Win Two Tickets to the Times of India Film Awards


The Times of India Film Awards are coming to Vancouver, bringing Bollywood’s hottest stars to the city from April 4th to 6th.

The likes of Katrina Kaif and Abhishek Bachchan will begin arriving downtown on April 3rd, kicking off three days of festivities including a concert extravaganza, movie screenings, public voting for the awards, and the main event …a red-carpet gala awards ceremony at BC Place on April 4th. It is sure to be a weekend of glamour, music, fans and stars and the city will be abuzz with Bollywood energy. You must be here!


Photos: BCCL

Book a TOIFA Package before they’re gone.

Tourism Vancouver has fabulous seasonal hotel rates available during this period, and while supplies last, there is a limited number of Times of India Film Awards Hotel Packages which include:

  • your accommodations (one room double occupancy) in a harbour and/or view room,
  • two lower bowl tickets to the TOI film awards gala,
  • an all-Canadian breakfast for two,
  • and complimentary hotel self-parking

Both the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown and the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel are offering this package.

> Book Now!

WIN two TOIFA Tickets!

Post a comment below and you’ll be automatically entered to win floor seats for two at the Times of India Film Awards Gala at BC Place on April 6. Good luck!

Updated Wednesday, March 27th: Congratulations Amy! You are the lucky recipient of two floor seat tickets to the Times of India Film Awards Gala on Saturday, April 6th at BC Place! Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment and who continues to check back for the latest insider stories.

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  1. Svetlana

    Sounds Great!!!

    • Mike

      It would be nice to be a part of my Gf’s world, As I come from a different background. Would love to take her and experience what she loves most… Bollywood!

    • Marjan

      I cant wait for the Bollywood awards to take place in Vancouver! Its one of the best places to be in! it will be an awesome night!! plus i would love to take my mom for her birthday! Please choose me!! :)

      • Marjan

        Bollywood awards in Vancouver?? One of the best places in the world. OF COURSE this is guna be an amazing night What more can we ask for ?? I would love to be picked for this!! Plus it will be the best birthday everr!! Choose me pleasee!!!

    • Pradeep

      Welcome Bollywood!!!

    • tatiana

      would be so awesome to attend ! :)

    • Sumal T

      This would be an exciting event to experience

    • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      About time

    • Monika

      I LOVE BOLLYWOOD !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kylie

      This would be amazing.

    • Vijay


    • Vijay

      It’s going to be super stuff

    • Vijayy

      It’s Bollywood can’t beat that in Vancouver

    • AK

      Would love to attend with my mom :)

    • Kiran

      floor seats would be amazing!

    • Sunny

      So proud to be Indian! Can’t wait!

    • geeta

      so proud to see vancouver and bollywood are joining hands

    • Karen

      Hello , my daughter is getting married to the most wonderful Indian man this summer, and I can’t think of a better present for them than this to give them both. Cheers!!

    • Juanita McKay-Raymond

      Pick me, my husband I would love to go. :-)

    • Emily

      This would be a great opportunity to experience the biggest event of Indian film and awards. I would love to take part and share this event on my blog and take my boyfriend with me to this great event.

      • P.B

        I wanted to purchase the tickets however since I left it a little too late the price has gone up. I am really upset with myself since I wanted to surprise my sister. This would be the best gift ever it would last us a life time!

        Wishing you all the best of luck!

    • Aman

      i want to go so bad!! Finally something amazing is coming too vancouver, and i can’t even afford it :(

    • Richard Ricardo

      I’m not Indian but have watched Bollywood movies for over 25 years and work for an East Indian company and will be making my first trip to India next October. I would love to attend this event but the only way I can afford it is by winning tickets because I only work part time due to injury.

    • Anu

      I love Bollywood and would love floor seats!

    • Nikki

      I remember being little and loving Silsila.. Watching Rekha, DivyaBharti , Hima ! These women were icons!
      Bollywood films embodies the fairy tale true love , romance to the darkest places humanity can go! Love the films and hoping I will be chosen to attend so I can introduce
      This life long passion to my daughter !!

    • Rupa

      I wish I could get the chance to go ..been a dream to meet all these celebs. :(

    • Linda

      Is it too late to win tickets??

  2. Femina

    Sounds Fantastic!!! Cant wait!!!

    • balwinder

      Just Fun Family Entertainment

  3. Mike

    Welcome Bollywood

  4. Veronica

    I would love to go. The event would be awesome!

  5. Mark c

    yes, please

  6. valerie

    Bollywood love!! xo

  7. Naz Gurbuz

    Way to go! Vancouver is a great choice for the Times of India Film Awards ceremony. Best of luck to all the nominees.

  8. Michael

    I’d love to go!

  9. Ameeta siwan

    So would love to go and meet my fav actors and actresses

  10. Salvia

    Awesome! An evening of film making!

  11. J Saini

    Definitely would want to be part of this glamorous once in a lifetime event!

  12. MK

    It’s going to be great!

  13. Andrew

    Should be a really cool event….

  14. Farah K

    Something Big Is Coming to Vancouver…!!! Yay TOIFA………..EXCITED MUCH :)

  15. Kate


  16. AK

    tickets please :)

  17. satya

    sounds like a ton of fun!!!!!

  18. Kim

    sounds amazing!

    • Zac

      Fantastico! These awards look like fun! Yay multicultural canada!

  19. Anna

    Bollywood is coming ))) It is time to get ready for this huge event in Vancouver! I am in

  20. Pradeep Reddy

    Inside Vancouver has been my best source to find out the best and latest vancouver has to offer. TOIFA is another such “big” thing. BTW I totally love the promotion posters, with elephant standing on Science World and VCC…. Brilliant ideas.

  21. Jewel David

    Now we’re talking! We missed the REAL bollywood out here in Vancouver …Go Bollywood Go :)

  22. SU

    So awesomeeee!!!!

  23. Robyn

    Would love to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience!

  24. Spencer Purdy

    It Would be fun to go!

  25. Can’t wait! Two extra tickets please!

  26. Jake Hamilton

    sounds awesome!!

  27. Pick me, pick me, pick me!.. I mean it sounds great and all too.

  28. Irene M

    I would love to have the opportunity to go!!

  29. I would love to go. Hope to win the tickets!

  30. Renee

    Looks like this will be a awesome event!

  31. SM

    Would love to attend this event!!

  32. Amy

    Would love to see these wonderful actors and actresses in person !!!

  33. Sanaz

    I would love to go ! Sound awesome !

  34. Sofie

    It would be amazing to go!

  35. Sadia Badiei

    Eeeek can’t wait!

