Watch the Celebration of Light Fireworks from Cactus Club (win a pair of tickets!)


Cactus Club is excited to announce that they are now selling tickets to watch the Celebration of Light Fireworks at their English Bay location. Located right on English Bay beach with panoramic views of the fireworks, they offer a one-of-a-kind VIP experience.

Tickets are available for these dates:

Saturday July 27th,
Wednesday July 31st (sold out)
Saturday August 3rd.

All tickets will be sold on ticketmaster. Table priority will be given at a first come first serve basis. This special event is extremely popular and will sell out so it is important to secure your tickets today.

Tickets include an exclusive 4 course menu, hand crafted by our Executive Chef Rob Feenie, and includes gratuity and tax. (alcohol sold separately). In addition, a fireworks soundtrack simulcast will be played throughout the restaurant. Rob Feenie will be on
location mingling with guests.  

1st course

ceviche – ocean wise™ salmon, sustainably harvested prawns, red onions, thai basil, mint, cilantro, nuoc cham.

2nd course

roasted butternut squash soup – seared scallop, apple curry foam, basil oil. OR seasonal greens – berries, feta cheese, almonds

3rd course

mediterranean chicken – chili and herb rubbed local chicken, orzo, kale, grape tomatoes, capers, arugula, balsamic reduction. OR double-braised pineapple hoisin short rib – pineapple ginger glaze, shiitake mushrooms, korean chili sauce, mashed potatoes, snap peas. OR soy-dijon salmon – ocean wise™ steelhead, whole grain barley, snap peas, shiitake mushrooms, soy butter sauce, grape tomatoes, cilantro

4th course

caramel chocolate trio- chocolate mousse, crunchy sponge toffee, warm caramel foam. OR white chocolate cheesecake – chocolate cookie crust, raspberry compote, hand whipped cream.

*vegetarian options provided upon request

They have very limited seating available because of the size of the restaurant so reserve your seats today.

We have a pair of tickets to give away for Saturday July 27 (value $378).

To be eligible, simply post a comment below. We’ll pick a random winner next Wednesday and notify by email. Good luck!

July 24 Update: Congratulations Dylan, your name was randomly selected!

For the rest of you, Cactus Club is offering a 25% discount on regular priced tickets of $189 (includes taxes and gratuity). Just use Promo code: HOUSEOFYES when booking your ticket through Ticketmaster.

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586 Responses to Watch the Celebration of Light Fireworks from Cactus Club (win a pair of tickets!)

  1. Curtis

    This would be an awesome experience.

    • Brad

      I’d love to win this! What a perfect view!

    • ashmita

      i’ve never been to this location of the cactus club. would be great for a first experience! :)

    • Kelly

      Love the English bay cactus club, love the fireworks

    • Kam

      would be the perfect date for my anniversary!

    • Catherine

      I saw fireworks behind my eyelids after I had successful brain surgery and I would like to experience the real thing now that I have fully recovered.

    • Vince Tan

      Never miss this great event since then, like it, love it, be part of it!

    • Rachel mcmahon

      We emigrated to Canada from England 2007 and worked hard to integrate into the canadian way of life – it is my husbands birthday 29th July we are spending the weekend in Vancouver as we love the city – we have never seen the firework and my husband has never been to the cactus club this experience would make the weekend – we never win anything please make this one different. Thanks Rachel

    • Joyce Q

      good view good food

  2. Boom!!
    Who wouldn’t love a free dinner with fireworks !!!!

  3. Matthew King

    This sounds amazing, would love to win a pair of tickets!

  4. joe L

    I want to go to there.

  5. ximena

    I love the celebration of lights! Hope I win :D

  6. Courtney Carpenter

    This would be an absolutely amazing experience!! I haven’t been to this Cactus Club yet!

  7. colleen

    I would love that! Yes please <3

  8. Craig McCulloch

    Remember going to the fireworks when they started. Fantastic this event continues!

  9. Anna

    Love the fireworks and this would make them even better

  10. What a great contest, thanks! Who wouldn’t want to watch the fireworks from a gorgeous setting with a free dinner :)

  11. jayne

    Cactus is my favorite!!

  12. liliana

    Pick me!!!

  13. Jordan Gruzelier

    Front row to the best date night of the summer!!

  14. Christina Marino

    I night without kids plus dinner and Fireworks. Sounds lovely.

  15. A C

    That would be awesome! Yes please! :-)

  16. joachim

    what a great experience this would be

  17. Gillian

    You had me at ceviche! Coupled with fireworks on English Bay, what could make for a better night! oh yeah, free tickets!!!

  18. Angela

    Would be great to win!

  19. Marta Szymanska

    Would love to experience something like this! Love the fireworks and it would be nice to have a night away and out from my little one to enjoy some adult time. Looks like a stunning place and magical event. :)

  20. Winston

    It’s been years since I’ve seen them, this would be a fantastic way to get back to it!

  21. Sarai

    I want to be there :)

  22. Lindsey Munday

    I am sure the view and the meal will make for a memorable event!

  23. Cecelia Reekie

    Would love to join your staff for the evening :)

  24. Isolde Legare

    That would be great for my first summer in Vancouver!

  25. Richard L.

    This would be a great event to take the Mrs.

  26. Karen Stensrude

    SPECTACULARly delicious!!!!

  27. Olivia

    I’ve been there once, it’s a very nice setting

  28. Carlo

    This would make for a hauntingly good date night!

  29. M Mak

    That’ll be quite an experience!!!! Cool!!!!!

  30. vance soucy

    Praying its gonna me and my wife.

  31. Callie

    I haven’t seen the fireworks in Vancouver for years!! And I have never eaten at Cactus Club (yet)

  32. Sarah

    Would love to win those tickets!!!

  33. Kirsten

    Would love to go. It has been a very. very long time since I have been to the fireworks.

  34. Ron

    Sounds good to me!

  35. Gianna basso

    That would be incredible!!

  36. Catherine

    amazing price offered… thank you..

  37. LAAC

    This sounds like the perfect date!

  38. Cheryl

    Love the fireworks, love Cactus Club. Win-win. Now I just hope I win!

  39. Christine McDonald

    Fireworks on your palate, fireworks for the eyes, what a great combo!

  40. Deena

    Amazing prize!

  41. Steve Bryson

    Cactus club with fireworks!
    Please count me in for the draw.

  42. Lindy

    Sounds like a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. We would enjoy a lovely evening to enjoy great food and beautiful fireworks!

  43. Praveena


  44. Alice Wang

    Sounds amazing! =)

  45. Alia

    I LOVE the fireworks! Look forward to seeing them every year. This year the only day I can watch is the 27th so I REALLY hope to win :)

  46. Elyse

    Pick me!

