Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train Goes ‘Monster Movie Mashup’, Oct. 11 – Nov. 2 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)


The Hallowe’en Ghost Train & Attractions runs Friday, October 11 – Saturday, November 2, 2013.

Dracula has awoken, the mummy is slithering from its tomb, and the phantom of the opera has joined the Monster Movie Mashup. If you dare, take a ride on the Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost train, and travel through the silver screen into the world of Classic Monster Movies.

Mortal Coil Performance Society has created a great production for this year’s premium Halloween event in Vancouver. It is full of great live visual and imaginative theatre for audiences young and old. The costumes are amazing, and their is a sense of magic with this year’s Monster Movie Mashup theme. It is a virtual tour into the world of Classic Horror Movies from 1930 scenes.

The Ghost Train has been a Vancouver Park board tradition since 1999. If it is raining, don’t worry, the train and the station are fully covered and protected, but please dress for an outdoor event. For the price of a train ticket, riders can also visit the Haunted Maze, enjoy crafts, games, and free entertainment in the courtyard. Riders are also encouraged to bring a non-perishable item for the Food Bank on October 11 through October 13.

The Ghost Train runs nightly seven days a week, October 11 through November 2, from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. and matinees run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (train only). Please note that the train is closed on Monday, October 14 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Half of the ticket inventory is sold on site, while the remaining 50% are sold through Ticketmaster. Tickets are available on site beginning at 3:00 p.m. daily at the Miniature Train ticket booth, and matinee ticket sales are available from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. the day of. Advance tickets are now available at Ticketmaster (service charges apply), by phone at 1-855-985-5000, in person at any Ticketmaster outlet and online at

For more information, please visit, Facebook, Twitter or call  604.257.8531.

We’re giving away Five (5) Pairs of Tickets to the Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train! All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select five (5) winners on Friday, October 4th and notify the winners by email.

Updated Friday, October 4th: Congratulations to Karen, Shaun, Kasumi, Angela and GC who are the five lucky recipients of a pair of tickets to this year’s Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train! Please check your inboxes for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment.

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166 Responses to Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train Goes ‘Monster Movie Mashup’, Oct. 11 – Nov. 2 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Nicole

    Pick me! Pick me! Please?

    • Really want to win this!

  2. Judy

    Pick me please. I love trains and Halloween :)

  3. Jenn

    I have never been on the Ghost Train before. I’ve always heard so many fun things about it but never get the opportunity to go.

  4. Alia

    Pick me!

  5. Bee

    Sounds great! Can’t wait!

  6. Fevie

    Looking forward to this!!! Another good fall adventure. :)

  7. Sarah

    This will be my son’s first year for the ghost train. Can’t wait!

  8. Anna

    Stanley Park’s Halloween Ghost train is the best!!! I would love to be able to go this year and bring all my friends!

    • Anna

      Stanley Park’s Halloween Ghost train is the best!!! I would love to be able to go this year and bring all my friends!

  9. Amanda

    Yesssss!!!! Exciting!!

  10. lilach

    pick me please :)

  11. Our daughter just loves Halloween and all the monsters and creepy creatures. We have enjoyed the Bright Nights in the past, but have not done the Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train. Would love to get a pair of tickets, what a great surprise that would be!

  12. Debbie

    Exciting, would love to see this edition of the Stanley Park train.

  13. Melody


  14. LC


  15. Cher

    Haven’t been on the Ghost train in years, definitely time for a visit again

  16. eric carlson


  17. Henry

    Sounds great! Thanks in advance.

  18. Susanna

    Pick me!! I love Haloween !!!

  19. Amin

    Pick the above after me ;)

  20. chamberlin

    Please and thank you.

  21. Cassie grossman

    It looks really fun! Have never been and would love to take the kids this year!!!

  22. Vißva

    Verrry spoooooky!!
    Mwahahaaa!!! Tix4kidspls

  23. Farin

    Me please!!

