Labour Day Fall Fair at Burnaby Village Museum

Photo credit: Bruce Irschick | Flickr

This Monday, bring the family to the Labour Day Fall Fair at the Burnaby Village Museum. The Fall Fair will feature heritage games and races, a scavenger hunt, croquet, and a corn-shucking contest. The Fall Fair will close out the Burnaby Village Museum’s summer season, and is the last chance to visit the museum before it reopens in November.

If you haven’t been to the Burnaby Village Museum before, the museum is an open-air reconstruction of a 1920s village. The museum combines heritage and replica buildings to recreate the businesses and trades representative of a typical small town along the B.C. Electric Railway. The village includes a general store, blacksmith shop, print shop, farmhouse, barbershop, and a 1912 B.C. Electric Railway interurban tram, housed in a tram barn. The C.W. Parker Carousel, built in Kansas in 1912, still runs today, and is one of the most popular attractions at the museum.

Photo credit: PYONKO OMEYAMA | Flickr

The Labour Day Fall Fair will include a number of shows and family entertainment. Jeremy Meugens, a competitive yoyoer, will be showcasing his yo-yo skills, while Bring Back Play Funmobile will be on hand with hula hoops, skipping ropes, balls and chalks. In addition, Cinemazoo and their animal friends will be there, as well as Kalvin Clown and his 12 inch bike, balloon animals, and magic tricks.

Displays and exhibits on trains, radio technology, and morse code will also be featured, and market vendors will be selling everything from books to leather goods to tarts and pies.

The Fair runs from 11:00am to 4:30pm on Monday, September 2nd. Admission is free and free carousel rides are compliments of CUPE Local 23 and the Burnaby Parks, Recreation & Culture Commission.

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