before – would love to try something new in the city :)

  11. Jeannelle

    I really want to try this place!!!!

  12. Judit

    Would be grateful if I win.

  13. NR

    Pick me! Pick me! This would be such a nice break from studying!

  14. please please! :D

  15. Dana

    Yes please!

  16. Kristine

    Always wanted to try Forage, pick me!

  17. Mabel

    Lucky, please come this way! :)

  18. Tintin

    Never been to this place, love to try!

  19. anita

    Food is one of my ultimate pleasures in life!

  20. Iris

    Have heard a lot about this place. Would love to try!

  21. Aaron

    Would love to try it out!

  22. Mick

    I love their menu!

  23. Michael

    Just down the street from me, I’d love to go!

  24. Radhika

    Thanks for the contest!

  25. Pick me pleeeease!

  26. Sharon

    I’d love to try this!

  27. Sarah

    Yummm yumm! So many great Dine Out options!

  28. amanda

    please pick me! =)

  29. Karla J

    their menu looks amazeballs!

  30. Oo, would love to try this place. It sounds great!

  31. A friend of mine is in town from Europe. He is my best friend and I rarely see him, so I would love to enjoy the dining experience with him.

  32. Kathy

    I read about this restaurant in The Georgia Straight and I’ve been curious about it ever since!

  33. Alice

    Ohhhh this would be great! =)

  34. Layla


  35. Jeno Gau

    Love it ~

  36. myna lee

    forage forever!

  37. tim z

    love it!

  38. Monica

    This would be so great to win….I’ve heard great things about this restaurant. Would love to tell the world how it really is!

  39. Leo

    Love forage! Fantastic restaurant, count me in.

  40. Geoff Langford

    Sounds like a fantastic restaurant!

  41. Coco

    Pick me please! It must be a wonderful experience for our 11th yr anniversary before the baby comes in March!!!

  42. tim

    love it.

  43. Andy

    would be a nice restaurant for a date night with my wife..

  44. fuaaaaaa

  45. I love trying new places.

  46. Kate


  47. Kelli

    Me please!

  48. Elaine

    Was there on Monday and would love to try some other menu items!

  49. Melissa

    I would love to try this restaurant.

  50. Love Dine Out Vancouver!

  51. Barb

    I would like to forage me up some noms!

  52. Grace

    Wanted to try this unique restaurant for a long time…

  53. Alisa

    Please :)

  54. Laura

    I’d like to win! Pick me please!

  55. jayne

    pick me!

  56. Melissa

    I want!

  57. joachim

    would love to win

  58. Teresa

    This one’s on my list to try.

  59. Tara

    yes please!

  60. Sandra

    i’d love to win!

  61. janice montroy

    would love to try Forage

  62. The chocolate and raspberry cake sounds scrumptious!

  63. Sarah N

    This one has been on my list since it opened! Thanks IV!

  64. Dora

    I’d love to try forage!

  65. Lee

    Would love to win!

  66. ashlee


  67. Adelina

    Awesome! Love to check this place out :D

  68. Jennifer tsang

    Would love to try this restaurant just never have the chance.

  69. Svets


  70. Sarah Joosse

    Looks tasty!

  71. Linda

    I would love to try forage!!!

  72. Sarah

    Yes please!

  73. Areta

    Love to try!

  74. Marina

    Would love to try to place!

  75. Christina

    Would love to try this restaurant.

  76. LC

    On my food list!

  77. Tara

    That menu looks soooo tasty!

  78. Jennifer

    the menu at forage looks amazing :)

  79. Irene

    Would love to check out this place!

  80. jennifer

    Would love to try this!

  81. bertha


  82. Alexandra


  83. Sunshine G

    Never been there but would love to!

  84. nick

    no whammies!

  85. Whitney

    Can’t wait to try this place!!!!!!

  86. Barbara

    Yes please!

  87. tatiana


  88. Brenda

    Forage has great food!

  89. Viv

    Bring it on, baby!!!