  36. Ekam

    So excited thank you to Christy Clark for inviting them here! Would love to win two tickets for my parents <3

  37. Akhil


  38. T BB

    Keen for this, should be a great night!

  39. Ahmed s

    So happy to see sharuks khan in Vancouver,BC the best place on earth and best province:)
    East or west Vancouver is the best:)

  40. Sareena

    Can’t wait! :)

  41. Tom

    How exciting!! Bollywood awards in Vancouver! Congrats to whoever wins, this will be an amazing event :)

  42. Jasmin

    Can’t wait! :D

  43. Nelly

    Thank you TOIFA for bringing Bollywood to Vancouver!!

  44. G rai

    Awesome cant wait :)

  45. Jas

    This is wonderful event for Vancouver.

  46. KT

    Can’t wait!

  47. Sha ahamad

    I am very greatfull and thank full to all if people who were involved in this good job bringing Bollywood to Vancouver,BC.
    It will generate lots tourism and tourist will spend lots of money.

    Once again thank you And I hope I will get a chance to get two tickets to watch Bollywood live :) so happy

  48. brinda

    Can’t wait!!

  49. Ginny

    would love this!

  50. Wawa

    I’d love to go~~~

  51. Melissa

    I can’t wait!!!!

  52. sandeep dhillon

    This would be the best birthday present ever!

  53. Marina Castillo

    I’d love to go!! :)

  54. Manav

    It would be a dream come true…

  55. BriGita

    Brilliant (y)

  56. Minam

    Woohoo! Exciting!!!

  57. Devon

    Long live Bollywood..!

  58. colleen

    yessss please

  59. colleen

    yessss please

  60. wghiggins

    count me in.

  61. MB


  62. Natasha

    This would absolutely make my parents’ year! Our family loves Bollywood :)

  63. Navnita

    An incredible opportunity to see incredible people! :)Good luck to everyone and a warm welcome to bollywooders!

  64. Babitta

    Awesome!!! My mom would be in heaven

  65. Nina

    Would love to have a date night with hubby! With a newborn at home, its been tough to have US time!

  66. Sonny

    Exciting Times – Should be a wonderful Event

  67. Jasmeet Virk

    Lets win this! whoo!!

  68. Saje

    Sounds like a great event Vancouver!

  69. Monique

    Sign me up! This sounds amazing.

  70. Dana

    This would be so neat!

  71. Hope to see India in Canada :)

  72. Sheetal

    I want to go so bad. This sounds like a fun filled night. Would be amazing to see the Bollywood stars.

  73. AM

    It would be awesome to win

  74. Karen lam


  75. Lucie

    I would love to go:)

  76. Neena

    It would be a childhood dream come true.

  77. tim Z


  78. Maria

    sounds great!

  79. Gagan dhadda

    Can’t wait omg Bollywood stars here in vancity

  80. Gabriel


  81. Priya

    Can’t wait!!

  82. Jag

    Welcome, welcome, welcome :)

  83. Kate H

    What fun and Glamour!

  84. Basia K.

    Fantastic!Wish to win!

  85. Sara Everall

    This would be amazing :)! A little taste of India in Vancouver I think so :)

  86. Kevin

    This would be great for my mom and dad

  87. Nina

    Bollywood rocks!!! Would love to take my sister who is a huge Bollywood fan!

  88. Shahee

    Oh yes pls!!

  89. Hussain


  90. Destyni


  91. sara

    welcome to vancouver ! :) it would be amazing taste of India !
    Inside Vancouver has been my best source to find out the best and latest vancouver has to offer. wish we win the tickets to go ! :)

    • SARA

      i really love to win and be there ! that would be amazing

  92. Deneen Baker

    BollyWood in da house…would love tickets

  93. This would be amazing to attend!

  94. Hera

    Do miracles exit? I’d love to go!!

  95. megan

    Would love the opportunity to attend!

  96. Reema

    Would be a dream come true for my mom and my aunt <3

  97. Ashley

    I really hope I win!

  98. SAIFUR Rahman

    I want ticket badly

  99. ramneet randhawa

    Ah!! Hopefully i win !! fingers crossed

  100. Anson

    Can’t Wait to see it !!! pick me Pick me Pick me :D

  101. Vikas randev

    Dying to see TOIFA…..Shahrukh I m coming…..

  102. Sacia Burton

    This would be so fun! Would love to get dressed up and enjoy this surreal experience.

  103. Kusum

    Please please please pick me :)

  104. Allyson

    Love to go

  105. Bring on the flavour of India! :)

  106. Sufiya

    Can’t wait!

  107. Cretch


  108. sharon

    Abhishek Bachchan, SRK, Katrina Kaif in Vancouver! Say it isn’t so!! A dream come true!

  109. krish

    thats great and i would be glad if i get those tickets lol

  110. Megan

    Looks amazing :)

  111. M Chahal

    So exciting! Can’t wait!

  112. J. Gill

    Sounds great!! Will def be a memorable evening!

  113. Alivia

    What a wonderful event! :)

  114. Gillian

    OMG!!! I’ve been waiting for this day! I’ve been told I’m more Indian than my actual Indian husband. I watch all the Hindi films and know all the actors/actresses, songs from today and the golden oldies. This would be totally icing on the cake to me to win this!

  115. RupiG


  116. Fatima Daus

    I would love to go!!

  117. Would love to participate in this red-carpet gala awards ceremony – a first of its kind in the world, in the best city in the world, Vancouver! :)

  118. Jatinder Bura

    This is going to be an exciting night for Vancouver. I am proud to live in such a wonderful city and to be the host city to the TOIFA awards. Welcome to Bollywood actors and actress’ to our city. Hope u enjoy it as much as we do. Thanks for hosting this exciting event.

  119. RudyG

    I’d love to be a part if this memorable evening!

  120. Henna

    I cant believe we have a chance to see these amazing stars upclose ! Should be wonderful:)

  121. mashruk

    gimme yo tickets!

  122. Sukumar

    Wonderful news ! Welcome Bollywood to the Beautiful British Columbia!

  123. Susan

    Would love to have a reason to buy a new sparkly dress! Yes please!

  124. Tony

    It would be really neat to see Bollywood stars in Vancouver!

  125. Sabreena

    That would be excellent to see

  126. Count me in! :)

  127. Sean Righetti

    Looks like good times, can’t wait!

  128. Maryam

    Yayyy sooo excited!!!! I want to win the two tickets!!!! :D

  129. hannah

    Sounds like FUN! Good Luck to the winners, (hope it’s us!)

  130. Jessie

    What a great experience! I would take my mom!

  131. Samir Das

    Cant wait to see them. Give me a couple of tickets.

  132. Amit Kapoor

    going would be a pleasure!

