Amazing Race in a Day: The Scion City Chase is Coming!

City Chase Vancouver 2013

Participants warming up for the City Chase!
Photo courtesy of Scion City Chase

Imagine The Amazing Race Canada but shrunken down to a 2 hour competition that only takes place in Downtown Vancouver. A little bit more manageable, right? If you’ve always wanted to join The Amazing Race, but just never seemed to have the time — The Scion City Chase Race may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Scion City Chase is Canada’s first and largest “Urban Adventure Series” which pits contestants against each other to complete challenges scattered in unknown locations around the city. The chase is taking place all day on Saturday, August 24th and includes two different “heats” and an official after party.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the City Chase Classic for a 2-6 hour journey through the city, enlisting the help of other teams or complete strangers when necessary. Or, try the City Chase Rush for a 2 hour timed race that gets participants to complete as many ChasePoints challenges as possible during the 2 hour time-frame.

City Chase Vancouver 2013

Images courtesy of Scion City Chase

These ChasePoint Challenges include a variety of activities that test limits with a variety of physical, intellectual, adventurous and humorous challenges.

Lets hope eating a plateful of liver isn’t on the agenda.

Registration for The Scion City Chase is still open, and it costs around $40-60 for individual entry. Entry for a team of two is from $130-150 (for the Classic) and $50-$60 for additional team members (for the Rush).

Make August 24th a day that you’ll really remember by racing around the city, discovering new places, completing fun & challenging activities, and meeting new friends. Sounds like a pretty amazing race to us!

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2 Responses to Amazing Race in a Day: The Scion City Chase is Coming!

  1. Game on! This is sounds so great! I’m sure a lot of young people will get involved in this. Just remember guys, don’t take the competitions too seriously!

  2. This sounds like so much fun and I think anyone can join the fun. It seems like the events are appropriate for people of all physical training.