Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate for L’Abattoir

Welcome to the Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaways!

Check back daily for a new giveaway each day of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Today’s giveaway is a $100 Gift Certificate for L’Abattoir.

Simply post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select a winner tomorrow and notify by email.

Good luck everyone!

Updated February 1st: Congratulations Janet! You are the lucky recipient of a $100 Gift Certificate to L’Abattoir. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Stay tuned for more giveaways on Inside Vancouver.


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430 Responses to Daily Dine Out Vancouver Festival Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate for L’Abattoir

  1. This is a place I so want to try out! Thanks Tourism Van for the opportunity :)

    • Rachel

      Sounds amazing

    • Raquel

      Yes, please! This would be a great place to have our wedding anniversary dinner date :)

  2. samantha stones

    I hope I win!! Fingers crossed :D

  3. Alex Mitchell

    YEs please!!!!!!!

  4. MelV

    pick me please!

  5. Julie

    This would be amazing to win!

  6. Tatian

    So eager to try this place out! Please-oh-please!

  7. Lucy liu

    Lovely! I really wanna go dine out one more time before it ends!!

  8. Moira Aikenhead

    An absolute favourite! Would love to win.

  9. Lana

    I would love a night out and somewhere new to try. Please
    Pick me

  10. Jenn

    I’ve wanted to go to L’Abattoir for so long! Finally made reservations :)

  11. Kris

    It’s my best friend’s birthday this week, and I would really love to be able to take him out for it! He loves L’Abattoir!

  12. Gabriella Schmidt

    I am hungry! Pick me! Seriously, thanks for all of the wonderful contests for “Dine Out Vancouver”.

  13. Brandon

    Yes please!

  14. Olivia

    Pretty please!

  15. Anne Dorsey

    Dine out and enjoy.

  16. Dianne

    Menu looks great!

  17. Ian Philip

    Could use a nice Dine Out dinner!

  18. Sarah N

    This would make for a great night!

  19. The L’Abattoir Dine Out Menu looks scrumptious!

  20. Mike

    You know you want to randomly select me.

  21. Rachel

    Yes, please, I’m starving!

  22. Donna L

    most excellent giveaway! Thank you!

  23. Johanna

    This would be amazing!

  24. Winnie Wong

    One of my favorite restaurants! Really enjoyed their food and atmosphere!

  25. Sandra

    i’d love to win!

  26. Lil K

    I’ve always wanted to try this place. The atrium in the back looks like an AMAZING place to dine in!

  27. Would love to check out L’Abattoir. How can I become a volutneer contributor to Inside Vancouver?

  28. darren

    Yes please!

  29. Evan

    Great dinner place!

  30. joachim

    Love this place!!

  31. Andrew

    I’ve never been! I’ve always wanted to go I’ve heard so many good things!

  32. jayne

    loved their dine out!!

  33. Mark


  34. Shirley

    Would be nice to try this restaurant

  35. Desiree

    This place is great!

  36. Janet

    I’ve never been and would love to try it out during #dovf!

  37. Gerald

    Dine Out is an amazing opportunity to try new places you haven’t dined at before! Would love to try this one!

  38. phyllis

    I’ve never been here, would love to try it. Yes Please!

  39. Janet

    Oh.. Love to try this restaurant!! Thanks for the great give-a-ways!

  40. Lynelle


  41. Maenard


  42. Shelley S.

    I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for awhile. Winning would be great!

  43. Carol

    Yes Please :)

  44. Amanda

    please choose me. =)

  45. Shirley

    I would love to win this prize!! I’ve been meaning to go to this restaurant for so long!

  46. Colene

    One of my favourite restaurants in the city. I haven’t been back in ages, would love a reason to go back!

  47. Alice Wang

    I’ve always wanted to try! =D

  48. Jay

    im hungry!

  49. Shirley

    I would love to win this prize!!

  50. michelle

    I hope I win this one!!!

  51. Ron

    Pick me please.

  52. Oooh this has been on my list of places to try for a while now. Heard so many rave reviews!

  53. katie

    I heart food!

  54. jotang

    I need to try this place!!!

