Attention Shoppers: 100-Store Luxury Outlet Mall Coming to Vancouver

A McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Centre, like this one in Athens, Greece, is coming to Vancouver.  Photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis | Flickr

A McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Centre, like this one in Athens, Greece, is coming to Vancouver. Photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis | Flickr

Love outlet shopping but hate that long trip to Seattle Premium Outlets in Washington?

You may be in luck.  Construction is now underway on B.C.’s first luxury outlet mall … and it happens to be conveniently located along the Canada Line.

The mall is situated on a parcel of land owned by Vancouver International Airport, next to the Templeton SkyTrain Station on Richmond’s Sea Island, according to an article in the Vancouver Sun. Plans call for 100 stores in an initial phase, ultimately growing to 35,000 square feet of retail space.

The layout will be familiar to anyone with outlet shopping experience.  The mall is designed as a kind of open-air village, with pedestrian-only streets linking up different stores. It will be a partnership between the U.K.’s McArthurGlen Group and the Vancouver Airport Authority.

As for the proposed name for the new complex, it’s a bit of a mouthful: McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Centre Vancouver Airport. (Here’s hoping they come up with a catchier name than that. Maybe a crowd-sourced contest is in order?)

But now onto the important stuff: Which luxury stores are going to set up shop in the new outlets?

The official list of tenants hasn’t been announced yet.  But we can infer a few possibilities by looking at McArthurGlen Group’s existing European outlets.  Brands across the pond include such familiar high-end designers as Gucci, Boss, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Armani, Michael Kors and Salvatore Ferragamo.

It’s hoped that the outlets will turn a relatively undeveloped section of Richmond’s Sea Island into an international shopping destination, frequented by international travellers going to and from Vancouver’s airport. Because the mall is a joint venture with the airport, revenue from the project will flow back to YVR.  Around 1,000 jobs are also expected to be created.

Outlet shoppers will have to be a bit patient, however.  Opening for the new McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Centre Vancouver Airport is scheduled for spring 2015.

Do you think there’s demand for an outlet mall in Vancouver? Let us know below. 

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16 Responses to Attention Shoppers: 100-Store Luxury Outlet Mall Coming to Vancouver

  1. I think this is a pretty neat idea although I hope a lot of local bespoke companies get a shot at having some space. The likes of Michael Kors and other mid-level(boring) “luxury” brands just don’t have the look and feel I’m desiring.

    • Nancy M

      I have to agree about the “mid level designers”. Michael Kors, Crabtree & Evelyn, Guess, People’s Jewellers…nothing special. Lots of shops for teens & 20-somethings (think skinny jeans). Maybe if they follow thru with high end shops like Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, etc, there will be more of a draw.

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  3. Angela

    They should’ve made this an enclosed mall + it should’ve been attached to the airport. So shoppers have to pay to get to the outlet mall & back again ?

  4. Cheese

    Who designs a mall at the end of a runway? Let’s hope no plane land short and ontop of the mall

  5. Ryan

    This land was given to the airport authority for airport expansion and operations. They do not have a mandate to run bloody shopping malls

  6. BackToBasics

    I hope this mall is attached to the airport and easy walking distance for airport travellers. Once Vancouver locals realize that like Seattle Premium Outlet you are buying products specially made for outlets and not the true premium items they will stop going. Think Nordstrom’s Rack where only a handful of racks are from the dept store and the rest are overpriced junk. Also, since it is joint venture with YVR you will be paying more than at a mall in the suburbs. Just look at the parking rates and how much they’ve gone up for so-called underutilized land! This will soon sit as empty as Bridgeport Market and International Village

  7. joanne

    excellent idea who wants to drive to seattle especially if your from the interior.

  8. Brett

    A luxury outlet mall at the airport??

    It makes as much sense as going to a mall for a nice dinner….I got to the mall to buy socks not to eat.

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  10. Tina

    They should have made it an enclosed mall, something that Vancouver is lacking. We came from Ontario and we missed Vaughan Mills shopping centre so much!!! This is what you should come up with!!!

  11. Esther

    I think its a great idea to have Outlet Malls in Canada, however I don’t think they will ever make money and draw the crowds of people they think they will. Canada has tried to bring in Target and has failed due to not meeting US prices as with Marshalls that also doesn’t have the low prices and selection of the US. I will continue to shop in the States as Canada cannot compete with their prices!

  12. Amy

    Vancouver deffinitely needs a REAL outlet mall like any other city in the world. But im not too sure about the locationt hey have chosen…

  13. Quentin

    Hopefully it’s an outlet mall and not an “outlet” mall.

  14. Margaret

    I was appalled to return to Vancouver on the Canada Line with
    my 2 grandchildren there was a 5$ surcharge on each ticket because I was on Airport land! What is with that! I thought they wanted people to take transit!!!

  15. M

    I just bought a pair of shoes, seems like same deal at the local store.

    Hmmmm I think I’m better off buying in downtown Vancouver. No difference
    Great experience, but I’m not sure when the next time I go.
    I’m better off commuting to Seattle premium outlet and get more better deals there.

    I like the outlet, but seems like no good sales deals!