Featured Vancouverite: Robert Lynds

Robert Lynds, Photography by Andrew Csinger

Hometown:  St. Catharine’s, Ontario

How long have you been a Vancouverite? Since 1989, so 24 years total.

I am a Renaissance  man, a Founder of Dojang Martial Arts Clubs, Director of Leo Koo Gallery, Creator of the Think Certus program and visual artist.

Best way to break into the local creative scene:
I attend art openings in the city — we have a lot of talented individuals both locally and nationally, as well as internationally. Every month, the Leo Koo Gallery also has art openings with either a solo exhibition or a group exhibition.

Most inspiring public artwork in the city:
Alan Chung Hung’s Gate to the Great Northwest Passage sculpture, that’s located in Vanier Park near the Museum of Vancouver. I am inspired by this piece of art because of the name and what it symbolizes — it makes me feel welcome to this part of the country and makes him feel like a part of Vancouver. I also have a meditation place near the sculpture. Dojang Martial Arts has camps for kids where they are taken on field trips, and this sculpture and Vanier Park is a part of their weekly adventures.

Favourite neighbourhood in Vancouver:
My favourite neighbourhood in Vancouver is the downtown core for the restaurant scene and the shopping. I enjoy dining at Hawksworth Restaurant and viewing the artwork by Rodney Graham that is hung in the main dining room, along with treating myself to a burger there.

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  1. David is a born and raised Vancouverite, a visual artist with an extensive domestic and international exhibiting history, and a writer with numerous published articles, book contributions and a Canadian Literary Award to his credit. He is also an avid outdoorsman and karate student.