  55. Stephen

    A fantastic restaurant! highly recommended…

  56. Tien Nguyen

    One of my fav spots in town. Would love to win!

  57. Nancy

    would love to try this restaurant out!

  58. Alana

    ♡♡♡Yes please!!!♡♡♡

  59. Christy

    Me plz! Love L’Abattoir!

  60. Davin

    goodluck everyone!

  61. Mitsumi

    Mmmm. Yes please!

  62. Pat

    Would love to try this place – please and thank you!

  63. Darcy

    I would like to try this place out!

  64. Brenda

    Love going to L’Abbatoir for drinks & small plates!

  65. Joyce


  66. Arjun Rudra

    Fingers crossed.

  67. Cliff

    Haven’t been for dinner in a while, this would be a great chance to go.

  68. Adrian

    I’d fly back for this. One of my favorite restaurants in town.

  69. Allison

    this restaurant is amazing. LOVE!

  70. Darcy

    L’Abattoir sounds delicious!

  71. Derrick F

    Looking forward to saying hi to Paul G.

  72. Joo

    Fine dining would be a fantastic change of pace. Gotta spoil yourself every now and then! Fingers crossed.

  73. Natasha

    So excited for this!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway. Everyone needs L’Abattoir in their life! xo

  74. Jenny Chi


  75. I’ve heard about this restaurant so it has peaked my curiousity….Love to go – I like variety and appreciate good food – pick me, pick me!

  76. Jeanette

    love their bread basket- so innovative!

  77. Christie M


  78. Loretta

    good luck to me!

  79. Janice

    Heard their DOV was amazing! Meaning to try this place.

  80. Josh

    I walked past L’Abbatoir the other day and boldly proclaimed, “This is my favourite restaurant in Vancouver”. Just a seat at the bar for a Meat Hook, or a Clover Club–and a Bacon Brioche Bun? Need I say more?

  81. Dana

    This would be sweet!

  82. Jill

    Chefs here are awesome!

  83. Kenny

    haven’t tried this place yet.

  84. Jess L

    Really wanna try this place!!

  85. colleen

    <3 yes please <3

  86. Karla J

    me please!

  87. Evelyne

    I have hear good things about this restaurant and it is my birthday next week.
    Thanks for offering the opportunity to win gift certificates.

  88. Ginny

    Please please!

  89. N

    yes please delicious food!

  90. Jennifer

    I have heard of this place and love to try it

  91. Angie

    Pick me!! I wanttt!!:)

  92. Anna

    I’d love to win!

  93. Nick


  94. Carmen

    This would be a great date night out away from baby… Pick me please!

  95. Aimee W

    thank you!



  97. Teri

    Thank you for a chance to try L’Abattoir

  98. Bella

    What a fabulous prize – their food looks amazing! Would love to come down from the Sunshine Coast and experience it!

  99. Cally

    Heard great things about this place, would love to try it!:)

  100. Rosie

    LOVE this place! Would love a chance to go!

  101. Tintin

    It’d be wonderful to win!

  102. My friend has been begging me to go to L’Abattoir with her!

  103. Nadine


  104. Kam

    Would love to try this place out! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  105. ding lean sing

    please give it to me! thanks!

  106. Steve

    I’m away for college right now, but I would love to send my girlfriend for a night out. Good luck everybody!

  107. Amanda

    I want to try this place!

  108. Wesley

    Would love to finally try the place!

  109. LC


  110. Ayla


  111. Damon C

    I really want to try L’abattoir!

  112. bertha


  113. Kitty

    L’Abattoir is one of the top 3 restaurants on my wishlist. I received high recommendation from my friends who’ve been there before. They gave it a 5/5 in in every aspect be it the service, the ambiance, or the food. Looking forward to the chance of winning this giveaway.

  114. adriana

    me please, me me me! so I can treat my boyfriend :)

  115. Anita

    Love this place!

  116. Sabrina W

    I really want to try L’Abattoir! Thanks InsideVancouver!

  117. Judit

    Would be nice to try them on my birthday!

  118. Vinnie

    I’ve always wanted to try L’Abattoir!

  119. Mick

    Would be grateful if I win!

