The Polyphonic Spree Friday Aug 16 – win Tickets!


We’ve got two tickets to give away for the Polyphonic Spree concert. To be eligible just post a comment below. We’ll pick a random winner next week and notify them by email. Good Luck!

Updated Wednesday, August 7th: Congratulations to Jennifer who is the lucky recipient of two tickets to the Polyphonic Spree concert on Friday, August 16th! Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment!


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20 Responses to The Polyphonic Spree Friday Aug 16 – win Tickets!

  1. justin

    Oh gosh please !!!!!!

  2. Paola


  3. Richard

    yeah !!! tickets here pls.

  4. J C

    They’re not bad :)

  5. Pauline

    Just after arriving in Vanc for my holidays! I would be so lucky!

  6. kate king

    Me!me!me ……I am always the luckiest one !

  7. Joanne

    This would be cool.

  8. Kay

    pick me!

  9. Aimee Epp

    oooooooh I’m feeling luckyyyy!!!! :)

  10. MrB

    I am the random pick you want

  11. Vikki Stevenson

    Oh, I feel good just thinking about them!

  12. I bet i am the older candidate and as a blogger I will write a long and beautiful review in English and Portuguese. #Polyphonic #spree, #please #pick #me!

  13. Pete

    Ironing my pyjamas and sorting out a funky hair-do in preparation for the gig. Here’s hoping.

  14. Ada

    Pick me!

  15. Thierry

    Pete has nô pyjamas, he took mine and I have nothing to wear , I badly want to attend this concert pls !!

    Thierry , landing 15 August !

  16. Minna

    Polyphonic Spree are amazing! I would LOVE to see them!

  17. Kathryn

    Yes, this vintage ‘Flower Child’ needs to breathe in the music!

  18. Jennifer Wakefield

    Tourism Vancouver Rocks born and raised in BC and have always loved the ethnic melding pot of our wonderful coast line city. One just has to stroll through the downtown core and glance at others passing, you by, too, completely appreciate this gorgeous city.
    Take the Granville Market, everything imaginable at your fingertips, families, young lovers, immigrants of all kinds, all wishing one another a nice day. There is a pride in our city, and province like no other. Helping hands reach out to steady a toddler as mom is maneuvering, a stroller with arms laden, with daily shopping. She smile and thanks the elderly lady for her kindness. I watch the market, owner send a young man to assist carrying her bags and shopping out to her car. Tiny gestures of kindness, leave an echoing trail, which adds to the bustle in the market square. I give up my seat near a window as a family arrive, a table for 4 is needed and I can slip to the bar and still enjoy the view,, aromas, and the bustle.
    I am a proud Canadian, I have lived through out our fine province, worked up north and even in Thompson Manitoba. But the call of Vancouver always brings me back. Our safe haven, our jewel, an awesome place to visit, even nicer to call home.
    Whether rain or sun, no one seems too stressed for long when commuting through the city, sure you get an occasion impatient drive, stressed to the nines. I usually smile and wave, stun them for five seconds. They grin back. I always wave at kids who have their noses plastered to the rear windows, trying to crane their tiny necks to visualize the skyscrapers.. And, I laugh recalling many years ago, walking to the Art gallery, and pointing up to tiny workers way up the girders; to my son’s delight the crew on the steel beams stopped and waved back. One even stood up, and tipped his hard hat. That made my sons day, he kept repeating the story for nearly a week.
    I appreciate, the pride and respect we Canadian’s have for others, it does not go unnoticed, by those who stop, take time, smell the roses, and admire everything our fair city has to offer. It makes me happy and proud.

  19. Anny


  20. sera

    I want to be the best vancouverite who can enjoy this city the most!