Vancouver International Auto Show (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

photo: Vancouver International Auto Show

photo: Vancouver International Auto Show

Whether you are an auto-enthusiast, in the market for a new car, looking for a fun outing, or just like to look at shiny things, why not visit the Vancouver International Auto Show? It’s Canada’s third largest Auto Show, and one of Western North America’s premier automotive exhibition events.

Happening from March 26th through the 31st at the Vancouver Convention Centre West, the Auto Show is an exciting, family-friendly event where Manufacturers showcase, unveil and demonstrate the latest models and concepts for the year.

Show Details:

Dates and Times:
March 26 – 28 from 12:00pm – 10:00pm
March 29 – 30 from 10:00am – 10:00pm
March 31 from 10:00am – 6:00pm

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre West (1055 Canada Place)

It’s a great opportunity to come into the city, see something new, take in the excitement and perhaps stay a night. Many of Vancouver’s hotels have created Auto Show packages which include your accommodations, your tickets, and even some extras, all at spectacular value. Some of the packages represent savings of close to 40%!

If you’re just in the market for tickets, why not enter for your chance to win?

We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to the Vancouver International Auto Show! All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select the winners at noon on Thursday, March 21st and notify the winner by email.

Updated Thursday, March 21st: Congratulations to Kyle and Nirmal who have each won two tickets to the Vancouver International Auto Show! Please check your inboxes for further information on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment and who continues to check out Inside Vancouver.

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178 Responses to Vancouver International Auto Show (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Alice W

    Yes please! My BF would love this!

    • Ornella

      Wow!! I would love. Is there place for my Nikon? :P

    • Barry

      I love to go to the Vancouver Auto Show!! Thanks!

    • Craig

      Love to attend the show

  2. Julia


  3. vanessa

    I love this event every year. We never missed one for last 15 years. and thanks.

  4. Paula G

    This would be awesome to go to!!

  5. Andrew

    This sounds great! If I an I’d give the other ticket to my dad..great way to spend spring break

  6. Elaine

    I’d love to go! Thanks!

  7. Evan

    Would love to go!

  8. Jay

    Vroom! Vroom! Sign me up, please!

  9. Ornella

    I would love!! Is there a place for my nikon? :)

  10. Chloe

    Cool! I’d love to go!!!
    My BF is crazy about the cars and I really want to share his interest this time! and I’m planning to buy a new car this year or next year, so It would be really good opportunity for me!

  11. Jenny Chi

    I would loveee to go

  12. Janette Chun

    This would be an awesome gift for my special guy!

  13. Jun Zheng

    Vancouver Autoshow get ready! I’m going to be there soon! Thanks for the contest Inside Vancouver!

  14. Navid

    Cant wait!

  15. Iris

    This is an awesome event! Please pick me! :D

  16. Myomi

    Consider me entered. Would love to check out my very first auto show.

  17. Peter Law

    Love the auto show! Love to win the tickets!

  18. Giuliana

    Had so much fun at this last year – can’t wait to see all the new cars this year!!

    • Kyle Nygren

      Will be going to the car show again this year,taking the ferry and bus from Gibsons,would love one less expense by winning free tickets !

  19. Iain

    Haven’t been in a few years. Thanks for the reminder!

  20. Serban

    I can’t wait!. Is there this Bentley, too?

  21. dax land

    Oh pick me ! Love to go .

  22. Ariel

    Me and my son would love this! Thanks for the opportunity. Hope to see you there!

  23. Gabriella Schmidt

    This is an annual event that my hubby loves to go to. I would love to win tickets so that he can take one of our boys. Thanks.

  24. Rose

    Looking to get a new car, so would love to check this out!

  25. Jason

    Oooooooh! Pick me! Pick me!

  26. Justine

    Can’t wait to go! I go every year since I was little! Sort of a family tradition =P

  27. Teddy

    Please Pick Me !!! I would Love To Go .. Thank You!

  28. Pick me! haha

  29. Loretta

    i’m going buy a new car soon!

  30. Kenny

    Car show!

  31. Jason

    I would love to go to see the show. Pick me please.

  32. kelsey

    I’d like to go!

  33. Walter

    Easy enough. Consider me entered.

  34. Moses Lo

    tickets tickets tickets!

  35. Katrina

    looking for a new car… this would be a fun way to do it

  36. Michael Espiritu

    I would loeve to go especially for free! My partner is very fond of cars… yes to free tickets pls! :)

  37. Oliver

    Would go with my car-nut son! Thanks!

  38. this would be my first time going! i have a friend who’d love to join me!!

  39. Chloe

    woohooo!! auto show again!! great if i could go for free =D

  40. Anna

    I would like to win tickets for me and my boyfriend. We both are fond of beautiful cars!!!

  41. Andrew

    Would love to take my wife to the show…and not only show her the new cars….but also test drive a few…that would be awesome!!!

  42. Garry

    Hi. I would really like to win the tickets because I’m really into cars and actually I’m Belgian and when I heard of this event I said, Yes I have to go. I’m really looking forward.

