International Soccer: Women’s National Team Vs Mexico – Free Ticket Giveaway!

Photo: Ed Kaiser/Postmedia Olympic Team

Photo: Ed Kaiser/Postmedia Olympic Team

“The Canadian Soccer Association is thrilled to have the Women’s National Team host an International Friendly at BC Place in Vancouver this November,” said Peter Montopoli, Canadian Soccer Association General Secretary. “This match gives the fans the opportunity to see their Canadian Olympic heroes in person and highlight the incredible support the team has received since its inspiring Olympic journey.”

The match will mark Canada’s Women’s National Team’s return to Vancouver and the first time the two nations face off since Canada booked its ticket to the 2012 London Olympic Games with a 3:1 win over Mexico at the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying tournament held in Vancouver in January 2012.

Sunday Nov 24, 1:00 PM
BC Place
Gates open at 12:00 PM

We have 2 pairs of tickets to give away. To be eligible post a comment below. We’ll pick two random winners next week and notify them by email. Good luck!

Updated Tuesday, November 19th: Congratulations Katie and Diana! You are the lucky recipients of a pair of tickets each to see Canada take on Mexico this Sunday, November 22nd at B.C. Place Stadium. Please check your inboxes for further information regarding ticket collection. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment.


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146 Responses to International Soccer: Women’s National Team Vs Mexico – Free Ticket Giveaway!

  1. tatiana

    Go for Gold Canada!!!!

    • bibi

      Come on Girls !

  2. Kelvin

    Free ticket draw? Why not!

  3. Meena


  4. Dave

    WOOT>..GO CANADA!!!..crossing fingers for the draw

  5. I would looooove to attend this event!!! please pick meee!!!

  6. Sandrine

    Cannot wait to witness this! En route to the 2015 World Cup, with the final game in Vancouver :-)

  7. Oliver

    I wanna go!!

  8. Bayan

    Let’s kick butt!!!

  9. remi

    Go Canada!

  10. Brad B

    My Whitecaps are done so I need my soccer fix.Cheers

  11. Marya

    Woohoo! Go Canada!

  12. Dianna

    Would love to go!

  13. Jaqueline

    I want to go!!!!!!!

  14. Megan

    would love to go!

    • Brenda

      I like free

  15. Angela

    Would love to see these inspiring/talented ladies live!

  16. Cam

    I want to go!

  17. Carolyn A

    me please!! me please!!!

  18. Abdulkader

    I just bought the jersey for my girl friend, it would be nice to watch it together :)

  19. Jadie

    Go Canada Go! Would love to go!!

  20. Camille

    I love supporting women’s soccer! Please pick me for the draw :)

    Go Canada!!!

  21. gerardo

    Pick me… Im half Canadian half Mexican

  22. Hercy

    Me please!!! I’m Mexican and live in Canada, I’d love to go!!!!!!!! :D

  23. Melinda Zelada

    YAHOO #TEAM #CANADA ALLTHE WAY !!! Can’t Wait For World Cup !!!2015:)

  24. NicT

    I saw it before (Canada beat Mexico) and I’d love to see it again.

  25. Jennifer

    I’d love to take my girlfriend to see this game!!!!


  26. Said

    I need those tickets.. For my Canadian partner and for her Mexican BF that’s mean my self.!!!

  27. David

    Would be a additional birthday present for my dad.

    • David


      Would be a great additional birthday present…

  28. Nadine

    Go Canada!!

  29. Deborah

    Go Christine Sinclair!

  30. Bonnie Hamilton

    Would love to go! Christine Sinclair is an amazing player and role model….GO CANADA!!!

  31. Melissa Hoffmann

    Go for the GOLD Canada!!!

  32. Michael Gabat

    Go Canada GO! Please also help the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Thank you.

  33. Mike

    The Canadian Women’s Soccer Team was the highlight of the Summer Olympics for me. I would love to see a game in person!

  34. xims

    Gold for Canada!

  35. Pany

    Well I can tell you I’m probably the only one here who actually enjoys watching a soccer game, so ME!