  133. Dipika

    I had to sell my tickets to the IIFA’s in Toronto, it would be awesome to get a second opportunity for the TOIFA’s

  134. Anita

    I would love to go!!

  135. JEANNE


  136. Bal

    Very exciting!! So happy the awards are coming to vancouver!!

  137. Elmira

    Bollywood energy!! I must be there… Indian movies were part of my childhood.. It would be memorable event!

  138. Avneet

    I am the worlds biggest Shahrukh Khan fan. Posters, books dvd’s, CD’s you name it i have it! I always watch his movies first day first showtime. If there is a Sharukh Khan fanatic, I AM IT! Seeing him in person would make my world complete! I would love to win these tickets!

  139. Elmira

    Bollywood energy!! I must be there… Indian movies were part of my childhood.. Vancouver will be buzzing :)

  140. sarah

    Good luck to the nominees!

  141. Khushboo

    Awesome ! I would love to go :) I am a huge fan of Shahrukh khan !! Tried buying tickets but already they are showing are out of stock.

  142. Shirley Pal

    Can’t wait….please pick me!!!!!

  143. Jocelyn Singh

    Can’t wait until TOIFA!! In its Vancouver plus its 2 days before my birthday!! I wish I could get tickets

  144. Lisa

    I’d love to go!!

  145. sonia

    So excited for TOIFA!

  146. Jyotsna

    OK, I have a filmy name, yaar! I should be able to go! LOL!

  147. Thochi

    I never post on things like this, but I have to be there.. !! Can only hope I get lucky!!

  148. George

    Definitely want to be there!

  149. Karina Nagy

    I would love love love to go! Love India and Love Film!!!

  150. Jordan

    My partner has been talking about this since it was announced. Would be such a great way to get a real taste of his culture – at home!

  151. Sandy

    Really hope to win tickets!!! Haven’t had any luck purchasing them… Would be amazing to go to the show and see Bollywood at its best in Vancouver!!

  152. Crystal

    I would love to gooo !!

  153. Jay Kent

    Traveled to India in 2012. Fell in love with the country and especially the people! Would love to help celebrate!

  154. Rayda

    I would LOVE to go! I can’t believe all the celebrities will actually be here!!!! If I win I’m gonna take my best friend; my mom!! For an AMAZING night out! This would be a dream come true! I always wanted to see Bollywood stars in person OMG! And I would LOVE to see them dance on stage right in front of me!!!!! I can’t believe they are coming to Vancouver! hope they enjoy their visit and keep coming back <3

  155. Kamal

    wow grt opportunity for canadians…

  156. Sukaina

    I love shahrukh khan!!!

  157. Chaitanya


  158. Melody

    Take me please!! I’ll be waiting…..

  159. Sir Mark of the East Van Mughal Empire

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    In a saucepan, heat 1 1/2 tbsp butter and add red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, ginger, salt and 1 chopped green chilli.

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  160. Harj


  161. Kristy

    Sounds like soooo much fun :)!

  162. Harsharan Kullar

    So excited! Can’t wait to see my fav stars!

  163. suki k

    Cannot wait for the TOIFA awards, Katrina Kaif is the best actress.

  164. Priya

    This is going to be great!! Can’t wait until April!

  165. mo khalil

    This would mean the world to my family!
    good luck to all

  166. Tript

    This would be great because I’m a huge SRK fan and it would be a dream come true to see him live. I’m a huge Indian cinema fan from the classics to the films now. I love Bollywood.

  167. Prabh

    This would be great. I love all of srk’s works! It would be dream come true! Love ranbir kapoor as well!

  168. Ritika Rehallu

    Sounds like a fun experience!

  169. Roshan

    sounds like my dream

  170. Aaryan

    Wow wish we could win this one

  171. SARAH

    I love to win 2 ticket to be there with my husband , it would be amazing night .

  172. Tomasz

    Never heard of this before but sounds like a nice little thing i would like to experience!

  173. Amir

    wowwwwwwww , that with be great , wish win the ticket !

  174. Rajmenon

    What an event to attend

  175. naz

    my sister is absolutely in love with SRK and would be thrilled to hear me say WE WON;)

  176. deepa

    what an opportunity to see all the stars together

  177. Ali

    Sooooo excited , cant wait to see them in vancouver , we want to win the tickettttttttt :)

  178. Noreen Javer

    Love Bollywood!

  179. Mariam Khan

    What an exciting opportunity! I’d love to see the Bollywood glamour in person!

  180. Neda

    I will be the winner. Can’t wait to see the show :)

  181. sounds good. ! love u all

  182. Suzette

    Awesome! Would be great to see the show!

  183. Melanie

    I think this Would be such an amazing cultural experience!! Would love to go

  184. Alvin

    I would love to get my parents tickets! They always watch Bollywood awards and I would love to make their dream of seeing all of these Bollywood celebrities (aka Shahrukh Khan) come true!

  185. R. Dhillon

    I always read Inside Vancouver and can’t wait for the Times of India awards. I would love to go, it’s going to be a great night.

  186. Arvind

    We are so excited that the TOIFA awards are coming to Vancouver.

  187. Renee

    lets bring it vancity!

  188. sneh

    this is great , thanking you for making someone very very happy.

  189. Nirav

    Can’t wait! :D Bring it vancity!

  190. Commenting as requested! <3 Bollywood!

  191. Winnie Liang

    Welcome beautiful Indian culture!

  192. Roger Loubert

    in a GLOBAL VILLAGE… WORLD…. as with CANADA’s …
    there is.. in this Village by the Sea and Moutain…

    a chance to touch Nature herself…
    to breathe in the Grandeur
    of her SOUL….

    Welcome !!!!!

  193. Winnie Liang

    Fabulous, I can’t wait to watch some excellent Indian production!

  194. Vivian

    looking forward to it!

  195. Sam

    Looks cool, love to win :)

  196. Monica P.

    Please please please give me the tickets!!!! I really want to see this event with my whole heart! I want to see all my favorite Bollywood actors, especially Amitabh Bachchan! He is not only a great actor but a Mahatma soul who has overcome life’s challenges! I respect and admire him!

  197. Mina

    Vancouver is the greatest city in Canada! I’d love bring my Dad to see this event!

  198. Angelika Rafetzeder

    I would love to go there!

  199. Chi Hsi

    I come from a Taiwanese background and love Bollywood movies! They are so magical and have amazing stories to be told and experienced.

  200. Dino

    These tickets would be the perfect gift for my parents…. Good luck to everyone.

  201. Sonia Bamrah

    Life time opportunity to watch the awards with my daughter especially as she’s really into Bollywood…….