  43. Amanda Lam

    I want to go, please choose me.

  44. Maria

    Would love to go! :)

  45. Jennifer

    Would love to go!

  46. Doni

    Awesome! Lots of eye candies *_*

  47. Mike

    I go every year. It’s the best show

  48. Mike

    I go every year. It’s the best show? Awesome

  49. David


  50. Leo

    Count me in! Thanks!

  51. John Reyes

    I would love to win the tickets, so that I may be able to provide coverage for the event, and share it all over social media! :)

  52. Amy Leung

    can’t wait to go =)

  53. Swapnil S

    Would love an opportunity to go to the Auto show

  54. LINDA

    Wonderful Event!!!

  55. Frank

    Great contest! Don’t forget to e-mail me since I will win this right? :-D

  56. Would love to surprise my BF with the tickets!

  57. Luca

    I’d love to go !

  58. kyle

    yes, please , i dont have the $ to pay !

  59. kyle

    i dont have the $ to pay ! pls andthanks

  60. Linda

    Count me in! Thanks!

  61. dave

    Would love to check out the new wheels.

  62. min

    just in time, looking for a new car

  63. nancy

    i can’t wait to attend this event!! Looking for a new car!! too many choices to choose from :)

  64. Jason

    I would love to go there!!

  65. Elizabeth Cheng

    Just in time, pick me!

  66. Mrs. Tanner

    Mama needs to find a new car! Tickets, please :)

  67. Phoebe

    Yes please!

  68. Valentina

    Awesome!!!! Really would love to go!

  69. Grace

    Can’t wait for the auto show! It’s always a lot of fun!

  70. Kevin

    I can’t afford a new car, but it would be nice to go and dream.

  71. Shaun

    This is awesome!!

  72. Yoshimi

    My 4 yrs old daughter is looking forward to go to the car show to see new Corvette, if there are any!! She’s convinced herself that she will get Corvette when her mommy and daddy won a lottery ticket….LOL

  73. Donella

    I am in the market for a new car and this would be a great opportunity to go and see many models under one roof. I am too busy to go from dealership to dealership to test drive vehicles and would only do this once I shortlist to the cars that interest me. Please give me that opportunity to go and kick some tires and sit in the driver’s seat!

  74. Candice

    I’d go every day !

  75. Kevin

    Cars …yeah!

  76. brian

    Love to go!

  77. Betty

    My husband and son would love to go. They have been going together since my son was 4. He’ll be 24 next month

  78. G.

    Look forward to it! :)

  79. San

    Would Love love to go!

  80. Rafika

    Perfect dates and times for curing my cars craving. Yes please to tickets :)

  81. Aimee

    The things I do for my husband…

  82. Tom

    Would Love love to go!

  83. Would love to take my dad!

  84. Tina

    Count me in

  85. kris

    me me me! :)

  86. amar

    it would be great!

  87. Earl

    I’m going whether I win free tickets or not but if I win I’ll bing the wife too.

  88. Laiyi Chow

    I would love to see the latest models! My boyfriend would enjoy this too!

  89. Chantelle

    Would love to go!

  90. Mauro

    This year’s show seems awesome.

  91. Kaiwan

    No matter whoever wins these tickets they’ll have an awesome time! That said just pick me already :)

  92. Gloria

    …In the market for a van…would love to win tickets.

  93. Daniel

    Count me in please!

  94. anne

    i love.

  95. Marcos Kwong

    I would love the tickets to check out the awesome rides!
    Count me in!

  96. Always enjoy your events. Can’t wait to see what you have this year!!

  97. Sharon

    What fun to go to the car show!

  98. Tyler

    My son and I are stoked for the car show! Can’t wait:)

  99. Alvin

    Would love to win tickets to visit the auto show since this will be my first year attending! :)

  100. Mark


  101. Maenard


  102. ez tetszik!!!! :)

  103. Rosanna

    I would love free tickets…here’s hoping!

  104. rick

    I’ve been every year. This would be a great way to do a little car shopping for my new vehicle

  105. Laura

    My husband would love this… pick me!

  106. Ed

    If I don’t get free tickets I promise I’ll hold my breath until you do….starting……Nowwwwwwwwwwwww (GASP)

  107. Ed

    I’m still holding my breath….good thing I can still type….phew.

  108. David

    My daughter and I usually go each year, to see all of the new and popular vehicles each year, She really enjoys taking pictures of the fancy colorful cars. We would really like to get a pair of tickets.

  109. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  110. Stephanie

    Would love to go check out the new vehicles.

  111. Arnold J

    Would love to bring my kids to this!

  112. HW

    fingers crossed!!!

    love this year’s poster btw.

  113. Matthew Chau

    I want this. We go there each year and hopefully this year will be free of charge. Thanks!!!

  114. Henry Ho

    Best Auto Show in Canada!

  115. Wayne C

    looking forward to go to the show.

  116. Raymond Cheung

    The Vancouver Auto show is the best show for car lovers.