  120. Emily Campisi

    Been wanting to try this place forever!!

  121. Liz

    The food here sounds so delicious. I want to try out new places in 2013 in Vancouver and this restaurant looks like the perfect place to dine out with my friends.

  122. Jodi

    Hungry already..

  123. Liz

    Oh my goodness, I’ve been wanting to try this place for the longest time!!!!!

  124. TwistedB

    Winning would be awesome!

  125. Lauren

    this restaurant is delicious! would love to have a night out here.

  126. sarah

    I’m still holding out on what “dine out vancouver” place to try this saturday…..i’m thinking this sounds good:)

  127. Jon A

    Would LOVE to be able to try L’Abbatoir!! Heard such great things about it :D

  128. Mary

    omg, i really want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. GL


  130. Elaine


  131. Melia

    I’ve always wanted to eat at L’Abattoir!!

  132. Sara LB

    Yay! You guys do the best contests! I want to try this place <3

  133. Chantelle

    I’m still hungry

  134. Kat

    I would love to try L’Abattoir!

  135. Pakka

    Please pick me !!

  136. Will S

    Love to give this a try!

  137. Ursula

    Yes please!

  138. Soleil

    Never been

  139. Kelvin

    Sweet prize! Please pick me!

  140. Gerald

    Nice to win! This looks like a special restaurant!

  141. kim

    I’m pretty new to vancouver and I’ve seen great reviews for L’Abbatoir so i would love to give this place a try! :)

  142. Michelle

    I actually picked this restaurant as a must to try for dine out!

  143. Jen W.

    If I were only allowed to comment/ enter the contest once, THIS would be my pick. L’abattoire is on my bucketlist of places to eat!

  144. Dinara

    I would love to go!

  145. Melanie

    This L’Abattoir menu has me salivating!

  146. Jon

    Been dying to try this place!

  147. Connie

    Trying out this place will be an exciting way to end Dine Out this weekend! =))

  148. Ann

    This would call for a mother-daughter date!

  149. Paul Giles

    Please Pick me!

  150. Renn

    Would love to try this with my family!!

  151. Pam Karasz

    Please pick me!!! I enter every day! Lol :D

  152. Mel Gaudet

    I’ve been laid up all week with a bad back. This would be so nice to look forward to!

  153. Gabriel Yeung

    I’d love to win!!!! Pick me!!!

  154. Kevin King

    This is one of the top 2 places I want to try, along with Bao Bei. I’ve never been to either one.

  155. liza

    yes, please!

  156. stacey

    yes please!!

  157. kim

    would love to try this place

  158. Julia

    Me, me, me!

  159. Kenny Chia

    L-Abattoir … Please feed me!

  160. Rose

    I would love to go to L’Abattoir!

  161. Nilos

    Yes please!! Love this place!

  162. Christine

    Yum yum yum!

  163. Nicole L

    Please pick me -need a pick me up. thanks

  164. Had dinner here once and really enjoyed it!

  165. Olivia

    Would love to try!

  166. Van Le Do

    WOO! L’Abattoir! Please say it is me. :-)

  167. Cher

    L’Abbatoir is AMAZING. Pick me! ;)

  168. Johanna P

    Mais, oui!

  169. Eva L

    Yes please!

  170. Sonja

    Been wanting to try this place out for a while now–this would be a fantastic prize!

  171. Smasha

    So far I’ve been to Wildebeest, and Baru this year. BOTH AMAZING!! Vancouver does DineOut so well, we should be proud as a city. Can’t wait to try more!

  172. Luke


  173. roxana

    je suis tres interessee!!! merci!

  174. I’ve never been but I’ve heard good things about L’Abattoir!

  175. Leanne

    It’s been my dream to come here!

  176. Rochelle

    Wow, would love to try this restaurant!

  177. Sharlene

    I’ve never been there but would love to try it!

  178. Anna

    Pick me!

  179. lucy kabatoff

    Sounds Awesome !

  180. Linda W

    would love to try this!!!

  181. Adrian


  182. Bonnie

    Looks like a great place.

  183. Fiona N

    i love L’Abattoir!! would love to win this

  184. Steph

    Would love to go!

