5 Best Summer Exhibits at Vancouver Museums and Attractions

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Sure, beach time is what summer in Vancouver is all about. But if you happen find your brain turning to mush, your creative drive in need of inspiration, or rain on the horizon, duck inside and check out these cool, relatively new summer exhibits at Vancouver museums and attractions.

5 Best Summer Exhibits at Vancouver Museums and Attractions

1) Foncie’s Fotos at Museum of Vancouver, through January 2014
Foncie Pulice, Vancouver’s most prolific and beloved street photographer, took about 15 million photos of Vancouver residents from the 1930s to the 1970s shooting in hotspots along Granville Street and Hastings Street. Museum of Vancouver is offering a rare chance to peek back into Vancouver urban history at their new exhibit of his work: Foncie’s Fotos: Man on the Street.

2) Grand Hotel at the Vancouver Art Gallery, through September 15, 2013
Hotels are a place where it seems like anything can happen. Rock stars, beat poets and actors take up residence in hotels. Hotels symbolize so many things, from seedy to decadent, including easy wish-fulfillment, escape and purgatory. The Vancouver Art Gallery captures these complexities in their fantastic new exhibit: Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life.

3) Science of Sexuality at Science World, through September 2, 2013
From Remy’s coverage: Think Science World is just about sprockets and pulleys, creepy crawlies and whimsical gadgets? Think again. Pushing the boundaries of science education, Science World has just unveiled a provocative new exhibit on the Science of Sexuality (running through Sept. 2).  The self-guided display explores the stages of human sexual development, all the way from conception to first love and beyond.

4) Safar/Voyage at the Museum of Anthropology, through September 15, 2013
A landmark exhibit of works by Middle Eastern artists, focusing on contemporary works by 16 different Arab, Iranian and Turkish artists.  The show counteracts simplified, one-dimensional representations of the Middle East with a more nuanced, intimate picture of the region. The 8,000-square-foot exhibition includes paintings, sculpture, video and performances that look at themes as diverse as migration, war, geopolitics and aesthetics.

5) Jelly Invasion at the Vancouver Aquarium, details on closing date forthcoming
Vancouver Aquarium’s weird and wonderful new summer exhibit Jelly Invasion presents thousands of living, goo-ing gelatinous jellies in over 15 species from around the globe. Check out the live Jelly Cam to get a sneak peek at the mesmerizing action. Warning: This may inhibit your daily productivity. Learn more about these boneless, brainless and heartless animals at exhibit event schedule, offering deeper, hands-on insight into jellies with a make-your-own Jelly Invasion Craft Corner and cooking demos at the Jelly Deli.

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  1. A Night at the Museum! The Old Hastings Mill Store Museum will be opening on Friday, July 12th from 5:00 – 9:00. Come visit the oldest building in Vancouver and look at artifacts from the great fire of 1886, the SS Beaver, many pioneer objects and much more. Open Tues. through Sunday 1:00 – 4:00.

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    by TARANEH in FAMILY FRIENDLY on June 29, 2013

    Why is this from 2013 still on site??? What’s happening this month, this year, please.