6 Amazing Ways to End August with a Bang

August Vancouver 2013

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Did it feel like August went by a little too fast for its own good? September is just around the corner, and if we’re lucky – the sunny weather will continue. If you feel like you’ve got to get in at least one more last awesome adventure this August, here are six ideas to keep you entertained before the Fall season takes over.

1. Rent a scooter and explore the city

What better way to explore Vancouver then atop a shiny, red moped? CycleBC is a popular scooter rental business in Vancouver that lets you borrow a ride for the hour, day or week. Scooters are a great way to get around Vancouver and see parts of town that are inaccessible via car. Some ideas for routes include going along the waterfront to UBC, heading over the Lions Gate Bridge to Horseshoe Bay (via Marine Drive), and exploring the back streets of Downtown.

cyclebc vancouver

Image courtesy of CycleBC

2. Try as many flavours as possible at La Casa Gelato

Hidden in the industrial area near Strathcona, La Casa Gelato currently boasts 518 flavours of delicious Gelato. Good luck trying all, but if you’re up to it – see how many different types you can try before finding one that you absolutely have to fill a freshly-made waffle cone with. Some sample flavours include Peach Apricot Yogurt, Apple Wasabi, good ol’ Pistachio, Vegemite, and more. What’s the strangest flavour you can manage trying? La Casa Gelato is open from 11am until 11pm every single day!

La casa Gelato Vancouver

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3. Picnic at the Beach

There’s nothing better than having a meal outside, whether you’re on the grass or leaned up against a log, eating outdoors always has the extra flavour of sunshine (and hopefully not ants). One of the best areas to have a picnic at the beach is in Richmond, down in Steveston. Pajo’s, one of Vancouver’s most well-loved fish and chips shops, offers excellent take out. Grab a few slices of fish and some piping hot chips, and watch the water for awhile.

pajos fish n chips vancouver

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4. Go for a swim in Glacier Water

North Vancouver boasts some pretty amazing swimming holes, but they are definitely not for the faint of heart. The water is clear and looks fantastic for swimming, but once you dip a foot in there, you may be heading for the warm rocks instead. However, if you’re feeling a little hot and bothered in the last week of August and you just want a quick way to cool down, Capilano Canyon and Lynn Canyon both offer great pools of crystal clear glacial water that never seems to get warmer than 2 degrees celsius.

lynn canyon vancouver

5. Beat the Heat at the Vancouver Aquarium

If you’re getting a little tired of the hot weather, take a break and head to the Vancouver Aquarium for some up close and personal encounters with the sea-kind. At the moment, the Aquarium is featuring the Jelly Invasion exhibit, but remember to take some time and visit the four new penguins in their habitat. There’s something about seeing penguins that just reminds you of the cold, Antarctic chill.

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

Photo credit: Vancouver Aquarium

6. See Vancouver from a whole new view

If you haven’t done any hiking yet this season, it’s time. The black flies are beginning to die down and (pretty much) all the snow has melted. It’s time to buy yourself a big sandwich, fill your water bottle, and take off on one of the great hikes that are too close and easily accessible to ignore. Whether you’d like to work up a good sweat at The Grind, or take a leisurely stroll at Quarry Rock, hiking provides you with a great new view of the city.

vancouver hiking

Image courtesy of Jamil Rhajiak | Flickr.com

Do you have any other ideas for how to spend the last week of August? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Another great way to end the summer is with an Indian Arm Kayak & Beach barbecue. Discover life in the intertidal zone, watch seals play and soak up sun and breathtaking views. Half day of fun exploring an area few Vancouverites have been to although it is so close to Vancouver.
    For details visit http://www.lotuslandtours.com/vancouverkayaktours/

  2. I will be there on my honeymoon next summer!

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