Vancouver Announces Times-Square-Style New Year’s Eve Bash for 2014

Vancouver's Jack Poole Plaza will come alive for New Year's Eve 2014, as it did for this Diner en Blanc celebration in 2012. Photo credit: | Flickr

Vancouver’s Jack Poole Plaza will come alive for New Year’s Eve 2014, as it did for this Diner en Blanc celebration in 2012. Photo credit: | Flickr

Was your New Year’s Eve 2013 celebration a bust? Here’s guessing 2014 festivities might be a bit more interesting.

Organizers have announced that Vancouver is bringing back an official, public New Year’s Eve bash for the first time in two decades.  On Dec. 31, 2014, thousands of revellers will converge on downtown’s Jack Poole Plaza for NYE VAN: a night of live entertainment, fireworks and food carts to celebrate the new year.

The free public party is slated to get underway early at 6 p.m. along Burrard Landing, adjacent to the Vancouver Convention Centre.  The Olympic Cauldron will be relit for the night, and the evening starts out with a street food fest, entertainment and children’s activities.  In fact, there’s even an “Early Eve” countdown so families with young kids can experience the thrill of ringing in 2015.

Things heat up as the night progresses.  As partiers from all corners of the city descend on the Burrard Inlet, live music and roving entertainers warm up the crowd.  Finally at midnight, there’s a New York-style countdown celebration, capped off with fireworks launched from a barge in Coal Harbour.

The New Year’s Eve bash is the brainchild of Karm Sumal and Kenneth Chan, the editors of local news, lifestyle and entertainment website Vancity Buzz.  They noticed that there was a void in family-friendly New Year’s activities in Vancouver and that people were looking for a safe, public venue to celebrate. “There are already thousands of people in the streets every New Year’s Eve, and they are all looking for a centralized public area to go,” said Sumal and Chan.

Organizers, including the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, the Vancouver Convention Centre and Tourism Vancouver, will spend the next few months planning the specifics of the celebration and seeking sponsorship from community partners.  The full entertainment lineup is expected to be announced in October.

Would you go to a public New Year’s Eve bash in downtown Vancouver? Let us know below. 

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18 Responses to Vancouver Announces Times-Square-Style New Year’s Eve Bash for 2014

  1. Penny

    Absolutley! There’s something wonderfully primal about gathering with your Vancouver ‘tribe’ and being part of a big celebration. Think about what it felt like to be on the streets during the Olympics. It’s very special.

  2. Lohmatiy

    Would definitely go

    • I would L-O-V-E to go to this

  3. kj


  4. L

    Amazing idea! I was wishing for a large scale fireworks like the ones in July at the English Bay. Maybe it couldn’t be as big as that, but still, I am so thrilled to hear that there will be fireworks. I also really like that this will be safe and family-friendly, because I find some places too chaotic, crowded and noisy.

  5. Ilan

    Finally!! Can’t wait :-) well done!!

  6. Let’s just hope they can actually get TransLink to support events in the city centre by extending SkyTrain hours. At a minimum, trains should run until 30 minutes after the bars close.

  7. Firekwean

    No more fireworks. For a green city we need not do more displays of this less than green product. The animals that need to be sedated downtown……no more.!

    • Jim Lahey

      lol, have some kids, and not dogs in apartments then you wouldnt need to sedate the animals downtown.

      whole city should have no fireworks cause of some lonely pet owners?

  8. Bonehead

    No, but that’s because I’m grumpy and don’t like crowds.

  9. VanCityGirl83

    NO my NYE was not a bust I was in NEW YORK! The very place your trying to recreate. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!

  10. Bruce MacGibbon

    For sure we would go

  11. An

    Yep! Looking forward,……….
    Great initiative of Sumal & Chan!

  12. Arthur Sacramento

    Absolutely! Uber party!!! I will be there!!!

  13. Vh

    It’d be amazing to have live big bands or well known singers too like the NY nye every year

  14. Paul Mei

    Sounds awesome..never tried it..will definitely be there..if im not booked for NYE in New York.



  15. Alessandra

    Sounds great! I’ll be there! We need more happiness in this city!

  16. ybraat

    Am looking forward to this but there’s a rumour it’s not happening anymore?