Master the Art of Charcuterie in a Historic Vancouver Butcher Shop



Among global foodies, charcuterie is serious business. The age-old process of curing, drying and aging sausages, salamis and pate has experienced an artisan reawakening of late, with new-age gourmands rediscovering the delights of prepared meats and restaurants offering fancy charcuterie plates for discerning diners.

Now, a unique cooking class in Vancouver offers budding epicures an initiation to the art of charcuterie. A city landmark, the Save on Meats butcher shop has been serving Vancouver the freshest cuts since 1957. After leading an artisan butcher renaissance in Vancouver, the shop is now spreading the gospel in a series of charcuterie-themed classes held in its century-old heritage building in the heart of downtown.

Start off in Mastering Meats 101, Sausage and Bacon Making. Learn how to roll and tie delicious pancetta, cure, smoke and age flavorful bacon and even grind sausage. The three-hour class ($85) offers carnivores a whirlwind introduction to fine meats and sends students home with generous samples of their own.

Then test your skills in Mastering Meats 102, the Art of Charcuterie. Enjoy a cured meat tasting, then learn how to prepare your own exquisite duck prosciutto, pepperoni and salami in the three-hour class ($95).

Not into sausage? Check out Preserving Your Pickles for a bootcamp on canning and preserving everything from spiced beets to Earl Grey strawberry jam ($85) or Slice and Dice for an intimate look at getting the most out of your chicken ($75). Packed with practical tips, the classes also offer an intimate look at foodie culture in Vancouver and one of the city’s most enduring culinary institutions.

For more information, visit the Save on Meats website.

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  1. sreenath

    hello sir
    i would like to learn the basics of butchery .now iam doing pc 2 and going to write the exam soon ,could you please reccommend some colleges in vancouver to learb the basics of butchery