  24. Alana

    My son loves the Stanley Park train, but we’ve never been for the Ghost Train!!

  25. Moe Salemi

    Exciting, would love to see this edition of the Stanley Park train.

  26. Angie

    Hot Chocolate, Ghost train, in the Dark! Oh my!

  27. Ashley

    This has always been on my Vancouver to-do list and I’ve never gotten around to it. Would love to have a reason to finally make it happen!

  28. Elaine Tam

    I just moved to Vancouver. I would love to see this attraction!

  29. Marina

    Pick me please!

  30. Tara

    I’d love to go please!!!

  31. Daniel

    Oh wow.i havn’t had a chance yet to ride the halloween train. I would love to win the tickets. A big thank you for this opportunity

  32. Kim Godidek

    My kids loved this when they were little. Love to take my favorite 6 year old.

  33. Sowkhya

    Please, please please pick me…
    My hubby loves these kinds of attractions and I want to surprise him and take him as he’s never been to one..

  34. Jo

    I am new to BC and October is my favorite month of the year. The Halloween Ghost Train would be a nice addition to it.

  35. Sarah N

    I’ve lived here for 20 years and I’ve never been on the Ghost Train! This is the year to break that shameful tradition!

  36. Rachel

    My daughter is finally excited and not scared to go on the ghost train this year, yeah!!

  37. Christine

    Been a few years since I’ve been on the Ghost Train. Would love to go again; especially for free!

  38. Anita

    I’ve only ever been to the Christmas train and would love to experience the Halloween train :)

  39. karen

    I have never been…wondering if my 7 year old would like it? hummm…

  40. Saga Rickmer

    Wow!! New in Vancouver and this sounds amazing!! :D

  41. Michelle N.

    PLEASE pick me!!! I would love to go with my family!!! Thank you! :)

  42. Yasamin

    We love the mini train and my 6 years old enjoys it very much

  43. Nicole P

    The Ghost Train is always so much fun!

  44. zachery longboy

    i like trains…

  45. Amanda

    Please pick me! I would love to go. It would be such an honor.

  46. Lilian

    This would be so much fun!

  47. Anne-Marie

    Trains…Ghosts…nighttime…spooky stuff…what more could you want!!

  48. Payam

    My kids will love it
    Thank you

  49. Kristin

    Choo-choo-choose us!!

  50. Paul W

    Halloween is my favourite holiday – no better place to spend it than in Stanley Park!

  51. Daphne Liou

    Wow! So excited!! This will be our first time (my sister’s and I) Stanley Park Ghost train experience!!
    Thank you in advance :)

  52. This has been on my Vancouver bucket list for 2 years! Pick me!

  53. We love the train all year round but Halloween is the best!

  54. Marissa

    Love the train, its charming

  55. selina greenhalgh

    Please pick me.. I’ve never been my 6yr old son would be SO HAPPY!!! Selina. Gibsons b.c.

  56. Kimberley menzies


  57. Teri

    sounds like a fun theme this year – hopefully not TOO scary !!

  58. Marissa Ng

    24 years old an still my favourite Halloween activity!

  59. Steve


  60. Alisa

    I’d love to go.

  61. Vicki

    Pick me!!

  62. VS

    Would love to go! thanks!

  63. Nayara

    Pick me, please? I am brazilian, I don’t have real halloween parties in my country :-( Let me be a kid again?

  64. Victoria

    Love Halloween! Would love to check this out!

  65. GC

    It’d be nice to go :D

  66. Tina

    Would love to go on a spooky ride with the family.

  67. dawn

    my kids would love this!

  68. Rachel

    First Halloween in Canada! So pumped!

  69. Debbie

    Winning would help when you have 4 kids that are dying to go!!!!

  70. Candy

    Would love to win a pair of tickets. Thanks.

  71. Sarah

    Please choo-choo-choose me!!

  72. Mark

    I’ve wanted to see this ever since I moved to Vancouver. Would love to get a fright in Stanley Park!