  202. Jane

    I hope I win them!

  203. Saranya

    Very much interested to join :) Will plan with my hubby…I know we will njoy so much as we are newly wed couple

  204. Should be interesting to see what cross section of Vancouver attends and their reaction.

  205. Rahul

    Great event in Vancouver! Hope to see yall!

  206. Bring on the Bollywood. Would love to attend and share my expereince with the Smart Savvy network

  207. Amrit

    My mom and dad are huge Bollywood fans. It would be great for my sister and I to treat them to a once in a lifetime event.

  208. S S

    I would love to go to this event!

  209. mel

    My hubby would love to go!! Go Bollywood!

  210. Danish Khakwani

    Would love to attend.

  211. Tinder Brar


  212. robin

    cant wait to see our super stars…. welcome Bollywood to the most beautiful city of Canada…..

  213. sanj

    i love to meet shahruk khan…and see all the other good lookings…would love to attend ..but no tickets available at my rate…….

  214. ayesha sahukhan

    Red Carpet here we come………. making people Challa :)

  215. Always wanted to go to one of these!!!! Hope I win :D

  216. Devin S

    Those tix look awesome!

  217. Katrina, Prianka, and Anushka! How can I resist :)

    • ayesha sahukhan

      DESI GIRLS………………..;)
      will they have to make a new movie for you…….

      comimg soon ………..
      flimimg till April 6

  218. Anita

    Sounds Fantastic! Would love to go to Toifa.

  219. Sumeet

    Woo Hoo!

  220. Sim

    I would love to get these tickets and see this amazing event live..what a lifetime experience it would be!

  221. Ken Yuen


  222. Simran A

    My family has always been interested in Indian Cinema. I have always wanted to attend an awards show and can not believe that the awards are coming here! I bought my parents floor tickets so that they would have the chance to experience them even if I can’t afford it for myself. Hopefully I can win a pair and take my sister with me!

  223. Amrita Gill

    I am so excited TOIFA is coming to Vancouver, it will be so fun to experience

  224. Ali K

    would be amazing to be a part of such great award ceremony
    Vancouver awaits TOIFA and all the Bollywood stars

  225. Taufeeq Kashtwari

    I feel so ecstatic that such a great award show is going have a wonderful kick off in the beautiful British Columbia, really excited for it.

  226. Ali K

    Would love to be a part of TOIFA

  227. Christopher Glubisz

    As a massive lover of musicals it was only natural for me to fall in love with Bollywood films, and should I get to go to the awards ceremony I would most likely break out in song!!!

  228. Rabeea


  229. Nazneen

    Bollywood in Vancouver! :)

  230. Khalid

    Can’t wait

  231. jabeene

    I wanna win!

  232. jabeene

    I wanna win! Looks like a lot of fun!

  233. mabel

    Ever since I have a room mate from India, I am totally immersed in Bollywood. The culture, the food, and (oh yes) their dance! The recent file of “Life of Pi” fascinates me even further. This would be a nice opportunity for me to take a break from the hectic school load I’ve been coping with :)

  234. eswaramurthy

    This is F ‘ ng Awesome :)

  235. Balwinder Binder Bagri

    Amazing can’t wait all the Bollywood stars together, this is going to be an unforgettable event.

  236. rekha sharma


  237. Felicia Bagri

    will be an exciting and unforgettable evening with all the bollywood stars, can’t wait.

  238. Hermender Kailley

    It’s gonna be a great couple of days!

  239. Sonia Anwar

    Would love to go!!!

  240. Joshua Burnside

    Looks like this will be a awesome event!

  241. WY

    i would love to win tickets to attend this event and learn about Indian Films

  242. rashin rohani

    welcome bollywood, can’t wait and hope to win.cross finger.

  243. kuljit

    Its worth a shot..will I win?….you tell me !

  244. Varun

    First time, I wish I will get a chance to go see this bollywood Times of INDIA Film Awards.

    Rock Vancouver to all Indians and Bollywood Actors/Acctress.

  245. Dave

    would be so awesome to attend ! :)

  246. Vaneeta

    Please pick me! I would love to attend and take my sister for her birthday! Thanks :)

  247. Joy Muriel

    If you don’t go to India, India will come to you! I absolutely LOVE this. Cannot wait!! “All Iz Well”! Jai Ho!

  248. Paul Sahota

    There are so many comments before me!

  249. Ash Prasad

    Wow this is amazing that Bollywood has chosen Vanvouver as the host for TOIFA AWARDS since it is one of the most multicultral places in canada.
    This should bring excitement to Vancouver and a major event to look foward to…
    I cant wait to watch the awards.

  250. Amrit

    Hi Tourism Vancouver, pick me! :)

  251. Amit Jain

    British Columbia – The Best Place on Earth!!!

  252. Monica Sobti

    It’s really wonderful that Toifa is being hosted in our Beautiful British Columbia and more ever in our most beautiful city Vancouver .I think it’s a great opportunity for us to expand our travel and tourism industry to other parts of the world and specially India.I would feel proud to be a part of such an amazing event and wish the people who are hosting Toifa all the best ….

  253. Osama

    Olympics, Stanley Cup Finals, and now TOIFA… Best decade ever?!

  254. karduri

    Bollywood Hungama on April 3rd

  255. Kenneth Perez

    Would love to win this prize so i could take my mother with me

  256. Austin

    Aw sounds interesting :) would definitely go !

  257. Wow ! celebrating 100 years of Bollywood in this style by Times of India is really great.

    And hey look I won the Tickets.

  258. k

    Would love to take mom to this!

  259. suman

    Bollywood is coming to the beautiful place in the world…

  260. Wow, that’s great for Vancouver! Hope I win the tickets and participate in something big like that! Thanks!

  261. dave

    i wanna go!

  262. Faraha R

    This is exciting!

  263. A. Kane

    I would LOVE to attend this event in beautiful Vancouver!!!

  264. Romeo

    Bollywood is one of my favourite movie genre.

  265. Shahzad Mansoory

    Would be nice to win such prize. Good luck to everyone, And thank you Vancouver Inside for the contest.

  266. excellent!

  267. Lynda Reid

    Wow! I would love to go, what a great event!

  268. Fawziyah

    Multicultural vancity welcoming Bollywood. This is going to be amazing

  269. amrita

    I love Bollywood and can’t wait to see SRK! :D

  270. wow! thanks for that incredible posting. I really liked it to your main. Hope you retain putting up this sort of astounding content article

  271. Negin sasanfar

    I would love to go yeh bollywood

  272. urooj

    Shahrukh Khan!!!!!!!!! <3

  273. Michael

    it would be amazing to win a pair of tickets, once in a lifetime chance to be there here in Vancouver!