    Please, please , pick me as the winner of those auto show tickets!

    My friend and I want to see cool cars!

  117. Allie

    Would love to go to this with my husband.

  118. Jodi

    I’m planning on attending, so free tickets would be great!!

  119. Alex

    Nice! Can’t wait for the autoshow!

  120. ann

    I love the Vancouver International Auto Show I went last year and I really enjoyed it.
    I love it!

  121. Nicolette

    Would love to go :)

  122. Lucas

    Would love to check this out with my sons, would be a nice evening out for us.

  123. Frances Wong

    I love cars like every guys out there, but I’m actually a girl.
    It’s just because I’m one of those unusual ones who absolutely love cars, don’t ask me why. My gfs think I’m crazy, and all the stuff I know about cars just creep them out.
    Love taking pictures of all types of cars, SUV, sports cars, etc.
    I would love to get free tix to this show, SO, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pick me……………………………

    thank you for your consideration.

  124. Max Rashadaty

    Please pick me, My gf and I would love to go, thanks.

  125. Teresa Siu May Wong

    My husband, my daughter and I would love to go.
    It’ll be awesome if we get picked from this draw.

    Good Luck everyone!

  126. Terry

    Cars = Disneyland. Let me win!!!

  127. Albert C

    I like cars

  128. Christine

    Would love to go!

  129. Narinder kaur lohat

    My family is going to the Vancouver International Auto Show. My son is so excited that he can hardly wait. He would love to see super and exotic cars. And it would be great if we win tickets.

  130. Douglas

    Looking forward to seeing this years show. Tickets would be great.

  131. Manuela

    Would love to take my fiance with me as a suprise before our little one is born! At least this way he’ll know that he is still as important as everything else that is going around. WOuld eb a lovely trip! Hope we win!

  132. Geoff

    Definitely want to take my family to the Auto Show!

  133. Clayton

    Friends coming into town for this so free tickets would be great.

  134. Teresa K

    I’d love to go.

  135. Catherine Chu

    I want to see lamborghini

  136. Henry C

    Would love to go look at some potential new family cars.

  137. Paul

    Cant’ wait to see the actual auto show in person…

  138. Tony

    Love the Auto Show! Cars need a higher profile in bike-crazy Vancouver.

  139. pogda

    Great shopping all in one place!

  140. Steve Janz

    Coming down from Salmon Arm – looking forward to it!

  141. Anna Z

    Never been and would love to go!!!

  142. Kenny Leung

    I want win the tickets !!!

  143. carmela mendoza

    I <3 cars (Particularly the Toyota Celica. Closest thing to it is the Scion FRS now). Tickets please. :)

  144. sophia f

    We go to the show every year. Looking forward to it again. Free tickets would make it even better!

  145. Mehb

    From 0-100 in less then 5 secs,
    We’ll be there!

  146. warren

    i like the concept cars and sports cars best

  147. Chuck

    Planning to go again this year.

  148. Peter Law

    Attended this event every year since 1980

  149. Neumann

    Thanks for letting me know about this event. I went 2 years ago and it was great. Looking forward to it again.

  150. Cherie

    Tickets would be awesome! We are in search of a vehicle that can seat 7!

  151. amandeep

    Yes please!!! I love to take my 8yr old son to this show….he is a big fan of this show me & my husband take him every year ;-)

  152. Monica

    I’m in the market for tickets!

  153. Danielle

    Two tickets, please!

  154. Andrew Huang

    YES PLEASE! This is an awesome opportunity!

  155. Jocelyn

    My boyfriend and I would love to go please! THANKS

  156. Ed

    Love the auto show. Would love to win free tickets.

  157. My Dad would love this!

  158. ML

    This would be great! Thks!

  159. Henry

    he doesn’t know I’ve put his name in . .. surprise!

  160. Bigdaddy

    Free is good :-)

  161. Alex

    Great way to see what’s new under one roof.

  162. Ahnnnn

    I adore you for considering me to win the tix. I love cars! Auto shows are my thing. I need to buy a new car so this would be a great learning show for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.Cheers!

  163. Fred Sierecki

    Parents in town – would love to take Dad!

  164. Alex

    This is great. I would love to go.

  165. Vionna

    Yes please! I look forward to it every year!

  166. Denis

    Looking forward to see the VIA show with my wife.


  167. Mike M

    Have been going to auto show since 1976, never missed one. Will be there this year as well…

  168. Sheila

    Please please pick us!!! Thank you!

  169. Ryan

    My Dad loves that auto show and would be super happy if we won the tickets.

  170. Anne

    Good Morning. Thanks for doing this draw.

  171. Jake

    Please let us win the tickets for our Dad.

  172. NIRMAL

    I would like to see these beautiful masterpieces. I love cars. I am happy to visit the event, if I get a free ticket then I will be more happy to visit the event with my family.

  173. Edward Archie

    ….still holding my breath…and crossing fingers and toes now!!!

  174. Steve

    would like some tickets!!