Hunt Zombies on the Streets of Vancouver: Zombie Syndrome Returns

Photo credit: Matt Erasmus | Flickr

Photo credit: Matt Erasmus | Flickr

Looks like Vancouver is under threat from zombie hoards and you’re humanity’s only hope . . . again.

For the second year, the Virtual Stage is unleashing its interactive Halloween adventure The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island on the streets of downtown Vancouver.  Starting Oct. 1, you can grab your smartphone and join other “top agents” on the hunt to find a rogue scientist with the only known cure to the gruesome zombie plague.  Just watch your back and don’t get bit along the way.

The unique piece of interactive theatre won rave reviews from press, critics and – most importantly – participants when it was introduced last year.  The audience must use GPS-enabled smartphones to gather clues from across the city and stop the zombie epidemic. Groups are guided by special agents from the Department of National Defence and confront all sorts of ghoulish adversaries as they move from site to site, from walking corpses to mysterious enemy forces.

The action picks up where last year’s adventure left off.  In an effort to halt the plague, military scientist Sgt. William Sullivan recruited top agents (i.e. audience members) last year to fight their way into a lab and find the cure. Turns out, however, that Sullivan had his own diabolical plan in mind.  He ran off with the cure, leaving humanity at the mercy of the zombies.

This year, the mission centres around finding Sullivan and the precious cure before he has time to amass a zombie army and wage a campaign of terror on the world.  And the clock is ticking.  “We are doing everything we can to combat the outbreak of violent walking corpses,” says Sgt. Benjamin Allan in a public service announcement posted on Vimeo,  “but our efforts are having little effect on spread of this horrible plague.”

The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island runs Oct. 1-Nov. 3.  Shows are Tuesday-Sunday, every half hour from 6:30 p.m-8:30 p.m.  Tickets are $25 and tend to sell out fast. (Last year’s showings sold out before the first performance.)  The exact location of performances is disclosed to participants via phone call a day or two before the show.

Anyone participate in The Zombie Syndrome last year? How was it?

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