Stimulate Your Senses this Saturday at Hawkers Market

Hawkers Market Vancouver

Image courtesy of Hawkers Market

The fourth ever Hawkers Market in Vancouver is being held this Saturday, September 28th at 870 East Cordova. What is Hawkers Market? Local food and loud music. Delicious drinks and drunken dancing…

Created just a few months ago, The Hawkers Market is a monthly recurring “underground” food marketplace that takes place at East Van Studios to support local food entrepreneurs.

Chefs, artisans, and people who just like making delectable delights, are given a place to create pop up food stalls (or hawker stands) to sell their product.

Participants vary from month to month, but in September, you can look forward to seeing (and sampling from):

hawkers market vancouver 2013

Image courtesy of Hawkers Market

Expect a diverse selection of things to eat at the market and take home to try. The laid-back atmosphere acts as a dining, shopping and social experience. Along with the food, there is always a selection of wine and craft beers made locally in Vancouver.

Tickets can be purchased online for $10, or you can buy them for $15 at the door (870 East Cordova Street). The market starts at 7pm on September 28th and ends at 2am.

Best of all, you’ll have a chance to try a Ramen Burger, the new foodie sensation!

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  1. This looks delicious! It’s worth noting- if you NEED this recipe to be vegan, you’ll have to make your nanban without Worcestershire sauce in it, as that contains anchovies.

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