  90. Adam

    This would be wonderful to win!

  91. Jill

    Would love to go!

  92. Lisa Nguyen

    I would love to go here! But being unemployed and in school has really been limiting my dining out choices!

  93. Sharon

    Three cheers to Dine Out Vancouver!!!

  94. Gabriella Schmidt

    I would love to try “Forage”. Thanks for the opportunity.

  95. Manjeet

    I would love to try Forage!

  96. Kate

    Oooh – this would be lovely! I’ve been wanting to try forage. ::fingers crossed::

  97. rubai

    Their dine out menu looks real good!

  98. Elisa

    Would love to try Forage!

  99. Amanda

    I’d love to try this place!

  100. maria

    Would love to check this place out!

  101. tiffany

    their menu items look delicious! would love to try!

  102. Lana

    pretty please….

  103. Would love to get the $75 GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR FORAGE

  104. Johanna P

    What rhymes with “forage”?

  105. Steve

    A new place in the Listel Hotel to try!

  106. Joe

    I would love to try this place out!

  107. Leanne

    Would love it. Thank-u

  108. I always pass by this place, and have never tried it! Would love to bring the boy :)

  109. Julie

    I walk by this restaurant on the way home from work. I’ve been curious to see what’s inside.

  110. WOW .. Yummy …. =p

  111. Chelsea

    Would love to try this place!

  112. Suli


  113. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Forage!

  114. Kate

    Would love to try it.

  115. Christine Q

    Pick me I’m a starving student!

  116. Janette Chun

    Pick me! Would love to try Forage.

  117. carol

    pick me please :)

  118. Olivia

    Would love to try!

  119. Melissa Falabella

    My boyfriend and I were just talking about dine out last night! We would love to try this restaurant’s great food!

  120. David Stonham

    Yes please… :)

  121. Darcy

    Great prize, I want to go to Forage.

  122. Caitlin

    That sounds nice…

  123. Charles

    Thank you!

  124. Tracy

    been wanting to try this place since it opened!

  125. Giuliana

    Thank you for all the giveaways!

  126. Gillian

    Yet another restaurant I’ve never been to! Would be great to try this :)

  127. Jaz

    As a hunter I am not allowed to Forage, therefore I believe it would be in my best interest to go to Forage to receive Foraged foods.

    Thank you.

  128. Josephine

    Free dinner. Would love a free dinner. One of these days…Gonna keep on trying.

  129. alex

    been before, would love to go again!

  130. Anna

    Tried it this week! Would love to go again.

  131. Linda W

    Would love to try this place!

  132. Will S

    Yes Please!

  133. Dee

    I would love to go!

  134. Sue

    Yum Yum, I’d love to win this.

  135. Kevin L.

    I need to forage.

  136. Arjun Rudra

    Fingers crossed.

  137. Desiree

    I’ve been wanting to try this place!

  138. Sarah

    I would love to try Forage! Pick me!

  139. randy

    looks like an interesting place – would love to try

  140. Meghan Pritchard

    This place sounds great!

  141. Forage is on my list to try out for Dine Out! Next week, can’t wait!

  142. Anya

    I hope i win!!!
    also, I thought I could post a great quote :
    “Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life. “

  143. Alicia

    Would love to try this one out!

  144. Jenmi

    me please, thanks!

  145. Alissa Palmer-Still

    Yes please!

  146. Connie

    I love Forage! I went there for brunch and their pumpkin french toast with egg and bacon was deelish! Would love to try their dinner menu!

  147. Masha

    Need a date with my husband! Please :)

  148. Katherine

    I’ve heard great things about this restaurant

  149. Lucy

    I love Vancouver and love Vancouver Dine Outs even more! Amazing city, amazing food! :)

  150. Klay

    i’d love a chance to Forage!

  151. Johan

    yes please!

  152. Chris Trowbridge

    Sampled Forage food before their opening at the BC Chef meets Grape function. Absolutely delicious! Is on my list of new restaurants to check out

  153. Anne-Marie

    I am hungry!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Wendy

    Cool! I’ve never been :)

  155. Stacey

    Forage looks yummy! would love to try it out!