  47. Linda

    Cactus Club lights up with great food and fireworks!!!!

  48. Matthew

    Amazing event! Amazing restaurant! Life couldn’t get any sweeter #winning

  49. James

    Best lettuce wraps on the planet! Love this new location too btw, the view of Stanley park as the sun drops is amazing #lovethiscity

  50. Paola


  51. Mariana

    Love Cactus but I have yet to go to this one! Cactus + Fireworks! It can’t get better than that! ;)

  52. Christina

    This would be a lovely treat for me and my fiancé, we recently got engaged here in vancouver after moving over from Ireland. Be nice to treat him back with a surprise :)

  53. ximena zapata

    I want to go!!!

  54. Alanna

    I haven’t seen them in years, would love the opportunity.

  55. Helen Enair

    Visiting the Cactus Club is on my “To Do Soon” list; this would be the perfect time to do it!

  56. Shauna Seasons

    These tickets would be a sweet win :)

  57. Alia

    Would love this experience!! Pick me!

  58. Laura

    This would be an amazing night!

  59. Feenie, Fireworks, Fab Food … Yes please!

  60. Marina

    i looked at the pictures and it looks amazing! very beautiful! will definitely be coming from calgary to see this and check out some concerts! :)

  61. Tabata

    It would be an amazing experience since it is my first summer in Vancouver after 3 winters here… I’ve heard that Celebration of lights is awesome!

  62. Daniel

    Oh wow.
    It’s going to be an awesome show this year.
    I hope my girlfriend and I are going to be the winner.
    Can’t wait for the fireworks to start.

  63. Courtney

    I’ve been wanting to check out this Cactus! What a way to do it!

  64. Raymond

    Oh wow, I would love to go.

  65. Michelle

    I go to the Celebration of Lilghts each year, and most often I see it on the beach. this would be different. Great, hope I win.

  66. Angelina

    This will be such an amazing chance to watch the firework and eat great food at the same time! wish i could win!!

  67. Christine T

    English Bay Cactus would be the perfect spot to catch the annual fireworks!

  68. Shelley S.

    It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen the Fireworks. Would be awesome to win and enjoy them from a prime location while enjoying a lovely meal!

  69. Angelina

    This will be such an amazing chance to see the firework and have great meal at the same time. i wish i could win!!!!

  70. Jaco

    Fantabulicious!!!! This would be an amazing experience!!!!

  71. Christine T

    English Bay Cactus would be the perfect spot to catch the fireworks!

  72. Jennifer Butler

    Magnifico! A night to remember.

  73. Sheilah

    Everything is created from moment to moment, always new. Like fireworks, this city and cultures are a celebration and you are the spectator contemplating the eternal Celebration of lights at your absolute splendor. How amazing to have a beautiful dinner celebrating Vancouver.

  74. Dora

    Sounds amazing!!

  75. Tianna

    This would make for a perfect date! Haven’t been to the English Bay location yet, but this would definitely be a great first time there!

  76. Michelle W

    This experience would be SOOOO AWESOME!!! :D

  77. Winson

    Would be a wonderful experience dining and watching the fireworks with my wife! Thanks in advance!

  78. Lisa

    That would be a wonderful experience!

  79. Martin L

    The view from Cactus Club looks fantastic!

  80. Hardev

    The wife would love me, I’ll call it an early Anniversary gift ;)

  81. eric c

    I love Vancouver

  82. Neilab

    Pick me pick me!

  83. Carmen

    This would be an awesome gift to me as a newlywed since it’s so close to my wedding date! :)

  84. Jenn K

    This is awesome! I would love to win.

  85. claudia

    It must be an amazing experience, for our eyes and our mouth :)

  86. Arjun Rudra

    Fingers crossed.

  87. Wendy T

    What an amazing way to spend an evening!

  88. Jess

    I’d love to go with my long distance boyfriend who’s in town for the month! :)

  89. Ashley A

    Rawr!! I’d love to!!! ((((;゚Д゚))))

  90. Emilia

    Brilliant, I’m in

  91. Yay!

  92. Jen

    What an amazing way to watch the fireworks!!

  93. Jeff O

    Great food, great view, great company!

  94. Shawn Shen

    This will be lovely for a sweet couple!

  95. Jaylene Wells

    I love how all new Cactus Club’s are in just epic locations!!! They’re truly Vancouver.

  96. Katie Kwan

    Fireworks, food, fun!

  97. Tracey Flattes

    Wow – great prize. Would love to win this!

  98. Alex Inman

    That menu looks FANTASTIC!

  99. Laura

    Beautiful Vancouver! Amazing fireworks! Love to be there.

  100. Igor Leporis

    Not a bad place to have a first date;)

  101. Andrea R

    Nice!! Great idea.

  102. Dylan

    This would be an incredible experience, one that I would love to take my mother to. Her birthday is coming up and this would be a huge surprise for a lady that works too hard for her family. Thanks so much!!

  103. Oh yes please!

  104. Jenn


  105. Renata

    Love the Cactus Club and love the fireworks. Together they would be awesome!

  106. Yumi N.

    Cool! This would be an epic, once in a lifetime experience. Been meaning to check out the new Cactus Club by the harbour, too! heard & seen lots of great things. :)

  107. Leo

    Sounds fantastic!

  108. Michelle

    What a first class view that would be! Prime food, location and ambience. Yes please!! Vancity at its best!

  109. Stephanie

    Dine in style with Cactus under the stars!

  110. Ewa

    Sounds amazing!!! Fingers crossed my first summer and Celebration of Light in Vancouver could be unforgettable!

  111. kylie

    Definitely would love to win this, surprise and spoil hubby for once! :)

  112. Erica Dawe

    I would love to go! Love Cactus Club <3

  113. DLemke

    Yes please. I don’t know what I enjoy more, fireworks or the casual fare of Cactus Club.

  114. Michael

    Thank you for this opportunity so i can take my mom who is from Winnipeg! What a wonderful experience to be able to view the Celebration of Lights fireworks from English Bay Cactus Club! Thanks Chef Rob Feenie for hosting! Warmly, Michael

  115. Camila

    Perfect combination, fireworks and Cactus Club!!! I wanna it…..

  116. BurnabyAnn

    Ooo – mediterranean chicken! (& fireworks?) perfect date night!

  117. Clare

    I’ve got a friend visiting from jolly old England so this would be an amazing experience. (plus amazing food, Yum!)