  73. Clare

    me please! I’d love to go to the halloween train! i’ve only ever seen the xmas one

  74. sarcila

    Would love to win a pair of tickets! Fingers crossed

  75. Christine Tseng

    Yay! I love Halloween!

  76. Sylvia

    Halloween’s the best! Would love to celebrate it with the tickets!

  77. Kim

    I would love to win tickets to take my little cousins on the train :)

  78. Sunshine G

    It will be my daughter’s first time – pick us!

  79. stacey

    sweet! yes please!!

  80. Michael

    Ghost train is back!! Ya buddy!

  81. Lea

    Would love this!

  82. Tessa b

    I’d love to go

  83. Erica

    This would be awesome to win :)

  84. Sounds great !

  85. Kay

    loooove trains!

  86. Eva

    Please pick meee!

  87. Amie

    Yes please! :)

  88. Michael


  89. Shirley

    I’ve never tried this.

  90. susana

    I would looooove to check it out for the first time

  91. jennifer

    Love classic horror. This sounds fun!

  92. maria

    The kids would love this!

  93. rachel

    Please pick me!
    I’ve heard so many great things about this train!

  94. Mark C


  95. Lisa

    I would love to go!

  96. Robyn

    I want to go too.

  97. Jodie

    I would love to go! Thanks!

  98. Michelle Evers

    What fun this would be! A pick me up from the flood damage in my home and my Dad having a heart attack! Fingers crossed.

  99. Andrew

    Ghoooooooooossssst train, I want to go sooo bad

  100. Jea

    The Stanley Park Train = The Best!

  101. Jess

    I’d love to win this for my mom and sister!

  102. Erica

    pick me~! Huh?

  103. NIKKI


  104. Rachelle

    Would love to cross this off the fall to-do list for the hubby and I :-D Cheers!

  105. hakyoung

    Awesome! Pick me plz

  106. Coming from Seattle with my 5 year old daughter , would make a great halloween trip

  107. Angela

    My kids have never been on the Halloween train-please pick us!!!!!!

  108. Shaun L

    I’m coming up from Ottawa to Vancouver to see my gf. This would be a fun and amazing outing while i’m visiting :)

  109. michelle

    I’ve never been on the ghost train before!!! this would be an awesome opportunity for me to go!!!

  110. Jennifer

    Would love some tickets. Thanks!

  111. Sarah

    I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! I’ve ever been to this before. I have a friend visiting Vancouver that would love this too!

  112. Esther

    Halloween in Stanly Park, Terrifiiiiiic, choose me :) I can not miss it! Argg

  113. Thank you for conducting an event to promote good fun.

  114. Jessica

    Another yearly tradition! :)

  115. Jamie B

    I would like this pleeeease.

  116. Nicolette

    Thanks for the giveaway

  117. Kathleen Thom

    Pick me!

  118. Emil

    great train ride likely even better as a ghost train

  119. shawn

    I want to take my son here

  120. Amanda

    Please pick me!!! I am visiting my very good friend and would love to check this out with her!!!!!!

  121. monique

    would love to go

  122. Experienced the Ghost Train the first time last year with my brother. Missing my brother, but will love to do the Ghost Train again,

  123. David

    I have never been, would love to go!

  124. Chantelle

    Cant wait to take my daughter and nephew to the ghost train this year, they absolutely love Halloween, maybe even more then I do…. Happy Haunting’s Everyone!

  125. Sara

    Would love to take my parents this year, Im sure its been years since they have done something like this. Hope you pick us!

  126. Ryan

    Looking forward to taking the little ones this year, its become a tradition.

  127. Nicole

    Iv never been, will check it out this year for sure!

  128. Cynthia

    I don’t live in Vancouver but I would love to win the tickets for my daughter who does, Pick me!

  129. Anthony

    Sounds fun, love Stanley Park…and that train brings back so many childhood memories!!! PICK ME!!!

  130. Christian

    This is the first year I will be able to take my son that he will really enjoy it, please pick us!