  274. Preet

    Omg!!!! Exciting

  275. Absolutely cant wait….

  276. Tina

    Glitz and Glamour!!! Bollywood surely knows how to celebrate cinema with a big bang!!! It would be a night to remember forever!!!! We would love to be part of it!!!

  277. Kunal

    Cannot wait for this. Hope I win the tickets and get to see Bollywood stars.

  278. What an incredible opportunity for the City of Vancouver and British Columbia! This is a great ‘win’ for our Tourism industry and the Arts & Culture of our area.

  279. Amogh

    It would be more than awesome to attend this event if I won these tickets.. :P

  280. Ann

    Pick me :D


    This is a phenomenal contest. I ll come if you give me tickets.

  282. Jon

    I would like to take part in an event like this size, or give the tickets to one of my friends that would like to go but could not get tickets. :-)

  283. Harish M

    Really excited about this event and thrilled about being able to see some good bollywood fun coming to our lovely city – Vancouver.

    Yeah. Free Tickets would be awesome. Let me know how that goes. Cheers!

  284. nur

    Suprizing! Great chance to see new movies.

  285. Betty G.

    Vancouver is a great location for this event! I truly multicultural city!

  286. Tina

    I was in shock that the more affordable tickets were sold out the second day of sales ! I’d love To win !!!

  287. Emily Newton

    Sounds awesome! Hope I win!

  288. Casey

    How do I enter my name for the contest to win tickets?

  289. Nel

    Im so excited.

  290. Beth

    My mother-in-law would love to attend! She is an adict of these films, how great it is so close.

  291. Wei

    looking forward

  292. Tina

    I’d love to be able to experience this once in a lifetime event, here in my city!

  293. Tatiana

    Great;) Bollywood! Khan is amazing!

  294. Raj Saran


  295. G


  296. ZJ

    yes, please! Would love to attend!

  297. NW

    I would love to attend !!!!

  298. Pardeep

    I would love to attend!!

  299. Pardeep

    pick me pick me…. please :)

  300. Irene

    This is a lifetime opportunity in our own backyard. Can’t wait…..should be fabulous.

  301. SJ

    I’d love to win these tickets! This is great that they’re coming here to Vancouver :)

  302. Adri

    Awesome! Here in Vancouver is where I saw my first Bollywood movie and I really enjoyed it! :)

  303. NR

    I lived in India for 22 years and never had a chance to go to the awards. I move to Vancouver 1.5yrs ago for school and here’s a golden chance! Here’s keeping my fingers crossed!

  304. afsaneh khan

    I love Bollywood.

  305. Mohammad Inam

    Would love to be there.

  306. Apar Sidhu

    Cant wait for april 6

  307. Stephanie Lightfoot

    Bollywood is the best!

  308. Selena Sandhu

    so excited for Toifa! Its going to be a magical time in Vancouver.

  309. Erica

    Sounds like a fun event!

  310. Smitha



  311. Stuart

    Sounds so fun! Would love to take in any part of this! :)

  312. deanna

    this will be fun, i hope i win

  313. cin wu

    This is so exciting!!!

  314. Vikas

    Wow, that is exciting. Looking forward to be at the event.

    Bollywood Rocks!!!!

  315. Kim Kurylo

    Would love to be in Vancouver to attend this coloful, spicy event!

  316. Honey

    TOIFA, here i come!

  317. Habib motan

    Hollywood North becomes Bollywood North for a few days.
    Welcome TOIFA.

  318. BT


  319. Akhil Jobanputra

    TOIFA is going to be a lot of fun!!! I can’t wait to see what happens, hopefully I’ll be able to attend and finally see Anushka Sharma in person :oD
    JAI HO!!!

  320. Mita

    Hey , just another Bollywood fan here!! Sad about the fact that tickets are all sold out:( hope my luck works here !!

  321. Jasmine G

    Absolutely love love love Bollywood and would love to have the chance to attend!

  322. Christina

    Would love this!

  323. harman

    cant wait!!

  324. Jessie Cheema


  325. Naryan

    Sounds Great

  326. Deya Nat

    Sounds good to me!

  327. Thomas Ungerer

    Sounds like an amazing experience! Would love to get some culture in Van!!!

  328. hayfaa

    British Columbia is beautiful and the organizing committee is doing a great job to host this amazing event. Welcome to Beautiful BC and this is the place to be. :)

  329. hayfaa

    British Columbia is beautiful and the organizing committee is doing a great job to host this amazing event. Welcome to BC and this is the place to be. :)

  330. Amit Arora

    sounds good.

  331. Mani Gill

    Cant wait for this great event to take place!

  332. Ali

    What an amazing times yet again for Vancouver !

  333. preet

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  336. zahra

    Cant wait for april 6th!!!

  337. Eduardo

    Great event! it would be awesome to attend!

  338. Fara

    Finally Vancouver and Bollywood come together to celebrate the talent of indian cinema

  339. nafisa

    I’m soo excited to see Vancouver in red carpet Bollywood style

  340. Mahsa

    I hope I win ;) It would be great if I could go :)

  341. shivanee

    bollywood and vancouver a beautiful mix!

  342. My daughters and I would love to see the wonderful stars of Bollywood, it would be a dream come true for my girls as never been to one…

  343. Michael

    This sounds like its going to be huge! I have a great friend from India who I would love to take with me :)

  344. Chan

    So excited for this! You don’t get to see Bollywood actors come together in Vancouver too often!

  345. sat

    It would be really cool to take my wife to the show!!

  346. Priyanka

    BOLLYWOOD!! here it is.. Wooohhooooo…If i am lucky enough to get to win this, it will be like i am home away from home… TOIFA.. eagerly waliting to see my favourite stars… SRK <3 Never knew life could be a fairytail when your dreams comes true.. *fingers crossed*

  347. Anmol

    I love Bollywood! Please choose me!

  348. Gurbinder

    Oh wow, this is going to be an awesome night. I would love to attend!

  349. Shannon

    cant wait for TOIFA!

  350. Stevie

    I fell in love with Bollywood movies on my first trip to India 13 years ago – and I have been watching them ever since. Please pick me!!!!

  351. David

    It’ll be spectacular, I have to be there!

  352. Aathira

    SO STOKED!!!! Counting down the days till the event.

  353. Nima

    Me. Me. Me.

  354. Gurpal Sandhu

    History in the making. Welcome Bollywood !!

  355. East Of Main

    First time coming to Vancouver makes this a pretty interesting event!

  356. Raul

    I wanna goo!!!