  185. Chris

    food=good :)

  186. abby

    Ooh! I would love to eat there :)

  187. Sherry

    I would love to!!!

  188. Emily

    I wanna try this placee!!

  189. Alice

    Fingers crossed to be the lucky one!

  190. Aimée

    That would be a perfect Vancouver date night!

  191. dan f

    would love to try L’Abattoir.

  192. fiona

    ye s please

  193. Monti

    My BF gets back from a long trip away and this would be so nice to greet him with. We have had l’abbatoire on our hit list for a while now. Pick us, pretty please.

  194. Diane

    Any chance you could put the comment box above all the comments so I don’t have to scroll so far down using a smartphone?

  195. Dom

    Have been wanting to go for a long time!

  196. nancy

    Wanna go there please!!

  197. Tasha

    Would love to go!!

  198. Grace

    Me me me!

  199. Lina

    I would love this!

  200. barb

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  201. Craig

    Looks good!

  202. Michael Dhaliwal

    nice website.

  203. Jessica

    I’ve heard such good things about L’Abbatoir, would love the chance to try it!

  204. Larry

    Great contest.

    Thank you

  205. David S

    On my list of must try places

  206. Xian


  207. Josephine

    Recovering from another exhausting day of looking after my precious baby. So precious, but so exhausting. Free dinner would be very nice. Please!

  208. Angela Poon

    Would LOVE to try this place!

  209. Teresa K

    I’d love to win!

  210. Cristalle

    Sounds like a great place to dine!

  211. Cecilia

    Oh, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!! =)

  212. Neena


  213. Dora

    Oh! Please! I need to have their pork schnitzel !!!

  214. Nicole

    Have been wanting to try labattoir for awhile now!

  215. Tracy

    love l’abattoir!

  216. Kate

    Would love to try this place!

  217. I would love to try it!

  218. Stephanie

    Would love to try this place out :)

  219. one of my favorite places for cocktails! delish!

  220. Jane

    my fave place :)

  221. Seila

    Sounds great!

  222. Manuel

    Love to try it!

  223. randy

    great restaurant pick!

  224. Dennis L.

    Yes please! Love this place.

  225. anya

    i never win anything, why even bother. but yet, i’m bothering….

  226. Richelle

    I’d love this!

  227. Gloria

    Already have a reservation. Would love to win!

  228. Kayla

    I’ve been wanting to try this place! Perfect opportunity!

  229. Emi

    I want to try it!!!

  230. David

    Never been and great reason to try.

  231. Ann-Marie

    I’d love to win!

  232. shane merriam

    Abbatoir is a FANTASTIC night out!

  233. Jocelyne

    Great place for a farewell dinner. Pick me pretty, pretty please :)

  234. Bettina

    Yes, please! I heard so many good things about L’abattoir!!!

  235. Ami Patel

    Would love to win this! :)

  236. charles

    Abbatoir is at the forefront of new dining experiences in Gastown. Delicious!

  237. Ed

    pick me!!!

  238. Eileen

    Would love to try!

  239. Natalie

    I’d love to try this place!

  240. Leslie R


  241. Angela

    Really want to try this place! :))) Pick meeee!

  242. @nelliebobellie

    L’Abattoir is one of the restaurants I recommend most – would love to win this!

  243. Jocelyn

    Heard lots of good things about this place!

  244. Elisa

    Would like to try this place…hopefully I win something before Dine Out ends!

  245. Lynn

    Love these Gastown eateries!

  246. Susan

    Provocative name – great food!

  247. Marianne

    I’d love to win!

  248. Jamilla

    keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

  249. lauren

    good food and good drinks

  250. Lorraine

    I want

  251. Linda

    I have heard amazing things about the food here. I would love to take my friend here for dinner.

  252. tracy

    :D fooood!

  253. Jillian

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to try this place out.

  254. lisa

    count me in!

  255. kirsten schuld

    Heard lots of good things about this place!

  256. Renee

    Lovely place for dinner!

  257. M Mak

    This is one of them I want to try!!! :)

  258. My friend absolutely loves this place. Would love to win it!

  259. sandeep

    I’d love to be picked and take the family out!

