Bittered Sling Bistro

Bittered Sling Bistro

The Keefer Bar’s Danielle Tatarin at Bitter Sling Bistro Jan 24 2012. Robyn Hanson photo

One of Vancouver’s most charming and most unique food-and-drink events, the Bittered Sling Bistro series, is back.

Now in its third season, the food-and-cocktail pairing is not only a treat for foodies and cocktail lovers, it’s also a competition pitting some of the city’s top mixologists against each other as they push the boundaries of Vancouver’s cocktail culture.

Hosted at Legacy Liquor Store (1633 Manitoba) in Olympic Village, Vancouver, the dinner party is hosted by award-winning mixologist Lauren Mote and Chef Jonathan Chovancek, who together own and operate Kale & Nori Culinary Arts, a catering and events company. At each Bittered Sling Bistro, guests are seated at a long table, which encourages sociability. The food-and-cocktail pairings, meanwhile, spark lively conversation.

The 2013 series began March 6, but the series continues bi-weekly until Oct 23 (the next one is April 3). Read on to see what’s in store, and what you can expect.

At a typical Bittered Sling Bistro, Mote herself starts the evening off with a unique and palate-cleansing cocktail with the feature spirit (each Bittered Sling Bistro features a different spirit; i.e., one night it might be Mount Gay rum, another night Buffalo Trace bourbon) and using Mote’s own specially brewed bitters, accompanied by hors d’oeuvres.

Guests are guided though the evening’s cocktails by the host bartender, who talks about the night’s spirit and, as the evening progresses, each new drink as it’s paired with one of Chovancek’s specially crafted, often locally sourced, course.

Offering his or her thoughts on why they chose a particular combination of ingredients for each cocktail, the mixologist invites guests into their mixing process. At evening’s end, the guests are also invited to rate the cocktail pairings. At the end of the season, those bartenders with the highest scores compete for a grand prize. Over the course of the six-month program, six veteran and six apprentice bartenders will have a chance to share and promote their booze expertise.

Bittered Sling Bistro cocktail photo

Pomelo cocktail at Bitter Sling Bistro Jan 24 2012. Robyn Hanson photo

Here is the schedule for the 2013 Bittered Sling Bistro series, beginning with the third installment, April 3:

Wed. April 03 2013 “When Tiki Attacks!” with Evelyn Chick of Blue Water Cafe,

Wed. April 17 2013 “When Tiki Attacks!” with Don Wheeler, Legacy Liquor Store | The Modern Bartender

Wed. May 08 2013 “Coastal Mexican Experience” with Marc Smolinski, A Drinker’s Peace | Max’s Burgers

Mon. May 27 2013 “Coastal Mexican Experience” with Lauren Mote, Owner of Kale & Nori | Bittered Sling Extracts

Wed. June 05 2013 “Truly Canadian Terroir” with Micah Jensen, Bar Manager of Raudz Regional Table, Kelowna BC

Wed. June 19 2013 “Truly Canadian Terroir” with John Richard, The Vancouver Club,

Wed. July 10 2013 “Global Cocktail Colonialism” (TBA)

Wed. July 31 2013 “Global Cocktail Colonialism” with Trevor Kallies

Wed. August 14 2013 “Mardi Gras vs. Carnival” with Grant Sceney, The Fairmont Pacific Rim

Wed. August 28 2013 “Mardi Gras vs. Carnival” with Robyn Gray, Pidgin

Wed. September 11 2013 “Coloured Collar; Upper Middle Class” with Cooper Tardivel, Hawksworth Restaurant

Wed. September 25 2013 “Coloured Collar; Upper Middle Class” with Justin Taylor, Four Seasons Vancouver

Wed. October 09 2013 “Heavy Metal Monks” with Sarah John, L’Abattoir

Wed. October 23 2013 “Heavy Metal Monks” (TBA)

Visit the Legacy Liquor Store website for tickets ($60) and more information.


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