  118. Dal

    Love cactus! This would be an incredible experience! :)

  119. Never try yet! Looks amazing! What a Vancouver welcome gift that could be! it could be perfect timing for me to propose her……

  120. Chris E

    That would be a fabulous night for the eyes and stomach!

  121. Jewel Van Damme

    For FREEEEEEE sounds good to MEEEEEE!! – Adam Sandler

    Go Cactus Club!

  122. Teresa

    Fireworks fall on my 30th birthday and I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant. My husband and I would love to avoid the crowds and enjoy a nice dinner. Cactus is my favourite restaurant!!

  123. Patrick McCoy

    This would be amazing!!!

  124. This would be a great opportunity to show my friend from Brazil one of the best summer nights in Vancouver

  125. Joel

    Sounds great!

  126. tatiana M

    I would love to watch the fireworks…this would be a great evening out!

  127. Stephen

    I would love to take my wife to the fireworks! I love Cactus Clubs burgers!

  128. Cougan

    I’m new to Vancouver and haven’t seen the fireworks yet this would be an amazing prize to win!

  129. Muriel

    I’ve been to that Cactus club – it is stunning! I’d love to go!

  130. Shelagh Hardern

    An opportunity like this just might make it worth leaving the camera at home for an evening ;)

  131. Jane Straker

    We’ll be visiting from the U.S. and a friend recommended the Cactus Club. This would make a great memory of our first time in Vancouver!

  132. gord

    This would be amazing! Great food & fireworks!! :)

  133. sharon williams

    It would be so great to have a date night with my honey, have 4 kids to feed takes a lot in todays day and age, so not many date nights for us

  134. Sarah

    Mint and cilantro … I’m in! What a beautiful way to celebrate!

  135. Melanie

    Would love to win this!!!

  136. Al

    What a fun evening that would be!

  137. HHJ

    Best show on earth! Best place on earth!

  138. Lawrence

    Pick me!

  139. mac

    Yes, love it!

  140. Jeff Oderkirk

    would be great night out with my wife

  141. mad


  142. Amir Hariri

    Winning this would be amazing!!!!

  143. Jeanette

    Would love to go!

  144. Mathieu S

    Awesome blog Inside Vancouver, keep up the great work!

  145. Ritchie

    good food and great view… what else can you ask for!

  146. Kristy

    I love Cactus!

  147. Cynthia Fuchs

    Awesome ! Would love to win the tickets / prize on the 27th .

  148. Lauson

    I’d love to go!!!!!

  149. Matthew Williams

    A nice night out to have dinner and watch fireworks

  150. Grace

    I’ve never been to that Cactus!

  151. Karl


  152. Ren

    Menu sounds awesome! I have always wanted to try the Cactus at English Bay. Would be a perfect date night!

  153. Janine Poper

    wow! that sounds like a fantastic night out and the dinner sounds amazing! I’ve been working hard all summer long could use a great fun night out plus its been years since I’ve seen the fireworks!

  154. Suchi

    I hope to win. Thanks!

  155. Wilson Lee

    It will be awesome to watch the amazing fireworks over awesome dinner for my friend and I .. Thank you :-)

  156. Diana

    woohoo would LOVE to win it!!

  157. Helen Wong

    I’d love to take my mom there. She’s never been to the fireworks. Thank you so much.

  158. joanne

    Aah! I have a friend coming to visit for the first time! This would be amazing to go see! :D

  159. Lilian

    Looking forward to it!

  160. Pat

    Celebrating our 10 year anniversary the night of the UK fireworks!! Though Thailand will surely do well this year. What a glorious evening this would be.

  161. I don’t think you can get a better view than this.

  162. Steph

    This sounds so romantic :-) pick meeee! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’m the lucky random. Yaay fireworks and delicious food!

  163. Jon Wiebe

    This would be awesome!

  164. Tony

    I’ll be going!

  165. Rachel Rogers

    This sounds amazing! Arriving in Vancouver next week for my first ever visit to Canada! I am so excited and would love to go xx

  166. erica potts

    Winning tickets would be awesome!

  167. E. Tang

    This would be the best contest win ever!

  168. Joyce

    Vancouver <3

  169. Catherine

    Need to win something so pick me, please!!!

  170. Mimi

    Would love to attend this beautiful event! Simple pleasures in life!

  171. Janice W

    Fingers crossed!

  172. Geordie Stowell

    What a beautiful place to watch the show. I hope I win!

  173. Katherine

    Wow… this sounds amazing!

  174. Andrea

    This would be an amazing experience!

  175. Aida Lamzi

    Looking forward to be there!

  176. We moved out of the WE a couple years ago – would love to go back!

  177. Aida Lamzi

    Can not wait to be yherr

  178. Charmaine

    It would be a lovely way to watch the fireworks!

  179. Christina

    Yes, please!

  180. beclim

    What an awesome experience this would be!

  181. Andy Shum

    Am I the lucky one?

  182. Curt

    This would be a wunderbar date with the wife!

  183. I’d love to win this:)

  184. Kathleen

    Would love to go!

  185. kale

    This would pretty much make for the most perfect date ever!

  186. Chele

    This would be awesome!

  187. Ivy

    rob feenie and fireworks?! i’m so down

  188. Marianne

    I’d love to win this!!! :-)

  189. Lexie

    I’d love to go! Rob Feenie is awesome!

  190. Lana

    A wonderful, exciting surprise for my date. Pretty please pick me. Thank you!

  191. Zainey

    Good idea!


    great view, great food! pick me!

  193. andrea yuill

    the saturday fireworks fall on my son’s birthday – would love to win these tickets for him and his girlfriend

  194. Kaori

    Pls pick me!!!

  195. Suzette Osborne

    All I have to say is that this would be an amazing experience to see the Celebration of Light Fireworks at Cactus Club (to which I’ve never have experienced as yet) along with meeting and honoring Executive Chef Rob Feenie and to taste his delightful hand craft 4 course menu!

  196. Jeffrey Siu

    I haven’t gone in years, it would be amazing to go again!

  197. Avner Coopman

    That will be the first time for us.

    Looks like an amazing thing to see.


  198. Patrick

    Would love to see the fireworks from Catcus Club English Bay. Thanks Inside Vancouver!

  199. Sarah

    A dinner with fireworks! This would be the perfect birthday present for my boyfriend!

  200. Tess

    I’ve had almost everything on their menu except 4 things! I love them! I ALSO LOVE fireworks!

  201. Steve

    I’d love to surprise my wife with this. She loves Cactus club. We’ve gone to the fireworks every year since we’ve met <3 Girlfriend/Engaged/Married :)

  202. Wendy McCleery


  203. Andy

    This sounds fabulous! Last year we’ve got the best experience in my life during this event, and I want to repeat it again this year! I like Cactus Club!