  357. Raj

    I cant wait for the Bollywood awards to take place in Vancouver! Its one of the best places to be in! it will be an awesome night!! plus i would love to take my mom for her birthday! Please choose me!! :)

  358. Phil Schmidt

    Hooray for Bollywood!!!

  359. Sunny

    Definitely would want to be part of this glamorous once in a lifetime event!

  360. Baljeet

    Never been to event like one. Never won anything in life.
    Hoping to win. Always keeping hope one day I will win something too..keeping my fingers crossed.

  361. Smitha

    It will be my dream come true to see all these Bollywood Stars under one roof!!!

  362. Let my dreams come true, I would live to takeu love one to one of the biggest events in Vancouver.

  363. Joe

    My wife and I are so crazy about Bollywood Stars. THE BEST SURPRISE I could ever give my wife!!!

  364. Sameer

    This is going to be a remarkable event for the city! Love Bollywood and love Vancouver…its like a true Bollywood story line where the two loves meet!

  365. Judy K

    I would love to go to this spectacular show!

  366. Rw


  367. Alvin

    I would love to go to the IIFA’s in Vancouver

  368. Sayed Zarghamuddin

    Bollywood is welcome to Vancouver

  369. Christin Verma

    I really want to gooooooooo please please please!!

  370. Gaurav


  371. obayed haque

    Very excited to watch the show!

  372. Ruby

    Vancouver is so lucky to have toifa this year. Its like a dream come true!!! The stars will enjoy each and ever bit of Vancouver, wish them all the best, so excited!!!!

  373. Eric S

    Love attending events for different cultures. It is so educational.

  374. Krysha

    Can’t wait!

  375. Suki Lo

    This seems like a really interesting event to go too! I would love to experience more of the Bollywood culture through this film award show!

  376. Sonya


  377. Oh yeah!

  378. P.D.

    Oh, I would love to take my mom to these awards. Good luck to all. :) I hope everyone, who attends, has a wonderful time.

  379. Jugraj Nijjar

    That is awesome for Vancouver to be the first venue for toifa. First Olympics now this. Vancouver is on the map. Fingers crossed this comment gets me tickets to B.C. Love to go back home.

  380. Meaghan

    Wish I could go!

  381. jas

    EXCITING! I would love to be part of the toifa. I would love to see what vancouver has to offer and what Bollywood has to offer to the bollywood fans in vancouver.

  382. Swapnil S

    cant wait to win the tickets !

  383. Mag Chung

    Hope my dream comes true, visit Vancouver and watch the great show

  384. s fellner

    would love to go

  385. R Aryal

    Hope to see you all stars there….

  386. Manpreet Kochar

    Great for Vancity!!!

  387. Achla

    Finally!! After years of Bollywood events being held in Toronto, its great to welcome the stars to Vancouver! So exciting!

  388. Parveen

    Finally! I am so excited that something great like these awards is coming to our beautiful city. Our proud community will certainly represent. First the olympics now these awards. bring it on.

  389. Am

    Yay !! so excited for these awards !

  390. G

    I watch too much Bollywood to not attend this! I’d feel the luckiest to be able to go.

  391. Parween

    Grew up watching Bollywood but besides me, my friend would love to attend the awards and if I can do that for her I would finally repay her for all shes’s done for me!

  392. Romika

    Would like to win for my grandparents

  393. Cindy K

    SRK is the man. The king of bollywood, The TOIFA is good for Vancouver.

  394. daddy 1

    My kid would like to go to TOIFA awards.

  395. FFF

    Super cool!!

  396. daddy 1

    My kid would love the TOIFA.

  397. Ashley

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity!

  398. Sona Javed

    I would loovvveee two tickets to see my all time favs.

  399. This would be a good opportunity for this Indian born Canadian citizen, to experience a world class event like this first hand.

  400. K Chowne

    Nice gift package!

  401. Ufaira

    I would love to go! Very excited this year :)

  402. Jenette

    What an amazing experience!!! I can’t wait to go.

  403. Rahik

    sooo excited for this! bollywood FTW!! :D

  404. Arjun Rudra

    Fingers crossed.

  405. Akshay

    I’ll take it, sounds like a helluva good time!

  406. Sondos

    Great :D

  407. Nazar

    Please me, I will take my mom, she loves Bollywood movies and actors.

  408. Hamish

    Pick me

  409. Lou

    This is so exciting!!,

  410. Rosemary Nand

    It would be a chance in a life time for me to go n be close to all these Bollywood celebraties and enjoy this big event here in Vancouver…. wishing that I could be picked cuz as a single parent I m not able to afford the tickets….. :)

  411. Ravi

    I can’t waitttt!!!! I’ve never ever been able to go somewhere like this and ever since I’ve been been diagnosed with MS I doubted I would be able to go, however thank god, I will be able to actually go to the film fare awards heheheh yay me!:D:$:P

  412. Roopali Garg

    I am eagerly waiting for the Times of India Awards Night! This is so exciting!!

  413. Jag R

    Awsome! Cant wait

  414. Renu

    What an Amazing idea having this Event in one of the Best Cities in the World, Vancouver BC. Would love to surprise my Daughter for her Birthday which is 2 April. Truly would be a DREAM come true for her & Me to attend this Awesome Awards Show.

  415. Sangeeta

    I Would love to be a part of this Evening & attend this unforgettable Event with my Mom. What could be better than winning Floor seats to see All these talented Actors up close & Live. Would be Ecstatic to WIN this . Just Love Bollywood !

  416. Kirtan

    It would be an honor to go!

  417. Sonia

    Im 17 and would love to win this so i can take my dad with me to thank him for everything he has done for me and is doing! Whats a better gift that bonding at toifa! This would honestly make my grade 12 year so much better
    Love vancouver! I love bollywood so much as well! My life would honestly be complete if i got to go LOL

  418. Amanda

    Would love to go! Cheers!

  419. Raman


  420. Tanny

    shah rukh khan <3

  421. Seema

    I would love to go!! Chance of a lifetime! I loveeeeee bollywood

  422. Sandy

    Wow! Thats amazing

  423. Brij Chopra

    When I will win I will take my son to Film award . He loves to see film star as well I. I will also buy more ticket so I can take my family with me.

  424. Sonia

    Yay for toifa ! :))))))))) cant wait to go if i get chosen i wish i had bought tickets on time :(

  425. Sabrina

    I would love to win tickets, and take my mom!

  426. reens

    This is awesome ! Wish you the bestest best ! See you there ! Peace :)

  427. Ethel Payne

    Would love to win !!

  428. Brij Chopra

    I will go with my love.

  429. Heather

    Excited to see them! Cant wait!