  156. alyssa t

    Send it over my way please!

  157. Rachel

    Dine Out Vancouver FTW!

  158. Ashley


  159. micky

    mmmmm!!! yes please!

  160. lean sing

    I am so excited about Dine out! i have already rallied a group of 10 to head down to the vancouver art gallery to enjoy the plethora of food on offer!!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!! I am new to Vancouver and this would absolutely cement Vancouver’s status in my heart as the Most Liveable City in the world. (i have previously lived in melbourne…:)

  161. Jamilla

    Never tried before sounds amazing!

  162. Kim

    One of the best thing I love about Vancouver is the opportunities to try new things! I’d love to try about this new place! Hope you guys pick me :)

  163. Jenn

    pick me! :D

  164. Scott Podwinski

    Hey guys. I love food. Foodie food food. Yummmm

  165. love Dine Out Vancouver

  166. Paula C.

    I would love to try forage as part of my Dine Out experience!

  167. Rob C.

    I would love to take my bride on a Dine Out date to forage!

  168. Jasmine

    Sounds yummy.

  169. Fiona

    I just read a food blog on Forage yesterday! would love to eat there.

  170. Andrea

    I’d love to try this place!

  171. Kate

    I really want to try this place!

  172. Teri

    Thank you for a chance to try the menu @ forage

  173. Celia

    Arrived in Vancouver today, a lonely Aussie whose friends/relatives are celebrating Australia Day already. I would love to have somewhere special & delicious to dine.

  174. dan f

    yes please!

  175. This was one of our favourite restaurants O’Doul’s. We were sad it closed.

    So we are very happy Forage has opened and would love to try out Forage and Chris’ ultra sustainable menu! (maybe you can keep some of the O’Doul’s favourites).

  176. fiona n

    would love to win

  177. Shirley

    I’m ready to forage at Forage :)

  178. Paulina

    Fantastic give-aways and choices! Dine Out Vancouver is better than ever this year! :D

  179. Mara Long

    That’s so funny – a friend of mine just told me about her dinner at Forage last night. Apparently it’s a spectacular restaurant!

  180. Nicole

    We first tried the chowder at the chowder chow down competition in December. It was probably the best chowder i’ve ever had! We went back recently to try other items on the menu, and everything was just fantastic!

  181. Sherry

    I would love to try Forage!

  182. sarah

    My husband and I need a date night out! I’d love to try this place:)

  183. Lydia

    I would love to go!

  184. Stephanie

    Dine Out is such a great way to experience many restaurants at a slightly lower cost. My husband & I have been participating for the last 5 years. We’ve found many new ‘favs’ this way. Never been to Forage but hear they use only local ingredients in their dishes. Kudos!

  185. Sarah

    Thanks for the contest, and giving someone a nice night out to try this restaurant! Love your site :)

  186. Gloria

    Sounds interesting. Would love to try this place.

  187. Natalie


  188. Lisa

    I’ve never been to Forage. Would love to try it!

  189. Bon


  190. kyle

    never tried it, but heard great things !

  191. Chelsea

    Visiting Vancouver this weekend – we’d love to try it!

  192. Gursharan Kundi

    Would love to try this place!

  193. teresa

    Love inside Vancouver. Love to try FOrage!

  194. Cynthia


  195. lauren

    I’ve been wanting to try this place.

  196. Shawna


  197. craig


  198. Suzanne

    I would LOVE to try Forage!

  199. Sonia

    Would love to win this!

  200. Jamillia

    Really want to try forage!

  201. Linda

    This is THE restaurant that I want to try this year

  202. Jane

    i wonder if it’s better than odouls

  203. Olga

    Forage – interesting name, so telling!

  204. Sandra

    Would be a great Valentine’s gift!

  205. kirsten

    Never been to Forage. Would love to try it!

  206. Jenifer

    A wonderful dineout menu and restaurant! :)

  207. loretta

    i have a reso to try this place tmrw!