    I’d like win these tickets and bring my fiance to enjoy this romantic moment along with awesome food from Cactus Club!

  204. Britt

    This would be the perfect way to celebrate our one year anniversary!

  205. Dianne Lasanen

    sounds like a wonderful evening………….

  206. ranjeet

    Would be a great win…

  207. Nataliya

    Love fireworks !

  208. Kelsey

    Oh man I hope this Cactus Club has the Duck Club. That some of their Sangria. I’m drooling already.

  209. Rita Leung

    This would be so awesome!

  210. Steph

    Oooh, this sounds like a lot of fun but is definitely out of my price range. It would be great to win tickets!

  211. Emily

    Sounds like an amazing menu and fireworks experience! Would love to try it!

  212. Debra Sherman

    Dinner at the Cactus Club, entertained by the spectacular fireworks, would be the perfect beginning to my summer holidays!

  213. Megan

    Would love to experience this!

  214. Colette

    Sounds incredible, and so beautifully Vancouver.

  215. Amanda O

    Sounds like a perfect, magical evening!

  216. carly

    Cannot wait to watch the show with a nice cold beer in my hand!

  217. welen h

    it would be great if i can take my gf here!

  218. Sounds magical! And stunning menu too – perfect evening !

  219. Really? Fireworks at cactus cafe? OMG Im sooooo exciteeeed :D

  220. Alison

    This would be an enjoyable way to watch the fireworks for the last time in my favorite city before i move!

  221. YES! Please!!! #Vancouver #cactusclubcafe – This sounds AMAZING!

  222. Phil Greer

    We are in Vancouver to get married (just tied the knot in Stanley Park yesterday). This would be the perfect cap to our honeymoon! Pick us. We might even wear our wedding garb!

  223. margaret m

    It’s before noon, I’m too cranky to think of something nice to say. I’ve been “given” some time off work so yeah, it would be a good excuse to come hang out in Vancouver. I have a big fear of crowds, more annoyance than anything, so I could sit across the street from cactus club until dinner starts and then I dunno, have a wee nap until everyone leaves downtown after the fireworks ; ) have a great day, going back to sleep now.

  224. Vivien

    Would love to watch the fireworks!

  225. Melissa

    What a great way to spend the evening!

  226. Anne Bruinn

    This would be a fantastic treat for my friend visiting from Finland! I’m trying to convince her to move here – this would help! ;)

  227. Vivian

    Would be an awesome site!!

  228. Michelle N.

    I have not gone since i was a teenager and would love to go now with my daughter!!

  229. Sweet! Would love to win this <3

  230. Sanja Mann

    Celebration of Light fireworks and delicious food by chef Rob Feenie…couldn’t get any better!

  231. I would absolutely love to win, it’d be an amazing night with amazing food

  232. Stan Wong

    Just recently started to go to Cactus Club and have really enjoyed the food here. And the staff are super nice. I hope I win so I can try out this new location while watching the fireworks!

  233. Maggie D

    This is the way to do fireworks, in style!

  234. Goretti

    This would be an awesome experience :)

  235. Amandine

    Another great prize draw, thank you! I never win but it’s always nice to try :-)

  236. Michelle

    Yes please! I’ve never never been to this Cactus Club, great location, great view, plus great food & fireworks to add to it! perfect!

  237. K in Vancouver

    I’ve been going to the Fireworks since their beginning when I was pregnant the summer of 1990. To actually win tickets that include fabulous food and seating how awesome this would be!!

  238. Yumi

    This sounds so romantic. I would love to be there. I’ll keep my finger crossed!

  239. Kenneth Wong

    My wife and I of 20 years spent one of our first dates watching the fireworks. It was “magical”.

  240. Michelle

    Yes please! I’ve never been to this Cactus Club, great location, great view, plus great food & fireworks to add to it! perfect!

  241. Stephanie

    the weekend of the 27th will be the first time i am celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday with him. this would be such a special way to share it with him. thank you for offering to host such a fun event. hope we get the chance to celebrate here.

  242. Peter Fan

    Oh man! I am planning to watch it from West Vancouver with the girl I like, but Cactus Club would be even better! Cheers to all!

  243. stacey

    wow! amazing to see it there! would love this!

  244. Jamilla

    Count me in! I would love to spend it with my family!

  245. robyn

    wouldn’t it be nice

  246. Maria

    It would awesome to win!!!!!!!!Please Please Please!!!!!

  247. Julia

    Would be great to win.

  248. lucy kabatoff

    fireworks & food Awesome!

  249. Anne

    Fun fun boom!

  250. Jason

    Cactus Club offers to blow us away again, fireworks style!
    We are visiting from out of town and I would love to treat my girlfriend to this unique experience. It is her first time to the Celebration of Light and it would be her first time to Cactus Club.
    I couldn’t think of a more perfect night…

    To the ‘House of Yes’ I say YES I would love to be chosen for this unique experience!!

  251. Lee Anne

    Wow – what a great place to experience one of the best summer celebrations our city has to offer. Thanks for the contest!!

  252. Melanie

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

  253. Susan S.

    I love fireworks! and Inside Vancouver, and Cactus Club. The prize sounds so cool!

  254. Pinky

    I’d love to celerate my husband’s birthday in a wonderful firework night :)

    • Martin

      Good for us to celerate our 3 years anniversary!!
      Fireworks ,we are coming~~

  255. Rana

    What an amazing night this would be!!! I’d love to win.

  256. Katherine Abrahams

    Sounds delicious!

  257. Best English Bay (water) view in Vancouver! And… great food selections. And… wine. And…

  258. Annette Pasciullo

    This sounds awesome.

  259. Dinah

    This sounds amazing!

  260. benjamin ma


  261. Jess

    I have no chance to win but I’d love it!

  262. Paulina N

    So excited for this year’s shows! What an amazing night this would be!

  263. Courtney

    I’d love to give these tickets to my parents!

  264. Kerri

    Absolutely stunning!!! What a lovely experience this would be

  265. Stephanie

    This would be an amazing prize to win! It would be great to watch the fireworks from the Cactus Club, having one of the best views.

  266. Joe Fang

    It would be great to get a last glimpse of this wondering Vancouver event before I leave for school in Australia !!

  267. Mel

    Best Patio in the city for the best event of the summer! Pick me!

  268. Phillip

    Would be an amazing experience to watch the fireworks at Cactus Club!

  269. Saba Tavakoli

    PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!! This memory will stay with my friend and I FOREVER! It would be a great way for her to remember Vancouver (on a student budget) when she leaves in early August. :)

  270. Richard

    That cheesecake… whew.

