Yoga with Beluga Whales at the Vancouver Aquarium

yoga with beluga whales vancouver aquarium

Image courtesy of the Vancouver Aquarium

You couldn’t get much more “Vancouver” than this! On November 12th, the Vancouver Aquarium is welcoming one very lucky yoga class to sit, stretch, and find inner peace while being accompanied by Qila and Aurora, the Aquarium’s two resident beluga whales.

Both members and non-members of the Aquarium are invited to a gentle Hatha yoga class for all levels and will include “no-sweat” variations of movement/postures for beginners to advanced levels.

Tickets for the October 15th event sold out incredibly quickly, but tickets for the November 12th class will be on sale soon. Keep an eye on this page to make sure you don’t miss out! Prices are $21 for members and $31.50 for non-members.

yoga vancouver aquarium

Image courtesy of the Vancouver Aquarium

Join animal-lovers and yoga-buffs for this incredible opportunity to see just how inquisitive and calming belugas are as their presence supports you into finding your own inner “om”.

The class is taught by Celeste Lyon, a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor who has been studying yoga, pilates and dance for over 12 years.

yoga vancouver aquarium

Image courtesy of the Vancouver Aquarium

What do you think about practicing yoga at the Aquarium? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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2 Responses to Yoga with Beluga Whales at the Vancouver Aquarium

  1. Saam

    Some awareness should be brought to the fact that yoga with the whales in the Aquarium is a complete contradiction where yoga is mean to be about love, peace, balance and most of all, compassion. Whales are extremely intelligent, emotional creatures and suffer greatly in captivity. It has been written that whales (and dolphins) represent the same characteristics as that of yoga, being loving mammals, bringing compassion and a sense of community and balance to the oceans – when they are free to do so. Which they unfortunately are not and we should be cognisant of the hypocracy in this event. If we aim to go to this event to get peace from being in the presence of such incredible animals, I only ask that that the yoga class give something back to them and at least sets an intention to generate compassionate energy for these whales and let’s them know that while they are suffering, they are also loved.


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