  208. Kenny

    can’t wait to try!

  209. Olivia


  210. Roxane Tash Reis

    Yes we’d love to try!
    Give us a call.
    We always need a change.

  211. Richelle

    Thank you for these giveaways!

  212. I just won one… but it doesnt hurt to try again (:

  213. Heard so much about them.. would love to try!

  214. Susan

    This place is at the top of my Dine-out list. Missing O’Doul’s but this looks intriguing!

  215. Celine

    Hope I have a chance to dine here!

  216. Leslie R


  217. Allison

    happy friday

  218. Amanda

    I’ve never been to this place yet and I would love to try it!

  219. Kat

    Please pick me!!!! I would love to try forage!

  220. ADA

    I love to take my kids to eat around Vancouver in this festival! And like to try new things too!!

  221. roxshana

    I really enjoy Dine-Vancouver, would love to try this place out with my boyfriend!

  222. Simon Cheung

    New to the city: discovered Forage recently and discovered Inside Vancouver today – both look amazing. Pick me!

  223. Ash

    I’ve been hearing so much about Forage! I’d love to try it out.

  224. SHERRY


  225. KELVIN

    Wife asked me to post this, so I must do!

  226. Gerald

    Awesome! Dine out scores again with wonderful restaurants like this!

  227. Tina Nguyen

    My first time trying out Dine out Vancouver this year and I would love to try out !!!

  228. joe

    I would love to go

  229. lora

    I am a long time veteran in DineOut :0)

  230. LH

    Heard they are into sustainable dining, would love to experience. Me please!

  231. Liz

    Me please!!!! Would love to try Forage!

  232. Nilos

    Never been there but only heard good things about it!

  233. Angela

    Can’t get there right now but looking forward to tasting what Vancouver has on offer when we come over in April……

  234. sandy

    me please

  235. vivian

    would love to try!!

  236. M_westvan

    Hope I win!

  237. katie

    pick me!

  238. Bons

    Love to try! Thanks.

  239. Shirley

    I would love to try forage!! Their menu looks awesome

  240. Naomi

    Hope I get lucky!

  241. spencer


  242. Manuel

    Thanks for having these awesome giveaways!

  243. lorah

    i love dineout, 3 weeks is too short. HELP

  244. Ada

    sounds like a great place!

  245. Odette

    I never win anything…oh well there’s always hope. Would love to try this place.

  246. Laura

    I would love to win!

  247. Felice

    Just in time for ValEntines! *weird noises from the stomach*

  248. cherie

    Oohh I want to try this place!!!

  249. Lawrence

    Sounds great – count me in!

  250. Tlai

    yes please!

  251. Lindsay

    I’ve been dying to try Forage since it opened!!

  252. pls!!

  253. Winnie

    Please pick me!

  254. Jeremy

    Would love to try this place!

  255. Neena

    Never been to Forage love to try it.

  256. Sony

    I wanna check this place out:)

  257. Laura

    pretty please, with sugar on top!?!?!

  258. cal

    never been! let me try please :)

  259. Doris

    Pick me, pick me….please….

  260. Charles

    It would be fantastic to get an opportunity to try this place!

  261. alex mitchell

    So excited about all this local sustainable food!

  262. Aimee W

    Yum! great prize :)

  263. Lynn

    Really curious about this one!

  264. Juliana

    would love to add this restaurant to the list!

  265. Phoebe

    Pick me please!

  266. angie

    I cant wait to try it !

  267. Bonnie

    This new restaurant sounds terrific. Can’t wait to try it.

  268. Roxsy Kuo

    I would like to dine out at this place with my lovely foody hubby

  269. Wing San, Leung

    I would love to try this place out!!!

  270. Denise

    Please pick me!

  271. Ursula

    Sounds great!

  272. Dana

    Great way to try out a new restaurant

  273. Dana

    Great way to try out a new restaurant

  274. cecilia

    forage is amazing!