  430. Ritika Rehallu


  431. Nikhita D.

    Sounds like an amazing deal.. will be a great show! Can’t wait!

  432. RonyW

    Great opportunity for Vancouver to shine!

  433. Arsh


  434. Ruby


  435. Navjot

    Oh man, I wanted to go to this so bad with my mom but everything seems to be sold out! So sad!!

  436. prem singh

    I love SRK. I want to go. Let’s make this happen!

  437. Courtney Kennedy

    I just got back from an amazing trip in India, this would be an amazing night out!

  438. Camilla

    It would be an honor to be seeing all my favorite Stars of Bollywood. Just yesterday I saw 2 Indian movies!!!

  439. prem singh

    I love SRK. Let’s make this happen!

  440. Priyanka Krishna

    Would love to meet my movie / film heros with my true hero my mom!! Would be the best night of our lives :)

  441. Kaelan

    It’s going to be such an exciting event and the chance to see the biggest stars of Bollywood!

  442. Tai

    SO glad Bollywood is finally making an entrance in Vancouver, it’s long overdue! So excited!

  443. Naz Nisha

    I can’t wait so excited

  444. Siva Bonth

    I cant wait for the Bollywood awards to take place in Vancouver! Its one of the best places to be in! it will be an awesome night!! plus i would love to take my wife!!!

  445. Himani

    AKSJ:FAKJSF im going to downtown to stalk them all and get their autographs AAAHHHH ANUSHKA, PC, SRK, ABHI, RANBIRRRRRRR! Aah I really need these tickets this will MAKE MY LIFE

  446. Bani Malhotra

    Super excited for this event! =)

  447. Chloe nguyen

    That’s nice… I ‘m waiting for that <3

  448. Exciting!

  449. Lesa

    Yaaaaaaaay Bollywood in da houze! Pick meeee

  450. amit


  451. Jasmine girn

    So glad the awards are finally coming to vancouver!

  452. Lucy Liu

    This is exciting!!! I can’t wait!

  453. Jaspreet

    It would be amazing to meet all my favorite bollywood stars!!!

  454. Jasmin

    Bollywood in the best city.

  455. jennifa

    rich golden bollywood dreams await <3

  456. Chelsea fortin

    This would be the perfect thing to do with my bf and just getaway he really deserves it and good experience !

  457. i can’t wait for this event! a little bit of india in vancity. sounds awesome!

  458. Dove

    Awesome!!! I would love to take my mom to this!!!

  459. Harpreet

    So exciting!

  460. nish

    what a great opportunity! id love to go! :)

  461. Abhi

    It’s so hard to even have a glimpse of these celebrities in India. Looks like there can be a slight chance. I hope I can get a chance to see them here !

  462. Dsidhu

    can’t wait for this! would love to win tickets.

  463. Sharon

    Would be a wonderful opportunity to be among the Bollywood stars:)

  464. Kristina

    Looking forward to this!

  465. Pick me and I’ll vlog about it on my blog

  466. Preeti

    Sounds awesome!

  467. Abhishek

    Go east, go west, bollywood is the best.

  468. Ravi Sandhu

    I’d love to experience such a rare opportunity. Bollywood movies have always been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I still remember when I was a kid how I thought when actors got killed in a movie, they died in real life and that they just had a lot of identical siblings who would go on and play future roles….I’m a lot more intelligent now -haha! Regardless, this is a great honour for Vancouver; I hope our city is kind to everyone who will be here visiting. People here know first-hand the meaning of hard work so let’s welcome these equally hard working pioneers into our home town and treat them with respect.

  469. Were at the True/False Film Fest in Columbia Mo today – Let us know and we will go –Vancouver is Beautiful!!

  470. This would be fabulous if I won! I haven’t been to Vancouver in years and would love, love, love it if I was the lucky one chosen. 3 Cheers!!!

  471. Christine

    I think this event will help foster film co-production with India. Hollywood needs some competition. Welcome Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood and all other centres for Indian film.

  472. Shawn

    Can’t wait to join this!

  473. Pranay

    I really wanna attend this!!!

  474. Hardev Sumra

    Would be nice to go,

  475. My best friend lives in Vancouver, BC and I’d love to go to this with her. Bollywood represent <3

  476. Chandni Prashar

    My Mom is visiting me from India. And she and I are big Bollywood fans. It will be awesome to win these tickets as I’m short of money these days :(

    Thanks for doing this! But I know my luck is not the greatest :)

  477. Neha

    Chances are very slim but I would love to go to Toifa. :-)

  478. mkd

    So exciting!

  479. Anju

    Wow! i am excited and waiting for the BIG day to come.ROCK BOLLYWOOD ROCK!

  480. Kristian

    Awesome!! Vancouver is unique!!!

  481. beverly

    i need luck to win this!

  482. Joshna MacGregor

    All those stars in Vancouver… It will be an amazing night!

  483. I really hope to win!

  484. Rita

    This would be a great experience since I learned hindi from watching indian movies :) Love Bollywood

  485. Antonia


  486. jas

    I am so excited that Bollywood is coming to beautiful Vancouver !!!! .. can’t wait to see my favrioute stars!!!

  487. Vinod

    Hi, we are waiting for all my dear Bollywood brothers & sisters coming to our home town. Welcome all of you & we eagerly want to see you. I hope with the god grace everything will go well & i hope i will win .

  488. Macleod

    Whow, I’m so pumped!

  489. Vinay

    I just wish, it was more affordable to see these stars. They are hard to reach just like the stars in the sky.

  490. Nasreen

    Thats Great! I wish I could win the tickets since all of them are sold out :(

  491. stacey

    would love this!

  492. Gurjeet

    I would love to go!

  493. Bina

    My mom and I would love to attend!

  494. Shenaz Jaffer

    Firstly, I appreciate your generosity as respects to giving away two tickets, shukar for this. This is going to be a first for Vancouver and how this is going to affect the overall community and the city is absolutely mind blowing and once in a lifetime oppotunity. Secondly, if it’s in my lucky stars then I/we will have the opportunity otherwise may the best person win.
    Thanks for the opportunity to say my piece!

  495. Mohit

    TOIFA! it sounds awesome! cant wait to see priyanka! please help me with 2 tickets!

  496. Nikki

    This would be such an amazing gift for my mom!!! Her and I are Bollywood fanatics!!!

  497. Cecile

    I love to go!!!! NAMASTE

  498. Kesha

    Sounds like a ton of fun!!

  499. Raj

    A great event… excited that it’s happening in vancouver!

  500. Sukh

    Can’t wait…. would luvv to c shah rukh <3

  501. Devinder

    Super excited!! Cannot wait :):)

  502. Jas

    I would love to go to this, it’s going to be amazing to see my favoriate stars.