  271. Angela

    pick me :D

  272. VANETTI

    This is the place to be !

  273. Alfredo

    A Cactus Club dinner itself is an explosion of flavour in your mouth!

  274. Cinderella

    Ooooooo this would be amazing! Hope I win :)

  275. Elaine

    Ooo…I’d love to be at the Cactus Club for a meal. :)

  276. Amber

    I simply cannot afford such a great experience and would love to be able to have a great night with my partner, in this amazing place!! <3 Vancouver and its treasures!!

  277. Rebecca Gordon

    So looking forward to watching the fireworks, I love that the UK are on display this year :o)

  278. Asha

    Vancouver is magic!

  279. nancy

    Me pls and thx!!

  280. Shelley

    Yes please, would love to experience the fireworks while dinning at the Cactus Club!

  281. Suvina

    Sounds like a great menu. Yum :)

  282. Jennifer

    Sounds like an absolutely perfect night. Amazing food with the backdrop of what will hopefully be a perfect Vancouver sunset on the water followed by a fabulous light show. Would love the honour of attending!

  283. jennifer

    would love to win!

  284. Tracy K.

    i’ve never been to see the celebration but would love to go!!

  285. A.Campbell

    Most amazing place to view the Fireworks and feast upon your delicious morsels.Please ensure copious supplies of Rum…!

  286. Alina

    sign me up!

  287. Joe

    This has t0 be the best location to watch the show from…

  288. Jane

    This would be a wonderful night!

  289. Helen C

    Please pick me~~~ <3 :)

  290. Sherie

    This would be so awesome!

  291. Darwin

    Winning this would be awesome!

  292. Natalie

    This would be awesome

  293. Rose

    Awesome! :)))

  294. Maggie

    Wow! sounds great!

  295. Melissa

    What a fantastic way to watch the fireworks!

  296. Stephanie

    I’ve never been at thia location before ! I’d love to win a pair of tickets *fingers crossed*

  297. sandhya prasad

    looking forward to the fireworks – win win win

  298. Kerri

    The menu looks delish! this would be an amazing date night =0)

  299. Joseph

    Sounds like a most memorable night to win a package like that. Cactus Club is the best ;-)

  300. Malden Colovic

    I want tickets, give it to me!

  301. Carol

    Count me in!

  302. Jennifer

    food, fun, fireworks… Fantastic!!!

  303. Wendy

    What an amazing prize! Please pick me!!

  304. Jessica C.

    this would be amaze x

  305. Amanda

    It’s our anniversary weekend! Would be an amazing night out for us sans baby, too :) menu sounds delish!

  306. Aram Kim

    I rly wanna go there !!!
    Fingers crossed<3

  307. B. Li

    Desparately need a romantic date night with the hubby please!!

  308. Naomi

    I would love a pair of tickets! Can’t wait for the fireworks to start :-)

  309. Cherie

    What a great idea….thanks

  310. Martin

    Good for us to celerate our 3 years anniversary!!
    Fireworks ,we are coming~~

  311. VS

    Would also love to experience this! Hope I win the tickets!

  312. Phill

    Dinner and fireworks would be GREAT!! What an awesome combination.

  313. June

    Vancouver is so lucky to have this event every year!

  314. Alison

    Would love to win a pair of tickets and watch the fireworks from Cactus Club!!!

  315. Deya


    Please pick me, my favourite all time food to eat is your chicken wings, I can’t eat enough of them I could eat a 500
    of them I swear.

    Rob Feenie, is the best almost as good as your chicken wings;)

    I would love to go and check out the view.

  316. jay

    this would be an awesome anniversary gift!

  317. Andrew

    Feenie, Food & Fireworks. Fabulous!

  318. tracy

    this would be an amazing experience!

  319. Lynda

    I cant think of a better location than the Cactus Club for watching the fabulous event. LOVE IT

  320. Sonja S

    Wow! I’ve never been to this Cactus Club and this would be amazing!

  321. Paula

    I go every year! Would love to win this!!

  322. Opal

    Thanks for your posts!

  323. Richard

    will like to win!

  324. What a great way to enjoy the fireworks. Front row seats and a meal by Rob Feenie

  325. Sabine

    We are arriving form Sydney in Vancouver on Saturday morning 27 July and it would be great start for our trip to Vancouver and Vancouver Island :)

  326. Elaine

    Pick me please? Thanks~~

  327. Alejandra Chavarria

    I would LOVE LOVE to enjoy an amazing dinner and view!! My boyfriend and I can celebrate our anniversary:)

  328. Charlotte Li

    I’ve never watched the Celebration of Lights, but I’d love to spend it with someone who appreciates the beautiful things life has to offer. Let the magic happen!

  329. Judith S.

    Fireworks at Cactus Club would be THE highlight of summer!

  330. C. Ing

    Count me in!

  331. Zain

    THE perfect date night!

  332. Karl

    It will be the perfect gift for m daughters birthday!

  333. Doreen

    What a special way to watch the fireworks!

  334. Emma Lynch

    Fireworks + Shortrib = 1 very happy girl + 1 very happy boy!!

  335. Gerard Brady

    Would be a great night, finger’s crossed!

  336. Kat

    I would love to win the dinner at the Cactus Club! Pick me please!

  337. Jodi

    I would love to see the fireworks from such an awesome location and a great restaurant too.

  338. Quan

    can’t wait for the fireworks!

  339. Johanna W

    This is would be a great way to celebrate our anniversary

  340. Shannon Philbrook

    Would be so fun to win!!

  341. Kevin Kwok

    How do you randomly pick a winner? Sounds like a great meal and a spectacular view!

  342. Wow Cactus Club on English Bay and the Fire Works what a winning combination for a great summer evening. Great food,entertainment, and company.

  343. lisa

    perfect night out!

  344. Michael L

    My wife loves fireworks and it would be great to bring her there. We’d love to check out this new location too!

  345. Miguel Amaral

    That would be awesome!

  346. JB

    Hey U!
    Hey U!
    It’s the fireworks!
    Come on down
    Turn that frown
    upside down
    Hey U!
    Hey U!
    Lets have delicious food
    and enjoy the luv
    at Cactus Club :)

  347. Anita H

    My girlfriend is coming into town and has not been here for many years. She grew up here in Vancouver and we have been best friends forever. What a wonderful way to show her Vancouver again in the Best way Possible. What a treat that would be!! I would love to win this!!!

  348. Jen MacDonald


  349. Colleen B


  350. IL

    Fireworks + great food. Please make me the lucky winner!

