Family fun with Cloudscape Comics at Vancouver Art Gallery

Family Fuse Weekend VAG

Learn to make comics with the creators at Cloudscape Comics. The Vancouver comics collective is holding hands-on workshops on the art of comics creation this weekend at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Family Fuse Weekend (March 2 – 3).

The event coincides with the Vancouver Art Gallery’s current exhibit of work by famed cartoonist Art Spiegelman (Maus). Besides the chance to check out the exhibit, “CO-MIX: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps,” gallery visitors of all ages can learn how to make their own comics and meet some of Vancouver’s prominent comic creators. Underground comics veteran Colin Upton, webcartoonist Ed Appleby, multimedia author Bevan Thomas, and many others will be hosting workshops to guide visitors through all stages of the comic creation process.

Along with comics workshops, Family Fuse will also offer a wide variety of other activities and performances for the whole family, including the music of Ostwelve, the shadow puppetry of Mind of a Snail, and the breakdancing of the Now or Never Crew.

In a press release issued by Cloudscape, the collective’s founder Jeff Ellis, Cloudscape’s founder, makes the point that, since the collective published its first anthology Robots, Pine Trees & Broken Hearts in 2008, “the interest in comics has exploded. And the fact that the Vancouver Art Gallery is featuring the work of comics legend Art Speigelman shows the kind of attention this medium is finally receiving.”

There’s a load of great comics talent in Vancouver, from Brandon Graham, who published Multiple Warheads and King City through Image Comics, to James Stokoe, who currently writes and draws Godzilla for IDW. Nina Matsumoto and Ian Boothby, who draw and write Simpsons comics for the Bongo imprint, are also based here, as is Pia Guerra, the artist of Y the Last Man, a Vertigo comic book series.

Vancouver cartoonists comics jam

Vancouver cartoonists at a comics jam. Photo courtesy Cloudscape Comics.

Cloudscape is preparing to publish its seventh anthology, Waterlogged. Its membership is the largest of any B.C. comic society, and includes such diverse creators as manga artist Chloe Chan, book illustrator Scot Ritchie, Angela Melick of the popular humour webcomic Wasted Talent, and three receivers of the Xeric grant for graphic novels: Wei Li, Jonathon Dalton, and Steve LeCouilliard.

Family Fuse Weekend VAG

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