Original Vancouver musical comedy returns

The cast of Riverview High returns to the Firehall Arts Centre, Aug 7 - 24. Photo: Riverview High The Musical website.

The cast of Riverview High returns to the Firehall Arts Centre, Aug 7 – 24. Photo: Riverview High The Musical website.

Riverview High: The Musical, an original production that was a hit at the 2012 Fringe Festival, is returning for a run at Firehall Arts Centre Aug. 7-24.

The local theatre press has been overwhelming in its praise of the show, which could be said to be loosely based on the adventures of a redheaded comic-book character known for a love triangle similar to the one depicted in Riverview High…

Trouble ensues when Riverview High’s most eligible bachelor asks both blonde, girl-next-door-type Cathy and brunette, perky Erica to the prom (never mind that, in Canada, we have “grad” night, not proms). There are also a couple of subplots involving other recognizable characters, including Parker, who is more interested in food than girls; Esther, the awkward girl trying to fit in; and Dexter, a nerdy guy.

While the plot and characters might sound familiar, the cast represents a gold-mine of young Vancouver talent. Says the Province newspaper, “… the highlight of the show is an immensely talented cast, a collection of some of the best young actors and actresses in Vancouver. To highlight one or two actors would be to give short shrift to another seven who did just as well, so just read the cast list. They throw themselves into the two-dimensional characters with aplomb, hit the high notes and compel the audience to enjoy the show as much they do.”

During its run at the Fringe theatre festival, Riverview High sold 95% of the tickets to its eight performances and was included in Pick of the Fringe, the end-of-festival round-up of the best and most popular productions.

Riverview High won Ovation Awards for Outstanding Production (small theatre) and Outstanding Supporting Performance (Female) for Michelle Bardach (who plays Esther).

Tickets range from $18-20. Visit the Firehall Arts Centre website’s Riverview High page for more info.

Riverview High: The Musical at Firehall Arts Centre (280 E. Cordova St.) showtimes:

Wed-Fri: 8 p.m.
Sat: 4 & 8 p.m.
Sun: 3 p.m.

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  2. It is a really good article, I like it so much!

  3. A good musical is always a great way to pass the time. These are some talented young people.

  4. ion

    Selling 95% of the tickets is a huge deal. These kids are really talented and deserve their success.

  5. They are a huge hit! I’m glad to see real talent gets the recognition it deserves.

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