Vancouver Poised to Nearly Double Its Farmers Markets

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There may be a chill in the air and snow on the mountains, but Vancouver is getting greener by the minute.

A list of 71 eco-recommendations being considered by city council next week includes adding 13 new farmers markets, bringing the total to 22, by the year 2020.  All in all, the 150-page proposal amounts to a bold new blueprint for the city’s food strategy, explains Randy Shore in a great article for the Vancouver Sun.

The new food strategy, titled What Feeds Us, envisions Vancouver as a model green city with an integrated food ecosystem, featuring local food production, processing, storage, distribution and even disposal in the form of composting.

According to the report, in the years ahead our urban environment is set to become more and more lush, as food production moves from the suburbs into the city itself.  Just in the past three years, more than 1,000 community garden plots have been started in the city, while the number of farmers markets has doubled.  In the near future, expect to see a surge of edible landscaping, rooftop greenhouses and unique green walls (farms grown vertically along the sides of buildings).

Shore points out a few of the key goals of the new plan in his article, including: 

  • Adding 13 new farmers markets for a total of 22
  • Adding 1300 new community gardens for a total of 5,000
  • Adding 18 new urban farms (the kind that occupy vacant lots) for a total of 35
  • Promoting edible landscaping and fruit trees along streets and traffic circles
  • Developing a centralized processing, distribution and sales centre for locally grown foods
  • Requiring schools and park concessions to serve a certain percentage of locally grown foods

Photo credit: RayVanEng | Flickr

If approved by city council, the plan is designed to be achieved over the next seven years, helping Vancouver in its mission to become the world’s greenest city by 2020.

What do you think about Vancouver adding more farmers markets? Let us know below.  

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One Response to Vancouver Poised to Nearly Double Its Farmers Markets

  1. Rick Ketcheson

    Best idea yet for creating jobs and making us sustainable. Local initiatives like this will help people come together in communities and provide opportunity for many to participate in making their lives better. It should be a model for the other communities throughout the lower mainland and elsewhere in Canada.