  36. MathieuS

    Go Canada Go, would love to watch this game with Mexican friends!

  37. Louella

    Go Canada Go!

  38. Marjorie

    GO Canada GO!!!

  39. Randy

    GO FOR GOLD!!!

  40. mark c

    yes please

  41. Anne Dorsey

    Beautiful women playing the beautiful game, what more could one hope for, than to witness such beauty from the stadium?

  42. Marcela Flores

    pick me!!!!

  43. may

    Go Canada Gold !!

  44. duane

    would be a very nice 1st game for my niece to see . .

  45. Winston

    Would love to see them play!

  46. Dax land

    Go Canada ! An awesome giveaway .

  47. Daniel

    Would love to take my sister.

  48. Matty Beaulne

    Let’s go team Canada! I’d love to watch.

  49. I’d love to go see the game with my fiance. I’m a Whitecaps Southsider and I must say I’m always impressed with how tough the women’s game is, no one dives! Being able to support Canada on home turf would be fantastic.

  50. Alex

    Can’t wait to see our ladies kick butt!

  51. Michael H


  52. Rick Bee

    I was born with a soccer (foot) ball. Thought it was my brother for 2 years.

  53. Mary

    Pick me, pick me!! (please)

  54. Where’s Kara Lang at??

  55. Sunny Lam

    Woo-hoo! I love to have the tickets.
    Way to go, Canada!

  56. Lindsey

    I’d love to see this game!

  57. Tara

    I’d love to go!!!!

  58. Niki

    We would love to see the Women’s National Team play here at home! Thanks for the opportunity.

  59. Greg

    Go Canada Go!

  60. I volunteered at CONCACAF ‘s Women’s Olympic Qualifying tournament here in Vancouver in January 2012. I was the VIP transportation dispatcher. I fell in love with Women’s soccer and was so pleased to help support our CDN team in their Olympic bid. I would *LOVE* to win tickets to see them play against Mexico!

    Did you know that in January 2012, the teams who were competing chipped in and financially supported the team from Haiti? During the major earthquake, their women’s soccer program was almost wiped out when their coach was killed. It took great strength of character for them to even show up and compete. They have been making do with very little. A local sports store here in Vancouver donated some much needed equipment so they could compete on an even playing field in the qualifier. For me, the generousity and support shown by their fellow players and the Canadian fans was by far, the best memory I have of that tournament.

  61. patrick

    Go, Canada.

  62. Farshad

    Go Canada go!!!!!!!

  63. Jeff

    Go Canada!

  64. BF

    This would be terrific! Thanks for the contest.

  65. Leena

    Pick me please!

  66. Diana Serban

    I’d love to go!

  67. karen

    My daughter and I would love to go.

  68. Nina

    Pick me please :)

  69. M Dayana Diaz

    Let’s go Canada Lets GO!!!!!!

  70. Sveta

    Meow, meow…. meow….

  71. Amazing team in every way. My daughters dream is to one day play on this team. We would LOVE to go.

  72. bec

    This would be an unbelievable game!

  73. Karin

    Yes! Go Canada!

  74. Daniel

    I would love to win the tickets

  75. Claire

    I’d love to take my daughter!! GO CANADA!

  76. M. Soleil

    I’d love to go.

  77. Joon

    I would love to go!!!

  78. Ted Kutranon

    Totally support them!

  79. OLE!!!!!

  80. Lisa

    I would LOVE to take my daughter to the game! These women are outstanding.

  81. Matt Cooke

    pick me! I would love to see these women in action. They deserve more support than they get.

  82. katie

    i would love to take my sister (a great soccer player) to this game (she’s currently out on an ACL tear).

  83. Oliver

    Would take my soccer-nut 10 year-old!

  84. Rita

    yayyyy go canada!!

  85. leila

    would love to attend! thanks

  86. Jen

    Hope to win and take my kids!


  87. Eve

    Oh yes please!

  88. Jacquie

    Go Canada! Would love to attend and cheer on the ladies vs Mexico.

  89. Illiana

    Vamos Mexico!

