See World’s Tallest Living Christmas Tree in North Vancouver

canyonWatch out Rockefeller Center – Vancouver’s taking over the Christmas tree crown.

At 46.4 metres, a Douglas fir in North Vancouver is being hailed as the world’s tallest living Christmas tree.  Located at Capilano Suspension Bridge, the 250-year-old tree has been decorated with more than 10,000 bulbs, which will be lit for the opening of the annual Canyon Lights display, Nov. 30.

Officials at Capilano Suspension Bridge say they’ve scoured the Internet and can find no records of a taller living Christmas tree.  For comparison, the famous tree at New York’s Rockefeller Center (which is, of course, cut and not living) usually measures from 21 metres-30 metres.  Last year’s Rockefeller tree was 25 metres – just a sapling compared to Vancouver’s new giant.

It took five people more than 50 total hours to decorate the tree, which stands in the middle of Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, according to an article in the Vancouver Sun. They had to use two hydraulic lifts, one that was 26 metres tall and another that was 41 metres tall.  Special rock climbing gear had to be employed in order to hang the lights all the way around the enormous tree.

The tree will become the new centrepiece of the Canyon Lights display at Capilano Suspension Bridge.  As in past years, thousands of bulbs will be hung across the iconic 140-metre span, which dangles more than 70 metres above the Capilano River in North Vancouver.  In addition, lights are strung throughout the park’s rainforest canopy walk – a series of hanging bridges and platforms suspended in an old growth forest – and along the Cliffwalk attraction, a partly glass-bottomed pathway that juts out over the canyon.

The Canyon Lights display opens Nov. 30 and runs to Jan. 4.  It also features seasonal family fun including carolling with a holiday band, glass blowing workshops, gingerbread decorating and a kid’s scavenger hunt.

Admission is $31.95 for adults, with discounted rates for seniors, students and kids. Family passes (two adults and two children) are $65.

Anyone been to Canyon Lights before? How was it? 

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5 Responses to See World’s Tallest Living Christmas Tree in North Vancouver

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  2. Joe

    $65 is a little steep to go see a big Christmas tree…. Even if that is because it’s at the Capilano Suspension bridge.

  3. Cathy Barzo

    Sounds stunning. But….I just can’t believe the price to get in to your park. It definitely is for the upper middle class.

  4. PW

    And lynn canyon remains free of charge.

    I could see asking people to shell out 10 dollars or so for this attraction, but 32 bucks a head? For real? I guess you guys really wanna keep all us regular working riff raff out of the park…well, mission accomplished.

  5. Deanna

    I’d love to see this and bring my family but no one I know would pay this much.