Free Skiing for Anyone Dressed Like Santa, Dec. 14

Photo credit: Stéfan | Flickr

Photo credit: Stéfan | Flickr

Ready to get into the holiday spirit . . . and save some money on the slopes at the same time?

Whistler Blackcomb Mountain is running a rather unusual holiday-themed promotion this Saturday, Dec. 14.  Skiers and boarders decked out in full Santa gear – that includes everything from the pants to the beard – will get a free lift ticket.

Yes, it might be a bit of a challenge to navigate all those black diamond runs in a big red suit. But consider that you’ll be saving the cost of a full ticket, $109 this year.  That’s some serious incentive to look your jolliest.

There is some fine print to bear in mind.  First off, in the event of a Santa overload, only the first 75 Santas (or Mrs. Clauses) will hit the slopes for free.  To be considered for a spot, participants must queue up at the base of Whistler Mountain at the Garibaldi Lift Company Bar and Grill by 8 a.m.

And, of course, you’ve got to look the part.  According to official rules, Santas must wear “full outfits.”  This includes red or black pants (or, optionally, a skirt for Mrs. Claus), a red jacket with white trim, a black belt, a beard for Santa and a jolly Santa hat.

At 8:30 a.m., Santas and Mrs. Clauses will proceed en masse up the mountain. Photographers will be on hand to capture the scene as the red and white hoard swooshes down all at once, carving up the slopes while white beards and Santa hats whip in the wind.

No word on whether you actually have to keep the costume on the entire day.  After a full day on the Whistler slopes you might be one soggy St. Nick, unless of course you manage to track down a breathable, Gore-Tex Santa suit.

Would you dress like Santa for a free day on the slopes? Let us know below. 

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One Response to Free Skiing for Anyone Dressed Like Santa, Dec. 14

  1. Tilman von der Linde

    I have been attending the Santa Ski for years and LOVE it. The people I have encountered on the lifts have seen it as their opportunity to ask Santa directly for what they would like for Christmas or even ask Santa a few questions. A common question I get is, “So where are you from?” The expression is always the same when they hear the answer – North Pole – and yes, then there are all sorts of north pole questions that follow. But the best of all is when they get on the lift with me and as we take to the sky, it’s on dasher, on dancer, on cupid and vixen! And with the jingle jangle of sleigh bells, it’s as if for a moment, that they have been whisked away on Santa’s sleigh. A magical ride indeed.