  351. Bayan

    please please

  352. Carolyn

    I want to CELEBRATE summer at this phenomenal event!

  353. We come up every year to celebrate our 24 years together and this would be the icing on the cake!

  354. Owen

    Fireworks from Cactus would be awesome!

  355. Tracy

    That sounds like a delicious meal!

  356. randall

    I would love to take my girlfriend out on a romantic evening. Dinner with Rob Feenie would be AMAZING !
    And to top it all off………… FIREWORKS !
    Winning this would truly be a blessing for me and my girlfriend. We’ve both never been to the Celebration of Lights .

  357. Diana

    What a fabulous opportunity to celebrate with sweetie for our anniversary.

  358. Virginia Clough

    I can’t wait to attend this amazing summer event!!

  359. ana

    Fireworks from Cactus Club? What might be better!!!!

  360. Jimmy

    Would love to go!

  361. shells

    It would be fantastic to win this!

  362. Joanna

    Good Food, Good People, Good Fun, GREAT VIEW!!!! Nothing beats this!

  363. Dave

    Thanks for this nice summer contest

  364. Belkis

    Cactus is my favourite restaurant. I look forward to enjoying your food while watching the fireworks event. I look forward to being there

  365. Joseph

    I’d love to see the fireworks at amazing Cactus Club!!! My favorite restaurant!

  366. Alena Belskaya

    Just moved to Vancouver two weeks ago with my boyfriend. This would make an awesome date night. =)

  367. Agnes Vun

    I won’t want to miss this fireworks party, lets us join the fun all the way from Malaysia!

  368. Becky

    This would be such an incredible experience for whoever wins these tickets!! Cactus Club has such good food!

  369. Liz

    After 3 years living in Vancouver, I’m leaving at the end of Summer. Enjoying the fireworks on the beach with amazing food would be a fantastic end to my experience in Vancouver!

  370. Alicia

    If I win this that means I won’t have to go see the fireworks alone! Haha

  371. Dana Moores

    Would be wonderful to be able to watch the fireworks close-up without the mayhem of the crowd :)

  372. Mary

    This would be an amazing way to celebrate the best of Vancouver with my hubby, a great meal followed by a spectacular show of lights…a nice lead up to our 25th wedding anniversary ☼

  373. helen

    this would be incredible

  374. Yvette Gregori

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for this!!!

  375. Javier

    I want it.

  376. Nerissa

    Cactus Club – My favorite restaurant! I just moved to Vancouver from the Prairies in July. Love Vancouver!!

  377. Steven Snyder

    Oh la la! Pick me!

  378. Dmitry

    Pick me! Would like to spend a time with my gf!

  379. Sofie

    Me me me!!!! Please….

  380. Jamie

    would love to take my boyfriend out for this! we wanted to do this last year but, something came up =(

  381. lynn montes

    ooooooohhhhhh please pick me and my 80 year mother who is from London, England so she can enjoy this absolutely stunning event!!!! xoxoxo

  382. Lina

    I win <3 Thank you ;-)

  383. Juliana

    I would love to have a wonderful meal and enjoy the fireworks in one spot!

  384. Marlee Naipaul

    Menu sounds amazing!

  385. Bev

    Would love to win this amazing prize!

  386. KAY

    awesome prize!

  387. Ann

    Yes please :)

  388. Laura Sanders

    Oooh this would be amazing!!

  389. Andy

    This is so awesome!!!!!! can’t wait!

  390. warren

    yes chef!!!!!!!!. this would be amazing

  391. warren

    yes chef!!!!!!!!. this would be good to win

  392. LucieB

    Wow, what an amazing contests. This would be a super Summer night in Vancouver!

  393. T

    Yum and wow!

  394. Tracey

    Crazy fun!!!


    It would be wonderful to win these tickets! :D

  396. Kim

    Bright lights and a big night….who would be my plus one?

  397. Sher

    This would be EPIC. Thank you.

  398. Eileen

    This sounds amazing!

  399. mandy

    Wow! This would be the perfect gift to greet a friend farewell! I’d love to win and do just that!

  400. Jan

    Sounds great! Dinner with a view!

  401. Shannon Steele

    Perfect Date night

  402. Mike

    The Menu is making me drool! Would be an awesome surprise for someone dear to me. :)

  403. illy

    This seems like an amazing place to see this!

  404. La_rahh

    I hope to actually be able to see this years festival! Such a unique festival. Vancouver is super lucky! Can’t wait!

  405. Hillary

    Oooo yes please! Best date night ever!

  406. Aly Rehmat

    This is a great fireworks and dinner package at Cactus Club!

  407. Fara

    I love the cactus club and since that week will be my last week in Vancouver before we move to the island I would love to take my husband to a great dinner and to enjoy the spectacular fireworks:)

  408. Whitney Carson

    I was at this Cactus Club today, what an amazing location! I would love so much to win these tickets! (Pick me, pick me!!!)
    Will be an amazing 3 nights either way!

  409. kearny

    pick me :)

  410. Sunny Hsu

    This prize sound totally amazing. I would love to win it! I would make a great bday present for my boyfriend.

  411. Nelson Hsiao

    Please pick me so I can surprise my fiancee.


  412. Garth

    Cactus club and fireworks make for a grand night

  413. jennifer

    Oh I love the fireworks, my kids get scared so it’s been like 6 years since I’ve had the chance to see them.

  414. elena

    Wow, Cactus Club would be the best place to see the fireworks from! Awesome food, amazing view!

  415. Stephanie

    Dine in style – Cactus under the stars!

  416. Craig

    So much fun!

  417. Melanie

    Yes please!!

  418. Swapnil

    Two thumbs up for Chef Rob and Fireworks

  419. Gloria

    Would love to win.

  420. Erica

    The food sounds amazing and the view would be spectacular. Fingers crossed!

  421. Uli

    Let’s find out how well dinner is paired with the fireworks. We are game

  422. Rochelle

    I planned my annual trip to Vancouver this year to coincide with the Fireworks!! Looking forward to enjoying spectacular English Bay.

  423. Monique

    Pick me. Please!

  424. Maison

    Will take some photos for you if you pick me!

  425. asha

    Cactus Club and Fireworks Lover who would be thrilled to win this experience! :)

  426. Jonathan E.

    As I return to Vancouver the morning of Saturday July 27 after 3 months away, this would be a majestic re-introduction to Vancouver in the summer! :)

  427. I would love to be there watching all the fireworks!!!!

  428. Amanda St.Pierre

    This would be a remarkable experience. I have not gone to the fire works, and would be an amazing dinner with a spectacular view.. Please pick me!!!