  260. Joy

    Oh, oh…!! Pick me, pick ME!!! Pretty please, pick me!

  261. Teresa

    Another good choice

  262. Lindsay

    Still hoping to win one of these GCs during Dine Out.

  263. Mel

    Take me to the slaughterhouse!! Dying to go :).

  264. Wow! Their dine-out menu sounds incredibly delicious! Would love to go :)

  265. Hlee

    Yay!! l’abattoir!!

  266. XIN

    L’Abattoir is one of the top 5 restaurants that I want to try out in Dine Out Vancouver! But because of the $38 menu I hold it off a bit.. Thanks so much Tourism Vancouver for this great opportunity, at least it gives me some hope! With the $100 I can bring my parents to try it out together! =)

  267. SHERRY


  268. KELVIN

    My wife’s favorite.

  269. CLAIRE

    I want to win, please!

  270. brandon

    Yes please

  271. Ada

    wowie! i love this place!

  272. JANIS

    I like this restaurant.

  273. BERNIE

    Pick me please.

  274. TEDDY

    Never tried this restaurant, would love to win.

  275. Kun

    This would be an awesome choice to celebrate our 1st Anniversary tomorrow! Please pick us!

  276. Vince

    Great prize!

  277. Deidre

    What a nice way to spend an evening out!

  278. Kerena

    This is such a romantic resraurant that located in the historic area 0f Gastown. We have got our pre-wedding photos taken in Gastown. It would be great if we can win this for our Annuversary tomorrow!

  279. Aleksey

    This would be nice.

  280. Phoebe

    Pick me please!!

  281. Quincy

    Been gone from Vancouver for a long time.. Lucky that I am just in time to come back for this great event! It will be nice to win this and spend a great night out with my friends!

  282. Sarah

    I would LOVE to try this restaurant. Please pick me!!!!!

  283. Lu

    dining in a former jail is def different :-) Would love to win!

  284. Alex

    Sounds very classy and tempting!!!

  285. Tammy

    I would love to try this restaurant!!!

  286. John M

    Looks awesome

  287. ashlee


  288. alice

    Dine Out Vancouver = Good Food + Good Restaurant + Good Friends

  289. alice

    I love Dine Out Vancouver

  290. odds look good

  291. Sunny

    Dine Out Vancouver, you Light Up MY Life!!!

  292. Alice Ng

    Dine Out Vancouver is one of my Life Goals to achieve every year!!!

  293. Always wanted to go there!

  294. natalie

    I would love to dine here!

  295. beclim

    So want to be there!

  296. ASH

    Listen to my new song, by Lady Ma Ma: Wah, Wah, OO-La-La, DINE OUT VANCOUVER!!!!, Have to do it every year!!!!!!

  297. Suuny

    I got my new song too:
    Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moon light,
    My best friend waiting for me, to Dine Out here tonight!!!!

  298. Jules


  299. OHM

    Ooh, I really want to try this!

  300. Ashley

    This sounds great!

  301. Pauline

    Would love to take my boyfriend and try this place.

  302. Andrew

    Awesome if I can go!

  303. Alice Ng

    I made up another song too! Time in a bottle by Alice Gummy!
    If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I’d like to do,
    Is to pray every day, and win all gift passes, again, just to Dine Out with You!
    If I could make days last forever, If words, could make wishes come true,
    I would pray everyday for Dine Out Vancouver, again, just to to Dine Out with You!!!!!00000000 Yummmmmy!

  304. Sonia

    Would love to win this!

  305. Iris

    Sounds great! would love to try

  306. C

    Dov rocks!

  307. cal

    please pick me :) it will be wonderful to try this place out finally!

  308. Mirk

    This is an awesome place! Would love to go back. Excellent rabbit!

  309. Sui Ming

    Would love to try this!

  310. please!

  311. Doris

    Pick me please!

  312. Shannon

    Yum! Sounds awesome!

  313. Kurtis

    Pretty please?

  314. Antoinette

    Thanks for running this contest! Would love to win this.

  315. Lydia

    L’abattoir, j’ aimerais beaucoup y aller :)

  316. Elissa

    Would love to win

  317. Betty T

    Here’s hopin’!