  90. Amanda

    Would love to get to see the Canadian women’s team play live in person!

  91. Barry McMeekan

    Go Christine Go!!

  92. shawn

    I would love to go with my son!

  93. karen

    Awesome! Goooooooo CANADA!!!!

  94. Ann-Marie

    My daughter has played soccer from five years of age through to the NCAA in university. The Canadian Women’s soccer team has been an inspiration for her and all young female athletes in Canada. Take your kids out to watch great soccer and support the Red & White!

  95. Hannah

    Go CANADA!

  96. Sjors

    Love the Mexican Fans. Go Canada go

  97. Cory

    Go Canada, love our women’s soccer team!

  98. Lynn Black

    Would sure be awesome to watch our girls kick butt!!!!

  99. Mark Byrnes

    My soccer crazy nieces are here for a visit and they would love to see Canada go for gold!!!! Go Canada Go

  100. Shirley

    I’d love to cheer for the Canadian team.

  101. Peggy

    I’d love to win and take my daughter – to be inspired by these talented soccer players!

  102. sandy

    It is going to be a great game!! I would love to be there!!!

  103. Let’s cheer for our fantastic Women’s Soccer team! Go for Gold Ladies!

  104. Claudia Chou

    Go Canada Go!

  105. Jacquelyn

    I would love those tickets!!

  106. Diana Siller

    I want to go and cheer for both teams!!! I’m from Mexico and my bf from Canada… Let the best team win… :)

  107. Paul

    We would love to go,what a great Sunday date day,we’re be cheering for ” Canexico” !!!
    Thanks Paul and Kathrin

  108. Caroline

    Bonne Chance :)

  109. Kim

    Love these tix!!

  110. Kerri Waite

    Amazing!! Best giveaway ever! Go Canada Go!!

  111. Lisa

    Would love to see Canada’s women play!

  112. Sarah

    Would love to go!

  113. Sandra G

    This would be a fabulous opportunity! Pick me!

  114. Kenneth W.

    Soccer is fast becoming Canada’s most watched sport. And it’s because of our national women’s team. They rock!

  115. G

    Women soccer is so great to watch, I’d love to get those tickets to cheer the girls !!!

  116. Jorge Real

    This time I’ll root for Mexico — Mexico, Mexico, Mexico!!!

  117. tammy khorram

    Canada will rock it and I would love to take my daughter to see that. Go Canada go!

  118. Dennis L.

    So looking forward to this!

  119. Phil E.

    I got pantsed on a soccer field in junior high in front a group of girls. I need to redeem myself. Pick me, please… :)

  120. Jade

    Supa cheering for Canada!! WOOHOO~~

  121. Aileen

    My bf is Mexican. It’d be a fun time for sure!

  122. Vince

    I would love to take my daughter t this!

  123. Deidre

    Go Canada!

  124. julia

    So cool!

  125. Glen

    Go Canada Go!

  126. Tamiko

    Hooray for soccer

  127. Lindsay L’Heureux

    All Canadians should be so proud of what this team has accomplished. Would love a chance to see them. I’d bring my Mom!

  128. renzo b

    go canada!

  129. Veronica R

    I’m Mexican Canadian so I would LOVE to see these two teams play. I will certainly be cheering for both but hoping Canada to win.

  130. ron

    Go Canada!

  131. Angie

    Go Team Canada!

  132. Alicia

    Go Canada!!!!

  133. Wally

    Go Canada!

  134. Sonia

    I am canadian and mexican and would love to go to this match!

  135. karen


  136. Estefanía

    Ulala, I’d love to come with my daughter

  137. Lena

    I love watching soccer

  138. Tracey

    Footie played by powerful, impressive women. What can’t you love? Love to go…pleaseeee

  139. Simon

    Go Canada. No question of who’s going win.

  140. Minna

    I’m a big fan. This would be amazing!

  141. Robbie

    Goaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!! I always wanted to say that…

  142. Mag

    Go Canada! We have faith in you!

  143. Isis

    I havent seeing the ladies playing on the new stadium yet… It is a really good sunday afternoon event! Thanks for let us know.