  429. Laura

    Cool idea. This is always a great night

  430. RITA

    ME ME ME

  431. Rosie

    Sounds amazing!!!

  432. Gerry

    Sounds great. Would be awesome!

  433. T. Band

    I would love to go! It would mean the world to me!!

  434. Tania Chan

    Wonderful Celebration of Lights x Beautiful English Bay x Iron Chef Feenie’s menu at Catcus Club = Fantastic Night \^o^/ 100000000000000000000000 x like

  435. Jen

    Would absolutely LOVE to win this…and to top it off, July 27th is my 17th wedding anniversary! What a treat this would be!

  436. Nahanni

    The crowds at this event are crushing, so having a reserved location is great! Sadly, the ticket prices are a bit out of most common human’s budget, so thank you for giving away a couple to a lucky winner.

  437. Angela

    Would love to bring my guy from Edmonton to share this experience with him that I’ve been going to since I was a teen (even though I’m not from Vancouver, I make a point to try and go every year, at least once).

  438. Jessica

    Would love to win!

  439. Kristine

    Sounds awesome! would love to win!

  440. Pick me pick me!

  441. Erin

    This looks like such an amazing experience!

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  443. Lisa

    My brother and I are catching up that weekend for the first time in 5 yrs and this will be my first experience of Celebration of Light – would be stupendous to do both in such a cool setting

  444. marie

    An amazing experience to come ! Thank you !

  445. Christina

    I would love a chance to do this! :)

  446. Stephanie

    We’re celebrating my best friend’s birthday that day and already planned to see the fireworks at night, it would be so amazing if I could win this for her!!! Please pick me!! :)

  447. Mikael Volke

    What could be better- dinner at the best Cactus club location- and the best fireworks show in Canada- awesome!!!!!

  448. This sounds awesome!!! I’d love to dine and watch the spectacular fireworks at the best Cactus Club in Vancouver!!!!

  449. Angela Tan

    It will be nice to watch it with a great dinner!

  450. Vincent Tan

    great place to dine and watch awesom fireworks if i win this tickets

  451. Liz

    Me me! I’d love to go!

  452. Christi

    What a wonderful way to spend an evening!

  453. Aviva

    This would be an amazing way to watch the Celebration of Lights for the first time!

  454. Fri/July/18/13

    I thought this was an amazing way to watch the fireworks! What could be better than, food cooked by one of Vancouver’s most prominent chefs; getting to look at what looks like the “colours of life” before, your very eyes! Cool!


  455. Fri/July/18/13

    What a wonderful opportunity to experience a fantastic meal prepared by one of Vancouver’s most prominent chef’s, Rob Feenie, while getting; to see the Celebration of Light! It is like getting to see the “Colours of Life” right before, your eyes while, eating great food! It would be one of those “unforgettable moments” you can never forget!

  456. Kevin L

    If my winner cactus lights up, then I will have a celebration by waving my club in the air!

  457. Yolanda

    What an amazing gift this will be! This Cuctus Club is my
    Favourite restaurant right now in Vancouver.It has a gorgeous view and offers a kind of experience. I can’t imaging
    On top of that to see the fireworks!

  458. Betty

    This is always one of the things I wanted to do – dine and watch the fireworks at the same time. It would be an honour to be part of the experience that Cactus Club offers. Thank you and wish me luck :)

  459. Stanley

    Sounds like a good time

  460. sarah

    how awesome it would be to win ^_^

  461. Carol

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  462. Christine

    Even though from Holland, i’d still love to win those tickets!!:)

  463. Joanna

    Fireworks and Feenie… sounds like a sweet night.

  464. Adrian

    I’ve never seen the fireworks from English bay would be awesome.

  465. Sylvie

    It would be a Magical Experience to have dinner at the Cactus
    Club and meet Mr. Rob Feenie.

  466. Rachel

    YES PLEASE!!! What a wonderful contest =D!

  467. Jacki

    What an amazing experience this would be!

  468. Sherry

    Wonderful evening sure to be had. Delish cactus club menu and a great show!

  469. Don

    Sounds great

  470. Barb

    OMG, Those fireworks!

  471. Fiona

    It’s gonna be a wonderful experience !

  472. Alison Millar

    Best seat in the house for sure and good food too!

  473. Alison

    Celebration NIGHT…Best seat in the house for sure and good food too!

  474. DH

    Love this!

  475. Jerrod

    Would love to win, first time attending this event

  476. Go Canada!

  477. Huck

    Would love to have a getaway with my wife. I’m sure the kids wouldn’t mind!

  478. Mike Jurasek

    Dinner and a show? count me in!

  479. Christabelle Ebarvia

    That looks like an awesome experience!!! Would love to be there!!! :)

  480. Marta BM

    I would love to win this!! Thank you for this contest!

  481. johnathan Stuart

    Auuh man! Love the lights. Last year was the first time I’ve ever experienced them and it blew my mind. Hope every one enjoys them as much as I will be this year :-D

  482. Stephanie

    This would be fun!

  483. Oana g

    English bay and cactus club make a good team. Just relax and feel free to enjoy every moment ..

  484. Emma

    This would be a fantastic gift for my visiting parents. Thanks for the shot!

  485. Tina

    This would be such a fantastic experience!

  486. Patti

    Sounds like the best summer vancouver night experince, for all the senses… love it..

  487. Judit

    It’s time to try Cactus Club. I wish I could win. :)

  488. Susan Martin

    I like the new Cactus Club. I don’t think it blocks views and it would be a great place to view the fireworks.

  489. TNMD

    Fireworks light up the night sky,
    Like my chest when I look in her eye,
    My oh my,
    If I win I just might die

  490. Brandon

    Cactus Club rocks

  491. Dagnar W

    Cactus Club rocks! Love every location tried so far. This would be amazing way to celebrate our 35th anniversary! Kids would be soooo envious!

  492. Charlene

    Please pick me!!!!! I haven’t had the chance to get to this event and I would really love to go :)

  493. LC

    Would love to take my mom to this! Fantastic Idea!

  494. Ali

    I love cactus club !

  495. Chloe

    Would be a lovely welcome-home treat!

  496. Iris

    Would love these tickets!

  497. Amy


  498. Tara

    I was at the fireworks back in the early 90’s & have not been back since. It would just suit me fine to sip some wine whilst watching a changing nite sky. Hook me up please….

  499. Marie-Sophie Dheur

    This would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance !
    I love Vancouver so much !!

  500. Mary

    I would love seeing it ! Vancouver is such a wonderful city !
    Pick me up !!!

  501. Winston

    Yup, this would be a great experience!