  318. lizzy

    I love this place!

  319. Dawn

    Would love to win this.

  320. Winnie

    Please pick me!!!

  321. Alex

    Yay dineout!

  322. Linda

    Thanks for the contest! Would love to try this restaurant.

  323. Anna

    Bring it on!!!

  324. Go Dine out Vancouver!! Please pick me :)

  325. christine

    I love this restaurant!

  326. maria

    Would love to try this place!

  327. Adriana

    What a wonderful opportunity!can’t wait’

  328. Chantelle

    would love this!

  329. mauro

    would like to eat here

  330. Pat

    I love Steak tartare!

  331. cl

    Crossing my fingers I hope I win!

  332. Spencer


  333. Annie

    Thank you!

  334. Kim

    Any day now, I might win one of these

  335. Helen

    Dine out so good!!!

  336. Jason

    Love it there!!!

  337. Charles A

    Would love to try this place!

  338. Kristina


  339. Yayoi

    I would love to go!!!

  340. ky


  341. Fran

    I hope to win

  342. Kevin

    Here! Pick me!

  343. Viral Patel

    would love to win!

  344. Sagar Patel

    Pick Me!

  345. Britt Shalagan

    I love Inside Vancouver! Only recently stumbled on this site and I’m hooked. Thanks for making the awesomeness of Vancouver more accessible!

  346. Ami

    Really want to win! :)

  347. Kate

    woot woot !

  348. Kate

    me too! me too!

  349. Jen

    Sounds amazing :)

  350. Jeremy

    Perfect for our anniversary!


  352. Michele

    I want to feast on beast.

  353. Gordon

    I’d love to go to L’Abattoir! :)

  354. Angela W

    More more L’Aboittar!

  355. Maggie

    Have enjoyed master mixes at the bar…it’s time to enjoy a meal, hopefully in the Atrium. Fingers crossed…

  356. Jada


  357. Areta

    Love to win!

  358. Kevin

    . . Also known as one of the highest rated restaurants among Vancouverites, chefs and critics! Definitely would love the chance to be among those who have dined in this fine restaurant. :)

  359. Ryoko

    I have heard fantastic things about this restaurant. Would love to try it!

  360. Betty walthers

    Yes, please.

  361. Serena

    I completely forgot about Dine Out this year…I must have a 1 year old at home. Please please please pick me! Thank you.

  362. Jessica

    would love to try with family!


    i hope i can win this!

  364. Tina

    Great giveaway!

  365. Joanna

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  366. Emilia

    Thanks for the giveaway

  367. Jonathan P

    Ahhh, so grateful for your giveaways!! Hope I can get lucky!!

  368. Michelle


  369. Kevin L.

    Thank you L’Abattoir!

  370. Anna

    I’d love to try this place out!

  371. Winnie

    would love to win for this restaurant :)

  372. Chris


  373. Norma

    Nice place!

  374. derek

    love to win this!

  375. Shyla

    Mmm… looks delicious! Would love to give it a try.

  376. SusanP

    Oh my…yes please!

  377. Corrine LaPlante

    Would love a night out! :)

  378. Cecilia

    sounds so yummy!

  379. Jenifer

    thank you!

  380. Dilara

    Love their cocktails!

  381. alyah

    Looking forward to this years dine out experience!

  382. Joe

    I’m loving dine out!

  383. ryan

    L’food me

  384. Hanson Do

    A true Gastown gem! I would love to scratch this venue off my list :)

  385. Janet

    Looks great!

  386. Katherine

    You know the restaurant is worthwhile when you have to scroll for ten seconds to reach the bottom to comment. I <3 l'abattoir!

  387. Cris Fisher


  388. Siobhan

    Just reading the menu made me drool.

  389. Diana

    would REALLY love to win this!

  390. Erin

    On my ‘must try’ list – lets make it happen!!


  391. Leo

    Please and thank you!!

  392. Insi

    Heard L’Abattoir is great and I’d love to try it!

  393. Jay

    Awesome. MMMMM

  394. Nan

    Yum! Love L’Abattoir!

  395. Victoria Lei

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