  275. Denau

    Maybe me today??

  276. Tracy

    Would love to win this!

  277. Thomas

    It’s a great place to eat.

  278. BT

    Inside Vancouver rocks!

  279. Emily

    Would love to go, thanks!!

  280. Donna L

    thank you again for the wonderful contests! I’d love to try this place with my sister!

  281. Erin

    Pick me!

  282. Lydia

    hey pick me too ;)

  283. Linda

    Menu looks amazing!

  284. farzad

    I’d love to get this gift card, it’d be awesome!!!

  285. Christine E

    Yum Yum! Would love to go!

  286. Ryan

    woohoo love forage!!

  287. Shirley

    I’d love to try forage:)

  288. Wendy

    Yay! C:
    3 cheers for food! hiphiphooray! hiphiphooray! hiphiphooray! :D

  289. Jenny Chan

    great contest pick me please:)

  290. Jeremy

    I would love to try Forage!!!

  291. Jen

    Sounds delicious :)

  292. Sandra

    would love to win the gift certicate and to attend one of the many dine out vancouver.

  293. Jenny


  294. Tina

    Would love to try this restaurant

  295. Jenie Britto

    Pick me pick me! :)

  296. Annie

    Thank you!

  297. Helen

    Dine out always superb! Love Forage!

  298. Genevieve

    Dine Out Dine Out pick me pick me!
    I need yummy food in my empty tummy!

  299. Anne

    There are so many great restaurants to try!

  300. Amanda

    I REALLY want to try this restaurant! pick me pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!

  301. linda

    another place to add to my list of places to try.

  302. Abby

    the menu looks delicious!

  303. Jocelyn

    I have reservations already and super excited to go!

  304. Nancy

    I’d love to give it a try!

  305. Alice

    Forage. Can’t wait to try it out.

  306. Shyla

    I’d love to give it a try!

  307. Jean


  308. henrik

    looks good

  309. KY


  310. Kevin Low

    I’ve watched videos about sustainable lectures, would love to dine in one! :)

  311. Gordon

    I’d love to try forage! :)

  312. Robbie

    Sounds great!! Loved to try it!

  313. Tina

    Me please :)

  314. Winnie

    Trying again to win a GC, thanks

  315. Jenny

    This would be great!

  316. Emily

    I have never been to Forage and I would love to!!!

  317. Emily

    I wanna try the apple pie so bad!

  318. Chantel

    Went there for apple pie one time, they were sold out :(

  319. Pam Karasz

    Please pick me! :D

  320. Cathy lau

    nothing soothes the soul more than a piece of DELISH apple pie! :D … Other than DELISH apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream on the side!

  321. Michelle

    Awesome possum!

  322. warren

    id love to try forage i live right behind it

  323. warren

    forage would be an awesome place to sample

  324. Heidi

    Good food brings people together :)

  325. sandeep

    Pick me and you’ll make my week!

  326. Amie Arrieta

    I Would love to try forge!

  327. julia

    Just heard from a friend of Forage’s delicious spot prawn chowder and amazing service; this restaurant is a must try!

  328. Michelle

    pick pick pick me plz <3

  329. Wendy

    Heard good things about forage~

  330. Emily

    I wanna try Forage!!!

  331. Lis

    The menu sounds great!

  332. Ada Lee

    I would love to win ! :)

  333. Ryan

    PICK ME!

  334. sabrina

    yumzzzzzz in my tumzzzzzzzzz!!!

  335. Jenny Chan

    Hope I get to try this restaurant :)

  336. JW

    heard amazing things about this place! would be great if I win :)

  337. I really really want to try this restaurant!!!

  338. Gina

    Would love to try that place. Thanks for the contest.

  339. Andrew

    It’d be awesome to try!

  340. Brandy

    Forage sounds amazing!

  341. Chiu Sing Chan

    Want to try this place out

  342. Afrooz

    Love food!!!!

  343. VINCE

    Forage, you and I, we belong together for a nice night out!

  344. Emily

    I want!!