  131. Jen

    Yes!! I LOVE Halloween!

  132. Nancy

    Have never been on the train and would love the opportunity. Thanks!

  133. Shirley

    My almost 5 yr old daughter has been asking me to take her since she was almost 3! : ) I thought almost 3 was too young, then last year the night we chose to go was super windy and wet and we never made it out! :( This is the year we go – would be nice to go for free :)

  134. Oma


  135. Christina

    pick me!

  136. May Lyn

    Friends are visiting Vancouver in mid of October. And I think this would be awesome for their visit! :)

  137. Rachel

    Take me to the ghost train!

  138. Gayeong Seon

    I have stayed in Vancouver for 2 months. I want to remain special memorise in there. Please pick me =) ~~~~♥

  139. Sav

    Oh! Pick me pleasssse! Been few times before tkt sales got sooooo crazy over the yrs. great adult fun. Kid less and totally enjoyed it each time! Wish it was longer ride!!!

  140. Lauren

    Me me me. I want to win tickets! Great scary fun at Stanley park!

  141. Stephanie

    This sounds like a great date night idea. Snuggling with the boy if I get spooked!

  142. Lisa

    Eek! Ghost Train:)

  143. Rafika

    Yes please to tickets! Just for today, Halloween is short for how I’d love to win! :D

  144. Ryan

    OMG. Can’t afford those Ticketmaster fees. Pick me, please!

  145. Laura

    Ooooh!! I’d love to win this so very much! I love halloween and this is something I love to do when I can. I can’t afford the tickets and this will be the last year I can go on it before I move.

  146. Sanjib

    We take the Ghost Train every Halloween season with our two little kids. Will love to get spooked again this year :):)

  147. adrien

    Halloween is my fave time of year and I love going on the train with my kids we always have a blast can’t wait for it to open:)

  148. chantelle


  149. rachel

    pick me!!! I wanna go with my bf!

  150. Jenny

    sounds like fun!

  151. Kasumi

    I am international student!
    I want to make wonderful memory with this event!!
    pick me !!(^-^)

  152. Shuyi

    It’s my first time in Vancouver and I’d really like to celebrate Halloween on the ghost train! :)

  153. Miguel Costa

    Two tickets for me?
    Gee thanks, I’ve never been on the Stanley Park train before!

  154. Teresa K

    I’d love to win.

  155. Lana Pinhey

    What a ghoulish idea! I hope I win, as I have 10 guests in town over Hallowe`en, and this train ride would be a real treat!

  156. Angela

    I love trains and every year I look forward to the Stanley Park Ghost Train and Bright Nights Train. I’ve been going every year for the past 10 years and for me it’s the highlight of the season! I can’t wait to explore the adventures that await this year. May the train forever carry us along its stories of enchantment and discovery!

  157. Linden

    Can’t wait for this year’s ghost train. Last year was my first Halloween in North America, and I LOVED IT! It’s my new favorite holiday!

  158. Delphine

    Thank you for always giving us the best plans! Vancouver is sure THE place to be for Halloween! Can’t wait to try this attraction :)

  159. Kana

    It’ll be my last halloween in Canada!! I want to wiiiinn!!

  160. Mingyeong Choi

    I have NEVER celebrety Holloween day.

    Because I am not Canadian.
    I stayed here from Jul 23 and I can stay to Jul 22 next year. So I can make almost 10months commitment here. I know that some of the most valuable times in life are those spent with those at the end of life.
    But Now, I am having the LAST Time in Vancouver I think, because I cannot meet again Holloween in Canada.

    So I want to help them to have meanigful time.

  161. Niamh

    Crossing my fingers, toes & other appendages! :)

  162. Janvin

    Late to the party but hopefully not late for the draw!

  163. Cherise

    I would love to win the free tickets for the train ride since I have lived in B.C my whole life and haven’t been on the train in years! My boyfriend is new to B.C and I would love to take him and our friends to Stanley Park and enjoy the train!!

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