Bachelorette Party Season in Vancouver

Photo credit: Babita Bains

Photo credit: Babita Bains

The season of dabbing at your mascara, giving big congratulatory side hugs and toasting to sappy speeches is just around the bend.

While wedding season gives us an excuse to dress up, connect with friends and family, share food and lots of drinks, it also signals the beginning of bachelorette party season. For the last couple of years there’s been a marriage epidemic amongst my friends. There have been so many great stagettes, I often look forward to the wedding prequel as much as the wedding itself.

“A stagette is basically an excuse for all the girls to get together one last time. They’re often an opportunity to spend some intimate, quality time together,” explains Sandy Pandher, a Vancouver-based wedding and event planner. “It’s all very Sex in the City these days.”

Thanks to my super creative social circle, I’ve been privileged enough to attend all kinds of bachelorette parties over the years. If you’ve been tasked with organizing a bachelorette, don’t panic. I’ve gathered a few ‘best of’ hen party ideas below.

The private party
Pandher has observed a interesting stagette trend in the last couple of years: private, pampering events. Often groups of women will rent a couple of hotel rooms, a studio or an apartment and bring the girly fun to them. The mantra is, “let’s enjoy some really good food, some really good drinks and spend some really good times together,” says Pandher.

Pandher recommends hiring a hair stylist to come by to give the girl gang a new look, hire a catering company or personal chef to whip up dinner and drinks while the group relaxes and enjoys each other’s company.

“A bachelorette party is also a good time to connect before the wedding so that the bride can appreciate her friends and they can appreciate her,” says Pandher.

You go girl
One of most active stagettes I ever attended involved mimosas and brunch then bikes,  bike decorations and a pedal to Playland. If the bride-to-be is a bit of a thrill seeker perhaps a morning a bike trek to Playland to embrace the groups’ collective inner child is the way to go. Local bike rental company eZeeRiders can hook ladies up with cruiser bikes, tandems and/or road bikes to zoom out to the land of wooden roller coasters and mini-donuts. Afterward, finish the afternoon off with a costume change out of your cycling attire and into a party dress and hat to bet on the ponies at Hastings Racecourse & Casino.

The Deluxe combination
So what if your friend is a little bit city and a little bit country? A combo-style bridal shower that involves the outdoors, some shopping and drinks could be the answer. A ride along the seawall, a gourmet cheese, fruit and charcuterie picnic supplied by Granville Island Market is a great way to fuel up for this type of stagette. While a picnic and bike ride in Stanley Park would satisfy the nature-lover in the lady of the day, a shopping trip will likely satisfy her inner-urbanista. A trip to Holt Renfrew après Stanley Park for some personalized shopping and a makeover could do the trick.

Speaking from experience, I would recommend heading to Holt Renfrew to hunt for the latest Manolo Blahniks or suit up in the latest, slinkiest Agent Provocateur lingerie. After your shoe and skivvy mission, visit the beauty experts at the Holt’s Chanel, Burberry or Laura Mercier counters. All done up and ready to go, your flock of chicks will be gorgeous and prepped for their foray into the night. Finish off in Gastown for some inventive cocktails at Pourhouse and maybe cut a rug at the Lamplighter, Charles Bar or the newest Mark Brand venture, The Portside Pub. While your friend may be tuckered out from her long day of girly-fun, she’ll have a head and heart full of girly-fun memories.

Have you attended a great stagette in Vancouver recently? Do you have any hen party planning tips? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to Bachelorette Party Season in Vancouver

  1. Kathy

    I attended a bachelorette party recently and we went to Society in Yaletown. It’s a popular place for bachelorette parties as they make phallic-shaped cotton candy. And if one is lucky enough to get a handsome waiter like we did, he will gladly unbutton his shirt and place a drink in his lap. Afterwards, we headed to the nearby Bar None club for more hilarity.

  2. Debbie

    I recently went to a Stagette weekend over on Vancouve Island. The bride and her friend sourced out a fabulous estate, Morningside Estate….. there were 16 women, they even included 5 of the moms. we had a 3 night stay and one of the girls planned all the menus and for the 3 days of wonderful feasting it was $45 each!!! and they did all the shopping and everyone pitched in to cook. We had one dinner where we all sat together for dinner ……the maid of honor had some great games to play over the weekend. and she had a welcome bag on all of our beds :) it was so much fun! it was sunny and we all enjoyed the pool, hot tub and the ocean …..and there was drinks going on…but to be honest, this is the best stagette I have ever been on!!! check out this place……great place for groups.

  3. Miranda

    Kathy – thanks for the tip re: the phallic cotton candy. Debbie the Morningside looks lovely. Thanks for passing along the info :)

  4. I offer Bachelorette / Stagette Parties via a Sex Toy Party mixed with a Sex Ed Seminar. So many different topics and perfect if you are staying in at home or partying in a local hotel. Very low minimums and no deposits I tailor the Sex Ed class to your group – ideas include, Blow Job class, Sex Position seminar and 50 Shades of Grey techniques and tips.

  5. Steve

    I offer live nude drawing art with a male model for bachelorette and birthday parties . Ladies book these parties with me mostly because it is different and fun I do supply the drawing easels if needed , some of my parties the guest prefer to draw on their laps . I also supply 4 different types of art pencils and the full size easel paper or half size easel paper . We do 2 personal drawings and two group drawing party games ( musical easels , pick a part draw and build a paper man) It is a fun and hilarious party that you will talk about for years. Most people have never had a chance to attend a live nude drawing art class so it is a night full of laughs and fun. I charge 60$ per hour of drawing and you can find me on Facebook artfulhen or email