Wiener Dog Racing Returns to Hastings Racecourse this Weekend

Wiener Dog Racing Vancouver

Photo Credit: Hastings Racecourse

The dogs are back in town this weekend at Hastings Racecourse for the annual Wiener Dog Races!

The free event, taking place on both Saturday and Sunday (July 13-14), features 8 heats throughout the day and one final Top Dog Race pitting the winners from all of the earlier races against each other.

The races take place in a smaller section of the Hastings Racecourse and usually last for a good few minutes of flying fur.

The fastest wiener dogs are fun to watch, but it’s the stragglers who always get the biggest cheer. In the end, it winds up being a race for who can actually cross the finish line without wandering away or getting distracted by digging in the dirt.

The races take place at:

Day 1 (Saturday, July 13th, 2013):

  • Heat 1 – After Race 2 (Roughly 2:22pm)
  • Heat 2 – After Race 3 (Roughly 2:52pm)
  • Heat 3 – After Race 4 (Roughly 3:22pm)
  • Heat 4 – After Race 5 (Roughly 3:52pm)
  • Heat 5 – After Race 6 (Roughly 4:22pm)

Day 2 (Sunday, July 14th, 2013):

  • Heat 6 – After Race 2 (Roughly 2:22pm)
  • Heat 7 – After Race 3 (Roughly 2:52pm)
  • Heat 8 – After Race 4 (Roughly 3:22pm)
  • Final: Top Dog Race – After Race 6 (Roughly 4:22pm)

In between each of the wiener dog races, you can enjoy some adult beverages, $5 smokies, or a few horse races. Place a bet or two (there are race officials there who can help you figure out how to do that), or just wager with your friends.

It’s a day at the races you’ll never forget! You can access Hastings Racecourse throughย PNE Gate 6 or 9.

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9 Responses to Wiener Dog Racing Returns to Hastings Racecourse this Weekend

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  5. Carla Smyrl

    Hello Could you please tell me when the wirner race
    at the vancouver racetrack is for 2014.

    thank You carla

    • It is good to know that the dogs are back in action into the town for the Hastings Racecourse dog race. It is funnier to watch the fastest wiener dogs but often the winners would be stragglers. All the best for the race!!

  6. wow..unbelievable!!! i like action of the dogs…it’s very entertain spectator.

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