Vancouver Ranked Third Best Street Food City in North America

Photo credit: T. Jerven

Photo credit: T. Jerven

The Vancouver street food scene gets better each season and the world is taking notice. Vancouver’s food trucks were recently ranked third in Travel + Escape’s list of “Top 5 North American Cities for Trailer Food.” As one might expect, Portland, which has just about everyone beat with their fleet of 700 food trucks, ranked first. Austin, Texas came in second–again, not a shocker. I make bi-annual pilgrimages down there for good music and cheap, creative eats.

Interestingly, NYC and Toronto, which you might expect to be more competitive than Vancouver, came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

T+E author Shelley Seale mentioned Vancouver’s “nutritious and diverse” offerings. These descriptors are two of the requirements listed on the City of Vancouver’s street food vending page. While they may seem a bit tame, they set Vancouver apart. Fresh, inventive fusion cuisine is more important than grease in Vancouver street fare.

Vancouver currently has 103 licensed food trucks. Another 15 food trucks are in the works for spring 2013. The city plans to put the newcomers in pods like Portland’s outside the downtown core. The locations are TBD.

Photo credit: T. Jerven

Photo credit: T. Jerven

Kudos to the Vancouver street food scene for the accolade. It’s a relatively young scene (2010 launch) and it seems like our entrepreneurs’ creativity and talent, along with the thought put into expansion by food truck lovers like city councillor Heather Deal, are paying off. If I had one request for Vancouver street food besides food truck pods, I’d like to see more punning in food truck titles. We can have more fun there, can’t we?

The T+E write-up follows closely on the heels of another coup for Vancouver street food: many Vancouver food carts were recently included in the bestselling Eat St. food truck cookbook.

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