The Accordion Noir Festival Squeezes into Vancouver Sept 12-15

Accordion Noir Festival Vancouver 2013

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Vancouver’s annual celebration of the world’s most misunderstood instrument is happening this week from September 12-15th at The Russian Hall (600 Campbell Avenue) in the Strathcona neighborhood.

The Accordion Noir Festival celebrates Canada’s best and wildest “squeezers” (accordion players) with raucous dance parties, eclectic concerts, and even a Grudge Match that pits other hated instruments against each other.

Accordion Noir Festival 2013

If you already dabble in the accordion, or if you’ve always wanted to give it a squeeze, you are invited to take part in skill development workshops, open mic nights, and a mildly frightening, but always entertaining, Accordion Parade.

With performers that include “The Legion of Flying Monkeys” and “Something about Reptiles”, you know that this is going to be a festival that stands out from any other.

The schedule of events is jam-packed with celebrations of the accordion, including: the Accordion Dance Party ($12) and the Harvest Dinner (Free), as well as a Team Accordion vs. Team Band Camp vs. Team Abominations grudge match.

What do you think about the accordion? Does it warrant its own festival?

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