Notorious Adult Theatre to Become Vancouver’s Newest Music Venue

Photo credit: Lawrence Krysak | Flickr

Photo credit: Lawrence Krysak | Flickr

Fans of live music and arts in Vancouver were crushed earlier this year when hipster haven the Waldorf shut its doors.  In its short life, the unconventional space on East Hastings Street had become a hub for the city’s resurgent arts community.

Now, comes a ray of new hope – from the unlikeliest of places.

The operators of the Waldorf have decided to open a brand new live music and arts venue – inside the city’s last remaining adult movie theatre.

Plans were announced last week to transform the notoriously dingy Fox Cinema near Main Street and Broadway into a 250-seat music theatre.  Fox Cinema currently sticks out like a sore thumb in the rapidly gentrifying Main Street neighbourhood.  Its marquis advertising XXX movies is sandwiched between a designer clothing boutique and a trendy skateboard shop, with an organic vegan restaurant down the block.

The still-to-be-named new music venue will be run jointly by the Waldorf’s former leaseholders and the team behind a pair of much beloved Main Street venues, the Rumpus Room and the Narrow (the former a burger joint with ’70s decor; the latter an impossible to find, impossibly hip underground dive bar), as well as Chinatown’s Rickshaw Theatre.

Plans are – obviously – to completely disinfect and renovate the infamous Fox Cinema, which has been operating as an adult theatre for nearly two decades straight.  Once up and running, the new venue will serve a role similar to the Waldorf’s, hosting not just live music but DJs, comedy, film and an eclectic array of artsy projects. (No word yet if it’s possible to squeeze the Waldorf’s popular food truck fests inside the new space.)

Anyone else happy to see the Fox Cinema go? What do you think of the plans for a new live music space on Main Street?  Let us know below. 

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2 Responses to Notorious Adult Theatre to Become Vancouver’s Newest Music Venue

  1. Very great news! We are in sorry need of more live music venues in the city, and I am happy to hear that another will be available soon. We have so many talented musicians/performers that deserve to have decent places to perform, and this news will be exciting to them. Good on ya! Thanks for recognizing this need ! On FaceBook, check out Deb’s LIVE MUSIC list for gigs where you can go and SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!

  2. scarlette 77