  503. Seema Shridhar

    So excited! Can’t wait!!

  504. Arjun

    Looks great!

  505. Mike

    Pick me! Pick me!

  506. Manuel Gamez

    It would be one of the best experiences of my life if i win.

  507. vijay

    win me some tickets !

  508. jasjit

    i wanna go so bad hope i win!

  509. Crystal Leung

    :) nice

  510. Joanna Yee

    I can’t wait till TOIFA is here! :)

  511. sonia

    TOIFA i would honestly be so thankful if i won! i want to take my dad sooo badly ahah im a young girl yet im so into bollywood and its movies
    i cant wait!!! :)

  512. Rafika

    Sounds like an amazing event! I would love to attend. Yes please to tickets! :)

  513. S

    I LOVE Bollywood movies! I love Shahrukh Khan even more! Lol

  514. Surpreet Khunkhun

    Tried to get tickets to TOIFA but they were sold out!!! Really hoping to win some :D

  515. Kitty Ng


  516. Jen

    Pick me! Pick me!

  517. Caroline Wickham

    ~ I’ve been watching films from India since the 1980’s…to win would make me very happy!

  518. Jenie

    please Pick me! :)

  519. Raj


  520. Raunak

    I love Bollywood movies and it will be really great to see all the stars in Vancouver. I’d love to attend.

  521. Amrit Virdi

    Excited to see TOIFA in Vancouver!

  522. Momal Rehan

    I’ve never gone to any concert or any big event! I would love to winnnnn

  523. Emm


  524. Niki


  525. I wanna go!!!

  526. Gloria

    Brilliant opportunity!

  527. anna chabra

    I honestly wish to win the tickets for me and my mom <3 because whenever i see the awards on tv i always wished to go there just once to fulfill my dream its not just a wish but its a dream for me and waiting for it to come true…

  528. Navneet

    Seems like lots of fun!!!

  529. Stacey Parker

    Yes, please!

  530. Demian

    this is gonna be awesome!

  531. Praveena


  532. Roland

    I want to win!!!!!!!

  533. Cooper

    I’ve only got two words for ya’… Shahrukh Khan!!!

  534. saras

    Welcome to Vancouver., BC bollywood stars. Thanks to Christie Clark for her support. I would love to see the bollywood stars here., wish i be the lucky one.

  535. Parv

    Woot Woot !! I won the tickets !!!!

  536. Guri

    That is spectacular. I hope i win the tickets for my daughter and wife:)

  537. Diane

    What a fantastic opportunity!

  538. Sunny

    Would live to go!

  539. Jeffrey

    drum roll … please

  540. anjum

    Wow! Can’t wait! would love to be in the same room as all the stars! I already have “stars” in my eyes!

  541. F

    Can’t wait for this!

  542. Jessica

    Can’t wait!!! So excited to see all the beautiful Bollywood actresses and gorgeous looking actors!

  543. dave

    excited!! but dont have the tickets yet:(

  544. Prakhar

    Really excited and cheers to the BC government for organizing the event!

  545. Lisa Anderson


  546. Harold


  547. Chelsi

    I’m dying to go to these! It’d be a dream come true if I got to see Shahrukh in person .. let alone be in the same room as him! <3 :)

  548. RJ

    This event seems so much fun! What a great event

  549. Nivedita Badhan

    Finally! Bollywood is back in VANCITY!!

  550. Balneet Toor

    I have waited my life out for this oppourtunity! To see all the people who I look up to. Thank you gor making my dreams come true and I hope everyone has a blast here. So next year there can be another show! I welcome The Times of In dia Awards with great sincerity! Can’t wait for the best night of my dreams…

  551. David Swan

    So exciting! Would live to attend!

  552. Sabrina

    I would love to go!

  553. Chris

    Wonderful event here in our city. Let keep up the culture

  554. Sumeet Goel

    Vancouver is truly global! Would love to witness these awards and feel a part of the cultural happiness :)

  555. parminder ranger

    Welcome bollywood stars in Vancouver———–this is great opportunity to see our favorite stars in real .all credit goes to Times of India. ….thank you so much Times of India! !!!!!!

  556. Sharon

    Would love to win these and send my parents!

  557. Andrea

    It looks like it is going to be an amazing event!

  558. Deepi D

    This is really big for Bollywood.
    I would love to go!

  559. Deepi D

    I love bollywood movies, it’s great that the awards are taking place in Vancouver!

  560. Shirley A

    Pick me please!! This is an event of a lifetime.
    If I win, I promise to take my mother in law with me,

  561. Tamo

    Cant wait!!!

  562. Penny

    I Love Bollywood!!!!

  563. Lillian

    My daughter’s birthday! I love Bollywood!!!

  564. Jacqueline

    This will be spectacular! Like being in India, a dream come true to me!!! :)

  565. Vis Naidu

    It would be great if this was televised or at least played back on local channels here like Omni after the show is over. I’m sure it will be historic!

  566. Jyotsna

    All tickets except the VIP category were sold out in a couple of hours through ticket master. I hope we can win these tickets to go see the event!

  567. Name Preet K

    Remarks Woah !! Sounds awesome !!! Always been , have and will be a Bollywood Fanatic :D <3 Thank you for this golden chance !!!

  568. -W

    It would hell of an AWESOME opportunity to get to go to the Film Awards! LOL, I’m not even Indian, but this is gettin’ me exciteeed!

  569. Lucky

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  600. friba


  601. Simran

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  603. Maryam

    OMG. Can’t wait<3 finally my dream came true. I finally get to see SRK<3 plzzzz <3 April 6/2013 best year of all <3

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  617. Mandie

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  629. Deepansh

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    Goodluck everyone!

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  663. Manjeet

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  664. Tajveer

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  681. It would be great to see the Super Stars with my wife as we r Big Bollywood fans. Life time opportunity to see them in Vancouver.

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  685. Kuldip B

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    I would love to take my Mom and immerse her in this new world that I have found and that I keep talking about.

    We both would cherish this opportunity.

    Thank you.

  687. Angie

    I have travelled to India extensively. I love the culture and the festivities.

    I would love to take my Mom and immerse her in this new world that I have found and that I keep talking about.

    We both would cherish this opportunity.

    Thank you.

  688. Rupinder Brar

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  690. Amina

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  691. Chanel Chand

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  692. naaz khan

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  693. chanel chand

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  702. digamber

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  707. Roshni

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  708. SW

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    Thanks for offering the tickets.

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  710. chanel chand

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  712. saima

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  725. Preet

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  726. Preet


  727. Preet

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  736. Judy Warner

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  737. Roya D.

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