Bollywood Coming to Vancouver: Times of India Film Awards Details Announced

Photo credit: Times of India Film Awards

Photo credit: Times of India Film Awards

Bollywood is coming to Vancouver.

The city is set to host the Times of India Film Awards this April 4-April 6.  More than 30,000 film fans are expected to pour into Vancouver for a three-day celebration of Hindi films slated to draw some of Bollywood’s biggest stars.

This is the inaugural instalment of the awards, which are based on global fan voting on  the year’s top Bollywood hits.  Vancouver won the rights to the event after the province agreed to spend a total of $11 million on hosting and related expenses, with an eye toward strengthening ties between British Columbia and India.

(The Times of India Awards are not to be confused with the International Indian Film Academy Awards – the Indian equivalent of the Oscars.  British Columbia initially bid to host this event but was rejected.)

So what’s in store for the gala celebration?  Things kick off on Thursday, April 4, with an Indian musical extravaganza at Pacific Coliseum.  Leading musicians from the Hindi film industry will take the stage to “regale audiences with a concert,” according to organizers.  On Friday, April 5, the year’s most popular Hindi films will be screened at theatres across the city – a kind of mini Hindi film fest for moviegoers.

Photo credit: Times of India Film Awards

Photo credit: Times of India Film Awards

On Saturday, April 6, the event culminates at B.C. Place with a red-carpet awards ceremony, where Bollywood’s biggest stars will be on hand to collect their honours (Attention paparazzi: Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Abhishek Bachchan are all scheduled to attend).

The awards will be seen by hundreds of millions of viewers in India and around the world, putting Vancouver square in the global spotlight.  Between tourism and new business opportunities, the event is expected to bring from $13 million to $18 million to the province.  In fact, based on the description of Vancouver featured on the awards website, it’s hard to imagine how a traveler could resist coming:

“Brush shoulders with your favorite stars as you holiday in Vancouver and surrounding areas of British Columbia. Blessed with breathtaking landscapes, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is home to a geographical diversity that lends itself to a vast array of activities and adventures. From sophisticated cities to breathtaking scenery, there is something for everyone in British Columbia.” 

I’m sold!

What do you think about the Times of India Film Awards? Will you be watching the red carpet? Let us know below.  

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17 Responses to Bollywood Coming to Vancouver: Times of India Film Awards Details Announced

  1. Uma

    This $12 Million should have been spent on something better like programs for creating employment opportunities or counselling services for Indo-Canadian women. Many Bollywood films are racist and sexist in content. Christy Clark isn’t going to get my vote if she supports this industry.

    • J

      Toifa will create tourism bringing in money it will promote B.C. and it will create jobs for people working on the events and the B.C. film industry will get more jobs/experience…

    • Simone

      What on earth do you mean racist? I don’t recall Bollywood films being racist? My best friend is Indian and I watch films with her opening nights in theatres. Now I may be wrong, but I’m sure subtitles can’t completely hide racist comments and what not. Please better educate yourself- you’re the one who sounds racist here.

    • saki

      changing your mind to vote some one for minute action like this
      shows your low capicity for tollerance. Adeed of low being.

    • Thomas

      Thank you to everyone who had the foresight to host this event in Canada. The small investment of $12M is some of the best money the government has ever spent. Christy Clark should cut back on all that money spent on overpaid and underworked bureaucrats, and we’d save billions.

    • j

      glad to see this wise remark! thanks!

  2. Uma

    Maybe you’ve watched the occasional Bollywood film and you’re the one who should educate yourself. I am of Indian origin and I have grown up with them, so I know what I’m talking about. Bollywood films make fun of disabled people; they show “white” people especially women as “loose”. There are movies where they have been depicted as cabaret dancers and vamps. The hero indulges in “eve teasing” as it’s called under Indian law at the beginning of the film; he and his friends harass the heroine and then she ends up falling in love with him. Which self-respecting woman would fall in love with such a man?! I don’t know if you’ve followed the debate on the recent rape case in India. Some women who are victims have blamed Bollywood as one of the factors for being the cause in Indian society where men treat women like crap.

    • j

      thank you for sharing the hard/difficult truth! I’ve spent one year living in the realities of India -there was a lot of what you mentioned!

  3. Big C

    Glad to see some heavyweight Actors making their presence at this event, Shah Rukh Khan and Bachchan are certainly draws.
    But i wish Priyanka Chopra was on the attendee list.


    • ashley

      priyanka choral is coming btw she said it her self on an Indian tv channel and rabir kapoor is coming as well

  4. p

    doe’s somebody have tickets for toifa under 150 per person? if yes please let me know.

    • jas

      go to ticketmaster they have them for 62 dollars but there on the balcony

  5. Mary

    Hollywood North welcome spirit of India.
    Glamour and glitz. WOW! I want to be part of this event.

  6. STown


  7. ahmad

    love bollywood and love to get free tickets.

  8. NOOR



  9. Priyanka Chopra you are bollywood hottest actress