  502. Isabelle

    Can’t miss this experience!

  503. Melissa

    That’d be perfect! Thanks! =)

  504. Terence


  505. helen

    cant wait !!=)

  506. Robbie


  507. Natasha

    pick me :)

  508. Alberto


  509. This would be a wonderful date night for my anniversary with my wife! =)

  510. Rosa Hausner

    Winning a pair of tickets would be a memorable birthday gift since my 59 birthday is on August 4th. I sure wouldn’t forget the year before I turn 60, especially with fireworks.

  511. Anne

    An unforgettable night coming ahead !
    Would be even greater if I win the tickets ;-)

  512. Tobiasz Kobielski

    You’ll make my troubles this year be as few and far between as my grandpa’s teeth!!! Thanks Cactus Club!

  513. Nicholas

    It will be all about the food and the food only… :)

  514. Ikkei

    I would love to take my wife! What a phenomenal date night that would be!

  515. Ronnie Spicer

    I am flying into
    Vancouver this Saturday for my first visit to your city, and this would be an awesome experience for my trip!

  516. carla anderson

    woo! so much fun pick me!!!

  517. Jewlee Big Plume

    This would be so amazing!!

  518. Shannon

    We are heading to Vancouver for my husbands birthday on the 27th, we have been trying to think of good spots to watch the fireworks, this would be an amazing surprise for him and experience for both of us!

  519. Kerry

    I’ve never been to Cactus Club and this would be a fabulous introduction!

  520. Daniel

    I would love to win.

  521. this would make an amazing date!

  522. It’d make such an amazing foodie date!

  523. Richard

    Wow, this would be amazing. Fingers crossed.

  524. Manu

    You guys are the best, these are amazing prices !
    I hope I’ll win ;-)

  525. Mags

    This would be awesome! Please pick me :-)

  526. Ana Vz

    It would be the perfect combination for my first Celebration of light with such a nice place, excelent food, great service and fireworks! Cant wait!!!

  527. Ryan

    Be a frikken awesome experience….

  528. Jerilyn

    Mmmmm… Menu looks so good. Plus, fireworks & music makes it a perfect night indeed!

  529. Maria Alejandra Nava Partida

    I Wanna be there!! Full me in! :) I <3 Canada!! :D

  530. Maria Alejandra Nava Partida

    I Wanna be there!! Fill me in! :) I <3 Canada!! :D

  531. KS

    Sounds like the perfect start to my holidays!

  532. John

    Would love to see it there were the Canada Day fireworks where.

  533. Spencer

    Visiting from Costa Rica. We are very excited to be in Vancouver on the 27th

  534. Mark

    pick me pick me!! =D

  535. Nympha Tolentino

    This would be the perfect view, the perfect event, and the perfect spot for the perfect dining experience at Cactus Club!

  536. Kathy

    Me and my husband are celebrating our 20th anniversary on July 31st and would be delighted to be there to celebrate the festival of lights!!

  537. Ralfe

    I want to experience a piece of the fabulous Vancouver pie.

  538. Ray

    Really would love to win this, its the end of an era for me and a new beginning.
    Thanks so much~

  539. William

    Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks!

  540. Mark

    This is awesome!

  541. Jaspreet

    PICK ME :D:D:D:D:D

  542. Hyacinth Romelus

    This sounds like a fair tale night…would be too good to be true if we won these tickets…keeping fingers and toes cross!!

  543. Waltson Liao

    If I win this maybe my wife won’t be so mean to me in my dreams.

  544. Jill K

    Explosively delicious night of enjoyment

  545. elaine deng

    I’d love to go!

  546. I’ve lived in Vancouver for 17 years, and have never ONCE watched the fireworks downtown, let alone English Bay! I think it’s about time that I did, don’t you?

  547. Jenny Ayala

    Yo quiero!!! it would be amazing!! por favor!!

  548. Ashley B

    What an amazing way to watch the fireworks!

  549. Lesya

    This sounds fantastic. An incredible menu paired with an incredible view… What an opportunity!

  550. NicT

    Woo! Gourmet food AND fireworks?!?! Excellent!

  551. Ashley B

    Ahhhhmazing!!! Who wouldn’t want to win this prize?! Great food with a spectacular view! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  552. Meagan

    This would be an amazing birthday gift for my boyfriend. Plus, the salmon ceviche sounds so delicious!

  553. Irving

    This would be an incredible experience!!

  554. Jenny

    Would reallyyyy love to go

  555. Lucinda Cheung

    I think it’s the best way to watch the fireworks! Rob Feenie inspired dishes are delicious!

  556. Elly

    I wanna see the fireworks and I wanna eat delicious food. It’ll be good memory in Vancouver!!

  557. Jen

    Wow, great sounding menu. I volunteered cleaning up at the fireworks last year, would be amazing to win an ultimate view-spot & meal to boot! Great prize.

  558. Anne-Sophie Woolnough

    This would be incredible!

  559. Harjit

    What a fabulous date night this would be! I’m an expecting momma to be and a delish meal from Cactus with fireworks to end the night sure would make the little one just as happy. :) Thanks for the chance twitter fan@plumerea

  560. Been a long time since I have seen the fireworks downtown!

  561. Tonia Amaral

    Yum! Yes please!

  562. Ohh pick me, me, me, me, lol

  563. Glesy Victoria

    Pick me!!! Food and fireworks who can ask for more?

  564. Michelle

    I’d love to get to experience this!

  565. Colleen

    The menu sounds fantastic and what a wonderful nite could be had… front row seats..Sounds like something I could cross off my bucket list…

  566. Sophia

    This would be an amazing prize to win!

  567. Jazmin

    Good view, great food and good company! This would be an amazing experience to have.

  568. Adam

    Ah this would be so amazing! Great food, great views!

  569. Jessica

    This would be awesome! My boyfriend has never seen the fireworks downtown before and I’d love to visit that cactus location!

  570. John Schlosar

    That would be great! Can I bring something, a salad, or, maybe some dessert?

  571. chista

    This is an amazing prize! Would love to win

  572. What a way to spend an evening having dinner designed by Rob Feenie and watching the fireworks.

  573. Bea

    What a wonderful chance to experience an event to highlight the many perks of living in Vancouver! Thanks for the heads up on this one. Good luck everyone!

  574. Andrea Currie

    I have been incredibly busy with family and work. I have not been able to get out and about much lately in our beautiful city. What a truly wonderful experience this would be!!! I would feel so blessed if I were lucky enough to be chosen. Thanks so much and good luck to everyone :)

  575. Robert s

    From Calgary with love !!

  576. Pretty Please

  577. Sunny

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!